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My dog is really really dumb she ate mouse poison.
  Sf_Pappy / 11d 4h 49m 57s
O.o okay then

We ended up going somewhere else haha
  amyumino / 11d 11h 23m 12s
So aparently the easter egg was beaten in 18 minutes then it was beaten in two rounds....TWO FUCKING ROUNDS.
  Geno Nataka / NatakaStargazer / 11d 11h 27m 14s
Oh damn

We need to go get some groceries but winn dixie is expensive now
  amyumino / 11d 16h 37m 2s
I nearly fell asleep in the auditorium today. The only thing good about there are just the chairs, they were so comfy. The only thing that saved me was the loud-ass bell, otherwise I might have gotten detention or the like.
  ArialWasTaken / 11d 18h 42m 46s
Oh shit

I was in a bad crash 6 years back and it was bad
  amyumino / 12d 10h 34m 33s
The car fucking flipped two times and slid. Why because the first fucking moron was texting while driving and hit us from his driver side, then the second one stopped mid drive and hit us from the back.
  Geno Nataka / NatakaStargazer / 12d 10h 40m 45s
Oh shit, you got hella lucky then

Car accidents suck bad..trust me
  amyumino / 12d 11h 31m 59s
@_@ Me and him is lowkey supposed to be dead.....we aren't that hurt. My left hand is broke and uh my lower back hurts badly. And his right hand is broken and his hip hurt.
  Geno Nataka / NatakaStargazer / 12d 11h 37m 33s
Is he okay? He didn't get too fucked up did he?
  amyumino / 12d 13h 17m 2s
My brother in law and I got in a car accident. Im actually fucking shook.
[+red "Bring my sister!"]
  Geno Nataka / NatakaStargazer / 12d 13h 52m 51s
Thats fine

Dude, my nephew killed his first deer this morning
  amyumino / 12d 14h 56m 30s
Hey, everyone who I RP with. I'll just be taking a break off of everything today for personal reasons. I hope you all understand, and I'll be back and at 'em as soon as I can.
  ArialWasTaken / 12d 15h 9m 6s
She's still ylur zombie killing Amy but....she's distracted af right now
  amyumino / 13d 4h 38m 21s
[+red "Where did you place my zombie killing sister Amy"]
  Geno Nataka / NatakaStargazer / 13d 4h 39m 31s

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