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Back in the olden days, a sick young child of the name Kotomi would spend her lonely days keeping after the house her parents left her as they past on. One day during her nightly cleaning sessions, Kotomi stumbled upon a large brown book and, to her surprise, found that it had been one of her mothers' journals that were kept hidden from her timid daughter for so many years. To her, the knowledge that the book contained was too much for little Kotomi. The sick child read until her little heart could take no more. Her eyes began to glow with couriousity and awe. For all this time, she was away from the truth of their families exile. Betrail. The journals first few pages read: "Many years ago, the two villages of the small country Takinam lived peacfully together. Sharing with others, care for others, nothing but love.Despite both sides consisting of irregular beings, we got along. Every race, every specises, everying being lived in pure harmony. All went well until news broke out about their being a magic stone which possed the qualities needed to obtain eternal life. The two villages tried their best to prove that one was better than the other village.Because of these selfish thoughts, the two villages separated themselves and worked to seak the said stone. Soon, many of the others got sick of the competition and war broke out. Years past and now they continue live on seprate sides of this tiny country. It's a wonder now, which village will gain immortality. But of course, with imortality comes power. And with this power of said eternal life, all is possible. One or the other will surely rise above and claim domination over these troubled times. This country has gone mad. The only way to get out of this tight fix was to set a false trail and escape with only the clothing on our backs. In our old age and lack of visitation to out former home, it's a wonder who found the great stone. Alas... it's over. All over..."

It's not.

Koba village Vs. Chuko Village.

~Rules of course~

-There is fighting, so if I see even a bit of God-modding, I'll boot.
-Prophane language is advised.
-Skelly. Post "Purple monkeys" In your skelly so that I know you've read the rules.
-You do not need to write pages, just be literate and at least put in a lengthy paragraph.
Remember, this is modern times.

Powers If any:
Character bio:


Name:Kotomi Etsuko
Gender: Female
Powers:Super human screams and transformation
(size10 As the last of her race, Kotomi has had to learn the ways of her former people to help fix their troubled times by the tightest bit of knowledge she can remember from watching the villigers in her home tribe. Koba held the title of most powerful section of the East side. Kotomi's childhood memories encouraged her to do great things; But after her mother died, she quit everything she held close to her. Her Father, going into an emotional rampage during battle and being killed while doing so, left her nothing but property. Yet, things like that have never caught her interest. She now lives just outside the Koba village.
Village: Let's go, Koba!

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