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[i "When we finally got the two of them separated, the entire room shifted with a dark shadow, and they were screaming like the devil himself had a hold of them. I kid you not, we had deputies holding them apart and it was like the two of them were taken by demons trying to get back to one another. Inhuman strength, I could hardly believe it, both of them took 'round four guys each-and these were big guys-even the girl managed to throw a man twice her size across the room. Unbelievable strength...

They knew that if we caught them, they would fight for their lives because there was no way that they would make it out after everything they did. So many families and communities were left without closure for so long, we'd be looking for the death penalty, and they knew it. When we got to speak with them, it was like there was two people inside one body, you never knew [b who] was going to answer the questions."]

The Blackout Butchers, also named the Glenfield Murderers and the Harborview Slayers, would end up becoming one of the most well-known and publicized killer couples in the last few centuries, upon final apprehension the death toll would be speculated to near seven hundred bodies or more, yet the actual victim count is still unknown. Their reign of terror over the entire expanse of the country will spread panic and hysteria throughout their media coverage for years to come. They were ruthless in their selections; they left no traces, no weapons left behind or manners of forced entry leaving law enforcement baffled for decades.

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[i "I have no doubt that they were unnatural, the entire confrontation was pure insanity like a maelstrom of chaos-they weren't right, when we finally got them. You see, they had ways to make their victims feel oddly at ease, they were polite and charming even, that most people in those days would hardly believe they were letting one murderer inside, let alone two. Then they got real sadistic and violent once they were where they wanted to be. The things they did to some of the bodies, I have a hard time believin' they could be sane human beings. This was a young man and woman who started out as bright, young adults who finished college and then something just-[b went wrong]-after graduation.

I've heard people talk about how they think demonic forces were involved, many theories stemming from a recording of one of them telling investigators about how they were using an Ouija board days before their first kill. I have a hard time believin' demons were the cause but it definitely makes you question it when you see what they did. You know, back then not many people used cell phones, they were still a semi-new invention and it made things very difficult to call for help when there's no power or anything-that's how they got you. The Blackouts."]

They had been introduced to each other at a college party but it wasn't until they had been together for about a year before the first murder even happened. They were foolishly playing with an Ouija board after a few drinks; from there it was an easy slip into death, and once they got the hang of it they were wiping out several houses on a block during the fatal blackouts by which they were named. Shutting down all power and communication doomed their victims to hours and even days of malicious torment and torture behind locked doors. They stuck around an area until growing bored enough to move on to the next town, the next neighborhood, and the next killing spree.

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[i "They were drifters mostly, they were exceedingly smart in always moving at the right time, they had a keen sense of when we were getting too close and constantly led our officers on wild goose chases every few months. They kept taunting us with letters written in blood or spelled out with corpses, horrible messages that terrorized the public and the victims' families. They'd use up all the resources their victims had, even stealing their cars and then they'd disappear for a couple months making us lose the trail; the first admitted murder was 'round 1985, forensic DNA testing would be first used a year later in 1986, so we didn't have much to go on. Back then we didn't have the technological means to solve the homicides so a lot of them went cold.

As the cases piled up all over the country it became increasingly apparent that we were dealing with something the country had not seen before. Towards the end, when we were finally closing in they had so much media coverage they became celebrities, blown up into larger-than-life idols who were glorified and even romanticized by many in the public. They liked to target small communities, you know, the ones where everyone knows your name. These were places where it was safe to leave your doors unlocked, your kids play out in the yard unsupervised without worry-a community that may have one homicide in twelve years or more.

The amount of devastation left from these murders also had the biggest impact, they took away more in the aftermath than the killings themselves. People were so shocked and affected so badly that it disrupted the way of life for many folks, how do you move on when something so painful destroys your entire life? I believe that was the cause of their hubris, they would see everything turned upside down and then flaunt their work as if to say [b 'Witness what I have done and weep, because there's nothing you can do about it.']"]

Every evaluation, report and interview with either of the serial killers in custody would further document how crazed the two became, and continue to unravel the hellscape they created. Many would debate on demonic influence causing the two young adults to snap, citing several occult and demonic sigils dotting the crime scenes in blood, but confirming records of demon possession are still inconclusive. A spirit is classified as an entity once being a human who has passed on, a demon is an entity that was never human to begin with. It is speculated that the beings inside the two adults were not of human nature and it is still the belief of many that the Blackout Butchers were possessed by demons...

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Freya had snapped her attention to Elias and she playfully pouted, pretending to be offended by his comment. Deep down, she was just happy to hear him finally speak. She was beginning to feel rather worried, but it seemed he was slowly coming back around. "Hey! That's not fair. I do listen! Just… Not to her…" She had mumbled the last part before picking up as much as she could carry.

The most that Elias knew about her was that her family had quite a sum of money, her father a successful lawyer and her mother a professor at a high end university, and that her parents also enjoyed showing off their sweet, darling daughter in front of guests. To him, they had had similar lives and that was what he would continue to think. She did not intend to tell him of her parents' negligence, how they took their anger out on her nor did she intend to tell him the nightmare she faced at school with the teachers who turned a blind eye to her tormentors… No, she would not let it show how weak she used to be… How weak she was now… It was why she killed.

The original plan was just to rid the obstacle of her being with her biology teacher, but in the moment, as she choked the poor woman and watched the life fade from her eyes, something clicked in Freya. She felt… Whole… Like, a jigsaw piece that had been missing had finally been found. For the first time in her life, she felt strong and powerful. She felt like a God. It was a feeling she had at first tried to ignore, but then she craved it and became irrational.

One example was a night after college, her and Elias had just started dating, after months of ignoring him and keeping things casual, and she had practically been spending every moment with him. It was due to this that she developed a hunger to kill… She had been walking through the woods to the apartment she bought when some unlucky man walked past her. She didn't even think. She didn't have to. She spotted and grabbed a large stick, swinging at the back of his head. He collapsed to the ground with a groan. He rolled over but, before he could even stand up, she was onto him.

Taking the sharp end of the stick, she slammed it down onto his throat, ramming it in. His gargling cries of pain were music to her ears. To her excitement, he had a switch knife on him, she felt it in his pocket. She slipped it out before stabbing and slashing into his chest over and over again. Lips formed into a sick, twisted grin, blood splattering onto her face, staining her clothes, covering her hands. After she had finally noticed that the noises he had been making stopped, she felt satisfied and stared down at her artwork.

She stayed like that for a few moments, before slowly rising to her feet. That was when she heard a twig snap. She looked up and saw one of Elias' friends. "Freya?" He asked her, coming into the light. His face paled as he looked at the body in horror. "Harry, it's not what it looks like." She stated, voice calm and even, kind. It would have been believable too had she not been covered in her victims blood. Harry began to back away from her. "Oh god, you're a monster."

Unfortunately for him, Harry would not get to run away. With the switchblade in hand she threw it at him and it managed to land in his eye. He screamed but knew he had to escape. He had to run. However, Freya was just quicker than him and she managed to get close enough to kick him to the ground. She only needed to kill Harry to cover her tracks, so she swiftly took the knife from his eye and plunged it straight into his heart. By this point, her adrenalin was running high and she realised that she needed to dispose of all evidence before somebody else just happened to be walking by.

She dragged the bodies into a nearby river and dumped them in there, however, just before doing so, she carved a small Petrine cross into their foreheads. She had started this with her first victim, the girlfriend of her former crush. The woman had been wearing Jesus Christ on a Cross necklace, but, she had seen it upside down and immediately recognised it to be the cross of Saint Peter, keeper of the gates to Heaven. So, as a homage to her school she started to carve the symbol into each of her victims. Due to the meaning behind the symbol, she earned the title Angelmaker. Now, she used it for the attention. She wanted everyone to know that the killings were hers, it simply gave her more power, seeing her killer name in bold black letters on Newspapers, hearing 'Angelmaker strikes again' over the radio or on the television.

Then, using some wood lying around and a lighter she burned her bloodied clothes before changing into the ones she had taken from Elias. She swept away the ashes and the disturbed dirt that had been moved by the bodies before returning to her home.

From that point on, she made sure to never ignore her urges. It led to her killing irrationally, when she wasn't prepared… She was almost caught. But then, as her relationship with Elias developed, she found that she didn't need to kill. She felt strong when she was with him, she felt protected. She was even able to face her parents, tell them that she wasn't returning home. All because of Elias…

She knew that she had loved Elias for a while now, she just needed to know that he loved her too and he did. This fact filled her with joy, with so much happiness and despite being reminded of her past as they walked through her cousin's expensive house, she was able to face it. It was as if nothing could hurt her when she was with Elias. But, there was something… Something far more dark and evil than she could ever be. She forgot about it and was foolish to do so.

It waited patiently in the corners of her mind for her to be alone. It finally struck when Elias stated that he was going outside to smoke whilst she began unpacking. It gripped at her throat, rendering her unable to breathe. It's grip was tight and it began to take over control. She tried to fight it, she could not let it win. She wanted… No… Needed to be with Elias longer. But, her pleas fell on deaf ears and soon everything turned to black... Only for Asura to awaken…

The Demon Entity stretched out her host's limbs and ran her fingers through the brown hair. Astra had yet to actually look upon her host and so, she stepped out in front of a mirror. She studied the reflection and shrugged, she wasn't entirely pleased with her host but Freya was better looking than most. It had been decades since she had last had a physical form, and it felt good to be back. She looked to the things on the bed and waved them dismissively. She would get Elias to do it later… As she thought of him, she smirked to herself. She practically adored Freya and her dark mind, but she could not stand Elias. She had been desperate to torment him and now was her chance. Just as he was starting to feel safe. She chuckled to herself before making her way to find him.

She found him outside, smoking his cigarette. She stepped out before leaning against the wall. "What does she see in you? Like, really, what is it about you that makes her want you?" She asked him rhetorically, relishing in looking at the realisation hit him, that she wasn't Freya. "I mean, you are just so weak. It's not even cute, just pathetic. The way you reached out to her yesterday, asking for her help… It made me want to vomit. Then, you cried like a baby after that nightmare. Honestly, get a grip." She mocked him, before her judging eyes wandered over him.

