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Everyone knows the idea behind soul mates. The old idea that every person in the world has one other person that they are meant to be with from birth. Soul mates might not be real, but in a world where all sorts of paranormal creatures live, there is something very similar that does exist.

Every vampire in the world has one human-- in very rare cases it can even be another supernatural creature-- whose blood will taste better than that of any other being in the world. These are called Blood Matches. No two vampires have the same Blood Match, just as no being can be the Blood Match to more than one vampire and no vampire has more than one Blood Match. While extremely difficult for a vampire to find their Match, it is not impossible and happens often enough for there to be no doubt that they exist. There is no guarantee of romantic attraction, however, and oftentimes Blood Matches are treated like objects or gourmet meals by their Vampire matches.

How can a vampire find their Blood Match? The only way is by tasting their blood. Vampires will often feel an unexplainable hunger for their Match's blood before they know that that person is their Match, but they won't know for sure until they bite them.

That brings us to our story.

Kazalla is a known vampire hater. As a normal human, she has had to fight to survive in their chaotic world since she was born. She thrived under the harsh conditions of being an inferior species in a world of predators, and has become the single most dangerous human currently alive. Able to hold her own against mages, ghosts, werebeasts, and even the mighty Vampires, she is often compared to a force of nature that seemingly defies logic. After all, how could a weak human be so strong?

But not even the strongest human could stand a chance when outnumbered by vampires ten to one. Captured, the warrior was forced into blood slavery. Her neck was off limits, as she would lose value if her neck was bitten before she was sold. But potential buyers would sometimes scratch or nip her arm to taste her blood; and every last vampire agreed that her blood was far too bitter to ever be considered edible.

Out of choices, the vampire slaver decides to sell her off to one of the most powerful vampires in the area, the vampire Lord of the district he had been traveling in, as a toy to break rather than a human to use for feeding. In fact, since no vampire could seem to stomach her blood the slaver decides to hand her over to this vampire Lord for free.

A human so strong and stubborn as to be compared to a force of nature, suddenly forced to live with an equally stubborn vampire known for his cruelty and often compared to a living nightmare. Kazalla had been determined to escape.

But the vampire Lord, despite knowing that no vampire has been able to stomach her blood, can't help but feel drawn to her throat. Every time he looks at her, his hunger spikes for seemingly no reason.

It isn't until he finally brings himself to bite her that he realizes why; she is his Blood Match.

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[#1812d3 "That could work, but then again we'd have to be rather stealthy about it and I don't want you to be uncomfortable inside the bag, unless you want me to sedate you."] He had considered all of the points that Kazalla had made, and they had been extensive. It was true, this was going to be the biggest trust exercise yet between the vampire and the known vampire hater and hunter.

He thought about it a moment longer before explaining the whole 'sedation' thing to her. [#1812d3 "You know vampires are made correct? But you also know about what Vampire blood can do to a human when it's not used to turn them; including sedation. I could quite literally knock you out with a drop of my blood, three drops and you'd be as high as a kite. You only need a tablespoon to be turned into one of us."]

He had found it so sweet of her to over talk as if she feared she would be taken in the wrong way or that his 'ego' would be easily angered; which it rarely ever was. No one ever seemed to take Nathaniel for the kind of guy who only got mad when things were truly bad; those who had wronged him in the past and survived to tell the tale; had unfortunately taken up the stance that they had only survived because of his ego deciding their fate for them.

[#1812d3 "So you are aware of Natalia then, yes she's back at the mansion thinking you're there and she's looking to profit off the fact that if she has you she'll be placed at a highest status than me; granted... she'd also keep you pretty drugged up on her blood so you don't question her authority which is what she does to all of her underlings. Human or vampire."] he took another sip of his wine and tossed several more sticks into the fire watching the flames flicker [#1812d3 "She's a bitch, with what she does and everything, I mean she practically wants to marry me so she can secure my money and my lands because as of status I am still higher than she'll ever be."]

