The Seven Clans

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Some universes are normal. They don’t have strange powers or other species. They don’t have magic or elemental powers. This is not one of those universes. Here, everyone is one of seven elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Electricity, Light, and Darkness. Everyone who is born is a member of one of these clans. They seem normal until their 13th birthday, when they are chosen by a fox. Each type of fox corresponds to an element. Through their fox companion, they can use their power, their eyes glowing that elements color. Red for Fire, Dark Blue for Water, Green for Earth, Blue for Wind, Yellow for Electricity, White for Light, and Black for Darkness.

There are three kingdoms, each with their own population. There is the Angelia kingdom, made mostly out of Wind, Light, and Water users. It is mostly made up of marble buildings on cliffs, with gemstone engravings. Then there is the Terivo kingdom, made mostly out of Fire, Earth, and Darkness users. It is mostly made up of subterranean cities made out of gemstones and limestone. At last, you have the Jolinti kingdom, almost entirely made up of Electricity users. It is mostly made up of one tall spire, made out of granite, with cities on each floor, each holding hundreds of people.

The kingdoms have at last made peace, and that peace is holding, for now. But some students from across the kingdoms have been asked to help keep the peace, by working together, in what is supposedly a school. Each one is of a different element, and the purpose of the “school” is unclear.

[ You will use this picrew to make your fox]
[ And you will use this picrew to make your human]

Fill in this skeleton, then Pm it to me.
Put the song you think your character would listen to the most in the subject name if you want to, I think it would be neat.
Name of fox companion:
Personality of fox companion:
Picture of human:
Picture of fox:

Each element of fox has a color and marking associated with them, so I’ll show you the average look of each elemental fox.








For the record, you can do whatever with this fox maker, all you need to do is follow the color scheme and make sure the black marking is the same. And for the human maker, just make sure that the eyes look like they are the elemental color your character is. Even if you mess up, I’ll just fix it for you, so don’t worry too much about it.

Here are the rules.
1: No over the top swearing, so nothing stronger then damn.
2: There will be minimal gore, so avoid overly describing it.
3: There are no multi-elemental characters.
4: If someone is being rude, they get kicked out, simple as that.
5: Have fun with it, this isn’t a serious rp, just a semi-serious one.

If you have any questions, pm me them, and I’ll do the best I can to answer them.

And go wild!

My character and their fox.
Name: Calypso
Gender: Non-binary
Sexuality: Bisexual
Element: Wind
Personality: Cheerful, kind, gentle, proud, strong
Kingdom: Angelia
Name of fox companion: Cyclone
Personality of fox companion: Loyal, outgoing, spirited, powerful, snappy
Picture of human: [pic]
Picture of fox: [pic]
For the record, she would listen to this is home most often.

Tessa’s character and her fox.
Name - Andrea Osborne
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Bisexual
Element - Fire
Personality - Sweet, Helpful, Competitive, Hopeless Romantic,
Kingdom - Terivo
Name of Fox Companion - Vix
Personality of Fox Companion - Shy, Loner, Helpful, Cunning, Loyal
Human Picture - [pic]
Fox Companion Picture - [pic]
And the song she would listen to is bang most often.

Arandomdarkeners character and his fox.
Name: Zixien Grant
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Element: Electricity
Personality : Ambivert, Quiet, Caring, Practical, Efficient
Kingdom: Jolinti
Name of fox companion: Pascal
Personality of fox companion : Jumpy, Energetic, Helpful, Moody, Spontaneous
Picture of human: [pic]
Picture of fox: [pic]
And the song he would listen to is undertale the most often.

Catlover33’s character and his fox.
Name: Shika
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Element: Light
Personality: brave, loyal, introverted, serious, easily angered
Kingdom: Angelia
Name of fox companion: Kitsune
Personality of fox companion: playful, extroverted, mischevious, easily distracted, stubborn
Picture of human: [pic]
Picture of fox: [pic]
And the song he would listen to is wolves the most often.

Thegiromancers character and his fox.
Name:Ares Wolfheart
Sexuality: Bisexual
Element: Darkness
Personality: Nerd, Trendy , hyperactive, Moody , Cold hearted
Kingdom: Terivo
Name of fox companion:Seras Foxheart
Personality of fox companion: Cheery, calm , open , Smart , Funny
Picture of human: [pic]
Picture of fox: [pic]
The song he would listen to is Kyomu Densen the most often.

Cursethewhitecats character and his fox.
Name: Clyde Hali
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Element: Water
Personality: Loyal, Rational, Versatile, Reserved, and Considerate
Kingdom: Angelia
Name of fox companion: Ripple
Personality of fox companion: Mischievous, Coy, Curious, Quick-witted, Competent, and Restless
Picture of human: [pic]
Picture of fox: [pic]
The song he would listen to is sucker the most often.

Lynn8818s character and her fox.
Name: Lacy
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Element: Earth
Personality: stuborn, caring, determined, smart, playful
Kingdom: Terivo
Name of fox companion: Peridot
Personality of fox companion: Lazy, Glutinous, stuborn, impatient, caring
Picture of human: [pic]
Picture of fox: [pic]

We have everyone! Sorry if you wanted to join, it’s too late now.

