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[size11 [Kurale Just a simple search thread for a roleplay idea heavily inspired by the [i 'Resident Evil'] series.

Horror, survival, tragedy, gore, action, possible romance, friendship,

I'm sorta looking for something similar to Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, set during the very beginning of the virus outbreak within an industrialized city closed off to the rest of the world after the outbreak occurs.

We could straight up set this within the Resident Evil universe in Raccoon City or do our own thing in some random city in America.

Just two average people who are forcefully shoved into the bloody chaos of a citywide, zombie outbreak, They must escape the now perilous city together at all costs.

Kind of like Resident Evil, the virus isn't worldwide, mostly contained within the city, potentially leaking into outside areas as well. Certain strains of the leaked virus don't just affect humans, but some animals as well,

Zombies are just zombies; sluggish, cannibalistic, rotting humans affected by the virus. They aren't dead, just infected living, and humans who aren't infected with the virus won't come back from the dead as a zombie.

If you're really familiar with the Resident Evil series we could go down the Umbrella Corps path, with the G-virus, T-virus, Tyrants, mutations, laboratories, human greed, etc.

Otherwise, this can just be your average zombie outbreak story with our characters just trying to survive the city and escape.

Plenty of death, gore, triggering, and mature topics, and much more will be involved in this. I'm not saying our two main characters will die, but still be open to the idea of death, life-threatening injuries, and all that, because at least one person is going to get hurt.

Create and add as many characters as you want as long as you can maintain them. Though not all of them are going to survive, this story will mostly be following our two main characters and side characters will be just that, side characters.

I write only with 18+. I'm very much go-with-the-flow and use a lot of improvisation for my scenes after all the main plotting is done. I write anywhere between 1500 to 10000 characters and expect the same from my partners, but only write as much as needed, filler text is boring. I like my partners to be active and able to contribute, willing to write their own interactions and NPCs when it is needed whilst maintaining their side of the story. I don't want to write with the roleplaying equivalent of a 'pillow princess'. I don't do handholding for lazy partners.

Illustrated or real character images, as long as they fit the narrative.

Moving on from my mini bitchfest. If you are interested then please PM with the title 'Biohazard' and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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[h3 ]
They were safe for the moment, but that didn't really stop the tension from permeating the air. There were still zombies trying to get in, and despite the large masonry walls between them and the dead, he wasn't going to bet his life on the iron gates holding if they stayed here enticing more of the cannibal monsters. Getting inside was their best option, it was more defensible, and the police had guns to fend off whatever the hell was going on around here... But still, something made Wes hesitant about the inside now that they were here. Some parts were boarded up, but he noticed that some of the lights were off, and there wasn't any movement around the windows.

At the girl's question, he gives her a small but tight nod. [b “There has to be. We were radioed to evacuate here.”] He tells her, but leaves her other question unanswered. He didn't know if the police would know what the hell was going on or not, but [i someone] had to have some kind of answers about all of this. This couldn't be some random nightmare occurrence with no explanation... But as a Firefighter knowing jack-shit about the state of Raccoon City, he had a feeling the police were in the same boat as him.

So, instead of giving her a confidence shaking answer or shrugging, he instead looks to the entrance as she does. The monsters were still banging fervently at the gate, and the longer they stayed out here, the more of them would pack up. [b “Lets get inside.”] He says with an uneasy calm, but she was already jogging up, and Wes quickly follows behind her. She was more reactive than he was, Wes trying to figure out more proactive approaches to this, but right now speed was probably more important than precision. So he'd just appreciate the fact that she was willing to move rather than freeze up and panic during this whole thing.

At the entrance of the station, the girl looks at him and he nods back at her, holding his axe at the ready. They open the door in to the main foyer of the station and... [i Where the hell was everyone?] There was no welcome wagon, no personnel, and no civilians. As his companion put it, the place was untouched, although some of the equipment, supplies, blood, and the partially sealed off East gate didn't escape his notice. But that was evidence that people were here, or at least [i had been] here. The place wasn't overrun, but it couldn't have been abandoned, could it?

[b “You're right; this can't be it.”] He agrees with her. Its been a long time since he's actually toured the station, but he remembered some of the floor plan from doing some pre-incident fire planning. What he mostly remembered was the place was a fucking maze; lots of one way doors, specific keys, and barriers. A firefighter's worst nightmare. [b “The most likely places they'd hold civilians would either be the library or parking garage. Those places have the most space to shelter in place.”] They needed a map, and Wes heads over the main reception desk, behind it was a storage container and a laptop, the latter of which was flashing red with the RPD insignia. He taps the space key on it, and some foggy security camera feeds and a map conveniently pulls up, but he doesn't look at it right away. Instead, Wes studies the camera feeds—at least the ones he had access to, one being the library—and at first he doesn't see anything; no zombies, no people, just- [b “Hey did you see that?”] It was maybe half a second, but it looked like someone had just moved off camera when he pulled up the feed. It was too fast to be a zombie, but at the same time he kept himself cautiously optimistic; he was sure weirder and scarier things were capable of happening. Not to mention, the feed—once he cross-referenced the camera number with the provided map—was from the North Eastern side of the precinct, which meant if they were going to go investigate they'd have to go passed the 'keep out' gate. [i Fuck.]

