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The Modern Day World is ruled by technology, it's influence and power captivating millions of people. It lures mortals through tiny screens that glare a blinding light and they trap them in their labyrinth. However, there was a time, when Mortals worshipped different kinds of Gods. They built grand, glorious temples, wrote thousands of words telling nail biting adventures, constructed statues, painted masterpieces. It was said the very ground that these Gods walked upon was blessed.

However, those are the days of old. A time forgotten and turned to myth. The Gods now work in the shadows, serving and protecting humanity, keeping the balance of the world without so much as a thank you. But, they have grown used to it, what they once took pride in doing is now a tedious task that are forced to complete.

That was until they started disappearing, only to be found in the depths of their Underworld. But, they cannot escape, the walk among the dead as if one of them. With the Gods of Old going missing, it is up to their children to find out who is responsible and stop them or it.

Hey! I hope you are well and thank you for reading this far.

So, as you may have guessed, this is a Mythology Rp. All Mythologies are included within this world and with it all of the Gods, Monsters, Lore. This Rp will entail themes such as Action, Adventure, Drama, Angst, Comedy and (Maybe) Romance.

If you are interested then title your PM Un-Godly Beginnings and send me a filled out character skelly. If you want to ask questions, feel free to PM me without a skelly. I have my own characters and I am more than happy to help in building one. Your character can be anything from a Demi-God to a Human version of a Monster. You can make as many characters as you like, this is a a new world and it needs plenty of characters.

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• Rules of ES apply
• Be ready for open communication with me and the other members for planning
• If you are no longer liking the Rp, please, let me know and don't ditch
• Give effort
• Have fun!]

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If she had not held so much respect for Yggdrasil, Torvi would have very happily taken Magni's axe and knocked him out cold from the way he had spoken her name. Though, if push came to shove then she would not hesitate to hurt the man whether Yggdrasil was there or not. Being in his mere presence was aggravating her and the more he spoke, the more her temper began to rise. To try and ease her anger she dug her nails into the palms of her hands, leaving crescents markings in the process. She refrained from reacting to his comments… For now…

At one point, they would have behaved rather differently to each other… In fact…
It would be the opposite. She met the Son of Thor through her days of Questing with fellow Demi-Gods. They just happened to have mutual friends and she tagged along with the group. The first few years of knowing each other, they had simply been acquaintances, people who worked together to defeat the monsters that threatened mortals and they made a good team. It was only a matter of time until feelings would develop and just friends turned into so much more. They lasted two years as a couple which was longer than they or anybody else expected… But it seemed too good to be true as playful bickering turned to toxic arguing over the simplest of matters. Their fiery passion turned to destructive flames and one night an argument went too far, making the both of them realise that any love that had been between them was now consumed by hate.

Their decision to end the relationship had been four months ago and it was clear that both of them still felt a raw detest for the other. However, her attention was caught at the mention of her father's domain, but she too had no time to react as the familiar sensation of travelling took her to somewhere new.

But, she did not need to open her eyes to know where they were, she did not need to smell the salt or hear the greedy cries of seagulls. She felt power rush through her veins, as if her heart was pumping water through her body. Her dark blue orbs opened and her pursed lips were replaced by a wide, even happy smile. What made her even happier was seeing Magni become uneasy. She took a deep breath of the cold air and looked to the ship they'd be travelling in as Yggdrasil pointed to it . Her jaw slackened as she stared at it in awe. She walked slightly in front of the other two, hardly being able to hide her excitement. She was the first to board and immediately began to run her hands over every surface and wander about the deck. Once she was satisfied, she turned to Magni who had now been left alone. She masked her child-like enthusiasm with a stoic expression as she neared him. "Right, we have to work together whether we like it or not. So, I suggest you stop being a whiny bitch and get on with it." She snapped. But, just before she walked away, she added on a second comment. "Oh, and just to remind you; In a physical fight with you I have half a chance of winning… But this all belongs to my father and because of this I have more power here." She paused for a moment to move closer to him. "So if you piss me off, I will not hesitate to beat you to a pulp and leave for the Kraken." She made it seem it was a promise. But Torvi would tell her that she just intended to throw him overboard.

Just after she finished speaking she felt a familiar, unwelcomed aura. It belonged to a Goddess, who beauty compared to no others yet it would not be wise to mistake her for a damsel in distress. For she was a ruthless, bloodthirsty warrior. The Goddess of love, fertility, battle and death was here. She seemed to appear out of thin air and from behind Nidhogg, in Yggdrasils eye sight. She shook her head at it as she passed by. "Now is not the time for fighting. I know this is an age old battle for you… But we have more important matters at hand." The Goddesses serious expression turned to one of amusement as she saw the two former lovers. Torvi had not told her sister of their split but she did not need to, the woman would be able to know. Despite this, as the woman neared, she said. "So, how's my favourite couple?" It stung to be asked that, she felt it in her chest like she had been punched. She glared at her [I half] sister before walking away.

Freyja watched Torvi leave for a moment before speaking up. "Someone's not in a good mood… Though, I suppose she never is." She stated with a laugh and boarded the ship. "It's good to see you, Magni. You look well." She commented before following her father's off-spring. She found the woman at the control panel.of the ship, studying the various buttons, knobs and the wheel. All things Freyja didn't care to understand. "Awh, don't be like that sister. You know I was only playing." She said this with a small pout and she noticed Torvi tense.

"No, you wanted to get a reaction out of me… Why are you here?"
"Oh? Straight to the point I see. No, how are you or how have you been-"
"Ok, alright. Well, I was just watching over you when I happened to notice you are travelling by boat…"
"Well… I would advise a different method… See, father isn't too happy with you."

It was this that finally made Torvi turn around, showing a glimpse of worry before her features settled back to her cross look.

"You really need to stop frowning, darling. You'll age quicker."
"I don't care, Freyja. Why is father not happy with me?"
"I don't know, he wouldn't say. Don't push him though, Vi. You know how his temper can get…"

However, Torvi was already gone. She walked back up to the deck where Magni had now been joined by Yggdrasil and Nidhogg. She ignored both the Demi-God and the Snake, and looked directly to the tree. "I need to speak to my father. I've just been informed that he isn't pleased with me and if we are to have a safe journey, I need to settle this problem." She explained, briefly glancing at the monster who was in human form. Freyja soon walked out from behind her.

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Perikles was used to the doubtful gaze of her peers, they knew her age and refused to believe that she was capable of much since she still had yet to experience life. She learned to let them have their doubts and it was why she had suggested that Cerberus find a different demi-god. She was also a child of Dionysus and so the moment she was born, not much had been expected from her apart from being gifted in the art of theater and making very fine alcohol. However, she may not have been a warrior but she was a very powerful ally to have.

Her true powers laid in the mind. She had the ability to twist and manipulate, make a person see things, hear things, to think thoughts that were not quite normal. She could drain away sanity until a mortal was completely mad. Due to her environment, she had been able to develop this particular ability until she had it perfected. She could very well snap her fingers and have Cerberus curled up in a foetal position, rocking back and forth and muttering nonsense under her breath. But, she wasn't that kind of person, to abuse her ability like that.

She did find herself surprised to see the Hellhound become… Nervous… It was the last thing she ever expected him to be and she found it quite adorable. Her heart practically melted at the sight… She did suppose she would find him more threatening. She happily listened to everything he said and her brows furrowed in concern and thought. However, she wasn't given the chance to reply or suggest somebody else when somebody new joined in on their conversation. Peri's green eyes lit up in recognition and she rushed to wrap her arms around her aunty. "Selene!" She hugged the child of Zeus tightly before letting go. "You need to visit me more, I missed you!" She complained before realising that there were more important matters. She then looked back at the dog of Hades and said,

"I recommend you take Selene. She is much more experienced than I and she's very tough." She gave a small nod before quickly added on. "Oh! I do know another, but she isn't Greek… I'll take you to her!" She didn't give much time to react as she reached forward, slipped her hand into Cerberus' and practically began to drag him to the Demi-God she had in mind, not realising how uncomfortable this made the man feel. "You can come too Selene!" She called back, not waiting for aunty.

She took him through cobbled streets, white houses and busy markets stalls, only to come to a halt at a small cafe. Sat outside was a woman who stood out from the rest despite looking perfectly human. Peri pointed her out to Cerberus. "That's Khaliset. She's a child of Horus."

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Nostalgia was a burning wound, and a soothing balm; it was the pouring rain and the rainbow; the buzz and hangover. Selene was past the buzz, but not quite hungover. She drummed her fingers on the countertop of the local bar. One of many with how many deities are dedicated to intoxication. Deities, she preferred that term compared to gods and goddesses. Titles such of those always left a bad taste in her mouth, but demi-[i god] rolls off the tongue so much better than demi-[i deity] it sounded all sorts of bad. Maybe just demi? Nah, that doesn't work either since that's more often seen as a name than a thing. Selene blew a sigh and pushed some raven hair out of her face looking at the mirror behind the bar. Black hair, and aquamarine eyes looked tiredly back at her, she traced the piercings and tattoos under her eye, so far, the only good thing she knew about herself was she looked like her mother. She died a hundred years ago, that counts for something, but she wasn't famous in anyway, so it wasn't like there would be a Google Doodle about her. A simple woman, a simple [i girl] rather that fell in love with the wrong man. If that wasn't the start of any shitty fanfiction or smut novel Selene didn't know what was.
[#1090CA "Alright, I'm past the buzz and moving on to self-pity fuck me, I'm out Marcus. Thanks for the drinks,"] she called to the barkeep. He nodded his head and resumed cleaning the glasses, she laid some money on the counter, gathered her bag, and braved the sun.

It was a mistake, one of many repeated mistakes, but it was a pretty bad one this time. The headache blinded her as she rested her forehead against the building frame not wanting to block other bar goers. She took deep breathes, and pinched her nose against the pain, and fumbled through the pockets of her bag. A few swears later and she had her salvation, she placed the sunglasses on and slowly walked away from the bar. For the record it was a milestone, a sad one but a milestone nonetheless, dead a hundred years and still someone to remember you and not the whole world, but someone who knew you. There was a small comfort in that, so that is that. Selene also had some catching up to do, she was young compared to many other demi-gods she encountered, one-hundred and fifty-three. It sounds old but looking barely twenty made it extremely difficult to get any sort of identification let alone a job when dealing with mortals. Near impossible to get a drink. There are plenty of demi-gods but there are far more mortals ignorant to the existence of demi-gods, since a large portion of those deities are stories. As long as there are stories though there are deities. Still no one told her the massive pain in the ass that was going to be, just one of many traits she had to learn on her own.