The thing was that hierarchy wise, Nathaniel was higher than the crazed woman; a Lord was considered the regional king in and amongst the vampires, above the Lord was the King or Emperor back in Romania. The Lords served the Emperor in exchange for land, wealth, feeders, power... that kind of thing. Nathaniel rarely ever dealt with the Royal court because rarely ever did things happen enough to warrant having to travel there. Fontaine however was just below him at Duchess, if he married her; she'd be boosted to Lady and it'd be game over for the sanity and free will of all of his subjects.

He also hadn't minded the fact that she was entirely skeptical of all of this, wouldn't he be too? If he were in her shoes he'd have run far far away and taken one of the guns... which he knew were inside the tower with her to shoot anything dead with silver or blessed bullets. He also found it rather amusing that she thought that by being around him; she was going to be forced to live her life in captivity with him constantly baby-ing her. [#1812d3 "As far as the rest of vampire society is concerned I haven't found you yet. In fact they assume I've killed mine because the rumour mill has it that Sophia was mine and she clearly wasn't if Fontaine's mother fucking mate killed her."]
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Kazalla raised her eyebrows at she watched Nathaniel begin to talk about hiding her in a body bag to essentially smuggle her back to the mansion. [b “That plan could work, but only if you made sure you were the only one to handle the bag with me inside. Plus, you’d have to go back to the house or have someone bring it out here. If someone else ended up with the bag while I’m inside it, I could get taken to a morgue or tossed in a fire to be cremated, or even just end up scaring the crap out of someone and ruining the whole thing,”] she pointed out. [b “Besides. The fact that I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here, by willingly going back with you and giving this whole... living with you thing a shot, does not automatically mean that I trust you enough to crawl into a body bag, where I will be essentially helpless, and let you carry me around.”]

Kazalla shut her mouth when he began to ramble a little about the duchess and collecting, rolling her eyes almost fondly at the whole thing. Geez this guy really wanted to make a good impression, always clarifying and trying extra hard to avoid more misunderstandings. It was kind of endearing. [b “First— are we talking about Fontaine? Because I’ve been avoiding that bitch and all the people she’s sent to try to capture me for three years now. Second— I don’t care about the damn heads. They didn’t traumatize me, I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse in my lifetime. I just recognized a few hunters that are there and it caught me off guard, I’ll be fine. Thirdly— she can try to murder you all she fucking wants, but I’m not about to let anyone come between me and my first attempt at having a cordial relationship with a vampire.”]

Kazalla paused, grabbing the thermos of soup again and starting to drink more from it as Nathaniel continued to speak. She hummed, not really understanding his opinion on chains but not caring enough to argue. Then his bit about leaving actually processed in her head, and she almost did a spit take on the soup. For a moment, the hot liquid caught in her throat and she coughed, punching her chest until her breathing was back to normal. She took in a few gasping breaths until she was back to normal, looking over at him incredulously.

[b “Let me get this straight,”] she said, speaking slowly. [b “You found out I’m your blood match, which is super rare and coveted amongst vampires. Then, because apparently you’re one of the only decent vampires alive, you decide to treat me well. Which, okay, I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around but I’m trying. I run away, doesn’t matter why right now, but I do. And you come out in the middle of a snowstorm to take me back. And now you’re offering to just... let me go?”] she shook her head, chuckling in disbelief. [b “You’re actually offering to just let me go after a week, when most vampires would do anything to have or meet their blood match and keep them nearby for— well, forever,”] she stared at him, wide-eyed, before chuckling again and chugging a little soup. When she put the thermos back down, she shook her head one more time. [b “Damn, you’re weird. I’m not complaining, but holy shit you are the weirdest vampire I have ever met.”]

Kazalla leaned back a little, just drinking soup and munching on sandwiches as she alternated before looking curiously at Nathaniel and keeping an eye on their surroundings. She wasn’t usually much of a talker, but apparently Nathaniel and their recent conversations had made her speak a lot more than she usually would. She needed to soothe her voice, which was a little worn out from suddenly talking more than it was accustomed to, before she could speak again. She huddled a little closer to Nathaniel in their now slightly-looser blanket cocoon. He might not appreciate it much, because of the whole craving-her-blood thing, but Kazalla actually needed it. Even if his vampire body didn’t produce much heat, it was still much warmer than the snowy world around them and much needed warmth for Kazalla’s vulnerable human body.

