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[b Hello, all.
As usual, I'll keep this relatively concise. I'm looking for a partner interested in the 1x1 premise I've got in mind. First, the concept:]

[i A cursed mercenary has garnered decades upon decades of attention, both for their feats of grandeur and also for the nature of their affliction. Upon the dying breath of one of the most notorious magi in the land, said sellsword was damned to live a life without a foreseeable end. With death kept just out of their grasp, they are left with no choice but to wander about and seek distraction and momentary fulfillment, vanquishing all manner of awful creatures along the way.]

[b You may be wondering where [i your] character comes in. That, friend, is actually entirely up to you. Tell me who your character is... Are they human, or are they not? Are they previously acquainted with the mercenary, perhaps an old flame or are making good on a debt the mercenary owes them? Were they somehow transported to this magical world from another? Let me know what YOU would like to try.

Rest assured we will be plotting it together, and nothing rests solely on your shoulders. This is just my way of making your character/ideas integral to the initial idea~ It's also exciting to see the characters other people come up with!]

[center [h3 Rules & Preferences]]
- ES rules apply, as is always the case. Not first-come-first-serve.

- All characters are to be at least 18 years old or racial equivalent.

- I expect there to be a fair bit of everything. Dark humor, [b romance], combat, mystery, fantasy, gore/morbidity, mature themes, etc.

- In M/F pairs, I write for men ONLY. I prefer to write for women in F/F only, with both F/F and M/M being guilty favorites. Trans and NB characters are more than welcome, just tell me the pronouns I need to use. ♡

- This will be a literate roleplay, with [b no fewer] than two or more solid paragraphs per post. I generally write 500-800 words per post, myself, but will not require a partner to match that unless they are able or wish to do so.

- I do not like using real face-claims. Do not ask, and do not apply with one. ^^ Illustrations, please, and thank you!

- Your character may be of any race, with some hesitation. I will say that I probably won't accept anything non-humanoid or covered in fur. Sorry, but people generally play them HORRIBLY. Much love for actual anthros with proper sheets and backstories, but if you send some nasty [b goddamned anime UwU furry] to my inbox, I [i need you to know] that I WILL laugh at it.

[h3 [center Application:]]
My characters are both premade [ here, for your viewing pleasure.] Let me know which of the two you'd like to write opposite if you're still interested. I only double for close friends, so that's off the table for the moment.

Feel free to prettify this sheet however you like. The information I need from you is as follows:

[b Name:]
[b Pet Names/Aliases:] [i Only if applicable.]
[b Age:] [i Race/Species dependent. Ask if needed.]
[b Gender:] [i Specify identity + pronouns (he/she/they)]
[b Height/Weight:] [i Gives me an easier visual, y'know?]
[b Sexual Orientation:]
[b Species:] [i Be semi-realistic about half-breeds; Not every species can crossbreed with one another.]
[b Sub-species:] [i Only if applicable.]
[b Occupation:] [i You can also write in a class title if you prefer.]
[b Main Hand/Abilities:] [i What weapon and/or magics does YC possess?]
[b Recruitment Background:] [i Did they seek the mercenary out, or did they perhaps put up an ad on a guild board? Is it pure coincidence that the two met somewhere? Did the mercenary happen upon YC at some point? Do they need an escort? What do they need the mercenary's help for?]


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