"Don't get me started on how you look. The hair, the beard… You look like you could be homeless." She cackled before walking closer to Elias, most likely being too close for his liking. But, he wasn't going to push his lover away from him. "I suppose, you do have [i his] eyes. Very similar colour… But you don't know who [i he] is, do you? How does it make you feel knowing that I know more about your girlfriend than you do?"

She asked, becoming closer still. "How does it make you feel that I know everything Freya knows about you? That I see what she sees? Feels what she feels?" She paused for a moment to take the cigarette out of Elias' hand, just how Freya did it. She took a long drag and then blew the smoke into his face. "The only thing that you've got going for you, is that thing you did in the bathroom yesterday." Asura's voice was quiet, but she was so close that he would be able to hear her. She placed the cigarette back in between his lips and she eventually walked away.

"So… Who are we eating?"

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  canadonewithursh-t / 7d 17h 56m 2s
Elias found himself falling for Freya the more the day brightened, with it so did his spirits; he woke up to good food, and embraced in the arms of a kind and gentle woman who he felt crazy about. The way she lit up the room when she talked; he was finding himself getting lost in her sweet, brown eyes and he was distracted with her bright and cheery conversation. He couldn't lose her, the thought still controlling much of his focus as they carried on with their plans. The night was forgotten, his brain protectively locking away the nightmares while in Freya's presence. All throughout the morning half of the day Elias stuck close to Freya, finding the moments of silence with her absence made him feel the paranoia settling over him.

Elias was practically back to normal by the time they set off in the vehicle, the uneasiness dissipating as they got on the road with the windows down. The wind was refreshing, the sun was brightly shining and the music was keeping the happiness flowing. Elias kept his hand on Freya's leg as she drove, unknowing to the growing physical attachment he was feeding into with the entity's twist on his senses. Yet the thing inside him did not make another appearance, he did not even feel its clutch around his neck and the terror of the night was just a nightmare at last. When they finally arrived at the large house, Elias' eyebrows rose in disbelief; getting out of the car he admired the building-the location alone would cost them thousands to settle here. Closing the car door he looked around the neighboring houses with a strange curiosity, he smiled as Freya talked about her cousin's setup while going to the back of the car to open up the trunk.

[#0061c2 "You-not listening? Never!"] Elias had not spoke much during the drive, so his teasing jab broke his silence; he grabbed a few bags that contained their clothes and a box filled with things that rattled and clunked. [#0061c2 "We can always come back for more later, let's see what kind of fancy stuff your cousin's got in there."] He flashed a smile and headed up to the house with the luggage in his arms, waiting for Freya to unlock the door and let him in. He was excitedly looking through glass window panes on either side of the door, looking into the foyer he didn't see too much to be jumping up and down for, it looked like a fairly decent, bland house. Maybe the expensive stuff was further inside...

He didn't know what he was quite expecting, the house was far larger than most people lived in, he was thinking he'd find big statues and paintings, large sofas and intricate fireplaces. These were things he knew, from his life with his parents-oh they could afford [i some] of these fanciful items, but they were a lesser form of rich. He went to his father's work friends' houses all the time, he would be forced to play music for them as they drank and the men smoked enough cigars to make him feel ill with exposure... Elias didn't have a choice but to indulge in any requests these friends made, like a good little puppet.

His parents groomed him for musical prowess, forcing him to play for their friends as they tried desperately to convey a higher status and wealth than they actually possessed. The tutors were the worst, the manor house a prison of gilded stone, that made him want to rebel in any minor way he could. He started smoking cigarettes, grew his hair and beard out and surrounded himself with fun, rowdy, loud-music-loving people; all of which his mother hated. His mother despised of Freya completely when he talked about her, she looked down her nose at her, like she was common gutter trash; but he didn't care. Elias' father was just as bad, tooting off his son's accomplishments as if they were his own, living the high life the boy's little fame and talent accrued. The way his father spoke about Freya was just as bad, he talked about her like she was some groupie, or worse a prostitute looking to make a quick buck.

Freya was more to him than what his parents saw, as he set things down in the living room, he silently watched her walk around, setting things down from the car. They couldn't see what he could see, she was [i perfect]; Freya was the kindest, smartest and warmest woman he had ever come to know, most importantly she truly [b cared] for Elias. Sure, she didn't really start that way, she would have needed time to get to know him better, but liquid courage by the name of Vodka helped them along the way. Elias' persistence in finding her and wanting to spend time with her further allowed their relationship to blossom and now he couldn't even think of a world without her.

The sight of her hair in the sunlight, the way she looked at him across the room sent his heart aflutter, he didn't even realize he was staring but he cracked another grin because he could not deny-he was in love. The way her eyes looked to him, with soft lights reflecting against warm brown, she actually [i saw] him-as a person, as a man-more than just a ticket to fame, or the door to riches that his parents longed for. They were nothing like her, he didn't care about the life his mother wanted for him, he needed Freya with him-she was his safety. If his mother was here she'd...

His grin faltered and his eyes lowered, [i 'Mother would be furious.'] He thought to himself, swearing he could hear her sharp voice even now; the voice that gnawed and grated like the strangulation of a cat. How he hated it. Yet she was not here, and neither was the weasel of a father he had, why had they popped into his head all of a sudden? Something about the house, the furnishings perhaps brought back these memories, he couldn't be sure. Regardless he shook his head lightly as if to clear the pesky thoughts, dug around in his pocket for his cigarettes and pointed back towards the door.

[#0061c2 "I don't think your cousin would like me smoking up the entire house, I'm going to step outside for a quick smoke."] He let Freya rummage around for a bit as he had his smoke break, before they'd get settled he'd bring in the rest of what was left and then they would be all set to go. This wasn't how he thought things would go, as he looked around the outside of the house he sorely missed their small apartment, cozy and filled with love. There was something about this house that he couldn't place, it wasn't theirs. He'd thought plenty of times of how he wanted to get a house for Freya, as much as they could be happy here and lay low, this was just house-sitting.

There was always the road trip they talked about, so he supposed he could always keep an eye out for properties on the way. He wouldn't tell Freya about his plan to find them a home, not yet, it was merely a dream for him at this point. Elias finished his cigarette as he daydreamed about family homes, completely forgetting the entirety of their current predicament. How could it slip so easily? Yet slip it did, right from focus and as he would finish bringing in stuff from the vehicle his mind wandered to picturesque homes that they could one day own.
  Elias Vale / Osiris / 13d 20h 38m 28s
Freya was shocked to hear those words slip from her lips. It felt as if her heart stopped beating, her stomach and throat tightened. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't move. Not even blink. Her brown eyes just stared straight ahead of her at the plain walls of their room... She wasn't meant to tell him, not until he told her first. She had ruined everything. His silence felt like it stretched on forever and it was torturous... Any minute now and he was going to push her away, he was going to tell her what he really thought of her and leave forever. She had never felt more scared, not even her abusers dragging her out of bed in the middle of the night had struck this much fear into her...

But, then he said it. He said those words back to her. Her chest heaved up and down as she could finally breathe and she clung to him tighter than ever. His fingers gently running through her chestnut brown hair and kissing her forehead, only further calmed her down with his reassuring words.

She didn't let go, she refused. But he didn't even nudge for her to get off of him. She truly loved him more than anything or anyone. He had been the only person to actually, genuinely care for her. Something her parents and teachers never did... She had thought her biology teacher cared but he never looked at her the same way Elias did, he had never given her the things that she needed and wanted. Her biology teacher had been like the rest of them...

The thoughts of killing them now filled her head. She imagined slicing their throats, watching as their blood stained their skins red. She imagined taking a baseball bat to their faces and smashing until they were unrecognisable. She wanted to kill every last person who had done her wrong, with Elias right beside her. If she told him all the things that they had done, she knew he would support and help her.

Freya ended up accidentally falling asleep, she had intended to wait for Elias to go first. But she had felt so at ease, wrapped in his arms, feeling his soothing touch, hearing his quiet breath as his heart best in his riding and falling chest. He was there, with her, forever. That was all that mattered now.

The sun was high in the sky by the time she woke up, but Elias peacefully slumbered next to her. She smiled gently, he looked so peaceful. The opposite to how he was last night. She was glad that he was able to fall asleep again, he would need the energy. She very carefully, and unwillingly, untangled herself from him and exited their bedroom. She shivered as the cold air met her warm, bare legs and she turned the radiators on.

Hopefully, the place would warm up before Elias did. She padded Dr to the kitchen and into their fridge, she was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some bacon, eggs, bread and all sorts of other breakfast foods. This was most likely their last morning in this apartment and she knew Elias would need to pick me up from the night they had, so with a determined look, she began to cook and prepare the foods for breakfast. She fried bacon, sausages and eggs, baked pastries and hashbrowns and sliced them into fruit and bread.

The delicious smell of food filled their apartment with the sounds of sizzling. By the time everything was laid out on the table and ready, he came out of their room. She turned to him and smiled gently. "Morning handsome, how are you feeling?" She asked softly, walking over to him. She wrapped her arms around him and after his answer, they shared a loving kiss. She gestured to the food and the both of them sat down together before digging in.

They talked and laughed, as if they hadn't a care in the world, as if they hadn't mass murdered over ten people, as if there weren't entities inside of them. Freya ensured to keep the mood light and positive. She talked about all the places that they could travel, she brought up some of her favourite memories every now and then and she'd throw in a teasing joke. This continued on as they cleaned the apartment, packed their bags to go to her cousins and filled the car. Just before they left, she talked to her neighbour and explained that she was house sitting for her cousin and then they were going on a road trip. That way, it wouldn't look like they just suspiciously left.
Freya wasn't all too sure if Elias was stable enough to drive the car, so just before he could sit in, she slipped in instead.