Ok, because we really need a fucking posting order, here you go!
Tessafox - Andrea
Cursethewhitecat - Clyde
Lynn8818 - Lacy
Me - Calypso
Arandomdarkner - Vixian
Catlover33 - Shika
TheGiromancer - Ares

Once this rp is done, and I delete the thread, you can use
something related to this idea if you want, I just came up with it on the spot, and spent way too long getting it set up.


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Roleplay Responses

After the video, Andrea watched as Ares loudly announced himself. [+red “What do you mean we can be your knights? I would rather just be me.”] She and Vix saw that there were foxes gathered around him. [+red “How did he get beaten so bad by two little foxes?”] Andrea looked around to see if there was any food. She was starting to feel hunger creeping up to her and judging on what the headmaster has said about them being transported, they hadn’t eaten in a while. She wanted to ask about when they were going to get to eat but didn’t want to bring attention to herself so she stayed quiet. At least now she knew why they were here.
  Andrea Osborne / TessaFox / 8d 13h 7m 30s
Ares looks over to one of the students that approached him "ah Right, of course, you would recognize someone of my status, Don't worry I know you are all important in your own right you can be my knights". He smirks and attempts to strike a noble pose but he gets to nibble and tackled on causing him to lose his composure and as he falls to the floor on his back."What Is the meaning of this...ah Seras help". He explains to his Fox who chuckles watching him struggle for a bit before standing before kitsune and dragon on top of Ares's upper body not looking threatening towards or hostile but protective of the child she attached to. Ares takes a deep breath hoping the nibble would stop now and talks to his fox mentally. "Thanks..Seras those infernal creatures were an issue". Sers wags her tail and her face turns to a wide smile doing a cute mewl but which looked like she was pleased but inside Ares's mind, it was more like teasing. "heh the mighty dark lord beaten by two animals". Ares put up a scowl in response
  Ares Wolfheart / TheGiromancer / 8d 13h 33m 57s
Shika sighed when he saw that the door was locked and waited for it to be opened. He stroked Bartz gently and watched as he purred in delight to being petted. "Sooo we're basically kidnapped and we can't leave this place." He said out loud. "Shika quit being so grumpy all the time... That is the reason why I worry about you being around other people... You're too grumpy to be around anyone." Bartz told Shika. Kitsune and Drago tackled Ares and playfully nipped him at random times.
  Shika / Catlover33 / 8d 23h 27m 14s
Zixien started wondering about what this meant for all of them, but quickly shut that line of thought down. He started talking to himself about the logistics of the metal orbs, and how long it had taken them to get there, all while gently stroking Pascal. [+FFFF00 "So, Ares, which of us are now your peasants, Your Mighty Lordship?"] he asked in a joking voice, starting to crack up with laughter soon after.

Pascal seemed to enjoy the act Ares had tried to put on as well, and walked up to him, beckoning for Ares and his companion to join Zix in conversation.
  ARandomDarkener / 8d 23h 40m 21s
He let out a long sigh. [#7r4t4r “For those of you confused about your situation, why you were brought here, with temporary amnesia, or just confused in general, I will show you the briefing video”.]

His fox concentrated, and a screen, made out of pure light appeared. She yipped, and brought together elements to create colored things, like blobs. The blobs created a picture, which looked almost realistic.

[#7r4t4r “You have been brought here because there needs to be peace. Yes, the treaties have been signed, and the wars are over, but everyone is restless. A while ago, we sent out a request that every user of a certain element in a city be tested. You all were chosen as the best for the job. You might not be the strongest, the smartest, or the most friendly, but you are the best for your roles”.
  Sklee / 9d 8h 48m 22s
[i Putting aside Ripple making a friend before him. Clyde’s light and dark blue eyes began to shift around the room onto the different elemental foxes and their partners. They seemed confused about the whole situation which puzzled Clyde. [#003399 Were they not informed?] Clyde thought to himself. While stretching his arms a bit.

Ripple’s ears twitched in sudden unison. He seemed to stop and wonder back to Clyde’s lap. There he circled like a cat and laid down and received a pat on the head by Clyde who tried not to chuckle from Ares performance.

It seemed like the girls were the only ones here worried. Not that shouldn't be of course. It was weird to have only seven kids with foxes of each element gathered like this. [#003399 Welp, this well be interesting] Clyde continued to think to himself.]
  [ Hali; Clyde ] / Cursethewhitecat / 9d 9h 8m 20s
Andrea stood up while holding Vix and went over to the headmaster. She was trying to make sense of this place and figure out why she couldn’t remember anything. [+red “So... what is this place exactly? And you are saying that we are the best of our magic types?”] Vix watched all the other foxes from the safety of Andrea’s arms. Her tail was curled around her body and she adjusted her paws before laying her head down and taking a nap. Andrea looked down at Vix and smiled. [+red “Vix? Do you remember anything?”] Vix opened her eyes and nodded before closing them and falling back asleep. Andrea looked back at the headmaster with confusion written all over her face. [+red “How am I the only one that does not remember anything about myself?”]
  Andrea Osborne / TessaFox / 10d 7h 12m 7s
Ares was an average size boy with long curl hair his build was average same for his face he could be easily mistaken for the kid next door, thankfully he wore a red sweater with a pin to stand out, he also wore black pants, most of the time he had his hands tucked under the pocket of his pants and presented his face with a scowl since he was trying to act 'cool'.