The sun and fresh air were beginning to sober her up. She could drink mortals under the table but that was hardly a drop in the bucket from what she seen others put away. It probably should have been obvious to stay near her godly roots. Their influence was stronger there and probably overall easier to get by. It was a mixed bag for Selene that seemed easier to leave and forget, but it was her mother that brought her home, not her father. Daughter of Zeus, and she's never met him, her mother told her he was around when she was younger, and supposedly even gave her name. She believed the stories for her mother's sake, not hers. To her they sounded overly romanticized to add some justification as to why he was never there. But that might be the booze talking. It didn't change the fact that she hasn't seen him since. Alright some leeway might be deserved for being the [i king] of the gods he has a lot of responsibility. She's used his statues as target practice, she hasn't been smite yet, the statues don't even stay damaged. She's used the same ones multiple times but each time she came back they were repaired. It was his lightening so maybe it can't scar his image? Or maybe there are some monsters that clean those types of messes? House Elves specifically tuned to handle rowdy teenagers? Didn't know, didn't care.

Selene managed to skip the hangover at that point. Well not [i all] the gods were bad. Her brother Hermes has been the best thing to come from that side of the family. Hermes often visited her when she was younger, the visits weren't long but they were something, there was effort there. It was Hermes that first taught her to fly, sure he let her borrow his sandals, but it was a steppingstone and a pleasant memory. She has some control over that aspect but not as well as her lightening. As she got older the visits weren't as often, but he was there when her mother passed and has visited almost every ten years since. He taught her some tricks of his own, so he was more of a father then Zeus has ever been. But that was the other reason she came back. She didn't see him three years ago; it happens she's gotten older and doesn't need her hand held all the time. But it just felt [i weird] and it was a feeling she hasn't been able to shake since. It gave her shivers at the reminder that she felt similar when her mother passed.
[#1090CA "Clearly Selene you have not had enough to drink-,"] she spoke but stopped dead in her tracks. She knew the area well enough, so she wasn't lost, but something felt off, it was a poor pun, but it felt similar to a jolt of electricity. It shook her to her core as she hazard a glance around, she'd like to say she was very well aware of her surroundings too, you don't last long if you're not but it may have been she couldn't tell if it was hostile or friendly. She's had the sensation before with the electricity just coming out of nowhere like a warning, but it was distinct this is clearly a threat or this is clearly a friendly. She followed the sensation to a familiar building.

Selene has been to the Theater in the past, she didn't mind some culture as long as the plays weren't repeats of past glories of the gods. There were plenty of those but she rather step away from them. Most of the performances were held in the evening so she wasn't expecting the building to be open. The sensation came back with a strong scent of electricity, it was something strong, she was more than eager to throw herself into a stupid situation but it was enough to cool her thrill seeking, and sadly completely sobered her up. The main rooms were empty, but she soon found a small room where she felt the strong presence. Some manners be damned as she knocked on the door quickly before looking.
A young man and woman alone in a room, another poor trope. Her abrupt entrance seemed to have disturbed the conversation as both looked towards her. The cases of wine and heavy perfume of alcohol pretty much identified the woman. Maybe Selene would have been happier as a daughter of Dionysus, no worldly cares. She looked to the male that was where the aura was strongest as well as her main attention with his garb.
[#1090CA "Hades' mutt, Cerberus, I presume?"]

[hr ]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/E870Ft5.png]]
Nidhogg would not be considered ignorant, he knew plenty as to how he came about the information he didn't know. Perhaps most of it came from merely existing, some has come from his chats with Hel, and more even came from Ratatoskr when he wasn't acting as go between for him and the Eagle. No, what he lacked would be [i experience] the actual manifestation of that knowledge into something more than mere facts. Perhaps if it were another time, Nidhogg would explore this freedom he was given, to actually see with his own eyes what the others spoke of. To actually witness Midgard for what it is, a branch of Yggdrasil instead of its roots. Surely one would be mistaken, Nidhogg was not the type, he was goal oriented for who else was he but the world ending serpent of Ragnarök?

Actually looking at the surroundings would reveal little, an open plain with a few trees and shrubs scattered about, looking beyond that Nidhogg could see a glimmer of water, so near a coast of some kind. If he turned his attention away from the sea, he could smell the stench of mortals. A fishing hamlet perhaps. Ratatoskr, in between the insults, often spoke about the other realms and the glances he'd catch of each one, by most standards it would seem that Midgard was a pale imitation of Yggdrasil's higher boughs. Mortals were frail imitations of the gods why would their dwellings be any different? It was easy to ignore the new stimulus his senses were going through, he narrowed his eyes towards the coast, that was where the scent of the godlings was strongest, so that would be his target. It wasn't going anywhere so he allowed a detour towards the largest tree nearest to him.

By no means could the tree compare to Yggdrasil, but he could smell the age of it as he stood under its shade. It would work for what he needed it for. Nidhogg placed a hand on the trunk, digging the gauntlet into the bark, the leaves lost their color, falling slowly almost playfully until all of them crashed to the ground into heaps of ash. The tree groaned, splintered, and snapped unable to support its own weight as it soon smashed into the earth, a gray husk of what it once was. A sadistic shudder chased up his spine as he allowed some thought to what the Tree Man would sound like in its final moments. The delight faded as he knelt and dug into the stump, the wood flaking away as tissue paper, he tore at the innards before bringing his arm back out. It was covered in small black and gray snakes, with glittering ruby eyes.
[#71548A [i "From decay and ruin I ask for your assistance., be my eyes and ears so I may find my target,"]] he ordered as the snakes slithered off his arm and vanished into the ground. He was asked to help the godlings, he was going to need some information for that to be possible.

As though the flames of Muspelheim were at his back a voice declared war. Nidhogg slowly turned his head towards the owner.
[#71548A "So Ratatoskr spoke the truth. It seems we finally get to meet, Yggdrasil,"] he spoke flippantly in the common tongue. He was certainly in an incriminating position, knelt near a dead tree, and old habits never fade. In his hand from where the snakes formed, he held onto a clump of roots. He bit into them doing nothing to hide his fangs. [#71548A "Nowhere near as sweet as yours."] He knew what was coming, he braced his arm against the axe, causing sparks from his scales as he used the momentum to get to his feet. He jumped back narrowly missing another swing from the axe.

[#71548A "I did not come to die. That is not my fate, that is to be yours Tree Man,"] Nidhogg challenged, his gauntlets morphed to his familiar claws as he charged at the avatar. It was quick for a big target, Nidhogg was aiming for its exposed torso instead felt the butt of its axe crack against his skull. His claws stopped him from landing flat on the ground as his tail whipped around to yank at its wrists to change the trajectory of the axe from his exposed head. It was mostly successful, Nidhogg rolled with the motion until he came to a stop. One of his horns was cut in half, as black blood pooled from his shoulder, where the blood landed the grass died and the earth blackened with poison. [#71548A "My and it took you [i how] long to draw blood? Has your rage finally subsided, and will you listen? If not, then please by all means keep hacking at this body until you are satiated. For this body is but a doll, you destroy it and I will be back in Niflheim doing what I do best. I will not perish so easily."] Nidhogg grabbed his shoulder, he could feel it starting to heal but it would take time. [#71548A "Can you say the same for Midgard? Imagine what my corpse will do to this branch for you [i know] what I do to your roots? Surely the noblest of trees would not allow a vendetta to destroy a realm,"] Nidhogg straightened up. [#71548A "What will you do, Tree Man?"]
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[i OOC: Sorry for the short reply. I know that you want to get this moving and sadly I’m a bit braindead on what to do with my characters right now. I do hope this helps.]

Tau scoffed. Just what they needed. No plan, no information – and oh look to top it off Khemu has joined the game. He glowered at the other demi-god hating his presence already. [b [#800000 “Khemu, oh how absolutely dreadful to see you.”]] He raised a hand to rub one of his temples, a headache already birthing within his skull. [b [#800000 “Quests with you have always been…”]] Tau gave up, he was going to try for Layla, but he had his limits – Khemu was one of them. [b [#800000 “I’d much like it, if you’d crawl into some snake pit and sleep – forever,”]] Tau growled at the chaotic bastard.

He moved to shove out the screaming arguing women, the old him bubbling to the surface as he gave no care for the women who clattered into a table and fell to the floor before picking themselves up and fleeing the room. The weariness that had been in his face seemed to dissipate away and irritation filled the void.

[b [#800000 “I do believe Layla wishes to look at Heka’s temple, we should get going – Dakarai!”]] Tau glared at the male still in his own world. [b [#800000 “Take it to go, boy! As unfortunately Khemu has said, I too, do not wish my father in the Underworld at Osiris’ Mercy.”]]
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Layla had finished the glass filled with the dark, rich alcohol quite quickly. However, it did not cease her riding stress and, with the environment her nephew was creating, it would have been easy to pour herself another. There needed to be at least someone sober to be able to drag Dakarai's drunken state out of the building. She stood off to the side, leaned against the wall and observed the activities when Tau approached her with his questions.

She was aware that she was given this task by her father, but the man's questioning only added to her growing headache. "Tau…" She almost snapped at him, but it came out as a warning. She took a deep breath before turning her dark, chocolate eyes to the Son of Shezmu. "Look, I have told you everything that I know and when I come to know more I shall inform you." Her tone had returned to its usual calmness and was even slightly soft, but it also told the truth and that she did not wish for more questions to be asked. "I'm planning on visiting a temple of Heka… She was the first to appear in the Underworld and maybe there will be a clue as to why these Gods are passing into the next world… I know you want me to have a plan, but I found out this morning, Tau." She explained, loosely crossing her arms.

"As for others like us, I do not know. But, I don't want to waste time to find them only to be told that it's either not happening to them or they don't know… Besides, Khaliset is currently in Greece and if she hears word then she would come to tell me." She added on after a small moments pause. "If it is something or someone that is causing this, then I would rather talk to them first rather than resorting to violence. If they attack us, then we shall fight. Death will be the last option." Due to her father, Layla could manipulate life and death. She had been taught from a young age that the balance of the two was a fragile thing and not to be abused. She could very well kill and would do so to protect herself and those she cared for, but peace would always be her first choice.

[Right [pic https://i.imgur.com/iTkEMux.jpg]
Through the party, a stranger slipped into the room unnoticed. His footsteps were quiet, silent even and he seemed to blend in with the crowd. His hands slipped into pockets and light fingers snatched purses, wallets, cards and jewelry. His mere presence changed the mood of the room from happiness and joy to chaos and destruction. Slowly, people began to stop dancing and instead they began to argue. Harsh and bitter words turned into flying fists. It was only then did Khemu step out of the crowd, a crooked smirk on his lips and arms opened wide. "Layla! It's so good to see you!" The Son of Set, Nephew to Osiris and Cousin to Layla relished in the havoc he had wreaked in the room. He sent Dakarai a fake apologetic smile. "I'd apologise for ruining your fun, but I'm really not sorry." He chuckled and walked closer to the woman, not yet bothering to acknowledge Tau.