Soon enough they were on the road, windows rolled down, the radio blasting the latest hits and Freya felt very content. Of course, she continued to Elias, she tried to normalise the situation as much as she could. She was able to calm him down last night but there was no telling what would happen within the next few days... Especially as she felt the entity buzz with excitement as they passed hitchhiker's and the homeless. It's feminine voice repeating the word 'kill' in her head, placing her into a trance of sorts. She almost slipped under, she almost pulled over for a Hitchhiker sticking out his thumb for a ride. But, it was Elias who pulled her out. He wasn't ready to kill again. She needed to speak with his entity to formulate a plan.

A couple of hours passed by and two states over and they were parked outside of her cousins home. It was large and white, settled in an expensive part of town. It had three bedrooms, a study, a lounge, dining area, a kitchen, but most importantly, a basement. Perfect for storing for their guests. She stepped out of the vehicle and looked to Elias. "Well, this is going to be home for the next couple of weeks. My cousin sticked up on food and she said that she's left a note about what to do, what not to do and whatever else. I didn't really listen to her on the phone."
  canadonewithursh-t / 22d 16h 44m 53s
Elias knew many things from the shadows of the night that clawed before daybreak, he shook his head fervently as Freya started talking to him, entwining their hands made him grip onto hers tightly. This thing was not trying to help him, it was trying to kill him! He let out a whimper as his girlfriend continued to try and allay his fears, her voice was calm and soothing, which helped bring him down from the nightmare's hysteria. She wiped the tears from his face as his eyes darted around the room, paranoia setting in as Freya told him the nightmares would continue as he struggled against the spirit.

Accept it? Just let it live inside him for the rest of his life and watch as it made him commit murder and other atrocities? He could feel it, the entity's sickened coil around his consciousness, like the black ooze from the dream marsh the entity clung to Elias. He stammered a protest, still shaking his head and trying to insist on finding help; it was only her soft voice that kept him from shrieking at every sentence, it looked like Elias was going to fight Freya on this, he could hardly believe what he was hearing! Yet her voice wavered and tears fell, instantly crumbling Elias' built-up nerves, tugging on his heartstrings as she came back into his arms.

[#0061c2 "You're right. I-I [i know] you are right. If we went to anyone they'd find out what we did..."] [i 'We can't go to anyone-ever.'] He finished the thought in his head, his voice came out in a hissed whisper even though they were the only people in the room. They embraced each other in their arms as tight with love as ever, and she begged him to get along with the ghastly creature, where would one even begin? By signing his life over? Did she want him to sign something in blood-isn't that what the stereotype was?

Elias paused as he hugged Freya to his chest, kissing her forehead when she professed her love for him; he had to stop in shock, she had never said it before and those three words carved into his heart with love's obsidian dagger as he cherished to finally hear them whispered. He immediately felt drawn to comfort Freya, to reassure her and let her know he would not leave her for anything. The entity tightened its grip on his conscious thought as it latched onto the phrase [i 'I can't lose you'] from Freya, making his mind repeat it. The fear to lose Freya would be the catalyst to tipping Elias into something more than he currently was.

Although the entity wanted nothing more than to kill Freya or force her out of Elias' life, the entity would never be able to make that happen. Ever the opportunist, however, it would use the woman to its advantage; if Elias was already protective every time the woman cried, imagine what he'd do if she got hurt. Elias would never kill by himself, it was always Freya-she was the detonator to his rage and the extinguisher of his fear. Which meant they all had to get along-no one ever said they'd have to like it.

[#0061c2 "Freya... I love you too. Don't worry, I-I'm sure it'll be alright."] His eyes still searched the room as he held Freya in his arms, mentally torn between the need to run from the terror and the desire to stay with her. Elias kissed the top of her head again, running his fingers through her hair, his heart still racing in his chest but at least he was breathing more calmly than before. She was so comforting, she treated him like a person-it was a courtesy that his old life lacked. [#0061c2 "Listen to me, love, you will [i never] lose me, and nobody's going to take us anywhere."]

Elias tried to put the entity out of his thoughts, reassuring himself more than Freya towards the end as they held each other in their arms as the light grey of morning started filling the bedroom. How he wished for the yellow of sunlight, the grey sky reminding him too much of the endless nightmare. He leaned back against the headboard with Freya still in his arms, he couldn't leave her to get help even-that would still jeopardize his own freedom. He said nothing for a long time it felt like, still hugging her close but keeping his thoughts to himself as he just laid back down and watch the room fill up with the sunrise.

He couldn't stop his brain, just a constant flow of questions he had no answers to. How long would they have to lay low? Would they ever come back here or would they have to move completely? Most importantly, if these things were sticking around, could they stop themselves from killing anyone else? He certainly hoped so. Maybe the spirits could be persuaded to kill only certain kinds of people, those less savory than most. Not like that family... Not like them.
  Elias Vale / Osiris / 41d 8h 52m 52s
Freya had never seen him so scared before, he clung onto her, his fists clenching the t-shirt that she wore. She kept trying to soothe him as she practically felt his heart pound in his chest. It pained her to see him like this, it was frightening.

Usually, Elias was protecting and comforting her, she always felt safe with him. Whenever they shared a bed, she never had nightmares and she slept peacefully. But his wrap around her was tight, as if he were afraid to let go and she knew he must have seen something terrible to have a reaction like this. She didn't pry after her question was answered with a shake of his head, instead she had calmly whispered comforting words. Reminding him that he was safe, that it was just a dream and that she was there.

This all worked as he soon calmed down, his breath steadying, his sobbing ceasing and he explained his horrific nightmare. Not many things elicited a reaction or a response from Freya, she was most certainly the type to stick to herself and just listen to those around her. That had been evident in their first meeting. It had been one of the first parties of the school year and so, it had to be big. Everyone knew about it and everyone wanted in.

Well, apart from the two of them. They had both been unwillingly dragged by friends and managed to survive the night with alcohol and a blunt. However, Freya was glad that she went to that bustling, noisy party. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have met Elias. But, if the two of them hadn't met, they might not have been in the situation that they are now...

Nevertheless, she wasn't one to openly express emotion. But hearing what this entity was doing to her boyfriend made her blood boil, she was sure to give the entity a piece of her mind the next time it was awake. Her heart sank as tears welled in the others eyes, it pained her that she still had to convince him that the entities were helping. How could she when the entity was haunting his dreams? Giving the impression that it was going to kill him?

She took his hands away from her arms and intertwined their fingers, gently squeezing as a small reminder that he was okay. She opened her mouth to speak but hesitated, what was she to say? How was she going to say it? These thoughts whirled about her brain before she decided to speak.

[b "It's because you're fighting with it, you're not accepting it... But it won't kill you, it can't. It would need to find a new host if you died... So, it's punishing you for not allowing it in."] She explained, it was as if she knew, as if the entity had told her. It hadn't, of course, all the entity did was taunt and torment her and her own entity, well, it seemed perfectly fine just coming and going as it pleased. So, she was simply guessing. [b "I know it's hard baby and I know you don't want to accept these things and what they are making us do... But you have to try. Otherwise, you'll keep having these nightmares and it'll continue to make your life a Hell."]

She slipped her hands out of his so that she could gently wipe away his tears. [b "I'll help you, I'm always here for you and I'm sure the thing inside me might be able to help... It doesn't do to me what yours does to you... But we can't go to or tell anyone. They'll lock us up and we won't be allowed to see each other or be together."] She stated, beginning to feel the threat of tears in her own eyes. She was trying to be strong, but the thought of losing Elias, not being with him just seemed to tip things for her. [b "I-I don't know what I would do without you... I can't be without you... I'd go insane..."] Her voice was practically a whisper as it trembled. She quickly wiped away any tears that fell down her pale cheeks, however, it was inevitable that he would see them. [b "Please, just try and I'm sure it will stop bothering you."] At this point, she was begging him.

Mixed with the pain, the anger, hurt and sadness, Freya felt guilty. She felt like she was manipulating Elias to what she wanted, but her tears were genuine and her concern was true. She just wanted him to be happy and it was tearing her apart that he wasn't. She shifted closer to him and wrapped her arms back around. She told herself that she wasn't manipulating him, she was doing this to keep their relationship together, she was doing this for him.

[b "I love you, Elias and I can't lose you. I just can't."]
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Elias gave a slight smile as Freya joined him on the bed, looking into Freya's eyes as she reassured him confidently, but the smile that accompanied it was not as convincing. However the following kiss helped push his concerns from his mind, tilting his head slightly and returning the kiss. Freya's lips were soft and warm, Elias pressed into the loving embrace with a wanting hunger, pulling his girlfriend closer. He was just really desiring her tender comforts and he hoped he would do the same for her. He just didn't know how. Elias held her tightly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as she rested her head to his chest and he calmly stroked his fingers through Freya's gorgeous hair with his free hand.

[#0061c2 "I would like that a lot, there's got to be some stories about that type of thing happening, right? You think they would have left after Kevin, but maybe now that you've... taken part, they will be satisfied to move on to something else."] Elias would be so grateful to be without the sick thing inside him, draining him like a parasite and harvesting his dreams with a blood-coated sickle. Yet he was finally relaxed, back in bed with his loved one, he kissed her a few more times throughout the cuddling. Hugging her warmly to his body, nuzzling against the sweet scent of her brown hair, feeling like he had not felt her touch in a month.

He did not want to sleep, he feared the aftermath of slumber more than the dreams themselves. So far, he had not had a good night's sleep in days, each night was torture, every dream was beset by images of death, torment, fire and blood. Yet here, on this bed right now he was awake, Elias and Freya were safe in their home-that they'd be sad to leave. Eventually the young man could not keep his eyes open and he ended up drifting off.

[i 'Grimy, oozing sludge clung to his legs at the knees, dark as pitch and covered in thick globs of dull green algae, dark ghostly reeds and scratching grass encircled the small safety patches of land. Elias was so exhausted, he had slogged the same terrain it felt like for days, his legs weighed tons as the ooze marsh clung to his pants. It stretched on for miles, just the same landscape covered by a slate grey sky, not a patch of blue or ray of gold. Elias sat on one of the small islands for a long time, it felt like an eternity before he started walking, he just picked a direction and went on his way.

