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Okay, now let's see ah here it is: Ah fuck I can't believe you've done this.
  Cody / Character / 6d 10h 53m 57s
Sure you are, give me the most obscure meme you can think of.
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 10h 55m 12s
  Cody / Character / 6d 10h 58m 45s
Alright. I do dead memes too. You’re fine. Fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 15s
Let me just, INSERT DEAD MEME HERE! Okay back to being dumb.
  Cody / Character / 6d 11h 1m 38s
Fortnite is overrated. Good, but overrated. Also, I know.
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 3m 19s
Interesting, weird but interesting insert fortnite meme here
  Cody / Character / 6d 11h 4m 34s
So, what do you think of my almost constant mood, explained in a tik tok.
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 8m 36s
Thank god you didn't say Heather, she is so f#$king annoying and rude.
  Cody / Character / 6d 11h 9m 34s
Here you go, second one in this video.
[Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV-E3hCuEs0]
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 9m 49s
Eva. Her rage is justified and she reminds me of me when not trying to be extra peaceful. I have a tik tok to accurately explain what I mean. Let me go find it.
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 10m 58s
Well if you are not a fan of Harold then I can't speak with you, unless you name your favorite character then I might forgive you based on who it is
  Cody / Character / 6d 11h 12m 38s
I don’t know, I’m just tired of that trope. I get that it’s relatable, but I still don’t like it.
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 14m 20s
Why would you hate Harold, Cody I understand but why Harold the string bean.
  Cody / Character / 6d 11h 15m 45s
I can tell. I think those two were actually one of the ones I disliked the most though.
  Sklee / Sklee / 6d 11h 16m 52s

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