For once, Layla was glad for Khemu to have made such an appearance. She had been quite ready to leave the others behind and start this quest on her own. But, the people were beginning to leave as Khemu lessened his hold on them and there would be no more Alcohol for Dakarai to drink as it was spilled out on the floor, staining the various rugs. She embraced her cousin briefly before taking a step back. "I'm guessing you've heard." To which Khemu nodded his head. "Yes, your old man woke me up from a lovely nightmare I was having just to tell me." He said this through gritted teeth, showing his displeasure. His grim soon returned though. "Usually, I don't bother myself with these kinds of things… But I can't let my father go to the underworld… I'm not sure my uncle would give yours a fair trial."

He ran a hand through his curly hair and only then did look to the Son of Shezmu. "Tau! Sorry, didn't see you there. How've you been?" It was quite obvious that he had seen the man, but doing anything even just for a little annoyance or unsettlement was what Khemu lived for.

As the two talked, Layla looked to Dakarai again who seemed to be having a party of his own. She rolled her eyes, set the empty glass on a nearby table and walked over so that she could try and sober him once more. She should have expected this, she had known her nephew since his birth. She had been a part of his upbringing and had even even trained him. She had been foolish to think he wouldn't seize the chance to celebrate.
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Bjarke did not talk for a while, even as Magni explained what his father told him the son of Vidar took the counsel in silence, he could not be sure whether Bjarke would join the call but he didn't get a chance to persuade him otherwise. A beam of light came out of nowhere, making them shield their eyes until it dissipated. Before them stood two people, a large man towered over even the demi-gods, an emblazoned tree tattooed over its chest and a woman Magni recognized immediately. His smile dropped into a scowl as the blonde woman pursed her lips tightly when she noticed him-to say that they had a difficult past would be an understatement.

[+red "Torvi..."] The name uttered dripped with venom as Magni brandished his axe as if he was ready to embed it into the woman's skull. Bjarke's refusal also added to his displeasure, not only would he now be stuck with Torvi but Bjarke had to decline. Magni almost wanted to protest-to at least have a friendly companion that would distract him from having to be anywhere near the daughter of Njordr. Yggdrasil had nodded silently to Bjarke's declination, he was needed but the protection of villages and its people could not be ignored. The giant of an avatar towered over the demi-gods by at least another foot, broad and sturdy it pointed the head of its axe towards Magni.

[#7c8500 "Sonur Þórs, þú verður að koma með okkur. Miðgarður grætur með föllnum guðum..." [i 'Son of Thor, you must come with us. Midgard cries with fallen deities...']] It knew the desolation of a world when it threatened, if Midgard was to survive and uphold the balance, the deaths of the gods must be overturned. Yggdrasil did not care for the history of the two demi-gods, it did not bother with angry words and broken hearts; the World Tree's avatar did not waste time in gathering the demi-gods it would need to discover the problems. Already, the twisting root that upheld the realms of the giants was drying out without its caretaker. Its guardian of the well gone, surely death of millions were at stake should they fail.

Magni turned his head with a disapproving grunt, of all the people... However he felt about things with Torvi, his father was trusting him to find out what was happening with the lesser gods dying off. Magni lowered his bearded axe slightly at least the personification of the World Tree stood between him and Torvi, how he hated having to work with her-could the Tree not find anyone else-someone obviously more qualified? Njordr's temper and tumultuous behaviors passed to his daughter, yet she was strong-willed and stubborn, the stubbornness was obviously a problem when paired with the ambition and brashness from the son of Thor.

[+red "I do not suppose you cannot take her back where you found her?"] Magni asked Yggdrasil, there was a silent tilt of the head and the Tree stayed quiet, [+red "-Not much for conversation, I see. Then let us be off, I do not care to be in present company for much longer."]

[#7c8500 "Við land minnkar máttur þessa, til sjávar á hann endurnýjaður." [i 'By land this power diminishes, to the sea it is renewed.']] Magni held up a hand, he hated the sea, but the blinding white light of the tree's waning power engulfed them before he could say no. Magni shielded himself protectively against the light until it disappeared and the three of them now found themselves at a dock-not unlike the one where Yggdrasil found Torvi. Magni closed his eyes to quell the tell-tale nausea from the travel, did the tree not understand how sickening such a teleport could be to a surprised stomach? Or perhaps it was the knowledge that he'd soon have to be on a boat, tossing about with the waves. Leaning and rocking; and rocking and leaning-he stopped his thoughts, oh it was enough to make him vomit.

Yggdrasil had no time for protests, it let one demi-god go but it would not let any others, whether it had to drag them by the flesh that encased them or the hair upon their heads it was not about to take no for an answer. It could understand the reason of Bjarke, but if they were to figure things out and reverse the trauma that had been brought it could not allow others to run from their duties. A demi-god could not run from who they were for long, it would not let either of the two leave its side, dragging the son of Thor further down the docks to the cold choppy waters of Njordr's domain.

[+red "If there is somewhere else we must go, surely we could take a plane, a vehicle even-there's no need to travel by boat. You don't see me forcing her to travel by Bifrost, why do I have to..."] His protests were once again ignored as Yggdrasil pointed towards the ship that they'd have to board. The dark waters seemed even more ominous the closer Magni came to board-it was not the ocean itself that bothered him, it was the God that controlled the oceans. Njordr and Magni... had some bad history considering his past with Torvi, he had to at least hope his own father would keep the Vanir God at bay.

Before they boarded the giant avatar halted, turning its burning red eyes further inland-they were not alone as it would have hoped. [i That aura.] The cold wind from the sea spray stuck to its beard as it turned to face an enemy it knew well-yet both avatars had not yet clashed on mortal soil. A slinking serpent with venomed fangs did uncoil beneath twisting root, wading through rivers of forlorn souls, feeding upon the blood of the slain as it scratched and gnawed upon Yggdrasil. Rending broken bones from treacherous men, murderous heathens ripped by talons of the dragon beneath the shadows of the World Tree-darkness filled the air thick and foreboding as it heralded the arrival of Nidhoggr.

The root of Yggdrasil was thought to encase or enclose Nidhogg for many reasons beneath shadowed cosmos, only one of which was because Nidhogg would herald Ragnarok-destroying the tether between mortal realms and the realm of the dead its final task, shedding free the corpses of those damned with ominous warnings. Its arrival meant many things and if it was possible to behead Nidhogg to end its own suffering Yggdrasil would do so. Its large axe burned red with the intensity of its anger, the ashen tree hefted the heavy weight as its large footsteps carried it towards Nidhogg and away from Magni and Torvi.

[#7c8500 "Bölvaður höggormur, gruggugur bústaður, ertu loksins kominn til að deyja? Loksins skal Þessi rífa höfuð þitt frá herðum þínum." [i 'Cursed Serpent, of murky dwelling, have you finally come to die? At last, this One shall rip your head from your shoulders.']] At this moment, face to face with one of its dreadful tormentors not even Odin himself would be able to stop Yggdrasil from challenging the serpent. Gods be damned, if it had the chance to rend Nidhoggr's head clean from its neck it would take it. How many eons has the Tree suffered in pain due to Nidhogg's fangs? How long has it lain dormant as fangs ripped and tore, its brood gnawing in droves as it fought to be free from beneath Yggdrasil's roots?

Too long has the noble ash tree suffered in maddening silence, as Nidhogg passed envious words to the Eagle who flew free among the starry canopy, nestled sweetly upon green leaflet boughs. In jealousy Nidhogg would never know the rich scent of the canopy that held the highest realms within its branches; the vibrant greens that shift to bright yellow, warm orange and passionate red, deepening to purple and maroon in the Fall. Trapped to the dark greys and tough, scratching browns of the roots Nidhogg would not know the freedom the Eagle possessed, the beauty it rested on... So it dug, bit and gored at the root viciously, injecting poison with each bite, shredding the dark bark and grinding through every layer with a dogged persistence.

Yggdrasil could not allow Nidhogg to pass no matter the circumstances, it had no time to listen to its words sickened with each breath, nor the protesting calls of Magni to come back. Nidhogg did what it wanted and Yggdrasil would do what it must, letting avatars clash together upon Midgard would be a momentary reprieve to the victor-the World Tree would not listen to reason as it swung its axe intent to sever limbs and if possible remove the head from the serpentine dragon... [right [pic https://imgur.com/NkQCMPn.jpg]]
  Norse Un-Godly / Osiris / 18d 14h 40m 9s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/E870Ft5.png]]
They say that repeatedly doing the same thing, over, and over again expecting a different result then what has already been is the definition of insanity. Gnawing since existence at a single root without reward, and rightly nothing to show in the name of progress should be considered the equivalent to insanity. But that would also be by mortal standards, something that means very little to the dragon Nidhogg. Within the roots of Yggdrasil, he dwells with his brood of wyrms doing all they can to bring down the Great Tree, that day will come as has already been foretold. The Norns may do what they wish to destroy his progress but even that will end when the time is right; and Nidhogg has nothing but time. Daily setbacks like this mean nothing to him, it was as routine as his chats with the eagle through Ratatoskr, and there should be nothing that would challenge that. Or so he would have thought, except the state of Helheim has been anything but routine as of late. Nidhogg crawled through the roots near Niflheim, he hadn't even entered Hel's hall and he could see the outpour of souls from Her court. The air was heavy with the scent of divine beings, for once it even overpowered the scent of mortals.
[#71548A [i "And what do you know of this, Ratatoskr,"]] he questioned the squirrel as he felt it brush against his scales, no doubt being drawn in by the scent as much as he was.
[#996633 [i "Nothing, I was going to head to the eagle and ask."]] Even Ratatoskr was taken aback there wasn't a hint of his glib attitude, yet another part of Nidhogg's routine ruined it seem. [#996633 [i "It must be something big to cause Yggdrasill to waken,"]] before Nidhogg could turn and question that bit of knowledge Ratatoskr had already made his way back up through the roots.
[#71548A [i "What in all the realms could cause that?"]]

It was a familiar path he took to visit Hel on any other occasion but even making it to the path was a journey in it of itself. So many dead backed up on the path and all around the hall, he couldn't even see the palace. Perhaps he should have been keeping better tabs on the deceased, he did partake in some of their corpses but as he neared the gods, they weren't souls of the dead. They were souls lost, misplaced from their rightful positions, but so many?
[#006A4E [i "I would have expected you to visit sooner than this, Nidhogg. I fear I may not be able to enjoy your company as much as I have in the past,"]] a commanding voice interrupted his thoughts, demanding his full attention. There was a shadow doorway from where he heard the voice. [#006A4E [i "I will explain what I can, if you will listen,"]]
[#71548A [i "Have I ever refused,"]] he answered passing a final glance to the lost souls, as he walked through the doorway.