Every so often he'd find a strange tree sprouting out of the muck, it's twisted branches spiraling outward draped with torn seaweed and broken tufts of grass. There was no color here, even the greens and browns were lackluster and washed from their typical vibrancy. Elias' heart was heavy with the plague of the sorrowed swamp, it was so difficult to pull each leg through the clinging slime that his foot would sink through each time. Some times he'd find a pool of dark water he'd have to cross, wider than he could walk the length of to the other side, yet he tried to stick to any path with the saving grace of solid land it was just endless.

The water made him sink along the bank, overtaking his chest the deeper he ventured, there had to be salvation along the other side surely, he'd tell himself. What he wouldn't give for a soft rolling meadow or a forest rich with verdant green. The water was cold but not uncomfortable at first, almost refreshing to cleanse himself of the cluster of sludge yet he could not relax while swimming the width of the large pond. He dared not to think about what swam in the deep, he couldn't see past his arm in the water and he swam with as much determination to cross as he could muster.

His heart shattered and he fell to his knees at the opposite bank, it was just more bleak and barren marshes! He couldn't keep going, he was [b so] damn tired, no more he silently cried and sat back refusing to move another foot. Elias could keep going for a couple days or a little more but this felt like weeks he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. He had been forcing himself to drink the dirty water and eat anything he could dig up in the sinking wasteland.

Elias just couldn't do it anymore. He just wanted to be done, and as he laid on the bank staring out over the empty marshland he just felt defeated. Elias simply closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep, rendering the marsh and pond ineffective as the dream shifted without him realizing it. The dream world became a maze on city streets, slick with old rain; the area changed but Elias' exhaustion did not, it persisted and rested upon him like a heavy stone on his chest.

The shadows along the streets morphed and shifted into things he could scarcely imagine, so grotesque and malformed they frothed and whined like a rabid hounds from hell. They snapped and snarled towards Elias before breaking into a run for him, Elias turned around and ran as fast as he could, unable to know this was just a dream, the phantom hounds gave a vicious chase through winding streets and clustered alleys.

He couldn't lose them, biting at his heels as he pounded down pavement, drawing in great gulps of air as the weight on his chest seemed to increase. The chill air bit at his throat, in an attempt to break free from their pursuit Elias headed down a cluttered alleyway. He shoved and tossed items between him and his assailants, the creatures yelping when struck with a flying brick or collided with a pushed dumpster. His stomping footsteps echoed along the alley, frantic panting as the demonic creatures' barks grew distant the further he pulled away.

Then his luck ran out. It was a dead end, nothing but a brick wall too high for him to climb over; his heart sank as he frantically looked around for something he could stack or climb on to help get him over. There was nothing except the containers back towards the hell hounds, who he heard viciously snarling and snapping their teeth as they got closer. He was cornered, they were going to tear him apart; and his heart felt like it was going to burst in his chest as he whimpered out-loud without control, seeing the gleaming yellowed fangs drip with slobbering malice as they stalked closer. Right before one of the shadow beasts lunged for his throat he was shaken awake, back to the sanctuary of the bedroom.']

Elias bolted to a sitting position as Freya woke him up from his nightmare, he put his hands up as if to deflect the incoming lunge. He was wildly looking around the still-dark room, the small brush of dawn breaking the far horizon in the small lighting of the sky. He was searching for the mutt, the one disfigured and bent into something disgusting, but he found none.

Elias hugged Freya like his life depended on it, practically sobbing to her as he was overwhelmed by the panic of increasing death. The marsh where his consciousness was trapped during moments of the entity's control drained him of his mental resistances for an eternity. The sprawling city maze of his subconscious was beset by the demon, the hunting chase he experienced frequently, constantly fearing for his safety. The twisted, mangy dark creations would hunt him down and if they managed to take down his personification they'd shred him into nothing by starving fangs.

If he lost the chase, he figured the entity would be released, ripping apart the subconscious in the dream state would allow the evil thing the control it needed to overtake his mortal will. The being inside Elias did not play fair, warping the dream to benefit its chase and keep control over the young man's body. It was Freya who kept getting in the way, kept interrupting the spirit's plans, it wanted her gone and would do anything it could to make that happen. Yet the man would never kill the woman, the entity's influence only persuaded so much, and Elias would downright refuse. It was a perplexing problem that stymied the demonic thing for days. The being even tried to bribe and influence the tag-along spirit in Freya to break the two up, but they refused holding a persistent infatuation for the former.

Elias clung to Freya with his eyes closed, experiencing flashing mental pictures of the murders they committed, it was a flickering image hardly worth much notice if not for the nagging frequency. He hastily shook his head 'no' when she questioned, he did not want to talk about it but he knew he was going to once he calmed down. It was just his honest nature, he never could keep something in when it was bothering him, but that allowed an open route of communication between the two of them.

Freya was [i so] warm, he felt like her comforting warmth was enough to keep him warm even in that haunting marsh of his dreams. He hugged her tight and breathed in the familiar scent of her hair and soft touch of her cheek to his in the embrace was working wonders. His hands gently squeezing the fabric of the shirt a few times along her back out of fearful twitch, but the longer she held him he was able to slow his heartbeat and take deeper, calming breathes knowing he had her in his arms. It wasn't very long before he could finally relax his hold on his girlfriend and begin to explain the nightmares.

[#0061c2 "This [b thing] inside me. I-It's trying... to kill me."] Elias had tears in his blue eyes when he spoke, pulling back from the hug but holding onto Freya's arms as if desperately trying to convince her. [#0061c2 "I need a priest or a witch doctor, I don't know, Freya... I-I don't... know, but I do know it's t-trying to kill me-it's hunting me down like... with pack of wolves!"]
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They were quite an unlikely couple, before their corruption, they didn't seem like they would be the type to get together. Freya was reserved, observant, the introvert in her friend group, she kept most of her opinions to herself and didn't like to stand out. Whereas Elias was a sweet, kind hearted guy, who just liked to have a good time with those he cared about, he was always genuine and very reliable. That wasn't to say that Freya didn't care about people or was rude, it was that she didn't let everyone see her true self and she would only care for a select few.

Despite their differences, she couldn't see herself with anyone else and she would be eternally grateful for the friends that had dragged her out that night to the party. She most likely would not have met him, or talked to him for that matter. However, Freya knew that her characteristics had developed from her years at a school. She had learned to blend in to protect herself from her peers and teachers.

She had rolled her eyes to his morbid response and playfully nudged him. [b "Yeah, but you don't want to make life shorter or uncomfortable."] She pointed out to him, yet smiled rather happily. She had never felt better. She had her favourite person and she was indulging in her favourite hobby again. The only thing that would make this even more perfect was if the Entities would leave them alone.

She had noticed and saw this change in her boyfriend, when he had attacked Kevin there was a jealous and obsessive look in his eyes. Normally, Elias was a laid back guy. She had spoken with Kevin and his other friends several times, she had even hugged them in front of him. At first, it used to annoy her and she used to wish that he would at least become a little bit jealous. She soon learned that he just trusted her and his friends a lot and saw no need in feeling jealous when he knew he had her. However, now that she had it, now that he became so filled with envy that he would kill... She didn't want it. It wasn't the guy that she had fallen for. On the other hand, without the Entities she would never have been able to kill again... She felt like she was stuck in two places.

The nervous butterflies in Freya's stomach grew as it seemed he was contemplating going with her. Her smile had dropped slightly and she fiddled with ends of the sleeves on the sweatshirt. But, as soon as he agreed she visibly relaxed and then set on trashing the house, it would help in covering these tracks. As if, this was a burglary gone wrong. She had nodded her head to what he said and ended up gathering some more clothes, nothing worth of much value or that could be recognised as gone.

They walked back down and she was as unnerved, calm and collected as she had been prior. It was as if the walls and floors were now not painted with the blood and guts of their victims. As if the result of their carnage, laid with wide, dead eyes. She actually felt nothing at all. She looked at their disfigured and butchered bodies, only to feel empty. Freya enjoyed the thrill of killing, controlling another person's life like she was a God... But looking at them now bored her.

She was glad to leave the house and she couldn't wait for their next kill. The journey back to their place, she fantasized about who they were going to target next, she even made a mental note to bring more weapons. She knew the entity inside her would like it, it liked blood. Smelling, feeling it, tasting it... It enjoyed creating the mess and appreciating what it created as if it were a piece of art. Freya, however, preferred her murders to be much cleaner. She did not mind making a mess, but to her, it was much more satisfying to not leave a trace behind. It was the perfect crime in her mind.

Soon enough, they arrived back and now she could truly feel like she could relax. They hadn't been stopped by anyone whilst on the road and there was no chance that they would be caught after this. No one would have seen them in the dark storm and no one would suspect them committing such a murder. After all, they were just two recently graduated students. In the eyes of the world, they were a couple of kids in a relationship who were looking to find themselves. She looked over at him when she spoke up before moving closer to see what he was looking at. She rested her head against his shoulder, smiling fondly at the Polaroid picture. She laughed as the memories flooded back. Freya turned her attention back to Elias and saw the worry in his eyes as he hesitantly asked his question.

However, she did not get the chance to reply. Her smile changed to sympathy and she watched him leave for their room, talking about how he wasn't looking forward to sleeping. When he was out of sight, she ran her hands through her hair and took a deep breath. It hurt to see him like this, so troubled and worried. It was out of character for him and so she knew that this was big for him. She took one last look at the photo before following after into their room. She stripped out of her victim's clothes and slipped into one of Elias' t-shirts. It hung off of her body like a dress, stopping at the tops of her thighs. When she finally looked at him again, she laughed lightly before crawling on the bed to get to him.

Once close enough, she tucked some of his blonde hair behind his ear before cupping his cheek. Their eyes met and she spoke. [b "Of course we are still the same. We're still Elias and Freya… These things inside of us could never change that. I know that we'll be fine, we have each other.] She gave him a weak smile before leaning forwards to press and move their lips together in a gentle, deep, loving and reassuring kiss. She almost didn't want to pull away, she didn't know if the night would bring the Entity out of her boyfriend. This may very well be the last time she kissed him for a long time. But, she eventually broke the kiss and took her hand away.

