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It's just a place where you can chill with any of your characters, nothing that exciting, tbh

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Hello there I am a tired and in pain, how was your week.
  Cody / Character / 4d 15h 43m 17s
I hope so too, I want my yeti head back but I look like a male version of Eleven from season one of stranger things
  Cody / Character / 11d 49m 45s
Not much more I can say over here but ouch. I really hope your days get better.
  Zixien Grant / ARandomDarkener / 11d 50m 52s
This all happened in the span of one day pal, ONE DAY, I need some roleplay and YouTube to calm me down
  Cody / Character / 11d 53m 16s
Yeesh, sounds like you had a rough week. Mine was literally "wake up, eat, do work, game, sleep, repeat" the whole time.
  Zixien Grant / ARandomDarkener / 11d 54m 15s
Thanks dude, especially since I had lice for two weeks and now I have a fricking buzzcut, I'm pissed about today.
  Cody / Character / 11d 56m 6s
A plain simple F for respects in the chat would do a tiny bit more good for an internet friend.
  Zixien Grant / ARandomDarkener / 11d 57m 14s
Just to inform you, she can kick a ball at least 50 feet with her force and I was 3 feet away, R.I.P. my nuts
  Cody / Character / 11d 1h 2m 3s
Holy hell, that sounds like it hurt. F in the chat.
  Zixien Grant / ARandomDarkener / 11d 1h 3m 21s
I was playing kickball with my sister and the one time I'm not guarding my nuts she kicks it right there
  Cody / Character / 11d 1h 4m 12s
What the heck happened today? I just had a pretty boring day, so enlighten me, what did happen today?
  Zixien Grant / ARandomDarkener / 11d 1h 5m 11s
I think my sister wants me to die after what she did to me today.
  Cody / Character / 11d 1h 11m 11s
  Cody / Character / 12d 15h 12m 46s
Oh, heck, I’m reading some shit right now, and then I’m going back into rping on that.
  Sklee / 12d 15h 13m 49s
You missed a lot of action my friend, like Felicia ended up saving Jackson by cutting his brother and his goons, go back three to five pages and start reading
  Cody / Character / 12d 15h 15m 14s

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