[b “There's someone alive here, but...”] He motions to the partially open gate on the East side. [b “They're passed there.”] He begins patting down his overalls. He didn't have much, a multi-tool, some flat webbing, and what he was really looking for: a flashlight. He wasn't sure how the charge kept up since he left the station, but it had to be better than nothing. [b “We can take a look, but if its too dangerous we'll come back here and try and find another way.”] Maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea after all.

Instead of complaining, Wes quickly walks over to the East gate, carefully looking at the sign before dropping in to a crouch to look in to the area beyond. It was dark, so Wes pulls out his flashlight and shines it through the darkness, immediately taking note of the excessive amount of blood on the floor and the opposite wall. Something must've gone down, but he couldn't see any bodies. The floor was also slick, but it appeared to be water, so maybe a burst main or perhaps their sprinkler system had gone off. He stands back up and looks at the girl. [b “I'll go in first so if anything happens you can run back here... And I'm Wes, by the way.”] He doesn't know why he added that last part, but it made him feel a little better strangely enough.

He crouches back down and crawls through the opening in to the corridor. Wes gets to his feet as fast as possible, shining the light down the hallway, trying to calm his breathing and listen. Other than his heart hammering in his ears, he didn't hear anything, just dripping from water and ambient noise. Despite the blood, he still couldn't see any bodies down the hallway. [b “The coast is clear.”] He says just loud enough so Cassie could hear him. He still didn't like this, but so far this was their only option to find other survivors. The station was built like a fortress, so if they could stay here to wait for this all to blow over, then he'd do everything he could to make that happen... He just didn't want to make this place their tomb.

Wes moves ahead, keeping a safe distance from Cassie so if something happened she could turn tail. Or get a clear shot. Either or, he moved cautiously, but quicker than he had when they were in the alleyway, keeping his eyes peeled for any signs of life—or the opposite—down the hallway. So far it seemed like they were alone, only the sounds of their footsteps on the water drenched floor. They were coming up on the corner when there was just the tiniest [i splish...] from the other side of the wall, Wes stopping in his tracks and motioning for Cassie to do the same. There was another tiny wet shuffling noise after they stopped, but there wasn't another one after that. So, without taking his eyes off of the corner, he turns his head slightly and whispers: [b “Get ready.”] He clips the flashlight to his overalls, takes the axe in both hands, and on the mental count of three whirls around the corner to-

Immediately, a bright light is shone in his face, and he covers his eyes with one hand and raises the axe with the other. “Easy, easy.” A voice coaxes him, and once the oppressive light is out of his eyes, he drops his hand and lowers the axe, letting his eyes readjust a little. The light from Wes' flashlight revealed a man, dark skin, short black hair, a uniform, a gun. [i A police officer.] Oh, holy shit, Wes felt a huge wave of relief at the sight of him. “Follow me and keep your voice down. We're not out of the woods yet.”
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[font roman [size12 There was no time to even look back at the store and sadly grimace at the horde of undead completely destroying any sentiment of what the store once stood for. Both of them had to leave this gross massacre behind and find safety as soon as possible otherwise they would surely join the horde that craved for their flesh. Cassie wasted no time in speeding down the back-alley towards the open streets in front. It all felt uncomfortably claustrophobic; the slimy brick walls slick with blood and rain, the split trashbags carelessly threw into stinking heaps of more garbage, and the bits of flesh and bone strewn across the pavement that threatened to slip the two of them up if they even dared step out of line.

It was all too much. It was all becoming too much. Any inch of confidence that Cassie held was only because of the gun firmly grasped in her hand. She was still absolutely terrified and anxious about everything surrounding her, but knowing that she wasn't experiencing this nightmare alone was almost reassuring, and the fortress aptly called the 'Police Station' made her heart flutter with relief. Though, Cassie was already ahead of Wes, standing in front of the alleyway as if waiting for him to catch up, but also using the time to really survey the overrun streets and waiting for an opening. It was almost as bad as the street before, if not worse. She had to swallow back the panic attack that was building up inside. She made sure to ready her gun as she looked back at Wes for desperate guidance on what to do next. She had no clue where to go from here, everywhere was completely overrun by the bloody bastards, and a faint symphony of completely inhumane growls in the background just made her trembling even worse.

She nodded her head, had to stop herself from nodding too hard, at Wes' affirmation about a way into the station and lifted her gun up close to her chest at the ready, keeping a nervous eye out for any of the monsters leering about. She jetted out into the street with him, weaving through the rubble and wreckage, stepping over torn corpses and spilled entrails, but as they made their way to the gate only to discover it was locked, Cassie couldn't hold back her bottled frustration, letting out a stifled yell of what could only be described as hopeless anger as her foot kicked against the gate. [b "You've got to be fucking kidding me! We're gonna be torn to shreds."] She firmly believed that, but kept her gun aimed at the advancing zombies, ready to shoot any that dared near them. She only managed to shoot one dead until the gate was finally opened and she was ushered in, which she wasted no time in doing.

For once, being surrounded by walls pricked with barbed wire that looked as if they belonged in a prison camp, mostly because they did, never felt this good before. The situation was far from under control, but it gave them at least a few seconds to catch a quick breather, Cassie bending down and letting out large sighs of relief, trying her best to block out the sounds of banging against the gate. It felt safe, if only for a little bit, but still being outside was no less nerve-wracking. [b "You think anyone's inside? Preferably alive and not... hungry."] She responded, staring wide-eyed nervously at the main entrance. [b "Maybe the police might have an explanation for all of this. I mean, they've got to know something, right?"] She doubted that deep inside, but asking the question out loud made her feel a little relaxed at the possibility of it being true.