They then settled into bed, with Freya's head laid on his chest, their arms wrapped around one another as if afraid to let go. [b "Maybe the entities will leave. Maybe they just wanted to cause some trouble and then leave."] She paused for a moment, as if contemplating what to do next. [b "If they do… Then we could treat this as some twisted nightmare."] This was wishful thinking and was more so said to help Elias than herself. There were pros and cons to each side for her, but it was very different for him. They continued their small conversation before the two of them fell asleep in eachothers arms.

For once, her sleep was void of nightmare or dream. She couldn't remember the last time this had happened, even before the entities, and for those few hours that she had before Elias' tossing and turning woke her up were pure bliss. She rubbed at her eyes and as she regained her bearings of the world and where she was, he began to whimper. She quickly sat up and placed her hands on his shoulders. [b "Elias? Elias, babe wake up."] She slightly shook his shoulders and suddenly, he woke with a start. She watched him pant, trying to steady his breath and when he turned to her there was fear and panic set in his blue eyes. She moved to sit on her knees before she pulled him in so that she could hug him. Almost immediately, his arms were around her waist.

She ran one of her hands through his hair, to try and sooth him whilst the other rubbed circles into his shoulder. [b "Do you want to talk about it?"] She asked softly.
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Elias looked over as Freya put the sweater on, [i 'God, she is gorgeous'], he couldn't help but admire her, having a small smile on his face as he looked to her adoringly. It was the first thought of her he ever had when they were introduced, how she took his breath away and still does-just as he had that thought she [i also] took away his cigarette, feigning shock before smiling into the kiss as he was given it back.

[#0061c2 "Yeah, but we're all going to die some day, right?"] Elias gave a good-natured shrug before he went to search through the closets as if he owned it all. He decided to pick a relatively larger polo shirt, refusing to button the dipped collar and paired it with some jeans. The jeans were actually bigger in the waist than he needed but a belt would fix any discrepancies, Elias rolled up the bottom of the pant legs as he listened to Freya's suggestion, nodding his head in approval before responding.

[#0061c2 "Next state over?"] Elias acted like he was taking a long time to think about it, but he knew he would follow Freya anywhere. She had a strange hold over him that way, some people would say his infatuation was a bad sign, but Elias would argue that they didn't know either of them at all. Nobody knew how much he cared for her, she was a gentle soul, Freya treated him with respect and understanding when most viewed him as a vagrant. [#0061c2 "We can do that, sure."]

The young man tossed around a few items in the bedroom, they would rough up the inside, make it look like a deadly robbery if they could so no one would notice the clothes missing on their own. He made sure to wash the blood off his boots, something in his mind told him to even though he was not sure why. Elias supposed that if they were to be stopped for whatever reason it was a good precaution. His body was still reeling from the long time under the entity's influence, and even though he felt exhausted Elias knew better than to try and sleep now.

[#0061c2 "Take what you want from here, love, we'll pack it into one of the cars out front that'll give us time to go back... and gather some of our own things for the trip."] How calm and collected he felt, like he was planning their vacation instead of running from a murder scene. [i 'We are not on the run yet.'] Elias chided himself, helping ransack the home with the same level of efficiency as their entrance act.

Elias felt like vomiting, coming back downstairs to face the carnage, made him feel weak in the knees; but then he'd look at Freya and feel the nausea disappear, replaced with his devotion. The way she looked at him made him so happy; they had to search the bodies for wallets, jewelry and other valuables, only by keeping his thoughts on Freya was Elias able to accomplish the task. He just wanted to get away from this place and forget that they killed these people, but he knew the images of their slain bodies would stay with him forever, same as Kevin's body.

They had dumped Kevin's corpse in a culvert outside of town, a secluded and rarely visited location, these people would be left to decay where they were. Upon searching they found car keys and after giving the lower level a 'robbed look' to match the upstairs they packed up the corresponding vehicle and finally left the scene. Out of habit or just personal preference Elias took the wheel, driving them both to back to their place through the still-heavy rain. He reached over and took Freya's hand in his own as he drove away, feeling a little better the farther they got away. They took the most that would fetch a price should they take it to a pawn shop, Elias didn't want to take things that would cause suspicion but he couldn't be sure how long they'd have to lay low. The drive was thankfully peaceful, hardly anyone was on the roads to bother them or make them fearful.

Elias and Freya would pack enough of their belongings into the car and although Elias was tempted to crash in the bed, falling asleep terrified him. What if they went to sleep and the spirits took over again? Surely they'd be dormant for a while, right? Freya's spirit did not seem to bother exhausting her, starving or sleep-depriving her, or at least if it was, she didn't mention it. Elias made the conscious decision to gather a few photos of the two of them together, when things would get really dark the photos were sure to help.

[#0061c2 "You remember this?"] He showed Freya one of the photos, it was a Polaroid of their time at the local carnival. How he wasted so much cash just to win her that silly stuffed animal in those rigged fair games, yet look at how happy they both looked. It helped remind him that even though things were uncertain right now they had a relationship built on trust and love, certainly the two of them could move beyond this horror. At least Elias' panic and anxiety died down, dare he say he was feeling happy again? His blue eyes shifted with worry, [#0061c2 "We... we're still the same right?"]

Elias set the photo down with a sigh along the rest of their stuff in small piles, ready to be stored for their trip. He rubbed a wearied hand across his face, looking towards the bed with apprehension if they managed to sleep without the demonic spirits interfering the nightmares would certainly pick up the slack.

[#0061c2 "I suppose we should get some sleep, if possible, but I must admit it is not something I am looking forward to."] The young man went to get comfortable at least, out of the foreign clothes and into his familiarity, he climbed into the bed as if it was going to swallow him whole, when nothing happened he relaxed fully. Lightly laughing at his stupid nerves, he playfully stretched his arms out to Freya when she entered, making 'grabby hands' for her to join him once she was ready. He wanted to cuddle his girlfriend, let him fall into the soft comforts of her touch and perhaps with that he would sleep.
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Freya felt nothing, like her heart had stopped beating, as if there was a deep void inside of her. No thoughts, no feelings. Nothing. Even as she moved about the room of the couple they had just murdered. Not as her fingers traced over the expensive suits and dress, not when her finger tips met the cold silver and gold, even as she had picked up a photo of the couple with their family.

They looked to be in their late thirties, perhaps early forties. They had children, three to be exact. They had siblings, one on either side. The both of them still had their parents. It was perfect. They all looked so... Happy... Not the fake kind either. She could see it in their eyes and in the wrinkles of their smiles. Her own parents had never smiled like that in photos... They were always so fake.

Her parents acted like they were a perfect, happy little family. The truth was very much the opposite. Behind closed doors and a bottle of wine never left her mother's hand, neither did her scowl. Her father hid away in his office, his work far too important to give up on for his family. When the two were ever in a room together, they argued, screamed. They threw objects at each other and cursed. If Freya was unfortunate enough to be in the same room with them, then their anger towards each other was directed to her. She was an easy target in their eyes, one who wouldn't fight or argue back.

These memories began to resurface and Freya felt her heart suddenly start to beat faster, fear gripped her mind as if she was back in their house. She quickly dropped the photo to the ground and closed her eyes. She began to take deep breaths and she curled her fists. Digging her nails into the palms of her hands, bringing her back to reality. She had calmed back down after a moment or two and she was thankful that Elias was in the bathroom... It was only then that she realised she could hear water crashing down and a small smile came to her lips as she realised that he was running a bath. She didn't say anything, knowing he'd want it to be a surprise. Instead, to look busy, she had started to go through the clothes of their murder victims.

Soon enough, she felt Elias embrace her from behind and kiss her neck. Her smile widened, fear being replaced by her happiness. She allowed him to lead her to the bathroom and when she saw the bath, she was reminded that they were once a normal couple. They used to go on dates, sneak into eachothers dorms, mess around with one another. She had giggled quietly as he tried to hide the bubbles. Just before their lips met, she managed to say.

[b "It's perfect babe."] And then they kissed. She felt herself melt and stayed close to him as possible. Allowing herself to be pushed against the wall and for her clothes to be discarded, taking his off as well.

She has missed him, she had missed them. It had been weeks since the both of them had been awake and despite being with each other this whole time, it felt like they had been apart. The entity in Elias had tried to act like him, it had tried to be affectionate with her. It hadn't been the same. She tried to pretend, but she had grown to despise when it touched or talked to her.

It could never replace her boyfriend, no matter how much it tried. It didn't hold the same warmth or the same gentle touch, it couldn't make her laugh or feel safe. It was how she knew that the other was awake as they laid in that bathtub together. Laughing, cuddling, joking and enjoying each others presence. She had laughed at his mock threatening and scooped up her own handful of bubbles, threatening him back and trying to be seriously. But, she had failed miserable and ended up laughing instead.

She cared for Elias, more than she had for anyone else. At first, these feelings had scared her. The last time she had felt like that was her biology teacher... But that man had never cared for her in the way that she wanted. Elias did. Yet, she was still scared to tell him how she felt. Everytime she thought about telling him, she began to overthink. She'd convince herself that he couldn't feel the same way about her and that as soon as she would tell him, he would lose interest and leave her. It wasn't worth the risk, so she stayed silent on the matter and tried to avoid the topic in conversations.

Freya looked up at him as he entwined their fingers and she then found herself on his lap and becoming lost in their want and need for eachother, giving into their passion. She leaned into him, lips meeting in a deep kiss. Their actions escalating into something more with every touch...

[center ~*~*~]

Once she had left the bathtub, she wrapped a towel around her naked form, letting her hair drip down her bruised neck and shoulders. She hugged the towel close as a small shiver ran down her spine as her skin met the cold air. She tucked her hair behind her ears and walked back into the bedroom. With already having looked through the wardrobe, she already knew what she was wearing. She settled for some baggy, casual wear with pastel tones. She didn't want to attention to be drawn to them by wearing something bright, after all, if they were pulled over, the police would find that the car wasn't theirs and it would lead them straight back to the crime scene.