[b “... I’m glad I ran away from the mansion,”] she said suddenly after almost ten minutes of comfortable silence. [b “If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have noticed how weird you are. Weird isn’t a bad thing, by the way. I think that being weird is good for a vampire. I would have just continued to treat you like the enemy, if I hadn’t run away,”] she sipped at her soup, which was almost empty by then. [b “besides. It might be cold as hell, but it’s kinda nice sitting here with ya. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to relax like this.”]
  Kazalla / catthhay / 76d 6h 35m 54s
[#1812d3 "I suppose they do want me to bring you back dead. Completely drained of blood."]
he empathised at the thought of the pain she was currently dealing with. He agreed that people expected her to be brought back in a body bag... a body bag... perfect. [#1812d3 "I mean I just had a thought although it might seem a little ridiculous and a bit much. Seeing as we have been out here quite some time, it's going to be assumed you froze to death. If we transport you back in a body bag. No one would assume anything if you then just decided to live in my wing undisturbed."] He then added without much thought [#1812d3 "Besides if don't just want to sit around, no one really takes care of my wing, I don't particularly like random people inside of there. If it's just you and occasionally Rupert. I don't mind if you clean and make my wing... which is rather lifeless and empty your own."]

He tossed the ideas back and forth in his mind, the issue was; was that Natalia was probably still back at the mansion and considering her status as a collector he hissed at the thought. [#1812d3 "But either way, we have to make sure people think you're dead. The Duchess, is a bit of a mad collector and I have a bad feeling she wants you to become another one of her puppets. I know you've seen my basement and the heads. I collect heads. Yes. I mean sometimes I am not proud of it and I wish I could just bury those heads. And yet I am not her at least. If she catches word of your arrival and existence she'll do just about anything to murder me to have you."]

He didn't much like her comment about chains, he felt that chains weren't really meant.. to exist, well in some cases it kept people who would hurt themselves from obviously causing harm and yet for Kazalla to be so absolutely fine with them... going as far as to call them 'hard-earned, heavy jewelry' broke his heart just a little. [#1812d3 "No chains. I am sorry but you don't deserve them, I understand how you might be used to them because of the past. But it won't be happening whilst you are here. Course, if say by the end of the week you still cannot tolerate living inside my mansion, let Rupert know. He'll give you supplies and a year's worth of money. And you can leave, make a run for it. I won't chase after you. If that's what you desire most of all."]

Saying that, made his heart lurch... terribly. Would he be ok knowing she would be off living her life free of him? He didn't know... in fact he regretted making that comment... he was such and idiot. He took another large mouthful of wine to stop himself from saying anything else.
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 77d 43m 13s
Kazalla watched closely as Nathaniel reacted, her eyes never leaving his face as he almost choked on his wine and tried to calm himself down. She knew exactly what kind of effect her words would have on him when she said them, which was exactly why she had. Somehow, this man passed her pop quiz, of sorts, making her eyes narrow as she thought about what this meant. She could leave. After all, he hadn’t been able to find her when she had originally ran into the forest so there was a good chance that she could lose him again and escape. Go back to her normal life. Take odd jobs, hunt lowlives, fight for food and shelter and constantly be chased from city to city and country to country.

Or she could stay with the only vampire she’d ever met who actually, legitimately cared about her consent and free will and spoke to her like she was an equal.

