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[Size10 [Font "Times New Roman" I woke up, and my house was empty. I absolutely despise being alone, but thankfully my brother came back from a jog and told me that my parents decided they wanted to go to South Carolina for a few days. Cool. Whatever. Spend your court money however you want. Not like it was mine to begin with. My day has been the same for a while since my store got closed, and I lost my job. I wake up, brush my teeth, make some coffee, and then I'll play video games. I think it's not healthy though. I love video games a lot, but it's only fun when I play in moderation so I've been trying to do other things rather then just sit by my ps4 ... because I totally could spend 24 hours by my TV. Art block has corrupted my head again, and since I haven't been outside in so long I can't visualize anything. I feel like I'm just sprouting the negatives. Staying inside has it's perks. I have a lot of stamina now to talk with my friends, sometimes a little too much lol. But it's nice. I feel like I've gotten closer to them again, and I meet interesting new people in discord everyday. I've formed a small interest in farming games like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing. I like these games because I can play for a bit, and when I get up to make coffee or do another task I don't have to worry about rushing back. It stays on pause for however long I'd like. It's also a game that lets me lose my train of thought, and I dig that.]]
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