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Hanahaki is a disease and those that catch the disease cough up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The kind of flowers that grow can represent many things; The other person's favorite flower, their favorite color, or even the intensity of love for the other person.

The victim's lungs get filled with the flowers and their respiratory system grows roots. They will proceed to throw up blood and flower petals, making it hard to breathe. Sometimes, being around the person that they have one-sided love will cause the flowers to grow more and get worse. If it continues to get worse, the victim would face death.

However, it can be cured through surgical removal, but when the infection is removed, the victim’s romantic feelings for their love also disappear. Sometimes this also removes the victim’s ability to ever love again. Another way to be cured of it is for the object of the victim’s love to return their affections, thus making the love no longer unrequited.

Savannah and Your Name are great friends that are getting their way through highschool. Your Name had feelings for Savannah, but doesn't know how to admit them. One day, Your Name gets up enough courage to admit their feelings. Savannah says that she doesn't feel the same, but she doesn't want their friendship to end. Your Name suddenly becomes diagnosed with Hanahaki and tries to hide it from Savannah. What will happen to Your Name? Will Savannah eventually fall in love with Your Name and heal their blossoming disease?

What I am asking for is someone who will be willing to do this roleplay 1x1 with me. This roleplay idea is based on a fictional disease, Hanahaki.

I ask that this be either an MxF or FxF. I will be the female character since I am more comfortable in that role. And I love romance as much as the next person, but as the site rules say, don't take it too far.

I am asking for 400+ characters. I hope that shouldn't be too much to ask for.

No Superpowers!

Cursing is fine but I don't want to see any F-bombs anywhere near this roleplay.

If you are interested in joining this roleplay, PM me the word Flowers and your character skelly.

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Age -
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[center [pic https://pic8.co/sh/oDuAOY.jpeg]]
[size15 [center Savannah looked up at the projector. She didn’t recognize any of the names but why would she? She turned her head around when she heard someone call her name. She looked for the source and saw a girl sitting by the window motioning time an empty seat next to her. Savannah held her bag and made her way over to the girl. [+teal “H-Hello Xenia. Your hair looks nice..”]]]
[size15 [center Savannah gave an awkward smile back at Xenia. She really did have pretty red hair. Savannah adjusted her body in the chair. [+teal “I am not very good at researching. I just can’t ever find stuff... I am better at putting stuff together and writing so... umm... I guess we are a good pair up.”] Savannah tried to think of all the topics that they could do. She wanted to start of a conversation but didn’t know where to start. This girl seemed nice at least. And she sat next to the window which had a good view over some of the trees and flower bushes.]]
[size15 [center [+teal “W-What kind of things do you like? We could research the history of something or the creators...”] Maybe she could learn something about this new girl while they were working. She honestly had no clue what they were doing. Everything was so new and confusing. It would be cool if they were to research a book or something. She would have been fine with anything. She could hear some of the other students talking about doing a report on Mythology and other cultures. Those definitely were cool topics. Everyone here seemed to be so cool..]]
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 90d 15h 51m 54s
[center [size10 [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mali:wght@500&display] [font "Times New Roman"
Xenia pressed the button on the side of her cellphone to lock the small device. Shifting slightly in her seat to slide the device into her pocket. The last of the students began pouring inside of the room, one by one taking their selected seats, and preparing for the class to start. Mrs. Jennings moving from her desk to the front of the classroom. "[b [i Listen up class!]]" She started with an authoritative tone. "[b [i We have a new assignment starting today, you will be paired with one other student, and will present your work in front of the class.]]" Her smile on the leaning end of fond at the collective groan from her students. '[b [i If you look onto the board, in a moment I will turn on the projector, and the list of partners will show.]]" Moving towards the stand centered in the class and powering it on.

Xenia wondered, if only for a moment, about the change of pace. The class hardly participated in group projects, quite incapable of working in teams, but it was a skill necessary to adapt well into the real world. So, without complaint, she watched as either her peers were mildly enthused with their partner, or completely annoyed with the load they were about to bear from their slacker. "[b [i Class, as you may not know, one of our students have been removed from the advanced program, and placed back into regular classes.]]" Eyes flitting across the room, checking for an empty desk, and it registered immediately. "[b [i Which means that Xenia will be placed with our newest student, Savannah.]]"

Only a moment later, the said student strolled into the classroom, standing nervously in front of them. She stuttered her way through her introduction, not wanting to look them in the eye. At least her mannerisms were correct, as she properly greeted their teacher, before taking her seat. Mrs. Jennings now calling role, marking down any absent students, before motioning for them to pair up.