Nidhogg had expected to see the familiar decor of Hel's audience chamber, he has seen it numerous times in the past, he has traveled through her portals just as many times, he was [i [b not]] expecting as he was walking through to feel parts of himself fall away. He nearly fell out of the portal with how light he was. He turned towards the portal and saw scales, [i his] scales scattered on the ground, and it was a gauntleted hand that caught his fall against the pillar and not his claws. He looked at the icy wall, and it was not a dragon that was looking back but a human.
[#71548A "I have...never refused before, but...perhaps I should have...this time,"] he spoke in a low growl not intentionally but through disuse of a human voice, thoughts were far easier to convey. The reflection was still human, it wore light armor in obsidian scales, matching gauntlets and greaves, where wings once were there was now a matching cape. The only dragon left of it was a pair of ebony horns atop its head, ruby serpentine eyes, and a scaled tail resting on the ground.
[#006A4E "We both know that is not true, lying is neither of our strong suits, that would belong to my father. And if that were the case, I would not have called upon you in the first place,"] Hel spoke tiredly. It was the first time since he entered that he looked at her, she looked haggard. Those unfamiliar with her would say she always looked as such, with half her body blackened and rotten, the other a pale blue like ice. Nidhogg knew better than most.
[#71548A "Does this...have to do...with what is outside...your gate,"] he wrestled with the words as he slowly walked towards her throne, kneeling at her feet.
[#006A4E "Yes, as of late there have been waves of them coming through Helheim. But as gods they have not perished, not completely at least not yet. As such they are left to linger outside the gates."]
[#71548A "Have you spoken...with any of them?']
[#006A4E "With no answers, as they do not know how it happened, nor who has been doing it. I am not the only one that is frustrated over this matter, nor am I the only one seeking out answers. We do not know enough to go looking for ourselves, so we are sending envoys to go in our stead. They are sending children in to do the hunting for us,"] she explained with a sigh. Realization has settled in pretty early in the conversation, Nidhogg was trying to find any other solution.
[#71548A "You are asking me...to be your envoy, and [i help] [#71548A these little godlings,"]] Nidhogg looked up. She gave a brief nod. He lost it; he hung his head a little as his shoulders shuddered from the chuckles. [#71548A "Milady, the irony...is not lost on me. I understand the situation, but you must truly be...desperate, to have come to this conclusion,"] he stood up regaining his composure.
[#006A4E "I trust you to do what is necessary. For surely you do not want your own plans at the end to be sabotaged by these heretics,"] she smiled briefly standing as well.
[#71548A "So be it."]

[center ~*~*~*~*~*~*~]

Nidhogg stepped out of the portal a second time, this time he didn't know where he was, but he recognized the scent of Midgar. There were limits to that part of her power, she wasn't Heimdall, but he imagined she would have sent him near to some of these godlings he was to assist. He still wore the skin of a human, he flexed his fingers to be certain, it would have been impossible to come in his true form. Perhaps there were cosmic limits with creatures such as himself and Tree Man to be in the land of mortals. He'd have to test those limits at some point, but for now, he'd make do. He breathed deep catching a whiff of his target, they would know who was at a glance, now rather they would attack at said glance he'd have to wait and see. He gave a fanged smirk, at least it was going to be entertaining.
  HanyouMokushi / 24d 9h 4m 59s
Yaling frowned when she received no response from the man before her. He barely looked at her even as she showed him proper etiquette. It was rude, but Yaling would never say it out loud. She would simply remember his choice. It was when she planned to turn and leave he made his move.

A tight hand gripped her thin wrist, another hand pulling her body to his chest as they both melted into the shadows. She didn’t understand it, why they were hiding. Then she looked – really looked – around herself. There was an offense to the people leaving the dojo she had stopped by. They staggered out, small box devices she knew as phones clutched in their hands.

Many walked into one another or the vegetation. One had even smacked into the gate, frantically clutching his phone to his chest as if he had saved a new born babe. All of this Yaling could not understand. None of these people were wondering souls nor ghosts or the undead. Yet they lacked that spark of humanity in their souls that held for the living.

The demi-god who held her pulled her farther away from the living dead despite her move to escape his grasp and get closer. She felt his fingers brush her jawline and the inner part of her wrist as he guided her back. It was an unwanted feeling, reminding her of who she was.

His hands fell away as Yaling stepped through the shadows of the underworld leaving the man behind. She had seen something strange and should report back to her father even if her original mission was not completed.

[center ~|~]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6xmlDbt.jpg]]

Tau sat and watched as Dakarai really made himself at home. Food and drink a plenty, the demi-god might truly be in heaven at this time. The depressed emotions that Tau battled inside were slowly untangling the more he watched Dakarai enjoy himself. His worries ebbed away as he too took a goblet of wine to his lips.

He hadn’t even noticed the servants return until they were in full swing of songs and dance. Though no matter the power that pulsed in the room between the three demi-gods, nothing could wipe away that eerie light in Tau’s eyes.

[b [#800000 “How many gods have fallen, do you know…”]] He almost wished to ask if Layla had seen his father walk the line of the dead to her father’s hall. He couldn’t ask though, couldn’t even begin to imagine such a thing was possible. Instead he took a hefty gulp of wine and cleared his throat.

[b [#800000 “Do you have any leads for this quest or are we walking into the desert in hopes of an oasis?”]] Tau looked to Layla for answers, knowing she was in charge of this quest given by her father. [b [#800000 “Are there any clues to who or how this is happening?”]]

Tau glanced to Dakarai sighing. The man would be no good to them soon, his words already slurring and larger words obviously past his comprehension. [b [#800000 “He raises a good point. What do we do if we find these so called God killers? Defeat them? Bring them to Osiris for judgement?”]]

Tau grimaced. They had only questions as he saw no answers. [b [#800000 “Are you sure there are no others we can call upon to aid in this search? Surely it cannot be only our Gods, our families falling.”]]
  Shufen Yaling / makionyx_20 / 16d 23h 52m 34s
Dakarai and Layla went to find another, one he knew rather frequently in his days of celebration and partying at Tau's estate. Being entertained by dancers, the rich tastes and spices of the food made his mouth drool and the [b [i drinks]], oh the riches of liquid nectar, to taste a mere drop upon one's tongue was enough to break him into smiles that lit up his entire face. His light hair bounced frantically with his haste and he rummaged and grabbed as many bottles as he could before he was even announced.

Tau and Dakarai were on amicable terms, at least as far as he figured, Tau let him drink and Dakarai let Tau be laid-back and worry-less. Dakarai did not care for many regulations as he joined the others, he began setting the bottles down in order. Like a nervous tick, Dakarai fiddled and fidgeted with the alignment of the wine bottles, unable to hide his internal compulsion. When it was the way he liked it, Dakarai proceeded to take one, and then take the glass Tau proffered the two of them. Dakarai was a comely demi-god, it was in his times of drunkenness that masterpieces were created in ways of art and writing.

Dakarai was never considered a warrior demi-god, he was one of creativity; he had many artists, singers, writers and the like flock to him for inspiration, liberated by the anxieties and frights by liquid courage. His art throughout the years graced many museums, glyphs and stories were detailed out and chronicled with keen precision. It was something he would do as he traveled with his aunt and cousin, he would write and transcribe everything that developed and what they found out, so that if anything happened to them-one day someone will find his work and know they passed to the Afterlife as heroes.

Dakarai sat down to the large spread of food Tau had laid out, with roasted meat that was so deliciously tender and seasoned to perfection. His gold eyes still wandered the room even as he was eating and drinking, as if he was expecting trouble to burst through the door at any moment.

[#9700a3 "Did she explain what's goin' on?"] Dakarai asked through a mouthful of meat, how could he even be [i hungry] right now? Didn't he [b just] eat? He ate so much he cleared several plates before they went to see Tau, but still he sat down to eat some more. Where was it all going?! [#9700a3 "I'll tell ya one thing,"] pauses to chew, [#9700a3 "-whoever is doing this has to have help, there's no way..."] another pause, [#9700a3 -that there's a god killer on the loose and it's only one person. He has to have some help."]

Dakarai had no problem in making himself at home, since Tau offered them to stay a while Dakarai was going to indulge himself. Again. There seemed to be nothing that could bring Dakarai down, his optimism and bright personality made him easy to be around, a light and comforting aura surrounded him and filled the room with each bottle he drank. His happiness was contagious, permeating the room with laughter and smiles; multiple bottles of wine were a small price to pay that allowed all the stress and chaos in the world to disappear.

Despite not having a decent time frame Dakarai kept things carefree, spending time with toasts and stories between the demi-gods. It took a lot to get a demi-god drunk, especially Dakarai's strong tolerance built up from too many drinks, but Tau's supplies did the trick. In full drunken stupor the energy of the room shifted, it was no longer calm and serene but vibrant and playful. He walked over to Layla and Tau, as people in the room picked up on the passionate aura for festivities and began dancing which brought out the musicians and they started to play unannounced. It was a strange skill Dakarai had, but it may prove to be useful should they have to cause distractions. The people didn't even realize they were being manipulated...

[#9700a3 "Ssso we-we hafta find out the next tar-targetsh, how can we con-conf-fron... How can we opposhe the killersh if we don't know who it ish? I m-mean, they are?"] Dakarai's voice warbled and slurred into nearly unintelligible territory and he swayed from side to side, holding and drinking out of another bottle. Once again bringing up the question-where does it all go?

[center [b ~*~*~]]
Cerberus looked into the youthful face of Perikles, her wide-eyed expression, filled with curiosity and although Cerberus needed demi-gods to help, he could see the inexperience through Peri's eyes. She was a child at best, he could not consider her one to save the Gods, so timid and frail-a warrior she was not, but maybe she knew someone who was. His inspection was short-lived, surprisingly he became quiet and shifted his weight nervously.

[#942400 "I am sorry for the intrusion, my name is Cerberus, and I am in grave need for aid and assistance. The Underworld is... unbalanced. I need to gather as many demi-gods as I can, something is destroying those of lesser titles in the faiths of Man."] Cerberus looked down to the ground, his blue eyes glowing with his uncertainty, [#942400 "You would not be eligible for this task, but you may still be of help-have you any companions that can be of use?"] Standing in front of her Cerberus was neither imposing nor threatening, the fair haired man seemed withdrawn and intent on avoiding eye contact as if too shy to look up. He did not speak with others much, his sense of communication heavily impaired by lack of social interaction and his speech patterns were a few centuries behind.

He did not want to seem rude as he tried to convey what was happening and why Peri would be too young for the journey-this would be something that was going to be fatal, and he could not in clear conscience allow her to throw her life away. He needed others who were more experienced in the ways of war, and as she so aptly put it he could have gone to Athena's children and probably have more luck. Perikles was the first he found and he did not care to spend more time waiting, Cerberus told Peri everything that was going on, bringing her up to date and explaining why he needed desperately to find those that could help him.