She looked back at the gate, the doors pulsing forward with each slam for the monsters, and back to the entrance. This was a one-way ride, no doubt. She just hoped that nothing was inside that wanted to tear them apart, and nothing worse than what they had already encountered. She jogged up the steps and cautiously placed a hand against the door, glancing at Wes as if looking for the go-ahead before pushing the door open to be greeted by the police station. It was... almost empty. [b "Fuck. This place looks untouched. What the hell?"] Everything organized and clean, save for the trails of blood and medical supplies strewn all over the place. It was clear this was used to house the citizen of Raccoon City, but for how long? Nobody was around, at least not here. Cassie turned to look at the east side, a grate was pushed half-way down with a crudely written note that ominously read, [b KEEP OUT!] It was all too telling, to Cassie, it was obvious what was behind that grate that 'warned' them to stay away. If the survivors weren't here, then they had to be somewhere else. [b "This can't be all that's left, the warning thing is still going off. We gotta check... something."] She just hoped Wes had the same idea.
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[h3 ]

The struggle was getting more intense as Wes continued to fight against this zombie, but he knew it was a losing battle; his muscles screamed under the constant tension, and he felt them start to give the more and more this thing thrashed at him, whittling down his strength. It felt like a long time since he gave up on trying to feel around for the axe, instead Wes came back with his right arm as his left began to buckle. The zombie was only inches away at this point. He could feel its damp breath on his skin as it snarled closer and closer. He didn't have much-

[i Blam!]

The body went limp in his arms, and the zombies head sagged down, revealing a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Its blood dripped down, staining his shirt, and Wes elects to move the monster off of him, its body now laying stiffly on the floor. He took an extra minute to look at it, feelings of mild shock as the whole situation began to settle and process more quickly in his mind. This wasn't as simple as running around and hiding—what just transpired proved that much—it was kill or be killed.

Without even thinking about it, Wes takes the girl's hand and gets to his feet, forcefully peeling his eyes away from the body laying on the floor to the front of the store. He didn't even realize that the growing horde was getting through until the girl said something to him. It grounded him a little more, feeling more in the present than the abstract drift he was feeling a few seconds before. [b “Right.”] He nods, gathering up his axe from the ground and quickly follows behind her to the backdoor. She seemed like she was more sure of herself than Wes currently felt, but that might be because of the gun. At this point, he didn't want to get close to one of those things again, and despite being inexperienced with guns, he'd currently like to have one.

Once at the door, he gives the girl another nod, putting his hand on the handle to open the back door. On the count of three, he opens the door quickly so they can peel out and get the drop on whatever might be waiting for them in the back alley. His heart was thudding in his ears, even when it was clear that the alley was empty, save for some trash cans and bins. The alleyway was dark, but thanks to the spotted fire out on the streets, it lit the area enough where the two of them could see, but that didn't exactly bode well...

One last quick glance in to the convenience store, Wes shuts the door behind them, isolating the two of them from the zombies intent on infesting the place. Having something between them should've made him feel better, but it didn't, and it showed as he carefully but purposefully walked down the alleyway, only stopping a few feet from the mouth of the alley. He could see one of the back quadrants of the RPD station from here, and so far he didn't like what he could see.

The station itself was built like a fortress with tall stone walls and wrought iron fences, which is what he assumed made it ideal for people to evacuate themselves to. However, he didn't give that idea much thought until now, looking down the streets that were ablaze, and crawling with the undead as no doubt the mass of people who heard the broadcast like he did headed towards what they thought would be salvation. And up the other side of the street was blocked by a turned over transport truck currently near the end of burning out. Seeing all this, literal Armageddon surrounding them, Wes wasn't sure what the state of the inside of the station would be from what little he could see now, but just like the store, he liked their chances on the inside rather than on the streets... Their only problem currently was [i getting] inside... Maybe they could get in through the garage? He hadn't thought this far ahead, and for some reason it didn't occur to him that the streets would be this bad despite what he already experienced. That said, Wes hadn't given up hope yet, spotting one of the small iron gates along the side of the walls. That was their ticket in.

He turns back from the streets to look at the girl. [b “There's a way inside along the wall there.”] He points in a general direction. [b “We'll have to make a break for it, so stay close and I'll...”] His mind wonders back to what happened not moments ago. [b “... keep you safe.”] Each word that was said lowered his volume, the last word being nearly a mutter. Wes looks back out to the street, leaning out again briefly to make sure the coast is clear. Once he was sure that it was, or at least [i close], he counts down with his fingers from three before jetting out in to the streets.

They were much quicker than the zombies that roamed around, but they were far from going unnoticed as they dodged between cars towards the gate. The howls and screeches of the undead made Wes pick up the pace as they finally hit the gate. And Wes goes to open it, and- [b “Shit!”] He curses out loud. Was the fucking thing [i locked]? He yanks on it again, but it budges. He does it again, this time it gives and he swings open the gate, ushering the girl in before going in himself, slamming the gate shut, locking it, and immediately recoiling back from it. It gave him a sense of relief now that they were behind the proverbial castle walls, and a measure of control. Even though they weren't inside the station proper, he still felt like they had [i made it] and for now he'd take some comfort in that. [b “Lets get inside. They'll probably have an action plan for us to get out of the city.”]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/LdxNAwE.jpg]

[size12 [font roman She stared at the man almost crestfallen at the mention of the police station but merely kept her mouth shut to keep all her focus on the undead nightmares shuffling through the smoke and haze towards them both. It wasn't like the police station was a bad idea at all, in fact, Cassie thought the police station would be one of the safest places in the entire city, but the vast majority of other survivors that would crowd around the police station desperate to find safety and solace within those station house walls; Cassie knew by now that the monsters were hungry for flesh, whether living, dead, or even their own kind, they were starving for flesh and blood, and a large crowd of humans would be like a whole buffet to them.