Ares arrives wondering if everything would be fine he had woken up later than the rest due to the not sleeping well the day before and passing out it took his fox Seras giving his cheek a nip to wake him up. Ares was mad about that he had pouted all the way to the headmaster, there were other students already here he thought they were odd but then again it was people from other kingdoms here too he gives a confident smirk and points to himself shouting as loudly as possible "I Am Ares wolf heart I have the power of the dark god bow before me, peasants". All of that was made up there was no dark god and if there was his power did not go to Ares, His fox comparing chuckles and speaks to his mind being unsure of how to talk to the other fox yet and the students present. "Oh Great your attempt to steal the spotlight is gonna make you seem like a dork, I told you to just say your name and last name as confident as you can what is this dark god lie". Seras says as she jumps to his shoulder and while there was little space she managed to sit like a proud fox spirit and wag her tail smiling as her head turns like a radar examining the area. Ares grumbles "Ah nice to meet you all!" he tries to say to make up for his previous show as his cheeks get red with embarrassment.
  Ares Wolfheart / TheGiromancer / 10d 5h 22m 28s
Shika clung onto Bartz and dragged him to the locked door. "When I get strong enough then I'll fix my brother's cat ear problem! Just you wait because he'll stay in my room where nobody can make fun of him for having cat ears and a tail!" He yelled out. He knew that Bartz was asleep and that meant that he could yell as loud as he wants to until he wakes up again. Kitsune had wondered where Drago went and ended up noticing that he was sleeping on his master. "My name is Shika and the guy who has cat ears is my brother... It kinda reminds me of my antler problem that I had when I was younger. He helped me with that as well." He told Zixien
  Shika / Catlover33 / 10d 21h 25m 54s

He smiled. [#1r4t4r “Well, she had attacked several of her previous caretakers. I was lucky enough to not get attacked immediately. It’s incredibly rare for her to trust anyone, let alone right off the bat. Everyone just needs to wait for the last one to wake up. Just write your interests on the slate when it reaches you”.] The slate went along to the next person, waiting for them to put down their interests.
  Sklee / 10d 22h 27m 49s
Zixien woke up, looking very confused. He started to draw away from the others, constantly deconstructing a pen and reconstructing it in record time. [+FFFF00 "Um, who are you guys?"] he asked, looking up to take a look at the strangers and their foxes.

While he was drawn to the pen, trying to figure out how to remove a spring, a small yellow fox from across the room and made its way towards Zixien and nudged his elbow. [+FFFF00 "Not yet, I'm almost done,"] he mumbled.
  ARandomDarkener / 10d 22h 44m 13s
Clyde watched the two foxes interact nervously. He wasn’t quite too sure what Ripple was doing when it came to other foxes. He was used to Ripple being a little trouble maker regardless of whether it be human or fox so this was a rare occasion.

[#003399 “So-uh”] Clyde handed the slate back over. [#003399 “When you say aggressive reputation. What you do mean exactly?”] He asked. While Ripple nugged the she fox and licked her ear. His tail still spiked up.

It was very nerve wracking, yet interesting to watch for Clyde though.

  [ Hali; Clyde ] / Cursethewhitecat / 10d 23h 24m 13s
Vix whined quietly and rubbed her forehead on Andrea’s hand. Andrea giggled and rubbed Vix’s ears. [+red “I will give you your rubs. Just be patient next time.”] Andrea smiles down at Cix and thought for a moment. She looked up at the headmaster. [+red “How is it that I can’t remember anything except for me and Vix?”] Vix purred and started to lick Andrea’s hand. Andrea laughed loudly but tried to focus on the headmaster. [+red “Stop it! That tickles!”] Andrea tried to pull her hand away but Vix jumped at her hand like it was a toy.
  TessaFox / 10d 23h 51m 14s
Hey, for the record, we have a posting order now. Tessa goes first.
  Sklee / 10d 23h 58m 33s
[#003399 “Sure thing”] Clyde said. While squinting at the slate as he read it and then began to jot down some things like cooking, magic, history, fox care and training. Those last two he made Clyde smile nervously. He was almost tempted to cross them out but decided to leave them instead.

Ripple poked its head out from under Clyde’s jacket with curiosity. Sniffing the air before coming out to hesitantly meet the female fox. His tail seemed to spike up after being licked then flatten down unsure of the murderous look he was receiving.

[#003399 ”Ha,ha oh really?”] Clyde peered over at Ripple who just up and walked off from the she fox before suddenly sprinting back up and over the female fox. He seemed to be attempting to play with her. [#003399 “I surprised too, since I don’t see Ripple interact with other foxes too often”]

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