[#942400 "I will take any assistance you can offer. I have no qualms with the children of Gods, my purpose lies beyond this realm."] He barely talked, his worry over the situation clearly written on his face, Peri would be able to take him to someone and then the hunt would begin... [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/mTPXTFo.jpg]]
  Egyptian Un-Godly / Osiris / 35d 20h 4m 48s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/MGAnaA3.jpg]]


Layla had walked on this earth for many centuries. She had been born in the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Before the invasions of the Romans, Greeks and Persians. She was there when they had first built the mighty Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. She was older than most of the demi-gods that were alive today. The ones that she had known as a child had either passed onto the next world or retired. She, herself, planned to do the same. She didn't look a day over twenty five, but her mind and soul were tired. She was satisfied that she had fulfilled her duty in protecting the mortals, and so after this last quest had been completed, she was going to retire and await for her soul to pass into her father's kingdom and she would reunite with her mother.

She had been everywhere one could go in the world, experience so many wonders and so much pain. There wasn't anything she hadn't done. She had seen the sands of time pass, shaping the world around her.

The thing with Demi-Gods was that they could not simply die of old age. Something would have to take their life, like a disease or poison or a knife. Somehow, she had managed to survive all of her battles and had healed from the wounds she received and the plagues she caught. It was quite the mystery even to her and she wondered if her father had a hand in extending her life. Either way, she had finally had enough of the fighting, battling… Losing… She had lost so many people. It was the reason why she refused to interact with Mortals on a personal basis. Their lives were so fragile, and they could be gone within a second. The same could be said for Demi-Gods but they had a higher chance of survival than the Mortals.

Layla stared at Tau, awaiting his answer. She expected some sort of remark or comment, but when their eyes met she was shocked to see the tiredness and worry in his dark, brown orbs. She wondered what was troubling him, she'd ask him later. Now was not the time. It was also not the time to drink. As much as she appreciated Tau's willingness to cooperate, they needed to move.

"I'm glad that you'll be coming with me, but I don't want to waste time. We are losing minor Gods and soon it might be the main ones… The Underworld is overflowing-" However, before she could really finish her sentence, her nephew bursted in through the door, several bottles of alcohol in his hands, a wide smile stretching over his face. The man was practically glowing. She sighed heavily, massaging her temple. It now seemed that they would in fact be staying. She cursed under her breath before giving in. She took one of the wine bottles from Dakarai's arms, as the man had plenty, and she poured herself a glass. She raised it to Tau slightly in thanks before, hesitantly taking a swig.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/9mLex9O.jpg]

Torvi had grown up in the village she was currently residing in. It was a quaint place by the ocean, known for its fishing. However, many years ago it had been a place where the Vikings would dock their great boats, restock on their supplies, eat good, warm food and sleep by the fires before venturing off into the cold, unforgiving domain of her father. Njörðr, Norse God of the sea. The village had changed greatly, but it was still home.

Sørvågen had worn, cobbled streets with green tufts of moss growing in the cracks. Small shops and houses were scattered around and it had a… Grand... Total population of four hundred and forty people. As you could imagine, everyone knew everyone. Nobody's business went unnoticed and rumours spread around like wildfire. That meant that the people here knew Torvi was a Demi-God, in fact, she was written in their history books. She had saved the village from monsters countless times and she was living proof that their Gods existed. So, her tales were taught in schools, the children would see a picture drawn of her many years ago and would instantly recognise her. Everyone in the village respected her and when she returned home, it was no different.

She had been back four months prior to Yggdrasil making his appearance. She had needed a break from the real world, she had suffered from emotional wounds and this was where she came to heal. In those four months, she had aided fishermen in their jobs, taught the young ones how to fish, given money to those who needed it and spent her time with her people. Coming back to this village kept her grounded, connected to her mortal side. Here she didn't need to be a Demi-God she could just be… Torvi. She felt rather at peace and close to her father.

Njörðr was quite the major God and he didn't have a lot of time to spare. As a child, she had seen him quite often. He taught her how to control her powers, give blessings and how to fight. But as soon as she could fend for herself, he mostly left her to her own devices. She was a teenager when she started to see less of him and, with no mother as the woman had died when Torvi was young, so she turned to the villagers.

It was the Vikings that ended up taking her in. They saw the potential in her and her abilities would come in handy when travelling the sea. However, she was impressionable and took on many of their characteristics, turning her into quite the tempered individual. She may have learned to control her powers, but her anger was always encouraged by the Vikings.

As an adult, she had better control of herself… For the most part… After the Vikings, she found herself wandering the lands alone, fending for herself and helping Mortals. No matter where she went, she ensured to stay close to a body of water. She felt closer to her father and being near it made her stronger. The less water around her, the weaker she became. It was like this for a decade or so before she was finding more and more children of the Gods. At first, she kept to herself. Not sure if she could trust them.

Then a child of Idunn, named Edvin, befriended her. He was a weaker Demi-God, him being his strongest during Spring as that was his mother's season, and he admitted to her that he had always wanted to explore the rest of their country, but was too afraid to do so. Torvi offered for Edvin to join her and that was the start of quite a beautiful friendship. Soon, their duo became a trio and eventually they became a group of five demi-gods, walking the grounds of Norway and the other realms, slaying beasts, collecting treasures.

Those had been some of the best moments of her life and a small smile came to her lips as she dangled her feet from the edge of the wooden dock. The tips of her shoes just skimmed over the water. But then, her smile faltered and then fell as those happy memories became a bitter reminder of what had happened. A frown began to form until she felt heavy footsteps move on the wood. She turned around to find a tall… Man… Towering over her. His aura and presence was powerful, he spoke in an old tongue. She rose to her feet and studied him. After some thought, she concluded that this was Yggdrasil. She had heard tales that the great tree that held the realms could shift to a human form. She knew that it would not be here unless the matter was urgent.

She noticed villagers begin to crowd, out of curiosity and fear. They looked at her expectantly and she waved her hand to them, showing that it was not a threat. Her stormy, grey eyes returned to the Great Tree. "Hva med at vi drar hjem til meg for å snakke mer?" She offered it before showing it the way. Once there, it explained to her what was happening to the minor Gods. They were disappearing to Hel, unable to get out. Not even Hel could assist them. But these Gods were not dying and she found it strange that they would not pass to Valhalla. She needed to find out what was happening, but she wasn't sure where to start.

The most logical thing to do was visit her father. She thanked Yggdrasil but it did not move. It only explained that it needed to take her to someone. She tried to ask who, but it would not tell her. She accepted that she would not be receiving much more information out of it, she set on preparing for the potential journey. Packing clothes, food and weapons. With her father also being the God of Wealth, it gave her the ability to conjure money from thin air. Ever since she had learned this particular trick, she only packed the essentials.

When she was ready, the other had not moved a musc, if it even had muscles, and she approached it. "OK, Yggdrasil, jeg er klar." It held out its axe before harshly bringing the hilt of the axe to the floor of her living room. Then, a white line circled around them, slowly picking up speed until they were completely encased by a bright light. She closed her eyes, as to not be blinded and she clutched onto her sword tightly. She did not know what she would be facing when they arrived at their destination. But, she would soon find out as the white line began to slow, the light dimming until it faded to nothing.

Torvi heard the sound of birds and rustling leaves in the wind, she could only assume that she was in a forest. She opened her eyes and two men stood before her. Bjarke, son of Vidar, black beard with strips of grey. She gave a small nod of respect before her gaze met quite a familiar one. An unwelcome one. It belonging to Magni. Her lips pursed slightly and her stance just that bit more tense. She didn't look at him for long, nor did she give him a nod as she had done for Bjarke, and turned her attention to Yggdrasil. "Dette er de to du vil at jeg skal reise med?" She asked it in disbelief, quickly glancing at the two men who had clearly just finished a fight. The thought made her roll her eyes. However, at the confirmation, she wanted groan but kept that herself.

However, the unexpected happened and Bjarke stepped forward, straightening out his clothes. "Magni has just told me all about it and I'm afraid I have to decline. My village needs me." He spoke this in English and without giving anyone a moment to react, Bjarke picked up his weapons before leaving. Torvi watched his back for a moment, wishing he would turn around and state that he had changed his mind. Then, she almost decided to leave too, however, Yggdrasil had come to her personally and it would probably be offended. She didn't even think about Magni leaving, she knew him well enough, too well, that he would stay. Although, their problem at hand needed as many Demi-Gods as possible trying to figure this out, Torvi would have swapped Magni with anyone. They worked well on Quests, but personal matters soon caused problems and arguements.
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[center YALING]

Mortals were precarious things, always evolving yet somehow never changing. Traditions could be forgotten and customs could be ignored, but the basics of humanity – lust, war, greed – those things would never change. Yaling gazed one last time at the club behind her, the fourth one she had been to that the Monkey King’s Spawn was known to frequent.

It was like any new mortal house of sin. Women danced, teased, and drank beside men for the cost of their livelihood. It didn’t hold the same appeal as the brothels long before there were buildings on this particular piece of land, however for the times of quick satisfaction, Yaling supposed it had functionality at best.

Turning away as a drunken patron came out in time to catch sight of her, Yaling climbed into the back of a black Bentley Mulsanne, the chauffer closing the door behind her and hiding her from view.

[b “To another establishment or home, mi ’lady?”] The Jiangshi didn’t look at her as it spoke, lifeless eyes focused on the road as they pulled away.

For a moment, Yaling studied the creature that drove her wherever she wanted or needed to go in the mortal world. Jiangshi were reanimated corpses that needed to drink the blood of the living to stay animated. This particular one was an old man, his skin tinged with just enough grey pallor that once bronze skin looked washed out and wrinkled. He appeared to be a weak old man, one who might die in his sleep any day now.

Yaling felt her lips twitch as though she would smile at the very thought that her driver was weak and frail. It wouldn’t be a gentle smile, but a humorous one. No matter how weak a Jiangshi appeared, they would always be stronger than the living. Even without a steady diet of fresh human blood.

[b [#8B008B “We must keep looking. If I cannot find him in a house of sin, I’ll look for him in a house of war.”]]

Yaling relaxed back into the soft leather seats, her eyelids shutting as she thought where to go next. The monkey spawn enjoyed drinking, women, and fighting leisurely – especially if he was drinking. The next best place to try would be the local dojo.

[center ~|~]

[center TAU]

Tau glanced up from the glass of wine he had been gazing into, thinking of his father. He had barely noticed the women in the room after his thoughts had drifted off and now hours had passed. Many more may have continued to pass too if not for the interruption that decided to stride into his private room.

At the sound of her voice, he seemed to freeze ever so briefly. Layla, beautiful woman, powerful demigod and daughter of the King of the Underworld. She was also a painful reminder that times had changed greatly since he first rose up and dared adventure across the sands of Egypt.