It was too risky and everything, asides from the small voice inside her begging to get to safety, was telling her that the police station was just going to be one giant feeding frenzy, one that neither of them would likely survive with just one handgun loaded with five rounds and a fire ax. She wasn't exactly willing to risk her life, but Cassie would take her chances. For now, though, they both had to figure out what exactly they were going to do about the smashed up store smeared with blood and gore. She didn't get very far with her thought process as her arm was grabbed and dragged into the store by the man, Cassie didn't bother getting angry or even annoyed, this was undoubtedly better than being devoured by a horde of ghouls just mere meters away. She quickly moved away from the closing shutters and any spot that could potentially be an entry for the zombies outside, and her eyes cautiously wandered across the store as did her feet.

There was a strange sense of calm at being surrounded by sturdy walls and toppled cans of produce, but the stench of already rotting flesh and metallic blood filled the entire trashed store and the smeared line of gore leading to the backroom roused some suspicion and dread inside her chest. She walked towards the counter and rested her hand on top and kept her eyes glued to the shutters that jutted forward each time the horde outside slammed savagely slammed their fist against it.

She couldn't think of anything to say or do in this situation, just a few seconds of being away from the horror outside overwhelmed her brain with belated thoughts of trepidation for everything around her. She couldn't even really mutter her appreciation to the man who practically saved her, but Cassie was most definitely thankful. She turned to lean her back against the counter and weighed her gun in her hands, deep in thought, until the sounds of the aisle crashing to the floor and the distinct loud snarls of a zombie filled the room.

For a split second, Cassie thought the man was done for, seeing him nowhere with just the sounds of his yells drowned out by the zombie screeching indicating he was still here, but after rushing to the crashed aisle and seeing the struggling, Cassie's relief was overshadowed by her desperation to do something. She held the gun ready in her hand, trying to ease her growing nerves and bite her tongue, but her apprehension was clear, Cassie seriously doubted she could even do this. Leaving this man to be torn apart and killed though wasn't allowed to be an option, that was beyond inhumane when the opportunity to save him was at the ready, but her hands trembled as her gun slowly rose to aim at the zombie grappling the man and trying to gnaw away at his throat.

She tried her best not to close her eyes, keeping her sights steady on the zombie and bent her elbows to prevent them from locking. This had to be just right or they'd both be in serious trouble. Her fingers squeezed the trigger and -

[b BLAM]

Sounds of a gunshot echoed through the room, causing the undead horde outside to grow silent for a few seconds in time with the silence instead of the store, before growing even more aggressive than before and trying even harder to break into the store. The attacking zombie's skull was cracked clean open from the back, rotten blood oozing through the bullet hole and dripping on the floor. It twitched a few times, even trying to futility make some last attempts at attacking the man again, but the zombie slumped over like a dead fish and Cassie took that as the monster being dead, or about as dead as these things could get. God, that thing looked incredibly familiar; the uniform, the hair, the backroom keys dangling from its pants.

[b [i No, don't think about that, just focus.]]

Her breath was unsteady, hands still trembling and slippery with sweat, but Cassie lowered the gun and treaded cautiously towards the man, bending down slightly to his level before crashing glass and torn metal swiftly gripped her attention. Fuck, those things were starting to get through, and here they were unprepared with only one way to go. Now wasn't the time for 'thank yous', first-aid, or pats on the back; if they didn't leave now, Cassie shuddered at the thought.

[b "Fuck, they're getting through. We've gotta move now unless we want a repeat with twenty of these goddamn things instead."] She grabbed his hand to pull him quickly to his feet and whipped herself around at the back entrance. She had no clue if there were any other nasty surprises waiting for them back there, but this was their only chance to escape. At least the back alley lead straight to the street close to the police station, even if Cassie was still hesitant to the thought. [b "Come on, that alley leads straight to the station. I've got us covered."] She sounded confident enough, but she was almost entirely insecure about the idea. She was ready to make a beeline for it.
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[h3 ]

Cars haphazardly left around the streets, riot control measures, debris, bodies, zombies... It felt more like a marathon than a sprint to the convenience store, and Wes thanked his lucky stars that he took his physical fitness seriously. At this point it was the only thing really getting him to salvation and keeping him from ending up a zombie's late night snack. Still though, with a mixture of avoiding obstacles, his adrenaline, carrying the axe, growing stress of the situation, and the crushing anxious feeling in his chest, he was a little winded by the time he made it to the store.

The two of them made it to the store at around the same time, taking in the sights of the storefront. The windows on the convenience store were smashed, and there was blood, which was indicative of what they might find inside. He began weighing their options, but when he looked back at the growing number of zombies shambling and crawling out of the shadows, Wes decided he liked their chances inside rather than on the streets. At the very least it would buy them some time... but it seemed like that's what his only plan has been since he got out of the truck; buying time. Eventually that extra allotted time would dry up, so he needed to find a more permanent solution.

