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[b ⊰ By ⊱] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80225 [size10 [Fredericka+the+Great TheBearWhoMauls]]].
[b ⊰ Credits ⊱] N/A.
[b ⊰ Forum ⊱] A group role play.
[b ⊰ Time era and frequency ⊱] Medieval.
[b ⊰ Genres categories ⊱] Fiction, dark fantasy, adventure, action, drama, horror.]

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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/at92qKX.png]][size20 [Bilbo Charms, spells, incantations and rites of supernatural power over natural forces are perilous to mortal and immortal souls alike.

[center Such capability-, is scarce in the palms of the perishable. The ones bounded to decay lack the possession of magic throughout these lands. They seek and harvest this spiritual ability through various methods.]

Instead of excavations in the earth for extracting valuable fuels such as coal and oil; some folks strive beyond precious gemstones for the usage as exquisite jewelry. Miner’s scour before their diggings for an ounce or a particle of magic. While an expedition that discovered a natural deposit of sorcery is inconceivable tale...

[right [i Yet plausible.]]

[center With limited or no access to such, adventurer’s go forth into unrevealed territory.]]]

[b [Fredericka+the+Great ≿ Catalog:]]

[b [Fredericka+the+Great ⊙]] Regions.

[b [Fredericka+the+Great ⊙]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=410439 [Gloria+Hallelujah [size10 Houses]]].

[b [Fredericka+the+Great ⊙]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=407499 [Gloria+Hallelujah [size10 Official characters]]].

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[tbl [Gloria+Hallelujah [size10 [b Note:] The thread rules are bound to be updated and change. These are only temporary rules for now. Though, people are more than welcome to come and ago as they please. It would be childish to say "you are bound to not leave this role play". I respect you if let me know ahead of time before vanishing though. Anyways have fun and follow the rules while role playing here. :)]]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/igo1o1S.png]][b ⊙ Elite skills rules-] the site rules also apply here too. If you have yet to read elite skills rules, I suggest reading them now then later .

[b ⊙ Warnings And Bans-] ‘TheBearWhoMauls’ will send out notification in private message (PM) and the real time role play (chat) to anonymous users, when disobeying the rules of the thread. Therefore, there should be no reason for excuses or your absence to be oblivious.

Three strikes and you’re out! Or in this case, three warnings/notifications in a row prevents you from accessing the thread. This is called a ‘temporary ban’. Temporary ban prohibits the user from the thread for a day. In which is 24 hours. The user who has been prohibited may return, if they wish. Though, anonymous people may only return when they have surpassed the restriction time given in the message by ‘TheBearWhoMauls’.

Please do not send private messages, asking to be allowed back in or harass the thread owner. As to being in a temporarily banned position can result in a ‘permanent ban’. A ‘permanent ban’ means just as it sounds: you may not return to the thread ever. Though, if you have retrieved a ‘permanent ban’ it is a result of you being persistent against the thread rule’s.

[b ⊙ Don't be a chat plague-] no flame wars, flooding, spamming, scrolling, trolling, harassment, stalking, rape, nudity, sex talk, cybering, excessive caps , solicitation, no obsessive cursing, religious/politicaL debates, god-moding/overpowered characters.

[b ⊙ No God-moding/ being overpowered-] absolutely no god modding.

[b ⊙ User Permissions-] Role player’s must have the consent of the characters owner to be able to kill or control the other person characters actions.

[b ⊙ Romance-] keep it PG-13.

[b ⊙ Be realistic-] I ask you to be realistic with weapons, objects, strength, health, appearance, and intelligence with all characters as much as possible. In fact I encourage all role players to be realistic in this thread.

[b ⊙ Images-] anime/illustration pictures only . The image’s themselves should have no nudity, dirty, or revealing photos.

[b ⊙ Grammar-] please try to write to the best of your ability. In other words, as long as you attempt to use proper grammar; I’m perfectly fine with the billion of errors you made.

[b ⊙ Posting order-] you must wait for two others before posting again. Other than that post any time you want.

[b ⊙ Baring Arms:] Your character may only carry three (3) weapons total at a time. If you have dual weapons or multiple items of the same thing it counts as two (2) weapons. Therefore, you have one (1) more choice for a weapon. As an example: a kit of Shurikens... or dual daggers count as two (2) weapons already. Meaning you may only have one (1) more weapon on your character. The expectation is to range weapons that require ammunition. Bow and arrows or flintlock pistols with gunpowder count as one (1) weapon, due to them not being deadly by themself without any type of ammunition to apply deadly force. Allowing range user’s to pick up two (2) more weapons from the blacksmith.

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[center [h1 [size20 [b [Fredericka+the+Great ≿ Character Application ≾]]]]]
[size10 [Fredericka+the+Great
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6YWxza0.png]]
[center [tbl [Gloria+Hallelujah [size10 [b Note:] [i When filling out your application please note that I want to see a diversity of individuals. Other words, do the complete opposite of others to avoid copy cating or having similar information. If someone is already playing a multi personality disorder character, who has attendance to go on a killing spree; make a character that doesn't have a split personality and instead of killing, have the character against blood shed. Make your character unique!]]]]]
[b ⊰ Username ⊱]

[center [b ⊰ General Characteristics ⊱]]

[b ⊰ Name ⊱]

[b ⊰ Alias ⊱] Example: Daniel Handler is better known as Lemony Snicket.