An outspoken woman, though loyal and intelligent, was one Tau was not good with. It wasn’t that he believed all women needed subjection. No, he would never think complete submission was the answer for any goddess or demigoddess. But it was hard for him to be around them, it made him awkward, a feeling he didn’t appreciate. This in turn made him angry and turn into an aggressive dick.

Layla and he had never been good around one another. He respected her, though she may think otherwise, but he couldn’t handle her authority the right way. He was most defiantly nothing like Dakarai who followed her without complaint. That demigod seemed good no matter the company as long as drink could be found. So to say he was shocked Layla had sought him out and with his father quiet to his prayers, call him curious.

Taking a sip from his cup, Tau remained silent as Layla spoke of a quest. Something was happening to the old gods and immortals, something that placed them in mortal death’s hands and left them to walk the underworld. Osiris wanted the demigods to work together and seek out information, to find out what has come to play foul with their distant relatives.

When she finally stopped talking, Tau held up the pitcher of wine and refilled his glass then preceded to fill two others. His now worrisome tired but curious eyes finally looked to hers.

[b [#800000 “Do tell Darakai to come in, we misewell take a moment as friends to toast to our companionship and possible walk with Anubis to the scales of judgement.”]]

Gone was the savage man from before and in the past. For once, Tau was sure he was surprising even Layla with his compliance to her quest and lack of leadership quibbling.

[b [#800000 “Don’t worry beautiful daughter of Osiris, though we came to blows in the past, I fear I need you more than you need me. Bring in our wayward drunken, I have all the rich red wine he could possibly drink and plenty of roasted meat to pair. After all, this is my home.”]]

With that said, Tau swallowed all the wine in his glass, his handsome features marred with a slight trickle of red wine escaping the corner of his mouth and running down his chin. It was alright though, as he was wearing a brilliant red silk tunic. Blood or red wine, both were welcome to stain him until it was all he could see if he couldn’t speak with his father.

[center ~|~]

[center YALING]

Yaling had just left the greeting room of the dojo when she felt a gravitational pull to power coming from the gateway entrance. It was the usual pull she felt when in the presence of another demigod, one she had been trying to feel all day. Shoulders relaxing, sagging down in relief slightly, she walked towards the entrance hoping to see that carefree fool.

But what stood stock still and staring at her in the gateway was not the Monkey King’s spawn. In fact though this demigod was of Asian ethnicity, she had never come across him before. Part of her wondered if she should leave and say nothing. After all her father sent her for a specific demigod, she simply couldn’t just choose another.

On the other hand, as proven, demigods were hard to find. It wasn’t as if she could go to a market and order a demigod like he or she were goods to be bought. If this demigod was here, could it be he was here for her? Was he aware of the unknown danger for Immortals and sought her out to join forces?

Her face was still expressionless, but her eyes held deep emotion and determination. Her father sent her for a demigod and a demigod has found her. He may not be the spawn of the monkey king, but he was someone who radiated power and skill. He also looked like someone who would be more serious and practical in regards to completing any mission given by King Yama rather than get distracted.

One moment Yaling was within the shadow of a plum tree, the next she was within the shadow of the gateway entrance. Still the other demigod was able to keep his eyes trained on her own, as if he sensed where she would be.

Yaling moved her hands to her waist, her fingers layering over one another as she bent at a forty-five degree angle into a greeting bow, her head bending forward enough for her inky black hair to slide over her shoulder and hide part of her face.

[b [#8B008B “Greetings, distant cousin.”]] When she rose back up to stand straight, she let her hands fall to her side and gazed at the unknown demigod, waiting for his next move.
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[i ]

Three large twisting, groaning roots piled and intersected above deep brown soil, an ash tree thicker than the world covered a multiverse in the majesty of its canopy. One root tied from ground to crown, the root held up the worlds of the Aesir; the second root tied to realms of frost and ice from Jotunheim, they sprang forth from this heavy gnarled root, the world of the frost giants. The third root dug down straight into Niflheim where the accursed pest Nidhogg gnawed upon it to sever the bind to the fallen realm of the dead.

Each root nourished by a solitary well, with them being constantly looked after save for the one plagued by Nidhogg's fangs. Yggdrasil, the world tree slumbered for eons, laid to rest with the crowning of emerald boughs by Veðrfölnir and the eagle, the living embodiment of the world tree slept so deeply that it felt not the scampering paws of Ratatoskr nor the stinging bite of Nidhogg; it could not even feel the four pesky stags who ate among its branches, as brazen as they pleased.

Its personification hardly wakened for anyone, it wakened at the time at the Allfather's hanging-swinging upon rope hung from the tree's branches for nine days, and Odin was stabbed upon Gungnir, the god's own spear. For nine days Yggdrasil watched the god revive and die, repeating the death multiple times; he ate no food nor drank no water but upon the ninth day Odin gained the runes and the rope at Yggdrasil's branch snapped. Yggdrasil was named the noblest of trees, suffering agony more than men knew which drove the personification to sleep. Only in dark slumber did the pain subside, from the four stags biting from above, decaying from the inside out with Midgard's destruction and Nidhogg devouring from below.

Yggdrasil's tether to Niflheim, and subsequently Helheim, located in the depths of the fog world was constantly under attack from Nidhogg yet even the world tree could sense the overwhelming distress these new events caused. It rained in Helheim for days, the flooding of deity souls crashing upon the rocky cliffs along Hel's hall sent a shudder throughout the root. The dead in Hel usually spent their time doing the same kinds of things that they did in life: eating, drinking, fighting, sleeping, and so forth. It wasn’t a place of eternal bliss or torment as some other underworlds, as much as it was simply a continuation of life somewhere else.

It would have slept through this new change too, had it not lost one of its caretakers at one of the wells, if the water became stagnant or the root dried out it would mean the collapse of countless societies, half the realms would crumble and fall like leaves in the Autumn. Yggdrasil could not let that happen, deep within the heart of the tree the avatar of the World Tree awakened to the pain and had to fight through it to bring the personification to life. Ashen skin toned and tinted with a ghostly tree imprinted and branded upon the being's chest, hair and beard of red, its eyes burned with the fire of Muspelheim. From out of its hiding place Yggdrasil pulled its axe, ignited and glowing with the heat of the sun's core; it would go unto Midgard, to the cities choked with pollution and decay. It would bring down the axe upon those that dare threaten the balance, and become the headsman of Gods and of Men.

[#7c8500 "Too long has this One rested, unaware, no longer will this One be blinded to the pain. Godless heathens, thy executioner comes..."]

Midgard was cold but the personification felt nothing of the wind and snow, the cold steamed off of its body, flakes of white melted within seconds of touching pallid skin as the World Tree sought out a God-child. They could not hide their divinity, the blood coursing through them radiated like beacons to the avatar. It had no trouble in tracking down one such soul to a remote fishing village, hidden away from the world in time suspended.

The avatar got strange looks about its person, clothed in leather hides and furs from the waist down and showed no signs of the chill affecting it. It walked down to the docks, following the beacon only it could see, emanating from a woman with brown hair. It watched her for a short while before approaching closer, its axe lowered but still burning with fierce intensity.

[#7c8500 "Datter av Njörðr, denne ville tale til deg." ] It did not openly speak English, though it knew of the language, Yggdrasil refused.

[center [b [+red ~*~*~]]]
[i "Are you sure about this, brother?"] Modi, the younger of the two demi-gods, stood leaning in the doorway looking in at his brother Magni as he packed up several items. Magni didn't look at his sibling, stashing a locked box and retrieving his bearded axe from its mounted placement.

[+red "If not me, then who? You?"] Modi didn't say anything, lowering his eyes was answer enough. This was a suicide mission if there ever was one, but it was one that had to be seen through to the end. Magni was going to find out what was happening to the lesser gods, both Magni and Modi had been visited by their father Thor a night before. Magni finished up in the small bedroom and was going to leave when he was stopped by Modi's hand upon his shoulder, Modi reached up and took off his necklace. Leather strand covered with beads and ancient currency strung along for luck, Modi pulled it over his head and without a word placed the necklace over Magni's head, identical blue eyes looked to each other as the brothers shared a symbolic moment, hugging each other tightly as if it would be their last.

[i "Come back. You hear me? You make [b sure] you come back."] Magni nodded his head as they separated, with that Modi got out of his way and allowed Magni to leave. The Norse demi-god had to find others like him, this was a task he bitterly knew he could not defeat on his own, as much as his pride told him he should. With a flurry of feathers and lightning Magni found himself taken to a desolate hill, yet when he looked around he knew the man he was sent to find. As he slowly descended the small hill he raised an open hand, his other hand gripped his axe that he rested upon his shoulder casually.

[+red "Hail, son of Vidar, are you sure in your graying age you can handle me, Bjarke? Or have the trolls winded you, 'old man'?"] Magni spoke bluntly but carried a light smile, Bjarke was without a weapon so Magni stuck his axe into a nearby tree's trunk, the steel biting deep with the force. Magni was known for his strength, even when unintended, he was renowned for being even physically stronger than his father Thor. He cracked his knuckles and his neck as he got ready to brawl, maybe once Bjarke could handle him in his youth but if they were to fight with their hands he would lose.

They both studied each other for what seemed like an eternity, both sizing up the other before someone threw the first punch. Perhaps it was the impatience of youth but Magni instigated the fight, throwing hooks that would normally take a grown man's head off. The two demi-gods fought ferociously as the pyres burned high, each blow was like a thunderclap, illuminated in fire and echoing through the air so loud it scattered the murder of crows upon the hills. The flurry of feathers, the blaze of the fires coupled with the dark rolling clouds above as two powerhouses clashed and grappled.

The son of Vidar would do his father proud, yet Magni had not only time on his side, but his father's gifts and Magni's personal strength gave him an upper hand. Yet they still went on for hours, neither could really get a victory over the other as they brawled it out with no signs of wearing down. The two tireless demi-gods could probably have gone on well into the night, but before the two could come together again in a grapple the dark skies opened up with a large bolt of lightning striking directly in between them. From the clouds came a threatening rumble, loud enough to make the ground reverberate with its audial depth.

Magni looked up to the sky as he caught his breath, the earth was scorched at their feet, his father had spoken-they had spent plenty of time and it was now enough. As he caught his breath he smiled to Bjarke before he started laughing, there was nothing like a good brawl to alleviate the stress of the situation. He motioned for Bjarke to stand down, walking over to him Magni fondly slapped the older man's shoulder with a grin.