Wes is brought out of his thoughts by the woman when she demanded what was going on. He looked at her for a second, trying to collect his scattered thoughts. He honestly couldn't put it in to words just yet, and it didn't help that he also had [i no idea] what was going on either. People were killing and eating each other, crawling through glass and fire like they weren't an issue... How did he put 'We're in a horror movie' in to words that made sense and didn't make it sound like her was losing his mind?

[b “We need to get to the police station.”] Was what Wes managed instead, just as one of the chain-link street barricades was knocked over by a group of zombies. He takes the woman by the arm and opens the door to the convenience store, shoving her in before following in behind. Not that it would do much against the growing number of zombies outside—it just gave him a measure of security and self-preservation—but he locked the doors, and pulled the security gates over the window... He was buying more time [i again]. [i Come on, Wes! Think!]

He turns to the girl now, giving her a very quick once over. At first he was looking over her to see if she was hurt or wounded, but stopped short when he noticed that she was carrying a handgun. He pans back up to her face to say something, but he's interrupted by the first wave of undead slamming in to the storefront doors and security gates. Maybe now wasn't the time to assess someone for first-aid. [b “We can head out the back.”] Although the alleyways were tighter and had the potential to be more perilous as a result, they were unlikely to encounter as many zombies there than they would if they were wandering out on the streets. Cutting through buildings like they were doing now was also an option they would have to consider... Although that could be dangerous as well. But that could be said about nearly everything right now.

Now that he had slowed down some to look at their surroundings, he was liking his idea of coming here less and less. 'Ransacked' was the first word that came to mind when he looked at the overturned shelves, scattered products, and trail of blood that lead to the back of the store. That definitely wasn't something that inspired confidence, but with the growing mass of zombies slowly trying to work their way in to the store, he'd take his chances in here... If push comes to shove, Wes could at least get the girl out of here and he could work something else out for himself. If he's learned anything from being a firefighter, its quick problem-solving; he just needed a second to figuratively catch his breath to come up with anything of substance.

Wes takes the lead with slow yet purposeful steps towards the back, taking up the fire axe in both hands in the event he needed to... Well, now that he gave it some thought, he didn't know [i what] he would do. He shakes his head to banish the thoughts from his mind. Instead, he focused on the one aisle that didn't seem to be knocked over or torn to shit, and it was leading them directly to the back of the store. He could see the small green sign close to the ceiling that indicated the exit, and he honestly almost let out a small sigh of relief.

However, there was suddenly a sharp noise, and then a [i crash!] as a bloodied zombie came barrelling from behind one of the knocked over product racks, and nearly leapt on to Wes. With a small yelp of surprise, he managed to put the axe horizontally between him and the zombie as it grabbed his shoulder and tried to take a chunk out of his throat. He pushes with all of his might as the zombie tries to pull and buckle Wes' arms so it could get in closer for the kill. It thrashed violently, and Wes tried to keep his footing, but with all of the knocked over items, and blood, he could feel himself steadily losing his footing. And it only took one misplaced step for one of his feet to kick out from under him, the uneven force from the two's wrestling match carrying them backwards in to one of the few standing racks, knocking them and it over.

With a solid [i thump!] Wes hits the ground hard, his breath escaping his lungs upon impact, and the axe leaving his hands. He needed to get back to his feet and catch his breath, but it seemed like he wouldn't have a second to collect himself to continue to fight. The thing jumps on him, again going in for a sloppy but lethal bite at his jugular. Much like the axe, Wes is able to get his left arm up, and wedge his forearm under the thing's chin and in to its throat with enough for the crush its larynx. Despite this, it continues unimpeded, thrashing its arms and body, and chomping its teeth at Wes. And it seemed like each bite of its rotting blood-soaked teeth, it was inching closer and closer until it could take an actual bite of flesh.

Managing to get his other arm free in the struggle, Wes shoots it out to reach for his lost axe. He couldn't see it, but it had to be close by. It had to be! It was the only thing that could save him from ending up on the menu.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/LdxNAwE.jpg]

[size12 [font roman Whatever glue was keeping her stuck to the floor without any indication of melting away, was steadily bringing Cassie closer and closer to her doom as the looming undead threats slowly shambled towards her, arms outstretched and ready to tear her flesh apart. She had managed to lift her arms enough to point her pistol at one of the zombies, but her fingers just couldn't pull the trigger. Her whole body was in lockdown and there was nothing she could do to pull herself out, as her blood ran coldly through her veins and her eyes widened at the agonizing horror of realizing her own ruin at this very moment.

Explosions, death, fire, destruction, and ruin all went by ignored as her brain was too preoccupied with reverting back to its instinctual side, even the truck smashing into the side of her house barely made her body jolt in surprise, but as her finger quivered on the trigger something pulled her back into the land of reality, effectively waking her up from this momentary coma and making her aware of her chaotic surroundings. She breathed in a hefty amount of sulfur intoxicated air and her quivering arms fell down in front of her thighs as a singular voice rang through her ears. She became aware of the hellscape surrounding her once again but her eyes purposely averted the crumbling buildings and congested traffic in an attempt to preserve enough sense and sanity to get the hell out of here.