The sound of the rubber bottoms of the chairs sliding across the floors as the students lifted from their seats. Picking up the light desks and placing them adjacent to their partner. " [#FF7F50 [Mali Savannah?]]" She called out softly, not bothering to move, she had a seat beside the window. "[#FF7F50 [Mali You're going to be paired with me.]]" Patting the desk beside her lightly. "[#FF7F50 [Mali My name is Xenia.]]" Mouth parting in a slight smile. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Subject we chose on the project is optional, so, did you have anything in mind? I'm pretty flexible on topics, my research skills are impeccable.]]" Ever so humble, she was.
  PlantaeOfEden / 92d 5h 31m 43s
[center [pic https://pic8.co/sh/oDuAOY.jpeg]]
[size15 [center Savannah was already late to class on her first day. Her dog, Kole, had chewed through the dress that she was going to wear that day so she had to throw on a white dress and blue leggings. She didn’t like the dress but it was the only thing that looked nice for her first day of school.]]
[size15 [center Savannah nearly fell as she rushed into the classroom. She looked around at all the students. They all looked a little older than her and the teacher didn’t look like the one she had originally met at her teacher. Savannah froze when she realized that she had walked into the wrong room. She quickly hurried out just as she heard the warning bell ring.]]
[size15 [center She power walked through the walls, not wanting to get in trouble for running. She found the correct classroom and walked inside just in time. She nervously looked at the correct teacher and people that were more her age. [+teal “H-Hello Ma’am. I-I’m Savannah. S-Savannah Hansen. I-It is a p-pleasure to meet you.”] Savanna tried to confidently shake the teacher’s hand who introduced herself Mrs. Jennings. [+teal “Nice to meet you Mrs. Jennings.”]]
[size15 [center Mrs. Jennings then has Savannah stand in the front of the class to introduce herself. After stating her name and where she was from, Savannah hurried to the first empty seat she saw. She nervously and quietly sat in her seat as the teacher started to call the role.]]
  TessaFox / 92d 22h 44m 25s
[center [size10 [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mali:wght@500&display] [font "Times New Roman" "[#FF7F50 [Mali Honestly, I do not see why this is such a big deal.]]" Frustration becoming apparent in her tone. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Or how it concerns you of all people.]]" Head tilting slightly to the right as her arms crossed atop her chest. "[#FF7F50 [Mali It isn't as if I was coming onto you.]]" Eyes briefly rolling to the back of her skull. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Never would I give you the impression that I want you. I do have standards.]]" Smug satisfaction at the offended expression on the face of her peer. Feeling her mood increase ever so slightly, even as her impatience for this conversation was approaching.

"[#FF7F50 [Mali Now that this!]]" Hand gesturing between the two of them. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Dilemma has been cleared, here is my cellphone number, I'm available anytime after school.]]" Quickly jotting her number down on a scrap of paper she tore from her notebook and passing it. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Be aware I do charge by the hour, so bring your smarts with you, my time is quite pricey.]]" It paid to be one of the smartest kids that roamed the hall. With college ever looming over their shoulders, the ones who did care enough to pursue further education, wanting to enter the school of their dreams, came to her for tutoring.

"[#FF7F50 [Mali I'm going to head to class now, I suppose I will be seeing you soon. You can usually find me in the library for an hour after school ends. If I am not there, then feel free to send me a message, and we can meet somewhere nearby.]]" Her book bag hanging limply over her shoulder as she placed the notepad inside. Pivoting where she stood, she left before the girl could speak, and made a beeline to her first class of the day. Advanced classes where a total pain in her heinie, however, it was her only chance to escape this dead end town.

Every person in this town knew her deepest and poorly kept secret. It was embarrassing to be surrounded by so many close-minded individuals. Parents were convinced she would convert their children to lesbianism as if were a contagious disease. As for her peers, they were convinced any woman she touched she was attempting to seduce, or the young women would come to her to attempt have their fill of curiosity. If not all out avoid her like the plague. The worst of the bunch were the bible thumpers, attempting to force religion down her throat, or downright disrespecting her.

"[#FF7F50 [Mali Good morning Mrs. Jennings.]]" Her smile accompanied by a small wave as she moved to take her seat. The elder lady chanced a glance over her shoulder acknowledging the teen per usual. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Anything new happening today?]]" Tone questioning as she placed her assignment on top of her desk. "[i [b We have a transfer student coming today, I will introduce her at the start of class. Other than that, we are starting a new assignment, and you will be working in pairs.]]"

Xenia huffed a sigh as she threw her flaming locks into a loose bun. "[#FF7F50 [Mali Can I just pair myself with the new girl? Anything is better than being paired with the idiots who cheated their way into this class.]]" If she were going to be stuck doing all the work, she'd rather get to know someone new, she might even be good company. "[b [i That's a fine idea Xenia, it will work perfectly since one of the students have moved from this class, her grade reflected poorly on this program.]]" Relaxing into her seat, she pulled her phone from her pocket, and began to read an e-book. Patiently waiting for the students to come rushing in seconds before the bell.
  PlantaeOfEden / 91d 16h 13m 56s
Make sure you read all of the information and send me your character skeleton before requesting into the roleplay or else you will be denied. Thx everyone!
  TessaFox / 112d 10h 30m 30s

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