[+red "I almost had you there. Rematch another other time?"] Magni went to fetch his axe from its place, before he came back to Bjarke, his face became more serious. Magni stopped to give his prayers and blessings to the fallen warriors and motioned for Bjarke to follow him. As the two walked away from the troll cave and the funeral pyres, Magni told Bjarke what was going on, word from his grandfather Odin, to his father it was passed to Magni and Modi. He talked about the dead deities, giving all the information to the other as best as he was able, Magni needed all the help he could get and if they were going to find out what was going on his allies had to know what they were getting into. [+red "So... Can I count on you, félagi?" [i 'Comrade/Companion.']] [right [pic http://imgur.com/c3eRxR5.jpg]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/MGAnaA3.jpg]]

Layla had fought alongside Dakarai before and would say that they made up quite a good team, that was if the other could stay away from alcohol long enough to fight. That did make her doubt whether recruiting Dakarai was a good idea or not, or any of the others for that matter. She didn't exactly like Tau due to certain characteristics of his, not that she ever let that be known, and Khemu took after his father in many, many ways. Being the type of person she was, Layla had many connections within the Egyptian Demi-God community.

She hardly voiced her opinions on matters or people and just tried to go about doing the right thing. However, a lot of Demi-Gods have ventured outside of Egypt and she didn't know where they were. So, she would make do with what she had. Despite his alcoholic tendencies, she did like Dakarai. He was flirty but, in a playful, fun sort of way, rather than the creepy way. He also knew how to have a good time and she often felt relaxed in his company.

She had rolled her eyes as the man ordered and drank another shot. As Demi-Gods, and having a lived an incredibly long life, they had higher tolerances and could handle drinking copious amounts. However, the consequences of his habits would soon catch up to him sooner or later. She nodded her head to his question. "Indeed he is. He wants me to find out who or what this is and I just thought to gather a small group just in case things go South." She explained after he had taken his shot and seemed to have gathered his bearings.

They were soon out of the tavern and Layla was glad to smell fresh air and feel the sun on her skin rather than the dark, dank, stuffy room. She felt like she could finally breathe. She hesitantly agreed to his request for food, she was eager to gather the others and get on with their travels, but Dakarai would be otherwise useless without food. She did take advantage of the situation and bought a Hawawshi, which is a baladi bread stuffed with a flavourful mixture of minced meat, vegetables, and various spices

After she had finished, and the other had eaten his weight in food, she directed them to Khemu's apartment. The man lived in the center of the city, stating he preferred it and described it as a Hub of Chaos. It wasn't a long walk and Layla made polite conversation with the other, catching up with how he had been doing and the like. Time seemed to pass by quickly for them and they stood outside the building. However, upon pressing the buzzer that would notify her cousin of their presence, there was no answer. A small frown settled on her brow and she slipped her phone out from her pocket and called the Son of Set. She was met with a similar answer but in the form of voicemail. Letting out a gentle sigh, she turned to Dakarai. "Seems like we're going to find Tau. Think you can stomach a ride on a motorcycle?"

The question was asked yet the other Demi-God had no choice. They walked back to where she had parked her bike, handed him a helmet and instructed him to sit on the back and wrap his arms around her. Once the both of them were on and secured, she set off to go to the back of the city. A place one would not want to admit going to.

She travelled at a relatively slow place, not wanting the other to be sick, and ensure not to do anything too quickly. By the Gods, she really didn't want to have to do this. She knew exactly where Tau would be and she felt sick to her stomach once she was stood outside the brothel. She then looked to Dakarai. "You can stay out here if you want, I won't be long." She offered before pushing the doors to go in. Immediately, the stench of perfume hit her senses, it's sweet scent giving her a sharp headache. He was here. Most definitely here.

"Hello, ma'am, how may we help you today?" A waiter asked her, looking her over and an amused smirk settling on his lips. "Uhm, I'm actually just looking for a friend. Tau?" As soon as she had spoken his name, the waiters smirk dropped and he even paled. "He isn't taking any visitors at the moment, he is busy." He replied. Layla simply ignored the man before she grabbed a book that showed which guest was pre-occupying which room. She found out before the waiter could stop her and she swiftly walked to the room. Without even knocking, she entered. Finding several women tending to every Tau's need as the man sat on a throne of sorts. She opened her mouth to speak, however, was interrupted by the waiter. "I am terribly sorry sir, I couldn't stop her." The worker looked frightened and so did the women. She still felt disappointed in him even though this was exactly what she had been anticipating. "Everybody leave, now." She demanded and without a moment's hesitation, they all scrambled out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

"Good to see you, Tau. Though, you really need to stop living in the past." Her statement was more of an observation than anything else. It was not meant to judge or poke fun at the man. More of a fact. "I have a Quest that you might be interested in, but please consider it carefully before going on to making assumptions." She paused for a moment, before going on to explain what was happening just as she had done for Dakarai.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vR3eG1z.png]]

Períkles, or simply Peri, was considered to be a young Demi-God a baby if you will. She was in her early twenties and yet to still really experience the world. She was looked down upon by other Demi-Gods for her age but she paid them no mind. Her father was Dionysus, Greek God of Wine, Theater, Madness and Religious ecstacy. She didn't see much of her father, he was mostly too busy tending to his Godly duties and giving her more siblings, but, she didn't mind. It was due to the fact of her age and lack of Godly parent, that she didn't really know how to fight, granted she could defend herself, but place a sword in her hand and she wouldn't quite know what to do.

No, her time was spent writing, directing and performing in the Theater. She felt most at home on stage, belting out a musical number from the top of her lungs, moving her body to choreography, writing songs, going through auditions, the make up, the costumes. How she loved it all. She also loved wine, she could very rarely be seen without a bottle and she drank it like water. Many of her Mortal friends were concerned but of course she knew better.

The night prior, her Theater had celebrated the end of another successful production and things got quite out of hand. In the midst of the partying coming to an end, she had taken a large crate of wines and decided to continue on in a small room of the Theater. That was where she slept for the night instead of going home, then when she woke up, she saw that she still had some bottles left and she decided to stay and finish them off.

She had been watching Hamilton on Disney+ from her phone when she was rudely interrupted by a man she didn't know. Actually, he didn't seem like a man at all. There was an aura about him, a smell that told her he was monster, but which? He had pale skin, blonde hair and icey blue eyes that were glowing. This didn't give her any hints, at least medusa had snake like features. She looked to his armour and saw that engraved upon the metal was a three headed dog. It took her moment but then her green eyes widened as she realised that this man must have been Cerberus. She quickly scrambled up from her position on the floor, turned her phone off and brushed down her clothes. "What do you need me for?" She asked him suspiciously, crossing her arms defensively. "Whatever it is, you're better off finding a kid of Athena or someone."
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It was strange to see folk out and about so early in the morning, especially in Alta. It was just past four, but a small group of greybeards could be seen passing through the street. From the way they were dressed, they invoked memories of bygone days, when old men would often go hunting when they felt themselves to be a burden, only to die a peaceful death in the deep woods. The thing that made this a queer sight, however, was that the men were all naked, bar for rough-spun trousers and bear-skin cloaks. They carried an assortment of axes, most intended for splitting wood. A single man walked in the centre of the gaggle, sticking out like a sore thumb. He stood a fair bit over seven foot and had shoulders that would shame even the strongest oxen. A veritable hulk of a man, the few folk that wandered the streets at that time avoided him; the intensity of his furious gaze, the wild beard and the way he carried himself all forewarned them of the threat this man could pose to their safety. Little did they know, however, that it was for their sake he had awoken early that day.

The men about him were hand-picked, and though their faces were lined and their backs stooped with age, he trusted them all with his life. They had been around him since the lot of them were young boys, when Vidar's son had looked much like he did now. Where they had all grown and greyed and aged greatly, he had not been a victim to the jaws of time. Once their bare feet had carried them well away from the city limits, the old man began to chant, deep voices and hoarse throats. One by one, they consumed fly agaric, cap and stem both. Bjarke himself took part, as well.

For hours that morning, dark clouds had gathered. The bearded man had seen it as a sign of favour from Thor, for Bjarke was hunting trolls. With the blessing of the thunder god, he knew he would not fail - and his companions would find the glorious deaths they craved. To a man, they had learned the old tongue, spoken only by those most devout, the old gods of the Northern lands, and their base-born offspring. It had been a token of loyalty to Bjarke, for they had pledged his life to his in the language that he had only heard his father speak.

When they came upon the cave, it was clear that they had found what they were looking for. Half-eaten sheep carcasses littered the dark, dripping entryway into the beast's den, and more bones still were strewn about like so many toys abandoned by a child, grown too bored of them to clean them up. In between, human skulls could be seen, even by those without keen eyes, and among those, even the bones of children adorned the grisly scene. The guttural sounds from within the hollow did little to unnerve the fellowship, for to a man, they were prepared to die. With hellish howls they plunged into the dark, every one of them frothing at the mouth. In his rage-induced stupor, Bjarke soon found himself rid of his axe. Elsewhere, where steel met troll-flesh, Bjarke used his divine favour to pick apart the horrendous creatures bare-handed.

Most of the slaughter was done. The great he-bear dragged a troll, kicking and squealing, out into the sunlight behind him. Its shrieks betrayed its pain, its fear, as its flesh mortified and hardened into stone. Its thick fingers left deep ruts in the rocky soil, but no matter how desperately it fought, the son of Vidar proved too strong to resist. With the troll wholly turned to stone, Bjarke set to a more disheartening task. One by one, he built modest pyres out of dead wood, only gathering up his friends once the pyres had been erected. When his erstwhile friends had been nestled peacefully upon their funerary pyres, he returned to each of them their axe, most so gore-steeped that it was hard to see the iron underneath. Of one axe, the handle had snapped, so Bjarke bestowed upon old Olaf his own axe, that the man might go armed to the halls of his forefathers.

Bjarke knew he was being watched. The murder of crows nearby could mean but one thing, and more tellingly, a single bird had broken off from the rest. Big and ugly, with greying feathers and a chipped beak, it sat in a tree and watched Bjarke as he lit the pyres. Soon would the son of Vidar discover why the Valfather's eyes were present, for when he turned, he saw a man he had seen but once before on a small knoll a few metres off. He raised a hand. [b ''Hail, Magni, son of Thor. I have seen little and less of you, and when last I saw you, you were but knee-high to a maggot. Have you finally come to test your strength?'']
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Dakarai was sleeping nice and peaceful before his slumber was interrupted by the splash of water. His sputtering coughing was broken by the towel that was tossed onto him, the demi-god groaned groggily as he looked up at Layla standing over him. The young man still held a headache as he walked over to Layla and listened to what she told him, the bartender gave him a glass of water to nurse his hangover. He yawned a few times before he managed to speak, trying to retain what the daughter of Osiris was telling him.

