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Hello! Looking for a roleplay partner who is semi-literate to literate, meaning someone willing to type around a paragraph per post. If that sounds like something you like, then please let me know what you're interested in doing.

I'm currently interested in anything
True crime
Cliche higschool
Gothic inspired horror
More adult content
And any mixture of the list :3
Partner must be 18+ please and thank you! ~

I am keeping this short and sweet for the time being but we can plot more and discuss what we would like to do! Females, Males, and non-binary accepted!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Are you looking for anyone at the moment? Im a bit out of shape, but I've been in need of some help for my story
  Saraya air spirit / Bloody_Eve / 119d 19h 4m 44s

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