Though, the voice that had woken her from the shock had appeared to have awoken the 'dead' as well, literally, as the zombies that were feasting on their human delicacies were now eyeing Cassie up with clear intent to move onto her as their next meal. Their dead, milky white eyes stared lazily through her own, and the torn flesh around their mouths stretched and ripped as gurgles and groans rumbled through their throats if they even had their throats still intact. She quietly whimpered in fear as they brokenly shambled towards her, but dying was not on her agenda, neither was letting them rip her to shreds. Throughout the entire thing, Cassie had the man who called out to her in her mind as a means to escape this hellish part of the city, whilst mentally vilifying and harshly reprimanding him for his mistake of alerting the zombies, Cassie would shake away those thoughts and follow him anyway downtown towards the convenience store.

She had enough sense now to listen to herself and her surroundings, but her body was still trembling with fear and anxiety, and the flickering streetlights and roaring fires reflected off the glistening sweat coating her body; hair damp and face already slick with dirt. She kept the pistol in her hands throughout the entire descent towards the convenience store, but never raised her gun once out of pure fear. There was no telling what would happen if she shot one of these things, and there was no telling what they actually were.

She ignored them as best as she possibly could until she stopped dead in her tracks before the store; the bright, neon blue lights of the shop's sign illuminating through the dark night showered Cassie and the surrounding area in a bright blue hue, and the shop windows covered in advertisements, sponsors, and product placement was smashed and soaked with crimson blood. Fuck, Cassie had worked at this exact store for a few months and didn't even want to think of the possible bloodshed inside. She swallowed hard and slightly turned her head to see the man from earlier standing nearby. He looked normal enough, and Cassie still in a slight daze, couldn't open her mouth to properly speak, her throat still dry from terror. She couldn't just run away though and risk falling right into one of those monsters, or maybe even worse.

[b "Wha - What the fuck is going on?!"] She finally found her voice, albeit, slightly demanding and riddled with panic and agitation. She could hear the groaning growls of the zombies shuffling closer and closer, a few banging their bodies against the gates that futilely shielded them all from death, and some even daring to crawl right over the wreckage, cars, and roadblocks blocking their path. They were very persistent in such an inhumane way; they willingly threw themselves into the fires just to get the people on the other side, impaled themselves on the jagged glass of car windows just to crawl through, and powered through the occasional bullet that lodged deep into their skulls. They weren't normal, but Cassie couldn't tell what they were at all. She just knew that they meant death and that their very presence caused her whole body to feel cold and nauseous like nothing else ever did before.
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[h3 ]

The calls wouldn't stop coming as they screamed down the busy streets of Raccoon City. He's never experienced anything like this. Despite Raccoon City being a fair sized city, there was [i never] this many trucks out, or multiple calls with more than one Alarm. They were on their way to a Three Alarm fire at the Apple Inn when they got diverted for an MVC. He swore to god every engine company and every pumper in the city was out right now! The streets were rife with panic, reported fires everywhere, police, EMS, and other emergency services were absolutely overwhelmed.

“Jesus Christ, I've never seen anything like this.” John, his Acting Captain had said. “What do you think is going on, Butch?” He wasn't a fan of that nickname.

Looking up from the respirator he was keeping his hands occupied with. Wesley Butcher, Firefighter Second-Class. Been on the job for four years now, and by no means would he consider himself a veteran of the profession, but at this point he's figured he's seen it all... Boy was he wrong about that.

[b “I couldn't tell you. It seems like rioting but... I don't know what for.”] Wes responds, but quickly pulls the respirator over his face, and places the helmet on his head. [b “It looks like we're here.”] The truck came to a halt, and about fifty feet ahead were two cars sandwiched together, one of them on fire with someone trapped inside.

“Fuck me! Butch, catch the hydrant. Knowles get the burn kit ready.” There was four of them, but someone needed to stay in the truck to operate the pump, which left Grant. So, without any further instruction, they all piled out of the truck with a practised economy of movement. Wes grabbed the hydrant bag, and the 100mm hose from the back and pulled it to the fire hydrant as their Captain grabbed the attack line from the side. In just over a minute, they were putting out the fire on the car. For a moment, it felt like a regular day on the job, like Raccoon City wasn't about to pull itself apart... But it was in that moment of reprieve everything went to hell.

“I'm gonna need the three of you to step back. Its not safe here.” Wes heard Knowles say as he rounds the trucks. “Hey, I said step back!” He picks up his pace a little bit, and was just fast enough to see three civilians jump Knowles.

[b “What the fuck?!”] And without thinking Wes begins moving as fast as the seventy pounds of gear he was wearing would let him. Knowles was on the ground wrestling three civilians while their Captain concentrated on the fire, seemingly none the wiser. That was until a fourth person came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground. It didn't even occur to Wes that now the hose was whipping around like some kind of rabid snake, until it flung backwards and smacked him in the face. The force was enough to put stars in his eyes and crack the visor on his respirator. The next beat, the hose was deflating and he was being brought to his feet.

Unsteady for a moment, he held on to the person holding him up. “Butch, you alright?” Grant asks.

[b “We gotta help the others!”] But before they could do anything, two police cars screamed on scene, with their respective officers getting out. Everything seemed to speed up then, as they opened fire on the civilians attacking the two firefighters, civilians that had been curious earlier running and screaming in the opposite direction.

“We need to get the hell out of here!”

[b “What? But John and Knowles!”] And that's when Grant motions around them. The streets were filling up. People seemingly climbing out of the woodwork, and shuffling towards the group, and... Something was wrong with them. Their eyes, the way the moved, the blood on every single one of them. They didn't look like people... They looked like [i monsters].

