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What can I say, I literally live in a mansion, and we’re still crammed in here.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 12m 9s
NINETEEN!? Holy shit if my house had that many people we would have people sleeping on the roof and porch.
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 15m 29s
Nineteen. My family adopts just about anyone. I can’t wait till I can move out.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 16m 23s
Holy shit, how many people live in your house god damn
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 17m 54s
I mean, I also spend almost all of my free time in a basement no one goes in. And half the people in the house can’t even get down the stairs, so that already is 9 people who won’t bug me.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 19m 1s
People actually leave you alone, now I'm just jealous
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 21m 17s
It really does. But regardless, I guess I should be glad. I have great parents and siblings who can leave me alone.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 21m 51s
that sucks for you I guess. fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 23m 4s
If you think I get to pick anything that happens in this family, you are very wrong.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 24m 45s
Why is that? fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 25m 51s
Well, google is just more convenient for me. Also I don’t really get a choice.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 26m 28s
That is weird and that's why I use firefox. fillerfillerfiller
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 27m 33s
Yeah, but it keeps throwing me off. It’s weird, but not bad. Just very inconvenient.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 28m 55s
Well I think google is working fine if you're using this website
  Cody / Character / 6d 8h 38m 23s
Oh well, I’m trying to make something work here. Google is being weird today.
  Sklee / 6d 8h 39m 51s

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