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So do I, but who needs sleep when you got online friends?
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 21m 38s
Yeah I guess so, but I need sleep but I won't take it so r4ogjeirvhnj9foivj9e-as[ickn9[osivj bn90=aw9qdefn bpfe
  Shulk (Neko) / Character / 176d 7h 22m 36s
So, that console was a big fail, to say the least.
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 24m 4s
  Shulk (Neko) / Character / 176d 7h 26m 17s
Ah yes, it is funny swear if we ever somehow meet up irl and you guys do this to me, I'm out
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 26m 54s
Isn't it funny to see men suffer through being forced to cross-dress
  Shulk (Neko) / Character / 176d 7h 29m 54s
I have to admit, it is pretty funny, to be honest.
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 30m 10s
No literally. That picture shows Prompto in a dress which is SOO funny.
  Catlover33 / 176d 7h 30m 55s
Don't ask why. I do it when I felt like I had a small brain moment.
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 31m 32s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/xcKmFpz.jpg]
NOT sorry Prompto XD
  Catlover33 / 176d 7h 38m 17s
And just why is that Random, huh, explain yoself FOOL
  Shulk (Neko) / Character / 176d 7h 40m 14s
And for the last time Cloud in a dress might be funny but Prompto in a dress is even funnier.
  Catlover33 / 176d 7h 40m 19s
You have a point there. Welp, time for me to sink into a hole of embarrassment.
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 41m 18s
And who else has spiky blonde hair with glowing blue eyes.
  Catlover33 / 176d 7h 45m 24s
I'm slow to pick up on stuff, and the second one was much more obvious because who else would wield a huge-ass sword?
  ARandomDarkener / 176d 7h 45m 58s

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