[#9700a3 "Hey there, pretty lady. What's a pretty girl like you doin' in a place like this?"] He pressed the cold glass to his forehead, giving Layla a sheepish smile at his generic pick-up line, yet as she explained why she was there his smile slowly faded, processing the information painfully slow. [#9700a3 "So... wait. Yer dad, the big guy, is enlistin' yer help-but we don't know who or what is causin' the problems?"] As if to help clear his addled mind the son of Hathor ordered a shot, slapping down money on the bar and downing the given alcohol in one go. Once he tasted the stinging burn of the drink he felt a lot better, like some magical elixir to his senses he felt the mental fog dissipate. He knew Layla relatively well and definitely knew of her father, whatever was going on it was seriously bad.

[#9700a3 "Righ' so, who're we goin' for next?"] He didn't really need persuasion, it was possibly Dakarai was blindly following Layla in order to fix the death of Gods but it was obviously better than passing out in a pub's back room. Stepping outside, he grimaced loudly at Ra's solar glare, he grumbled his annoyance at the light sensitivity, mentioning something about wishing for a cloudy day. Dakarai rubbed a hand through his fair hair, a trait from his human father and squinted his golden cat eyes up at the sky.

His mother, Hathor, was considered the mother of various child deities, not just Dakarai, it was a nightmare at family reunions and festivals. Many of Hathor's annual festivals were celebrated with heavy drinking and dancing. Revelers at these festivals aim to reach a state of religious ecstasy, to be closer to the Goddess of joy, inspiration, celebration, love, childbirth, and drunkenness. [#9700a3 "Layla, you mind if'n we go t' get some food before we leave? I'm so hungry I could eat a whole cow."]

Dakarai wasn't kidding about his hunger, the young man put away several large orders of food as they stopped on the way to meet up with Layla's cousin. Dakarai did not care for Khemu, he knew of him only briefly but when he did meet Khemu the only thought he had was comparing the son of Set to a snake.

Was Khemu a snake? Hardly. In fact one of the few, rare occasions that Dakarai met with Khemu, Dakarai was so drunk he tried desperately hard to touch Khemu's hair, thinking it was the most luxurious he had ever seen. Khemu didn't take too kindly to Dakarai's drunkenness... He was not very thrilled to reintroduce himself without a little liquid courage.

Dakarai was too busy stuffing himself like he hadn't eaten in days to make conversation, making sure to down it all with copious amounts of drinks, even this early in the day the drunkard could hardly function without some sweet brew. It was a wonder how the demi-god got [i anything] done in his spare time, yet finally, with belly full and thirst quenched they'd set off again. Hopefully whatever was happening could be solved quickly as Dakarai did not want to know what would happen if he went into withdrawals.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
Cerberus listened to Hades talk, yet when Zeus deigned to make an appearance the guardian visibly curled his upper lip in disdain. Cerberus did not care for Zeus and his extremely controlling ways, yet his facial expression went unnoticed by the King of Olympus, hardly giving the watchdog any sort of recognition. The way he spoke to Hades made Cerberus' blood boil, Zeus ordered Hades to get to the bottom of what was happening.

For safety of his own neck Cerberus was forced to bite his tongue, wanting desperately to snap and defend Hades' innocence. Despite all of the Gods' powers it was the lord of the Underworld who held his loyalty, Hades took him in when he was a pup, gave him a home, supported him and made sure he was safe. Cerberus owed everything to Hades, and yet he knew the world's misconception of him was painfully skewed. They painted Hades a monster, the Gods of Olympus, because every story had to have a villain.

The young man knew Hades had his faults, a terrible temper, estranged with his relatives-and then there was the disagreement with the Persephone thing... If only people could see Hades as Cerberus did, they'd know he was not a cold, unfeeling master of death. It was something Cerberus longed for, to show the world and its people how compassionate Hades could be. The dream would probably never happen, but surely there was someone out there who would respect the devotion and dedication Hades had towards his-[i 'dare he think it?']-loved ones.

Cerberus opened his mouth to answer Hades' question once Zeus had left, just as quickly as he came, but Hades cut him off, not actually expecting an answer. He straightened up when Hades mentioned his trust in him, nodding with a determined expression to his lord's decree.

[#942400 "Do not worry, Hades, I will do what I must to make sure this ends swiftly."] If there was one thing that could never be questioned it was Cerberus' devotion to Hades, and if what he was about to embark on cleared Hades' name then he would do whatever it took, regardless of the consequences.

At first the Underworld dog was uncertain on where to start first, he couldn't really ask a random human about this matter. Most people would be shocked and possibly laugh in his face, as Cerberus embarked out of the Underworld he was reminded how differently times have changed, with many people giving him strange looks for his armored appearance. He paid them no mind as he went looking for those that bridged the gap between mortal and deity, a demi-god is what he was looking for. They would have the answers he sought, certainly...

Call it a benefit to his design but Cerberus found it easy to use his nose in finding a demi-god, the scent of blood in their veins were strong and sweet instead of the acrid scent of mortal men. Cerberus found himself tracking a smell into a theater, the scent becoming stronger with the strange mixture of... wine? The closer he got to the source of both smells the more his sensitive nose wrinkled in disgust. He found a woman among quite a few bottles, some were empty, and some spilled half out onto the floor. Which explained the overpowering stench of wine. He cleared his throat to get the woman's attention,

[#942400 "Perhaps you could help me..."] Cerberus paused, his blue eyes inspecting the demi-goddess carefully, he could smell the divinity in her but did not know who she was connected to. The man did not introduce himself as would have been the custom, he did not have time, the three-headed dog on his breastplate signifying who he was to the observer. When he had the young woman's attention he continued, and would tell her all she needed to know-if he was going to pull this off, he [i had] to bring others to help him. [#942400 "I am in need of your cooperation, demi-god."] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/mTPXTFo.jpg]]
  Egyptian Un-Godly / Osiris / 99d 14h 55m 42s
Inky black hair, so dark it appeared almost like living night indigo, cascaded over the delicate snow-kissed shoulder of a petite young woman. The darkness of it illuminated the brilliant white-pale flesh and gave wanton appeal to the colorful inked dragon that lay beneath. Around her body a rich but rustic crimson daxiushan hung loosely decorated with spun gold thread. Long pale legs, like white marble, rested exposed in her strange perch-like position, leaving little to the mind on the woman’s state of dress despite her surroundings as screams of souls filled the air.

Yaling gazed from where she rested as her father weighed the sins of the next soul, her face expressionless and yet peaceful despite the horrors happening before her liquid honey brown eyes. Residing in Meido, the road of the underworld, was not a new experience for one born as Great King Yama’s heir. This – to an extent – was the woman’s second home. Her first… has long since been overran by time and change.

Eyes shutting briefly, Yaling’s legs stretched from her curled crouching pose. Just as her arms lifted in the air as well, stretching, her gown fell back into place respectively hiding her shoulders away. As she stood, her silken gown seemed to straighten and flow down her form loose, yet well-formed like water over rocks. Arms appeared as if from her very shadow and tied the gown’s sash to close it, concealing her petite figure from prying eyes.

[b [#483D8B “You saw him, did you not child?”]]

The voice of her father caused the demons to grow restless and souls to cry out as whips and blunt maces met their sinful flesh. The Great King Yama passed judgement and determined a soul’s destination as well as their torturous journey in the underworld. Though walking through the path of the underworld was harsh enough, it was only the walk of souls awaiting true judgement. For the Great King to stop his judgement to speak… When did the underworld stop the flow of suffering souls?

Yaling opened her cat-shaped eyes, her liquid honey irises like pools of rich sweetness staring into the line of souls like a predator scouting prey. There, in the line was a soul that did not belong. The third Immortal Hero, a person who cultivated and rose above human vices to become a deity, Immortal Lan Caihe.

This man in woman’s clothing was a soul of purity despite what those would think. Lan Caihe had been a street entertainer in life before immortality during the Tang Dynasty. He had dressed as a woman and danced through the streets singing and entertaining while wearing blue robes and only one shoe. He had also been someone Yaling had once loved long ago before she knew that to love was to be forgotten. Immortals had no true place with mortal emotion.

So this is what her father had wanted her to see. He had wanted her to know the wrongs of the balance between immortal and mortal, to know the onslaught of souls passing to obtain their next life be it heaven or hell, reincarnation or oblivion. Yet, Yaling knew, just as one knew the strings of a zither or the placement on a jade flute, her father had also known this would be a reminder to her. ‘Never feel, or you will surely fall.’

[b [#8B008B “I saw him, your majesty.”]]

Great King Yama continued to write notes, his eyes weighing the sin of the person before him. With a snarl, suddenly he threw down a charred and gnarled piece of bamboo at the soul’s feet. A demon cackled and swooped in, wrapping the soul in heavy chains forcing the soul to it’s knees. This soul would not reincarnate and was sentenced to the sixteenth level of Diyu…Hell of the Mountain of Fire…where he would be set aflame to burn to ash, only to wake the next morning and have the torture repeat.

[b [#483D8B “Go child, seek out the Monkey King’s spawn. Warn them to warn their father for I won’t leave this throne.”]]

Yaling bowed low to her father, her eyes betraying her as they found Lan Caihe in the line of souls once more. In those brief moments the previous immortal found her watching him, his lost expression springing alive with hope as he reached out towards her. However his back was met with the sting of a demon’s whip, and the woman he had hoped aid him had turned her back and vanished into the darkness.

[center [b ~|~]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6xmlDbt.jpg]]

[b [#800000 “Shut up will you, woman,”]] Tau grumbled out as the brothel woman raved in her madness. His face, stern, yet chiseled handsomely enough long since morphed from calm to snarling.

The woman in question was sobbing at his feet, her body dressed in a relic of red silks and belly dancer beads. Something to remind him of the past – back when life was worth living if one could live it as well as he had. Around him other women were in various stages of the same attire – a specialty of this particular establishment. Something for a more… traditional clientele.

However, he was now sporting a stained silken robe of his own, one from his personal collection! How was a prince supposed to walk around with wine stains? And yet all this stupid woman could do in response was howl at his feet like some mad dog.

[b [#800000 “I said shut up woman!”]] Tau’s voice boomed and his left foot collided with the woman’s right shoulder. Her body fell backwards and bounced a bit off the sandstone floor before other terrified women rushed to her side.

[b [#800000 “Get her out! I don’t want to see that sniveling face again, do you understand?”]] Tau stared at one of the waiters by the door who was standing nervously.

[b “O-of course sire, r-right away!”] The man bolted from the room, a rush of relief in his system that he managed his escape unscratched. However the man wondered how they were going to handle losing yet another female entertainer. She was the third one this month.

However this didn’t matter to Tau, who tore the ruined silken robe from his body and allowed the women to wrap him another, this one a crimson red shade. At least it would match this time, whether it was wine or blood that stained. Once clothed, he sat back on the makeshift throne seating and closed his eyes.

[i [#800000 ‘Father…why don’t you answer me.’]]
  Shufen Yaling / makionyx_20 / 72d 2h 39m 9s

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