His voice brought her out her thoughts as he asked how bad the pain was. She blinked, raising an eyebrow. [b “It’s like somebody is holding a lighter to my throat to try and get an even char,”] she deadpanned. It really did hurt like hell, and Kazalla had been through just about every injury a person can have without being permanently disabled afterwards. She could tolerate gashes and bruises and even broken bones or dislocated joints fairly easily by then, but the burning in her throat was slowly wearing away at her incredible pain tolerance. She hummed at his next suggestion. [b “That might help,”] she agreed, not about to tell him how her offer for him to bite her was just a ruse so she could get a better read on him. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Then he started talking about what would happen when they went back to the mansion, and Kazalla couldn’t help a short bark of laughter. [b “Chain me up? Please, you and I both know that they don’t even expect you to bring me back alive,”] she retorted, rolling her eyes. She wasn’t stupid or naive, she knew how vampire politics worked. She knew how vampires treated their property. [b “I’d prefer to stay in your wing,”] she admitted. She rather not go back to that tower at all if she could help it, especially with that pesky ghost that thought she could just drop out of nowhere and magically solve all her problems. Hah. [b “And if you have to chain me up, then chain me up,”] she shrugged. That part didn’t really matter to her. [b “I know that preserving your image and strength in the eyes of the rest of the vampires in important. You and I both know already that chains don’t hamper me as much as they should. I like to think of them as hard-earned, heavy jewelry.”]
  Kazalla / catthhay / 77d 16h 50m 10s
He almost choked on the wine in his mouth, swallowing the mouthful and taking a moment to digest her words, he could bite her and have a little taste but his body had technically gorged on blood several hours beforehand. He cleared his throat and hit his chest telling himself over and over to calm down. [#1812d3 "If we were anywhere else, right now. If any other vampire heard that they would have outright devoured you."] once he was certain he was calm he took another deep breath [#1812d3 "Hell I want to bite you now but I refrain because I just don't think it's right to go about biting people, no matter who they are. Besides... once I bite you, it's game over red over. You become the vampire equivalent of living property; in the intimate sense. I would die without and other blood... well my body would reject it. Which is why I'm glad I drank from your arm first and not your throat or we would be screwed."]

He hadn't mentioned the fact well really he was conflicted internally. Most of the time blood matches, especially in this case - if one was human and the other a vampire; it was only natural for the vampire to want their blood match to remain with them forever, therefore having them turned either with or without their absolutely consent. Nathaniel didn't want to be the monster who decided things, like this for Kazalla. He himself; had... had that choice stripped from him and he didn't want to do the same for the girl. [#1812d3 "Besides. How bad is the pain really?"] as he said that another pang of hunger swept him and he forced himself to drink another gulp of wine. Vampires didn't get drunk unless the person they were feeding from was intoxicated or high on substances. [#1812d3 "If you want, we can head back to the mansion, and we can split away from each other until the feeling in your throat goes away? I don't want to do anything that's not purely you. Right now the bond is screaming for you to do one thing, but I want you to be absolutely certain in your own mind."]

Nathaniel knew that if and when they returned to the mansion there would be a million if not a billion questions about what the hell went down in the woods and why he hadn't just killed her for escaping or for disobeying... he couldn't be seen as weak now could he? [#1812d3 "I must warn you, that if and when we return. People there will expect me to be a rather harsh upon you; I don't want to admit it but they'll want me to chain you up. If you would rather not the tower you can stay in my wing."]
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 78d 18m 13s
The hunter’s mind was a whirlwind of too many thoughts, but she seemed to be fairly calm. Unlike back at the mansion, when the tower had so thoroughly overwhelmed her, this time was different. She seemed to be taking the news of being somebody’s blood match remarkably well, simply stuck in thought as she mulled over everything that this meant.

[b “I don’t blame you for the leg thing,”] She said, shrugging through their blanket burrito. [b “now that I know I’m your blood match... it makes sense that you’d have a thought like that. I wouldn’t even blame you if you did just bite me now, though like you said that might be the connection between us influencing me,”] she admitted, sighing. Her throat ached and throbbed, making her clear her throat in discomfort. [b “I’d like that. The reward-system, I mean. It’s easier to wrap my head around, it might help me deal with... with everything,”] she didn’t even notice when she began to slump closer to him. It was as if her body instinctually wanted to be as close to him as possible.

[b “Thank you,”] she said for the first time. Never had she said thank you, throughout the rest of the day earlier. Not when she was fed or her wounds were cared for, or her chains were taken off. It was easy to see that those simple words, ‘thank you,’ seemed to mean a lot more to her than most people. [b “For resisting, even though you want to bite me so badly. Caring about my opinion isn’t really something I’m used to, so thanks.”]