Wes' breath hitched. [b “What the hell is happening to this city?”] He asks to the air before he's shoved back towards the apparatus. His brain now on auto-pilot, he gets in, and just as the door is shut, the truck is on the move, the hose ripping itself from the hydrant as they reverse and speed back the way they came. No words were shared between Wes and Grant as they sped through the streets, weaving the heavy truck past cars and civilians trying to flag them down as they were attacked by those [i things]. The two of them didn't even acknowledge the call over the radio for people to evacuate themselves to the RPD Station. He couldn't imagine anywhere was safe, and once that thought came to mind, it dawned on him that he didn't know where they were headed. He looks up at Grant, his knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel... Did [i he] even know where they-

[i Boom!]

Debris from the side of an apartment building came down like a rain of literal hellfire. The apparatus swerves to avoid the deadly shower of debris, but the weight distribution and sudden jerking movements wasn't what the vehicle was made for. Or capable of. They might have avoided death by raining rocks, but they went over the back-end of a sedan and all fourteen tons of them went careening straight in to a brick wall. Wes felt the impact, and everything went black.

With a gasp, he was awake again, and he had no idea how long he had been out for. The young firefighter just did his best to fight through the disorientation, his mind on red-alert. [b “Grant, are you-”] He turns to look in to the drivers side only to see that the entire side had been impacted downwards and crumpled in on itself. [b “Fuck!”] There was no way anyone was surviving that, and instead of dwelling on it, he kicks the passenger side door open to get out. However, he misjudged how well he had his bearings, and hits the ground like a ton of bricks, effectively knocking the wind out of himself with all his gear still attached. He takes another second to catch his breath before removing the SCBA from his back, his helmet, flash hood, and even ditches his turnout coat, but pillages the radio from its pouch.

Finally, he looks up to see where he was. The truck had partially crashed through a wall adjacent to a narrow alleyway leading to an opposite street. And other than the many abandoned cars, and the truck halfway through the brick wall, the area he was currently in looked empty... For the moment, at least. A fire truck crashing through a wall was bound to attract some unwanted attention, and although he had been blanking on anything that resembled sense, he did decide it was probably best for him to get the hell out of here. Next on the list would be getting somewhere safe until help arrived. Something like this? They had to be evacuating the city, and if he remembered right, there was mention of getting to the RPD Station, so maybe that should be somewhere on the top of his list.

Gurgles, hisses, and growls from the streets nearby made him realize he had been thinking too slowly, so Wes moves quickly to the back of the truck, yanking off a fire axe he'd be using as to defend himself. Once he secured himself a weapon, he quickly moves around the truck again and slips in to the darkened alley. From what he has observed, those things were slow, and with the truck in the way of the alley, it was his hope it would slow them down even more for a better head start... However, upon exiting the mouth of the alleyway, he curses under his breath. Other than a fire truck sticking through a wall, this street looked nearly exactly the same. Everywhere's a nightmare, and those monsters were everywhere, [i feeding] on their victims... There was nothing he could do here, he had to move on.

And he was about to when something caught his eye. It almost escaped his notice with all the others things moving about the street. But the movement, it wasn't sluggish or staggered, coming to a halt at the entrance of an alley across the street. Stiff. Ambulatory. [i Alive.] But not for long if they didn't start moving. The girl was just stuck in place as a few of those things took notice of her, and began lumbering in her direction. She seemed frozen... Was she in shock? Was she-

[b “Lady, run!”] He shouts. It came out without him actually even thinking about it, and as a result, the things turn their heads towards him like feral animals eyeing their next meal. [b “Ah, shit.”] That might've been stupid of him, but his advice was sound, so maybe he'd take his own advice and run. So he does, down the street towards a convenience store. The lights were still on, and it seemed like a good place to jump through to lose their pursuers. He sure hoped the woman came to the same conclusion; they could link up and work together. In times like these, there was definitely strength in numbers.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/LdxNAwE.jpg]]
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caveat]
[size13 [Caveat Hey, sis!
How is everything? Has the city eaten you alive yet? I'm stoked that you've decided to come visit us all again! We all really miss you. October 5th, right? You should totally stay for Halloween, Henry's finally grown into his costume from last year. Anyway, off-topic, I hope the city's treating you well. I get moving out on your own can be difficult, but you said you were fine in your last letter so we're convinced, but I worry about you sometimes. I just don't want you to get hurt. Stay safe, alright? Don't leave your bestest best sister hanging, OK?!

Love ya!
P.S: Call me when you get this letter, post to and from Raccoon City is slow as hell.]]

[center [size12 [font roman Jesus. Since when did her sister worry this much? Cassie sat at her desk re-reading the letter over and over again until the scrawled out words almost melded into one, and the late-night tiredness started to overtake her drooping eyelids. With one hand flat against her cheek, elbow sat on the desk propping her arm up, a small sigh of utterance blew past her lips and Cassie kicked off the ground to lean back in her chair, using one foot to gently swivel the wheels from back to forth.

Just a couple more days and she could kiss this forsaken city goodbye for a few months back in Illinois, a state almost equal in shitheads and assholes but somehow a whole less suffocating and claustrophobic. She only moved here to get away from her family for a bit, they weren't anything bad or even annoying, but independence was something Cassie always craved, maybe a little too much, and the hasty decision to pack up and move to this small, industrialized city had been made before anyone could convince Cassie otherwise, but after just spending half a year here, Chicago and her family home started to sound quite inviting.