She smelled the smoke and looked over to Elias to see him smoking. She gently shook her head and slipped on a sweater before walking over the bed and sitting beside him. She kissed his shoulder before reaching a hand to take the cigarette out of his mouth. She took a long drag and exhaled the puff of smoke away from them. [b "Smoking is bad for you."] She stated, as if she hadn't just stolen the cigarette and taken a smoke for herself. She gave him a playful smile, quickly kissed him before placing the stick back in-between his lips. She stood back up and slipped on the high waisted, stressed blue jeans.

[b "My cousins are away for a couple of weeks and they've given me a key to house sit. Do you want to go there so that we can lay low for a bit?"] She asked, feeling nervous. She didn't know if he wanted to be with her or be by himself after this. [b "It's in the next state over in a small town."] She added on, as if trying to persuade him to go with her. She tried not to appear nervous or eager, so she began to gather a couple of clothes and find any money that the couple had left behind.
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Elias had plenty of thoughts all firing off in his head, plenty more than he was voicing yet as he took a few drinks he noticed that the more relaxed he felt the better things became. The corrupting taste receding as the spirit's hold over him lessened, returning him slowly back to normal. He nodded to her additional plans, it was something he hadn't even considered in his panic.

[#0061c2 "Yeah, we'll be fine together."] He agreed with a light smile to Freya's touch and this time he was a lot calmer. He leaned to the kiss on his cheek, letting Freya take the lead up the stairs as he followed just repeating that they'd be fine in his head until it became a reoccurring habit. He leaned against the door frame to the bedroom looking around the room with a mild curiosity, it was a rather large house, the bedroom complete with adjoining master bath. Elias kept to himself in thought, as he did not know why the things bothered with the two of them, he thought they had a lot going for them but these unnamed creatures were definitely throwing giant wrenches in their plans.

Yet, look at her, how beautiful she was even with the contrast of red on her, and he definitely felt drawn more to Freya now than ever. Elias did not want to lose her over this, she was as captivating as always to him, never dulled or lessened by their actions. He could not lose her, his mind decided, Elias would take her to hell before letting her go and that thought chilled enough he dared not repeat it aloud.

As his girlfriend looked through the bedroom Elias slipped into the bathroom to draw a hot bath for the two of them, smiling to himself. When was the last time they got to do something like this? When was it-before... before the board? Elias shook his head to clear the question from his mind, not something to think about now, they were lucid now that's what mattered. He found things to make a bubble bath but he wasn't quite sure how much of it to use, shrugging he just poured until he thought it was enough, then silently cursed himself a few minutes later when it began bubbling over the sides of the large tub and onto the floor. At least he tried.

Elias knew it wouldn't be much of a secret, surely Freya could hear the bath running in the other room, but he still snuck around as if it was going to be a nice surprise. What he'd give for a few candles... When everything was set up to his liking he returned to the bedroom to fetch his love. Elias walked over to where she was looking through a closet, wrapped an arm around her waist, hugging her from behind, he swept her brown hair to the side to place a kiss upon her neck.

[#0061c2 "Your bath is ready."] Elias led Freya into the bathroom, he showcased his handiwork with a grin, except he used his foot to try and push away the suds that happened to spill out on the floor. He coughed distractedly, [#0061c2 "Uh, don't... Don't mind this part."] Elias returned back to Freya's side smiling, caressing her cheek with a kiss that deepened when they could finally touch one another unhindered. He had pressed her up against the wall nearest the tub yet by his warm touch it was not done with malice, Elias didn't even care of the drying blood as his hands found his way to her body and helped her undress out of the torn and bloodied garments.

Elias had joined the bath and they took their time washing out the blood from their hair, Elias massaging Freya's scalp in full pamper mode and making light-hearted little jokes; cleaning the blood from their bodies with a mountain of bubbles. No matter what happened, the petite brunette had him wrapped around her little finger, and it hardly took the entire year. Elias was truly in love with Freya, and one day he'd kill just to hear her say 'I love you.' Elias kept his beer at least close while they easily soaked away the danger, drinking every so often he was feeling far better now than earlier. If he didn't bring it up, it couldn't bother him; besides, the water was very relaxing as he held Freya in his arms, time seemed to slow to a crawl with just the two of them.

[#0061c2 "-give you a beard out of bubbles."] He mock threatened with a handful of soap ready to sponge it onto Freya's face. Elias was joking around, laughing and smiling as if the entity was a brief nightmare, now cast aside with the night. It was surprising to switch from being so panicked, choosing to instead forget the gruesome carnage a floor below, he figured he'd put the worst behind him now; instead Elias took her hand in his, linking his fingers between hers and pulled her to his lap. Outside the world still rained and thundered, lightning flashed against a sullen, darkened sky with wailing wind bending trees. A raging storm adding to the atmosphere outside the windows, the air twinged with electricity and consumed in desire.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
With the heat of the water, rising steam fogged up the room, filled with the echoes of lustful passion. It was somehow different, when the two lovers entwined, whether it was the brush with death or the carnage of murders, Elias was filled with adrenaline, the uncertainty and fear made everything seem enhanced-sharper, almost. As if they gave more of themselves to each other, locked in the throes of passion, the water itself had long run cold by the time the two of them separated. Elias emerged from the hot room wrapped in a towel, immediately into a wall of cold, it made the hair on his arms stand up. The contrast really made a difference, making him shiver a few times as he started searching through one of the closets. They would rifle through whatever clothes they could get, it did not have to be fancy, but whatever they didn't want helped in trashing the place.

He still told himself that if they looted the place it would make things look better to hide their trail, perhaps they should burn the bloodied clothes? Elias wasn't sure. When they'd gather their things to bail, he'd figure it out then, for now he was tasked in finding something within this closet to fit him. The clothes he managed to come up with were bland, but decent enough to get them back to... 'our place' Freya called it. His heart jumped a mile had he just not noticed? How their lives could have been different, perhaps they could move out somewhere anyways, these murders could be just a one-time thing, right?

They could get a house, out to a nice place, nobody would need to bother them or even bother looking for them surely. He had pulled everything out of his pockets of the clothes covered in blood, taking time now to light himself a cigarette causing blue-grey swirls of smoke to lazily drift into the room. He sat on the house owner's bed, nosily opening up drawers on their nightstands and going through looking for anything valuable. He'd like to take Freya some place nice, that was always the plan, he wanted to give her the best he could, why should that be so hard?
  Elias Vale / Osiris / 62d 18h 49m 46s
Freya had decided, quite some time ago, that she would never tell Elias of her first murder. She could picture the look of horror and disgust on his face if she did. Before the entities, he would have informed the police straight away and she couldn't bare to have had another heartbreak like that. To be betrayed again, to be left alone to the darkness of her mind again... She had dreaded to think what would happen to her... What she would have done to herself...

However, now, the situation was quite different. He was murdering along with her, although he wasn't enjoying it, he would with time. If she could convince him that these entities inside of them were helping them, that they were unlocking this secret part of them that they never knew about then maybe one day, she could tell him.

On the other hand, she wasn't so convinced that they were helping. She seemed to get along with her own entity, aside from the drowsiness, she moved about life as if everything were normal... If anything, she felt happier... It was Elias' entity that was the problem. When she was awake, and her boyfriend wasn't, the demon taunted her with the memories of her past. It would say words that made her feel like she was back in school. If she woke up from her nightmares, that she was sure it was giving her, it would mock her. She wasn't even sure how it knew about her past, she certainly hadn't told Elias anything, she had been too embarrassed of how weak she used to be to tell him.

Maybe his entity could read her mind, maybe it communicated with hers. She wasn't sure, but she dreaded whenever Elias was asleep when she was awake. She had tried begging it to stop, bargaining, grovelling... But it was relentless... She wanted to tell the real Elias but that would only push away the idea that these things were helping. So, for the time being, she would just have to hope that when she woke up from her nightmares, it would be Elias who was sleeping next to her and not the thing living inside of him.

As he had buried his face into her shirt, she kept one of her hands on his shoulder and the other moved so that she could entangle her fingers in the hair to the back of his head, further bloodying the blond. She looked down at him, trying to remain as calm as she could be for him. She could see that her serene state was helping him, but it was not helping her. Freya could feel her heart racing, thousands of thoughts whirring around in her brain.

As much as she enjoyed the thrill of killing, having control over someone's life, she had wanted to settle down with Elias. They had only been together a year, but in that year he had given her a relationship no one else had. Not even her parents had treated her the way he had and still did... She felt differently about him than she had her biology teacher but that was because he did give her the attention she needed. In her mind, she knew that there wasn't anybody more important. Therefore, she hadn't needed to kill anyone, there was no empty feeling to fill. So, they could have very well lived a happy, normal life and her first kill would have been a thing of the past.

When he had come back from getting a drink and offering her one, she had watched him as he spoke, unsure of what to say to him. Then, just as she had thought of something to say, he would continue speaking. So, she leaned back into the piano and would take sips of the beer, finding a sense of comfort in the cold liquid. When he finally stopped speaking, she nodded her head in agreement to his ending decision.

"We'll have to go back to our place and get some clothes, not too many or it looks suspicious... We should probably change out of these ones." She stated, looking down at her bloodied and torn clothes before back up at Elias. She studied him for a moment before pushing herself from the piano and making her way over to him once again. She raised her hand to his face so that she could cup his cheek. The blood on her hand had been wiped off and so didn't leave a mark.

"We'll be fine, ok? As long as we're careful and clever about this we will be fine." She tried to be reassuring, but she was also trying to reassure herself. She then leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek, giving a small, fake smile. "C'mon, I'm sure these people have something that will fit us." Her hand trailed down from his cheek, over his shoulder and arm before resting into his hand, giving a gentle squeeze.