The silence stretched for a long moment before she cleared her throat again. [b “But, uh. My neck... really hurts. Being this close to you isn’t helping— this isn’t really one of my best plans, hah. So, um. If you wanted to take a quick nip or anything,”] Kazalla’s face was bright red in embarrassment. Being this vulnerable around someone and actually offering up something like her blood was a completely foreign experience, and it embarrassed her. [b “I wouldn’t mind.”]
  Kazalla / catthhay / 78d 17h 30m 36s
He could feel her suddenly start to pull away, [i "I'm stuck."], he let her struggle a little longer before letting her go and helping them to both sit up. He still kept her close though. The look on her face told him everything he found himself giving her a sheepish smile [#1812d3 "Suppose you understand then?"] He looked back to the bag and reached for the bottle of wine, at least if he drank that he wouldn't be tempted to bite down on her throat. [#1812d3 "They're rare. So I wouldn't blame you entirely if you didn't understand the whole dynamic."]

He didn't really know how to explain it himself but he probably had a better understanding than she did [#1812d3 "Your blood tastes like the finest and most divine... I mean there's really no way to describe it. I have this overwhelming sense to protect you. I mean I didn't even expect to care so much so quickly. I mean.... if I am being honest when I found out you had run out here. I half wanted to chase you down and break your legs."] He gave her an apologetic look. [#1812d3 "Vampires like to hunt and chase... but we like to kill and feed more and I just, I don't want to do that to you. If everything back... home is too much than we can dull it down and make things so... it's like a reward or earn system so you don't feel so guilty or uncomfortable."]

He tossed another small-ish log onto the fire and watched as the flames consumed the wood, fire had always fascinated him and he sighed in half contentment [#1812d3 "It might also explain why you feel like I should bite you and be done with it. I won't; not unless you ask me. As much as I desire too; until you can feel you trust me. The demons within me. The life and sometimes the lies I live in. I won't touch you."]

That he could promise. Nathaniel was a man of his word. He was not a man to break his word. His time as a soldier had taught him that much, humans depended on honesty and being straightforward and it was something he had brought with him now that he was something rather unholy and undead.
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 78d 17h 50m 56s
Kazalla listened to his story patiently, quite comfortable in the cocoon she had made for them and the buzzing in her neck slightly calming down in the cold.

[i Now tell me. What makes you think your blood is so bitter to everyone?”]

[b “Because everyone who tasted it said that—“]

[i “Have you ever heard of blood matches?”]

Kazalla went perfectly still, eyes blowing open wide. [b “oh,”] she said, suddenly everything clicking into place. The way he said he would enjoy her blood, the way her neck buzzed and burned around him, even the way he seemed concerned for her could be explained by it. Kazalla took a deep breath, suddenly remembering that Nathaniel had tasted her blood when the slaves had handed her over, so he would know...

[b “... I’m your blood match?”] she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. [b “I didn’t... I had only heard about them a few times in rumors, but when everyone said that I tasted so bitter, I guess I thought it would be impossible for me to have a Vampire Match,”] she admitted, licking her chapped lips and obviously being a bit rattled by this epiphany. But the realization also brought a new burning lust to her throat, it was like looking at a cut and suddenly feeling more pain from it than before. Now that she knew she was his match, her body wanted his bite [i so much more.]

She gulped, suddenly aware of the predicament she had gotten them into with her blanket cocoon. She slowly tried to get out of it, to help both of them out, but quickly found out it wasn’t going to be that easy. After a few seconds to squirming, Kazalla’s face twisted up in a grimace.

[b “... I’m stuck.”]
  Kazalla / catthhay / 78d 18h 9m 24s
He fell back - thankfully onto the snow, immediately he was engulf in warmth, not just from the blankets but from Kazalla herself. If he had been human he would have appreciated it, but in this case; as he was very much a vampire. This situation put him in an incredibly delicate situation. He decided it would be best to focus on what she had just said.

[#1812d3 "Even the most downtrodden creatures, the most despicable and deprived. Deserve to be given the respect and at least the acknowledgment of their existence and dignity."] He paused telling himself to ignore her scent at all costs. [#1812d3 "I suppose when I was a human, once upon a time... I was not you. But I was; someone who suffered. As the underling of a very evil person who didn't care at all about anyone. He's actually the bastard who turned me into a vampire."]

