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Sounds about right. I’m just very tired and sad and I want to both continue watching this stuff, and take a nap.
  Sklee / 5d 21h 54m 48s
My brain still hurts from almost everything and anything
  Cody / Character / 5d 21h 56m 0s
Oh, alright. Fair enough. I’m a little confused by most about everything right now.
  Sklee / 5d 21h 56m 35s
I paused a lot, I knew he got voted off but I didn't want him to.
  Cody / Character / 5d 21h 57m 34s
Wait, you hadn’t got to that point yet? Now I’m just kinda confused.
  Sklee / 5d 21h 59m 1s
Yeah that was dumb, I was tired, and pissed that Harold had to get voted off in total drama
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 0s
You gave everyone in introduce thineself sass and it failed. Miserably.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 9m 17s
Don't give me sass please don't I'm begging you
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 10m 51s
Ok good to know I don’t really care but ok. Fillerispointlessyetidoitanyway.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 12m 56s
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 14m 3s
And I have camp camp skits and bloopers to watch, so I won’t be sleeping anytime soon.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 15m 52s
then go ahead I still have six and a half seasons of total drama to binge so I won't be lonely
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 17m 7s
I slept, I’m just still tired. I’m considering taking another rest.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 19m 0s
Did you even go to bed last night or did you stay awake and not sleep
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 19m 48s
Ok, I’ll think about it. I’m a little tired right now though.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 20m 31s

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