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dang it the game was more dead than a funeral -n- i is sad
  Konoshi Hayashi / NatakaStargazer / 4d 11h 57m 52s
join this website -w- if u wanna play
  Konoshi Hayashi / NatakaStargazer / 4d 12h 7m 7s
My head is hurting

I have officially become a crow child xD
  amyumino / 4d 12h 7m 43s
anyone wanna play cards against humanity? Im fucking bored
  Konoshi Hayashi / NatakaStargazer / 4d 12h 10m 24s

Its finally becoming cold here again its gonna be in the 50s tomorrow
  amyumino / 4d 14h 40m 31s
They're thinking about putting us back fully online again. And don't worry, I'll make sure to remind you.

  cookiecookie524 / 4d 19h 18m 55s
Remind me to never look through art of any kind of ships ever. I found art that has made me feel actually sick, and even thinking of it while typing this makes me feel like throwing up.
God, I hate the internet sometimes..
  ArialWasTaken / 4d 20h 18m 51s
Welp, Pappy, it's pretty much an upgrade over having to interact with people, although you won't be able to see friends again. Physical school over here is.. strange-feeling.
  ArialWasTaken / 4d 21h 20m 3s
Well damn

I'm watching Jacksepticeye play Night in the Woods
  amyumino / 5d 6h 46m 58s
I hate my school district a lot. They put us back fully online once again.
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 49m 14s
Same unless I'm absolutely starving

My head is starting to hurt again..
  amyumino / 7d 13h 54m 29s
I just don't eat a lot, so I only get about half a plate. It's still pretty great tho.
  ArialWasTaken / 7d 14h 26m 14s
I only ate what my damn stomach can handle which sucks
  amyumino / 7d 14h 56m 0s
I loved the food yesterday, I had 3 huge ass plates bro it was sooooo FUCKING good.
  Konoshi Hayashi / NatakaStargazer / 7d 15h 14m 35s

It's actually nice out today but then its back to being cold
  amyumino / 7d 15h 17m 9s

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