[b ⊰ Race ⊱] Examples: Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Human, Dragonborn, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Orc, Tiefling, Werewolf, Vampire, Witch, Warlock, Mermaid, Undine, Siren, Harpy, Nymph, Fairy, Pixie, Ogre, Cyclops, Hybrid, Chimera, Pegasus, Unicorn, Centaur, Minotaur, Satyr, Faun, Dragon, Serpent, Cetus, Arachne, Hydra, Gargoyle, Golem, Apparition, Fiend, Angel, et cetera.

[b ⊰ Age ⊱]

[b ⊰ Gender ⊱]

[b ⊰ Sexual Orientation ⊱]

[b ⊰ Appearance ⊱]

[center [b ⊰ Biography ⊱]]

[b ⊰ Personality ⊱] For example my character ‘Coraline’ is a cautious person, due to the fact that her curiosity has gotten her into many dangerous situations before. Though, her curiosity still overwhelms her because she has a fascination for learning the unknown. And, not being knowledgeable could be a hazardous thing. Such as a small child not having the realization, that fire will burn their flesh and be a very painful process. Another good example would be a character, who has been bullied as a child. This person might have become antisocial or shy when around others.

[b ⊰ Blood Status ⊱]

[b Occupation ⊱]

[b ⊰ Class ⊱]

[b ⊰ Proficiencies ⊱]

[b ⊰ Equipment ⊱]

[center [b ⊰ Abilities ⊱]]

[b ⊰ Weaknesses ⊱] Examples: Allergies, abnormalities, conditions, diseases, disorders, handicaps, medication, vulnerabilities, disadvantages, faults, futilities, restrictions, etc.]]

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[center [h1 [size20 [b [Fredericka+the+Great ≿ Roster List ≾]]]]]
[tbl [Gloria+Hallelujah [size10 [b Note:] If you have any trouble or questions about the role play please contact me through private message (pm).]]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/AGf5mDe.png][center ♪♬♪
[i -"Please keep traveling,
along weary traveler."

-"Chivalrous turned to disdain,
Valorous stains many young adventure’s.
Adventurer's turn away."]


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Roleplay Responses

[center [h3 Draft:]]
Hello adventurers! My first post isn’t an actual post. But, it is here to help to get things rolling. I’m giving you the option to react right off the back to my characters. Though, if you feel like you got a story for yourself already you don’t have to follow this. However, if you need some ideas or help please follow this storyline below and pick your choice.

[b Story:] For decades magic and creatures have been rare sightings and ugly at that. You find yourself traveling with others like you to the next village over to seek shelter and help from the nearest kingdom, due to the uprising of beasts that demolished your home. You now are either on a dirt road path or relaxing at a tavern or at a gladiator arena.

[b Options:]

1. Dirt path leads you to being robbed in the forest by a tiefling who isn’t much of a thief with some short of witch.

Leaping out in front of you from the woods, fell a woman. Not shortly after her, came a hooded figure with dual daggers holding them against the ladies throat. [b “Gimme all of your money, witch!”] Shouted the hooded man. Glancing to you, the lady held her breath. [b “-I’m sure, they have what you're looking for.”] She said rolling her eyes towards you. Shifting targets with one blade, the hooded man pointed to you and her. [b “Drop your wallets and I’ll let you folks leave in peace.”] He said happily with a snicker.

[center [b The Thief & Witch (Sitreen):]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/krDjsjB.png][pic https://i.imgur.com/RGtESbw.png]]

2. You meet two brother’s at a tavern in noiNG ət dəˈkā town arguing over, if monsters and magic are real amongst the people.

[center [b The Older Brother (Sehdrik):] [b The Younger Brother (Miguel):]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/e8gq0Tl.png][pic https://i.imgur.com/gV8jVt0.png]]

3. At the gladiator arena you see many people betting and selling to each other. But, an odd sighting to be seen: a knight buying a woman from one of the arena’s owners. The owner explained the girl was a top gladiator in the arena and his money maker. Causing the knight to offer much more for the slave girl. The knight says [b “I’ll buy the girl with all the money, I have on me and I’ll fight her in the pits. If she loses against me, I get to keep her and if I lose to her, you get to decide what to do with me.”] The owner exclaims [b “How do I know I’ll get my full money worths?”]. The knight then points to you and some others. [b “They bet on her and me against you. And, you’ll get to keep the money either way if one of us wins. You guys will bet won’t you?”] The knight said, waiting for a response. The girl who has been in slave into fighting, looks very depressed and ill. She starts coughing and falls to the ground in her cell.

[center [b The Gladiator & The Knight:]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/jinm0F1.png][pic https://i.imgur.com/Ctx7yD4.png]]
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