Then she began to walk away from him and out of the room to go up the stairs to find the owners bedroom. She also needed to wash the blood away from her face, hands, hair and other parts of her body. If they were to get pulled over by the police and they were in the state they were in, well, they wouldn't be going much further than a prison cell. She ran a hand through her hair and took a rather large gulp of the beer in her hand.
  Gwendolyn / canadonewithursh-t / 64d 18h 11m 22s
Elias watched her as she came closer, blood was everywhere on her clothes, hands, face and in her hair. She took his hand, the crimson smeared over his skin and he could not stop the panic of his brain. There were so many red flags, everything was distorted, aching. He was hungry and tired, how could any of this be possible? He was supposed to be a regular guy, they were finally out of college for God's sake, wasn't their life supposed to be normal? He thought they were going to get a house somewhere, get nice jobs and just do regular family things. Weren't they? His brain was rattling off so many questions, he couldn't keep up with it and in exasperation he buried his blood-streaked face against Freya's shirt.

Her voice was so relaxing, her touch so calming, she didn't seem to be scared or even sickened by what they had done. He loosely put his arms around her waist, taking solace in her comforting embrace as she brought the panic down. She mentioned 'they are helping', it stuck out to him. They just made him kill someone. How is that helping? He didn't know what to believe but she seemed not to mind these intrusive beings. How could they be helping when he watched them murder eight people at this party? Elias was silent for a while, just letting himself get lost in Freya's soft comforts, why was she not freaking out? -Why wasn't he freaking out more?

Because he [i liked] the control the monster gave him. A snaking thought coiled around his brain and he didn't question its worth, it was a sense of freedom in death, or in causing death that he wasn't even aware he cared for. He liked the control over others and that was terrifying, Elias was not like that, at least he never thought he was. He was always happy to let people party on their own terms, never really had a dark thought in his life as dark as murder, but here he was. The creature inside him was bringing out things he didn't even know about himself and [b that] was terrifying.

First Kevin, now these people he didn't even know, what were they going to do with the bodies? All the blood? Surely they were going to get caught... Elias shook his head as he pulled back from Freya, his blue eyes finding her beautiful, brown eyes which let him feel a lot calmer, she wasn't afraid and it didn't seem to be the creature. She quieted the doubt in his mind but he still felt horridly ragged, he looked to all the carnage and felt sick to his stomach.

[i 'What should we do... with them?'] Should they do anything? He wanted to cover them up at least, these were human beings but a strange voice in his head told him to leave them, let others see their work. Body parts galore, plenty of them had their heads smashed in from Elias' uncontrollable rage and Freya's sadistic mutilation. Elias closed his eyes to combat the nausea, falling back into Freya's comfort, hugging her close before he finally rose to his feet.

[#0061c2 "I need a drink."] It was all he could say, he was worn out emotionally and physically, and he moved into the house's kitchen where the party had laid out food and drinks. Outside the world still poured with rain, he looked out the window as he washed away the blood from his hands, he couldn't get the red off quick enough. Maybe after a drink or two he could ease his discomfort, Elias thought, actually feeling less sick once the blood was gone. It was still drying in his blond hair but he managed to get the majority of it gone, why was he so nonchalant, was this a product of the monster? Or was he becoming numb to the murders?

Elias gathered food from the people's party yet grimaced with distaste when he popped a piece in his mouth, nothing tasted good anymore and it did not help his stomach. Still, he was able to keep things down and ate anyways without looking at the corpses, if he looked at them he may vomit. Cracking open a bottle of beer he took a swig, again making a poor face at its ashen taste, could he just have something that didn't make him sick to his stomach? Was this the entity's fault? If they were helping him as Freya had mentioned, could they at least help him by not turning everything into disgusting tastes?

[#0061c2 "What is happening to us?"] He came back offering her a bottled beverage like his own, wondering if she knew more than he did. She wasn't screaming, hyperventilating or even looking shocked at what they did, just like she didn't scare when he killed his best friend. Elias still felt nothing concerning Kevin, surely by now he should feel remorse, right? Even more confusing was why Freya was fine with the spirit inside her, did she not mind it intrusive, should she not be freaking out? He nodded absentmindedly to himself before speaking again, [#0061c2 "We should go... find out what's wrong with us. A-A hospital. No..."]

Then he shook his head, his terror had passed and now he felt nothing but a calm serenity, a trick of the thing inside him, it let him have control but he [i knew] it was still there, lurking, waiting for more. Yet in calming down he now began to think of things more seriously; he had to remind himself that they couldn't go to any hospitals. They'd call the police. The demon or spirit inside Elias was wearing him down physically and mentally, deteriorating his will would make it easier for him to be persuaded to commit further atrocities. Perhaps the separate thing inside Freya was influencing her differently, her boundaries were not like his.

[#0061c2 "Maybe not, we..."] He was going to say 'we have to do [i something]' but he stopped, what in the Gods' names were they supposed to do? Try to convince someone that some dead spirit came through a cursed game board and [i made] them kill people? And that it's happened to both of them? [#0061c2 "We should take what we can from here, then ditch the area."] The house party had several vehicles parked out front to choose from, they were bound to have an easy time in escaping providing no one came looking for the host or guests. Which meant they'd have to also ransack the place, taking any money they could find to live comfortably on.

Elias didn't want to think of them on the run, as of now, no one had even mentioned the missing Kevin. It wasn't unlike him to be gone for weeks at a time, they'd be long out of the area by the time anyone would start to worry and by the time they'd find the body, they'd be the least of anyone's suspects. Which meant they could go somewhere else and lay low without raising suspicion, at least for a time. He could adapt to a wandering unsettled life, Elias decided, it would allow them to travel the country unhindered, and he figured it'd be good to get distance from tonight's events. After all, no one would doubt them if they said they'd be going on a road trip, after college they both had nothing to stop them.
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Freya could not explain why she had never felt more enlivened, more exhilarated than when her pale, skinny hands were wrapped around someone's throat. When it was her decision to decide whether they lived or whether they died. Of course, it was always the latter.

It was like a drug, to see them struggle, to see their pain and to see any hope they had left of living vanish. It intoxicated her every time and over the years, it became her addiction. It was as if she had been a mindless shell, walking about the earth with no purpose before she discovered the art of murder.. She had tried many things to get that spark that so many seemed to have. She buried herself in school work to achieve the highest grades and receive praise. But that hadn't been it. She had tried nicotine, drugs and alcohol, they had only taken her so far. Nothing could ever compare to that of seeing the memories of life flash through a person's eyes and then nothing.

She remembered her first kill like it was yesterday. It was her most treasured memory from her childhood and adolescent years. Her parents were too rich and too busy to ever truly care about her and so, she was shipped off to a Catholic Boarding school. The most love she got from her parents was when they had guests over, they simply loved to spoil and gush over their darling daughter then. However, as soon as it was just them, she didn't exist, she was nothing to them.

School was supposed to be her haven, her safe place where she would be noticed and talked to. It was supposed to be where her opinion mattered and could be heard. Instead, as soon as her eleven year old self had stepped through those doors in a red, plaid skirt and shiny, black shoes, the school had decided that she was it's next victim. Victim to the taunts of her classmates, to the shoves and pushes. She was the one teachers would turn a blind eye to if they saw her being cornered by students, that if she put her hand up they would ask someone else and doubt her intelligence. She was the one that if she placed one hair out of line, she would suffer severe consequences.

Verbal and Physical abuse became her life until there was a new teacher. From the moment she had felt his kind, blue eyes on her and heard his gentle, warm voice she was obsessed. Attached, and she craved to be near him when she wasn't. He gave her the attention her parents never had, he listened to her and he cared. She was fifteen years old when she had met him and by the time that she was sixteen, she was in love. Deeply, madly in love with her biology teacher. But, her feelings were never returned. No matter how well she did in his lessons, how sweet she was or how high her skirt rose. He looked at her like the pupil she was and she believed it to be because of his girlfriend.

That woman did not deserve such a man. She hated her and yet had never met her. There were pictures on his desk and all Freya wanted to was to rip them to shreds and burn them to ashes. It was her that should be in those pictures, to be in his arms and to feel his kisses across her. She fantasized about him whenever she could. In the mornings, in lessons and when she was alone in her bed at night. He tore her heart apart when he told them all that he would be proposing to his girlfriend the lesson before they were to break up for the holidays. The rest of the class had wanted to know more and he had told them all how, where and when he was going to do it. She grew sick to her stomach with every detail described, with every word said she slowly lost her mind to a deep, dark desire.

At first she had ignored it, considering it to be an annoying buzzing in her ear, something that would eventually disappear. But, the more she thought of her Biology teacher with his whore of a girlfriend, her desire turned primal.

Summer was in full swing when she had decided to do it. She had taken a bus to the town near to the cottage the couple were staying in and had hired a bicycle for the rest of her journey. The cottage was in the middle of the woods with no one around for miles. It was the perfect spot for a sweet couple, it was also the perfect spot to fulfill her dreams. She had hid the bike in a thick, dense bush and had kept herself low behind a tree as she waited for the right moment to strike. She wore white, rubber gloves and had a baseball bat in her bag.

Her opportunity came as she saw her biology teacher leave the cottage, she could hear his soothing voice faintly telling his girlfriend how much he loved her and she saw them share a short, passionate kiss. This only fueled her rage and she had never been more ready. She patiently waited for ten minutes after he left before she walked to the cottage. From there, it was practically a blur. She couldn’t remember how, but she found herself on top of the woman she so despised, baseball bat in hand and bashing the bloody skull of the lifeless body under her. She suddenly stopped and admired her work.

A satisfied smirk came to her lips and she laughed, her gloved hand caressing the mangled, disconfigured face of a once beautiful woman. She was still warm and Freya had wanted to stay until it grew cold. But, she couldn’t. She had work to do. She stood up and stripped herself of her blood stained clothes and changed into the ones that she had brought spare. She picked up her baseball bat and clothes and threw them into the empty bin, dosing them gasoline before lighting it all on fire. She waited until the contents were nothing more than ashes and she washed the bin out with hot soapy water.

Throughout all of this, she had not once taken off the thin, rubber gloves until she was leaving the cottage. She slipped them off and took a lighter out of her pocket. She held the gloves over the flame and watched as it warped and shrivelled under the extreme heat. It came to a small ball and she pocketed it before picking up the bike, she rode back into the town and she dropped it back off at the shop and returned home. For the first time in her life, she slept with ease and comfort. She felt happy knowing that the woman was gone forever and her biology teacher belonged to her.

