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Who am I? I'm an old wolf dabbling in this familiar scene, looking to rekindle some magic from years past.

Were I in my prime, I'd have an extensive bio, a header with subsections, elaborate fonts, and perfectly bordered pictures somewhere about here along with a list of preferences.

For now, here's all I'm looking for:

A mature partner, preferably over the age of 21
Someone craving a good story, capable of strong writing
Long-term commitment - a post a day is great, but once a week is still fine
A writer that moves our story forward gracefully

A few general plots I'm looking to explore:

The twisted relationship between a son and daughter from two powerful rival covens
What follows after an angel asks a demon to help her rescue a prisoner entombed in the deepest prisons of hell
[s An adventurer and his/her spouse travelling across a plagued fantasy realm searching for an undiscovered cure]

I'm also always very happy to hear about any ideas you might have yourself, reader. ;)

See you soon.

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