He couldn't continue he was just consumed by her scent and he wanted nothing more to bite her. [#1812d3 [i STOP]] his mind reeled; he shut his eyes and wrapped his arms around him, comforted by her weight but also by the fire; the snow had stopped falling now. Leaving them surrounded in a blanket of fresh white snow; the occasional howl of the wind was all that reminded him that he was outside. [#1812d3 "I was a soldier once upon a time, and I was abused. I mean that man is dead now, and he's actually one of the jars in my basement. But I don't think you need a reminder of that place."]

He could drain her dry, right here. Right now and that would be it. She wouldn't have to suffer, she'd get her wish. But he held himself back; his restraint was thin already... and she just added a whole level of other suffering. [#1812d3 "Now, tell me. What makes you think your blood is so bitter to everyone?" Have you ever heard of blood matches?"]
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 78d 18h 26m 49s
Kazalla was silent for a while, watching Nathaniel curiously. He was really different from any person she had ever met before, not just the vampires. Maybe if she watched him long enough, she could figure him out. She took the soup, not going on the tent like he told her to. Instead she just drank soup and took a few bites out of a small triangle of sandwich, watching him as if she was trying to decipher the secrets of the universe. She had finished one small triangle sandwich before she decided to speak up.

[b “You confuse me,”] she told him, deciding that it was time to be blunt now since he hadn’t seemed to understand before. [b “I’ve had to fight for my life, my whole life. Nothing is ever easy. I’m not saying this to get your pity or anything, it’s just a fact. I’m used to being abused, being taken advantage of and chased and having to fight for everything I need to survive,”] she didn’t sound upset about that. Instead, she seemed as calm as if she were talking about the weather. She paused to take a sip of soup. [b “So the way you treat me, I don’t get it. Usually, when someone is nice to me or gives me stuff, it’s a trick. But a scammer wouldn’t walk into snow and risk freezing for someone he didn’t know, so. I guess I’ll give you a chance,”] she tilted her head, her eyes appearing to almost see right through him as she analyzed the vampire. [b “But you know, I need time to adjust. If you want to be kind to me, which I still don’t understand but whatever, you have to give me time to adjust. Throwing me from a dog-eat-dog world right into a luxurious tower and gourmet meals is... like whiplash. it’s too sudden for me. Baby steps,”] she suggested. Then she held up the other blanketx, suddenly jumping up and ambushing him in...

A hug?

Sure enough, Kazalla had sprung on top of Nathaniel, careful to avoid the fire, and wrapped him up tightly in the blanket before hugging him tightly and wrapping the second blanket around both of them. [b “Body heat. Keeps us warm longer than fire.”]
  Kazalla / catthhay / 78d 18h 45m 40s
He had allowed himself to settle into just sitting on the ground, and had almost resented making the decision altogether to search for the girl. By the time the wolves had returned with the tent he had found himself half out of his mind numb and half out of his mind pissed that he couldn't even remember how to pitch a tent.

However he set to work instead of starting a fire, and by the time he had managed to make the small flame, not disappear in the howling wind; he could hear someone step through the snow, he didn't bother looking up, but nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard her voice as she approached.

Part of him was a little pissed with himself now for destroying Kazalla's chance of staying warm, he should have known she would have followed the foxes to their den. She would have been warm then and safe from the snow; and yet he had been selfish to an almost idiotic degree. [#1812d3 "I came looking for you. I didn't want you to freeze to death. I nearly did before I was turned into the monster that I am."] He continued to focus on the fire, feeding it small pieces of wood. [#1812d3 "Keep an eye on the fire, I am going to do my best to find where the hell those wolves put the blankets in the bags before I try to pitch the tent again."]

He left no room for argument as he turned away and set to work, soon finding that the wolves had indeed provided Nathaniel and Kazalla with a small thermo of soup, sandwiches - probably Rupert's doing and wine for Nathaniel. Furthermore there were blankets, thick fur blankets; he handed one to Kazalla. Before setting about pitching the tent.

It took longer than he thought but soon enough the large tent was up, he stretched his cold limbs; half of him wanting to just curl up by the fire he had made again; he shook his head. [#1812d3 "Get inside the tent. It's probably going to be warmer in there, there's soup if you want it. I can stay out here and watch the fire."]
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 78d 18h 59m 16s
Kazalla had fallen into a comfortable sleep, warm next to the foxes. But a sound woke her up, making her groan in disagreement. She wanted to sleep.