The summer rolled into the new year and she was ecstatic to find out that her biology teacher would now be her form tutor too. She got to see more of him and her excitement was shown as she was one of the first students to arrive to class. But, he was not the kind gentleman that he used to be. He had bags under his eyes, stubble growing along his neck, jawline and cheeks. His smile was fake and he no longer looked at her like she was special. He stopped caring and began to ignore her like some of the other teachers and she fell back into the darkness that had been waiting for her with open arms.

From school till college, her parents placed her through various treatments, from therapists,medication and to a mental health institute. None of them worked. They couldn't. How could they when she had tasted the sweetness of murder and had felt the cold sting of heartbreak. She would need to love and kill again for her to ever truly be happy. That came when she met Elias at a College party. He had intrigued her. His upbeat, friendly and adventurous nature caught her eye and it seemed she had caught his. At first, they were very casual. But then, Freya slowly started to develop feelings for him. They scared her. She was afraid that he would not return them. So, she had tried to push him away. He hadn't let her. With this, he had shown she didn't need to be scared because he felt the same way as her. For the year that they were together, she had never been happier and she believed that she couldn't be. She was proven very, very wrong.

The possession seemed to be the icing on the cake for their relationship. She felt this power coursing through her veins whenever the entity took over her body. She would have preferred the killings to be her own actions, but with time she could persuade the entity that took her face. For now, she would watch with glee as countless people died at her hands. No, at their hands. She quickly learned that Elias had another living in his body. But, her boyfriend's mind was deteriorating the more this Entity killed. She was reminded that he was not like her, he did not take pleasure from squeezing the life out of another. She would need to teach him, help him understand. Then, they could enjoy this experience together.

The creature had given back control of her body just at the last kill. Her hand had still been wrapped around the blade that was plunged into the heart of the owner. His eyes were wide in terror and pain. Such a difference from the warm, sympathetic look he had given her at the front door. When she met back with Elias, she could still see that it wasn't him. As much as she didn't like that her boyfriend was being forced into this, she was starting to enjoy the company of the creature. She had danced to the melodies of the piano as Elias played, and even after he had stopped, she still twirled around, running her bloodied fingers through her hair. Then, she heard him speak. She stopped her dancing and turned to him. It was most definitely him. She could see the pain, the horror, confusion in his eyes and the way he held his hand out to her and spoke, all told her that this was [i her] Elias.

She stepped over the bodies, fingers and toes to make her way through to him. She intertwined their fingers before coming to stand directly in front of him, in-between his legs. She let go of his hand and wrapped her arms around him.

"They are helping. You just have to let them." Her voice was calm, soothing and gentle as her thumbs rubbed soft circles into his skin.
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[i ]

[center [b Thirty-Five Years Ago]]
[i "C'mon, it will be fun."] [center [i "It will be fun."]] [right [i "It will be [b fun]."]]

Her distorted voice was echoing through the hazy cavern of his mind, growing deeper until it merged with a demonic growl, reverberating the word 'fun' through his head. She said playing with the board would be fun, it was just a game after all. They had a few drinks beforehand, perhaps that could be the reason everything changed, but the board was supposed to be fake he thought, a sham. He wasn't actually expecting someone to answer, but [b they] did, two souls seemed to talk to them the most; the spirits were eager to comply, using the Ouija board as the conduit between worlds.

The evening was going rather smooth, he thought, talking to the dead people until Elias asked about how they died. They didn't like him prying, or maybe the question just pissed them off because Elias was then knocked out of the kitchen chair onto the floor by some unseen force. It felt like someone took a wooden beam to his head, he even bled from the blow, knowing it was not his mind playing tricks on him. He saw the look of concern on his girlfriend's face before she was flung back out of her own chair, it clattered to the floor as she was sent flying. Then there was darkness, sweet unconsciousness, how it cradled him in its familiar comfort, when he finally seemed to regain actual consciousness three days had passed. It was about a month since then and he still kept losing track of time, he would be awake but not seeing anything, Elias felt like he was constantly looking at himself through an out-of-body experience. Like he had no control over what his body did...

[i 'How was that possible?'] His body had been running on auto-pilot, as if his mind was locked somewhere else, and he felt downright awful. Hungry and tired, so exhausted even though he could swear he would sleep; food tasted like dirt or ash in his mouth, water and drink corroded against his tongue and he could hardly stomach anything for days afterwards. Elias couldn't even count how many days would pass between his fevered affliction and unconsciousness, he felt like he didn't have enough room in his own skin, like something was suffocating him. He was changing into something he did not yet understand, but, he would have a thought creep in with a sick smile he wouldn't be alone for long. She would be joining him.

The next day that Elias 'woke up' from his trance nightmares he made the mistake that changed their lives forever. He was spending time with his girlfriend and his buddy Kevin was checking up on them in the evening, Kevin had been voicing his concerns about their overall appearance changes, clearly worried about their malnourished complexions and how distant they were becoming. Elias was coming around the hall at his house, back to the living room when Elias saw Kevin put his hand on his girl.

He never really considered himself a jealous man, but in that moment-seeing Kevin's hand on her filled him with such [b anger], anger he had never felt before. It was a clogging red emotion that suffocated everything it touched. He hadn't meant to kill first. [i 'First?'] He hadn't meant to kill [b at all], but he was just so consumed in this uncharacteristic rage, it welled up inside him like a boiling pot about to overflow.

Elias grabbed one of his baseball bats without thinking, just seething with wrath he became evil incarnate as he swung as hard as he could against the back of his friend's head. He saw the force of the blow cause Kevin's head to whip to the side, splitting him open and sending the young man to the floor and before his buddy could even raise his head or utter a question Elias was standing over him. He was so pissed off, his body felt like it was in an inferno and he just could [b not] stop swinging; he brought the bat down on his friend again and again. Seeing the blood gush as he cracked open the skull and broke the face under the repetitive blows, every swing was another release of fury, hitting Kevin over and over, covering everything in blood and splattering brain matter with each raise of the bloodied bat. He saw nothing but a sea of red in his mind's eye; a crashing, drowning wave of anger that kept him blinded with rage. The pool of blood was massive as it spilled out onto the floor mirroring the heated emotion of Elias' rage, it was everywhere.

Then Elias felt himself kneel in the mess, horrified to 'see' his own hands picking apart the smashed pieces of his friend and Elias heard himself [i laugh]. The laughing voice that sounded like him but surely could not be him, the cruel laugh was [i laughing at him]. He just murdered his friend, but he could feel nothing-no sadness, no remorse. Why could he feel nothing? The blood, it was everywhere, all over his hands, in his hair and on his face and clothes; the heaps of Kevin's matted hair, broken bone and brains spread about the living room in every way possible. His mind was processing things so maddeningly slow, as if everything he saw was being filtered between two sets of eyes, and he was forced to watch himself having no control over his own body.

He remembered turning to his girlfriend, who he expected to be shrieking in terror and just seeing her smile, a smile that he could swear was not her own, but it used her face. His mind was silently screaming in hysteria that he could not force out, she had taken his bloodied hand, and in maddening horror he watched her lick the blood off his fingers...

[center [b ~*~*~]
[i ~Two hours away from Glenfield, 1985~]]
Crimson puddled on ivory and ebony keys from long, masculine fingers playing a whimsical ballad on the large piano; the blood ran in rivulets down the sides of the piano, its music was filling the large, expansive room. Elias was a musician, it was easy for him to find entertainment in the instruments of their hosts, his blond hair was streaked with strings of sprayed blood as he swayed with the melody. He watched his girl softly dance across the room to his music, the bodies of their gracious hosts littered around her bare feet.

She was covered in gore and death as he was, and yet how effortlessly she moved, flinging strands of blood off her with each twirl around the room. The house party they crashed during the rainstorm was certainly a great party and everyone was [i so] accommodating. Elias still heard the thunder rumble outside and the strong torrent of rain pounded against the windows, but inside they were still celebrating their good fortunes. Getting access to the house was fairly simple, they were both soaked to the bone by the time they made it to the door.

Elias hid himself while his lover played the homeowner with a sad story of being caught out alone in the storm. [i 'Who could say no to her pout? Complete with tears if need-be.'] They would let her in, such bleeding hearts, how full their valves would be to overflowing. When the owner returned to their party guests Elias would be let in and he brought the weapons.

[i 'How did we get here?'] His wearied mind brought him back to the present. He was so tired but no matter how much he slept he woke still exhausted, plagued with nightmares of harsh violence he could hardly imagine. They were gruesome murders, every time he closed his eyes he saw them; Elias' head bobbed loosely on his neck before jerking himself back up. He could fall asleep... right here... He finished playing the song before he could pull himself from the piano, swiveling around on the bench he felt a shift inside his brain, granting a moment of clarity away from the fog to see the butchered bodies. His blood-streaked face accurately conveyed his terror, he managed to let out a strangled cry as tears welled up in his blue eyes. He felt sick. [i 'What was wrong with them?']

This wasn't him! Elias looked down to his dripping hands, nearly hyperventilating as his brain pieced together what they did when he couldn't control himself. It was happening more frequently, almost like losing consciousness as if someone shoved him out of his own body in the haze. Elias felt stretched taut, his body was screaming in physical pain as he finally came into mental focus, his body was starving and enfeebled. [i 'How long had he been on auto-pilot?']

He caught the gaze of his girlfriend, she was in the same boat, yet was she mentally lucid like he was right now? Or if he spoke to her would the [b creature] that wore her face answer? The person that he loved and the person who butchered children were not the same, the beast behind her eyes would often whisper to him at night, her mouth inches from his ear spilling out the most vile yet hauntingly beautiful things for him to dream. Which made him think, was the monster inside him tormenting her when she was 'awake'? Was the monster that had him covered in blood, terrorizing her with his face? It was sickening to think about, Elias couldn't quite remember the last time both of them were lucid and awake at the same time. [i 'Was it a week ago?'] Elias took a deep breath, extending a hand towards his partner and with a shaky voice spoke freely for the first time in a long while.

[#0061c2 "Help me."]
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