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My Character- Is a pet wolf for sale.
Name: Bella
Age: 18
Height: 5’4
Breed: Wolf
Hair: Messy + Dirty
Clothes: Ripped up + Dirty
Face: Bruised + Messed up
Personality: Shy, scared, can be aggressive, skinny, a loner.
Appearance: Has a shock collar around my neck, looks scared of everything, dirty + messy.

-It starts at the pet shop-

You are looking to have a wolf girl training job. You figured that why not. You can make a lot of money. You are walking past all the girls out their cages except one. You see a cage that is covered in the corner…. You start to grow curious why. So you walk over to the cage and uncover it. In the cage, you see a wolf girl that is bruised, but strong-minded. A wolf girl comes up to you and says “That girl has not been tamed yet.” You respond with… . I overhear people near me. I start to growl deeply. The wolf girl runs away.

-We pick up from there-

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