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Yeah, that’s ok. Just try to learn at your own pace, ok?
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 27m 54s
I just think I'm better off with stuff I make and hope for the best
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 29m 34s
Well, in that case, you just have to get better at the whole thing. You need to get more in character, and you need to become more literate.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 30m 10s
I find something I might like then read through and see somethings I could never understand
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 31m 32s
Well, just try your best. I adapt easily, so just tell me what you’re having trouble with.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 32m 25s
But some roleplays are not for me, every time I join one, I have no idea what's going on and getting the boot.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 34m 11s
Well, you just need to make some more friends! I have about five right now, including you. Just try and join someone else’s roleplay, and then you might get some friends!
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 35m 24s
Yeah, a total of three different people want to Roleplay with a stupid 12 year old
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 37m 35s
No, I like your stuff. It’s good, I just don’t really want to join back in. Besides, there are other people who want to rp with you!
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 38m 52s
No I like chill things that just flow but I guess I'm not meant for this site.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 40m 8s
Well, it might be because they aren’t ones with plot. I’m trying to do more plot based stuff right now. This is just me though.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 41m 9s
It's fine it's just everything I make goes downhill within a month.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 44m 10s
It’s not about you. I really liked doing it, I just have other things to do.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 45m 6s
Whatever why do I even try to make actually good Roleplays,
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 45m 51s
Yes, but irkens don’t work that way. Also, I just don’t really want to right now.
  Cassandra / Sklee / 6d 8h 46m 29s

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