[i “Kazalla!”]

She started, eyes opening at the sound of somebody calling her name. But who would care to look for her? She groaned again, sitting up slightly in the small fox den. She didn’t have much space to move or she would risk squishing a kit, but she did her best. Was that..? She listened harder. Yes, it was Nathaniel’s voice. What in the world..? Why would he look for her, especially when it was snowing this badly? She frowned, she didn’t want him to risk dying or getting hurt just for her sake even if it was a stupid decision to come looking for her. She sighed, looking down at the sleeping foxes as she took the kit on her side and gently laid them down with their siblings.

[b “I guess I can’t get a good rest, can I?”] she asked the foxes, not expecting an answer. She sighed, carefully shuffling around so that she could exit the den without hurting any of them. She instantly regretted it, hissing and hugging herself against the bitter cold outside the den. It had been so warm and dry inside the miniature cave, and now she was fully exposed to the cold wind and snow when all she had on were Nathaniel’s pants and long sleeve shirt. None of it was meant for keeping her warm.

She trudged carefully through the snow, until she found a familiar head of blond hair. She sighed, thoroughly annoyed. She crossed her arms, shivering badly in the cold. [b “I know how to survive in the wilderness, rich boy,”] she told him snarkily, clearly in her element despite the violent shivers. [b “I was nice and warm sleeping in a fox den with a family of foxes, but no. What are you doing? I just wanted some peace and quiet, I would have been fine,”] she said as she walked over, sitting down next to him. [b “I don’t understand you at all.”]
  Kazalla / catthhay / 78d 19h 17m 11s
The storm had rolled in sooner than anticipated, and boy did the snow fall fast and hard. Nathaniel found himself almost stupidly underdressed. He inhaled and shut his eyes, trying to cut out all of the other scents and noises; and soon heard the fast thumping of a fox's heart. He looked around trying to find its source and found himself confused. Where was the fox?

He heard a noise in a distance and the yap of a fox kit, he decided that would be the best place to head; perhaps she had been attracted by the local wildlife and maybe she had fallen into a trap after all. He had no time to waste, in this climate she would freeze; though he was also at risk of freezing himself. Vampires were invulnerable to a lot of things, but frost bite to Nathaniel at least, was a scary and very real threat. He had suffered frost bite before he was turned into a Vampire and now... it scared him at the thought of his pristine body turning to ice. [#1812d3 "Kazalla!"] There was no point trying to hide how desperate he sounded. He didn't want his blood match to die!

He had been first introduced to the concept and idea of blood matches by his sire, who had explained their importance and rarity, his sire had none. But envied those of their kind who did. [#1812d3 "Kazalla! Where are you! Please tell me you're safe!"] he found himself at odds, he was a vampire, a cruel bloodthirsty angry vampire and here he was fussing that a female he didn't know, who had the capability of lopping his head off; and her safety, was he losing his fucking mind?

He came to a stop at what seemed to be footprints, hers. They were near covered by the snow by the time he saw them. She was still no where to be found and it seemed as though she had disappeared into thin air. His heart lurched. He found himself instinctively rubbing his arms. [#1812d3 "Wolves. Go back to the mansion. Go get me a tent and camping supplies. I am staying out here till I find her. Go tell the Duchess things have gotten worse. That she should leave and head for her home immediately. Before the snow becomes an impossibility."] He watched as the wolves disappeared back in the direction of his home.

He crouched down and huffed a small patch of steam from his mouth. [#1812d3 "Where are you Kazalla?"]
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 78d 19h 31m 42s
Kazalla knew her way around woods. Just entering them helped her relax immensely, and she breathed out a sigh of relief. She trailed her hands long the tree trunks, basking in the comforting feel of their roughness on her callused fingertips. She figured guards or maybe even Nathaniel himself would be coming after her soon, but she didn’t really care. She just needed to be away for a while.

Her skilled eyes easy caught onto a trap, allowing her to avoid tripping it. However, a rustle in the bushes stoped her in her tracks. A soft yip caught her attention, and she turned. A fox cub had snuck out of the den, and was sniffing around the trap.

