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When his brother and his goons tried to kidnap Felicia for "Illegal reasons" Jackson tried to save her but got his limbs frozen and one of his brothers goons shattered Jackson's frozen leg
  Cody / Character / 5d 21h 53m 50s
Wait, when did he lose his leg? I’ve been paying attention and I don’t remember that!
  Sklee / 5d 21h 55m 32s
Well I hope so because those two are made for each other, especially since Jackson lost his leg
  Cody / Character / 5d 21h 56m 33s
I have no clue either. Honestly, I just don’t get it.
  Sklee / 5d 21h 57m 28s
I'm pretty sure in morningstar Jackson x Felicia is about to become a thing I'm not sure though
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 25s
Fair, enough. Fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
  Sklee / 5d 22h 2m 14s
Well I don't think I'll be needing anyone else to find my videos
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 3m 6s
That’s fine. If you need any videos I can always find them for you.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 3m 50s
No thanks I'm good but thanks for the offer though
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 4m 40s
I don’t have a reason for crawling out of your window. I have nerrison videos. I don’t think those qualify, but I can show you if you want.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 5m 15s
I don't wanna die I wanna reason to crawl out of my window
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 7m 57s
Well, don’t kill yourself for one. Two is why the hell do you want to die?
  Sklee / 5d 22h 8m 51s
Dude I want to jump out of my window and land face first on the concrete below
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 10m 29s
Yeah. Same but replace total drama with skits and animations.
  Sklee / 5d 22h 11m 25s
I just wanna sit in my room, roleplay and watch Total Drama all the way through
  Cody / Character / 5d 22h 12m 9s

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