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Yeah but everyone who died ended up getting revived anyway by cat so oopsie
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 25m 11s
Yes, and you didn’t want to use it, so I won’t. Simple.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 26m 30s
*Throat clear* Have you ever heard of the revive machine
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 27m 47s
Not really. Like I said, I have a ton of things I’m much more committed to right now. Plus, it’s not like my character is alive because of ash’s little episode because he was being a fucking bitch.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 29m 41s
Cool I guess, but would you be willing to come back to Truth or Dare.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 32m 34s
I’ll keep that in mind as I listen to cavetown. Good band.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 34m 1s
It's called The Eye Of Minds, I never finished it but from what I read it was a really good book.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 35m 3s
Oh, what was the name of it? That sounds really interesting.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 36m 19s
In a book I read 5 pages in this girl is in next level virtual reality where if she dies she respawns but she digs into her scalp digging out the respawn device and jumps off a bridge killing herself in the game and real life.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 37m 23s
It’s a really good but super gory book series I shouldn’t have been reading at six seriously three pages in a character is violently thrown off a cliff with shredded wings.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 39m 2s
And you would be correct I have zero clue what wings of fire is.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 42m 34s
Yeah, he was just doing a Steven universe one when I joined. He’s still doing a wings of fire one, but I’m not sure if you would know about that.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 45m 11s
I guess you did get pretty lucky, he would have to PM me first if he was interested.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 47m 7s
Fair enough. Oh well. I guess I just got lucky with rping with him.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 48m 19s
If I try to PM him, he'll ask who I am and probably won't respond again.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 50m 22s

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