[b “Oh hell no,”] Kazalla muttered, never someone who would just let a kid of any species die. She surged forward, yanking the cub away only seconds before the trap snapped shut. It would have killed the poor thing. The fox whined and squirmed in her grasp, and she frowned down at it. [b “That was reckless. You need to be more careful, or you’re going to worry your mom,”] she scolded the animal gently, putting it back down. Next thing she knew, the mother fox herself had come out, sniffing and licking her baby in relief. Kazalla was about to leave, having done her job, when the fox gently bit her fingers. Not to draw blood, but just to get her attention. Kazalla blinked, tilting her head. [b “you want me to come with you?”] the mother fox started gently guiding both Kazalla and her child away, and the human had no choice but to follow. She laughed. This was normal. Saving a child and having the mother insist to help in return— normal. And from an animal? It was heartwarming and adorable. So Kazalla went along with it.

The fox led her to her den, which was fairly big but still cozy. Kazalla stalled, looking up at the dark ending sky. She could read the weather just fine— she wasn’t an actual animal, after all. She knew it was going to snow soon. [b “Oh, you don’t have too—“] the fox just barked and started pushing Kazalla towards the den more insistently. Kazalla laughed again. [b “Okay, okay. More body heat to go around, I guess.”] Pretty soon, the fox had successfully prodded Kazalla into the back of the den, where the much larger human was able to curl around the other three cubs. Then the mother dropped the last cub, the one who Kazalla had saved, on top of Kazalla’s side before curling up in front of all of them. It made a very warm little dug-out den that would protect them all from the snow and freezing weather. Kazalla snuggled up against the foxes, who were all preparing to sleep as well. The silence was blissful, and she didn’t have to worry about any confusion.

This was nice.
  Kazalla / catthhay / 78d 21h 41m 15s
He continued to amuse the Duchess, though his mind was focused more so on Kazalla, he didn't let that show. He refused to. As they chatted, her drinking from some of his feeders and what not; he hadn't expected to start hearing barking from the woods around his property. What the hell was going on? Furthermore wasn't a snow storm in bound? He dismissed himself; telling the Duchess he would be back after making sure things were fine.

Owen met him in front of the back door to the mansion, the male werewolf smelt like iron and fire. He was the alpha amongst the werewolves that resided and guarded the mansion. [i "She's run off into the woods. Thomas and Levi told me."] [#1812d3 "She won't get very far, especially if the storm sets in. She'll freeze to death, and the clothes she was wearing...."] he trailed off.

Christ he should have kept her chains on, but he wanted to give her a chance to be free and to have her freedoms, now she had gone and run the hell off leaving him no choice but to make chase for his blood match. [#1812d3 "Keep the Duchess and her people busy. Tell them things are a little busy and I'll be back before dinner."] [i "Will do."] without much thought he ran out the door.

[Center -Meanwhile-]

[i "Well if there is trouble let me help."] Natalia had listened to the werewolf and had understood the situation, she was here now and what if Nathaniel had been lying and this person who had run off was Kazalla after all. She shot her guards a look [i "Please go assist the Lord in catching his prey. We wouldn't want him harmed by vermin now do we?"] they left without much thought and she resumed chatting to the other lesser ranked noble vampires who had now entered the parlour to amuse her and keep her busy.

[Center -In the Woods-]

He could distinguish her scent, and he could hear her pulse; so he followed his nose and his ears, she hadn't gotten very far; and in the time she had left the weather had become progressively less stable, the clouds were starting to cover the place, it was going to start snowing and it was going to kill her if he didn't find her. He assumed she could at least start a fire in the event of snow but he didn't want to take any chances. Alongside him were two werewolves who were circling the area; he turned his head at the sight of two of the Duchess's guards. Fuck. [#1812d3 "What do you two want?"] [i "We were asked to come assist you."] [#1812d3 "I don't need it. Go back and protect your sire. I will be back."] He didn't wait to hear their response to his order. Too preoccupied in finding his blood match. He could only hope she hadn't fallen into any of the traps that had been set within the woods.
  Nathaniel Frost / QueenVerlacian / 79d 4h 52m 14s

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