There was something about this city, something that made her skin crawl in the most uncomfortable ways, but in an almost subtle fashion. It was like everyone was on surveillance 24/7, even walking up the street from the downtown convenience store to her shitty small townhouse wedged between an alleyway filled with trash and another townhouse felt like some sick, but incredibly boring, reality show, but either nobody cared or they were just all ignorant. Maybe her sister had filled her head with too many conspiracy theories, a way to deter her from moving away to R.C. Though, Umbrella was everywhere over here, at least from what Cassie had seen, and any pharmaceutical company that dabbled in the food industry was just plain bad news. Alright, maybe that was just another conspiracy theory fed to her by her sister, but Cassie didn't exactly think she was wrong.

Thinking about all that now was just giving her a headache, it was way too late for any wacko theories about the scrupulous deeds of some boring company Cassie didn't even really care about. Her forearm flat against her face covering her tired eyes with her other arm falling limp at the side of her desk chair, the flickering light of the tiny box T.V in the background sat upon a makeshift stand made from books was all that kept Cassie from letting tiredness completely take over, that and all the police activity outside her bedroom window on the street kept her awake enough. R.C wasn't really known for its criminals, maybe the odd kidnapping and missing child here and there, but this amount of sirens was quite unusual, to say the least. She was curious enough to peek an eye out from behind her arm and turn her body in the chair to watch the flickering T.V in the corner of the room.

The usual late-night broadcast, at first glance, was playing but something seemed off. The reporter looked frazzled and disturbed, a blaze of fire licking up the street behind her as civilians rushed past screaming their heads off at some unknown pursuer. Emergency vehicles of practically all kinds, smashed up cars, debris, roadblocks, and more were strewed across the street that looked way too familiar. It was enough to make Cassie pay enough attention to finally remove herself from her chair and stare at the T.V in disbelief and worry.

[b [i "God, what the fuck is going on out there?"]] She thought as her eyes slowly moved to stare outside the window just beside the T.V. This looked way too major to be a simple robbery, heck, even some massive crime. Even on the tiny, crappy T.V screen, the street resembled armageddon. She bit her lip tight and stood up to cautiously walk to her window and lean on the sill to stare out at the destruction below, she couldn't even describe what her poor eyes saw.

Fuck, fuck, [i fuck.]

This was too much, this was way too fucking much. How could she have just noticed this? She had heard the screams much earlier on in the night, the blaring sirens, the anguished cries of the damned, but that was all mistaken from some wild party on the other side of town, not this hellscape. She couldn't stay here, locked up inside her room, who knows what could happen and the thought of her friends - Fuck, her heart thundered in her chest, and the urge to vomit nauseated her at the mere thought. She had to leave, no sensible destination in mind, but staying here felt like suicide, and she wasn't even aware of the cannibalistic terrors literally tearing through the streets.

A thousand thoughts were rushing through her mind, sweat glazed her forehead, her fingernails dug deep into the palms of her hands, and her body trembled with anxiety. This was happening way too fast, a simple broadcast just potentially showed the destruction of an entire city, all in one night as well, and Cassie had no clue how long this had been going on for. This was way too much, but Cassie couldn't afford to freeze up, her instincts were telling her to [u leave] right now. She didn't waste any time, violently rummaging through all her drawers for her most prized possession, a small pocket-pistol her father had gifted her a couple of years ago for her birthday, just for protection. It wouldn't do shit in the worst situations, but Cassie wasn't exactly expecting the worst, just the riot destroying her street and potentially the city. Shoving the small gun in the waistband of her jeans, snatching her shearling jacket off the hook on her closet door, and rushing downstairs of her tiny 'house' like her life depended on it, Cassie suddenly stopped at her front door.

What was waiting for her outside? [i Who] was waiting for her outside? Just from her door, she could feel the heat of the flames swallowing up the streets, smell a sweet, metallic scent pervading the air, and hear the horrifying screams of the people racing through the streets, an extremely faint squelching noise in the background like tearing flesh combined with the screams.

Pandemonium waited for her outside, bloody arms outstretched to envelope her in the worst night of her life, and suffocate her more than R.C alone ever did. She wasn't ready, who the hell was? Her hand hesitated to even twist the doorknob, she had to swallow back her fear just to face the annihilation outside. When faced with the terror, Cassie felt as if her whole body nearly shut down, but kept enough composure to keep her calm and step past the doorway to make a run for it. Finally, the [i 'monsters'] that she had yet to see had made their appearance in the form of feasting upon the deceased corpses of those who couldn't escape in time, a fate that would've held her had she not gathered her senses and brisked through the street when an opening was seen.

The alleyway beside her house registered as the most sensible escape route in her mind, even with the tightly enclosed space that would sure taunt her when one of those [i 'things'] turned around the corner, teeth-gnashing with gushing spittle and bloody claws outstretched to claim her as their own. She didn't think about it, all that mattered now was running away, and the alleyway was her only choice. She pushed straight through the gate, stepping over all obstacles that obstructed her escape, and luckily wasn't presented with anything to take a chunk out of her throat, but now at the end of the alleyway presented with the exact same image of the street from behind, Cassie was at a loss for thought.

Those monsters were everywhere, they looked like people but worse. They were crazed, ravaged, and horrifying, and they were devouring any living, and dead, human they could get their rotting hands on. She stood there watching, a hand slowly reaching for the pistol in her jeans. She was stuck, fight or flight wasn't being prompted, freeze was, but inside Cassie knew that she wasn't dying tonight if only her body would fucking listen to her.
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