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Just roleplay thread for oc roleplay! include image or word description of what your character looks like, personality, etc!

OC's (People) joined so far:

Twig - Girl -
Twig's Eevee (Evie) - Girl -
Vivien - Girl -
Ash - Boy -
Clemont - Boy -
Misty - Girl -
All the other of Character's characters
Locke - Boy -

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses



HATES when people make Locke cry

Has played Animal Jam and enjoys the Touch Pool minigame

His avatar in-game is a Smilodon that is purple and orange and is equipped with a special set of armor that was purchased from the Diamond Shop.

Hates the phantoms and normally goes on adventures to eliminate them.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 15d 11h 58m 30s
"Serves you right cry-baby" Ash scoffed walking away.
  Ash Ketchum / Character / 15d 12h 6m 29s
Locke started crying and ran away from Ash. He hid somewhere in Baloosh and wouldn't come out of hiding.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 12h 7m 20s
"Shut up purple boy" Ash growled at Locke staring him down.
  Ash Ketchum / Character / 15d 12h 9m 15s
"Do you think that I wanted to be trapped in here? I don't want to be stuck in here but at least I'm temporarily safe from Marionette." Locke told Ash.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 12h 10m 6s
"Cool I guess, look I just wanna go home and live happily with Misty, not be here and look around for some stupid heart stone" Ash said glaring at Locke.
  Ash Ketchum / Character / 15d 12h 16m 38s
"If you look closely at the mouth of an Alligator snapping turtle, you can see a worm-like lure that attracts fish. That is completely natural since the Alligator snapping turtle is an ambush hunter. Their jaws have to be powerful because they eat fish." Locke told Ash.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 12h 18m 2s
"I've been burned alive I think I can handle a small snapping turtle" Ash sighed.
  Ash Ketchum / Character / 15d 12h 22m 22s
"Also don't approach the snapping turtles. Their bites are nasty." Locke told everyone.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 12h 26m 13s
"Okay then mr. know it all" Ash shrugged as he started looking around carefully.
  Ash Ketchum / Character / 15d 12h 55m 3s
"Ash please be careful of the Phantoms... they will pollute Jamaa and we can fight them off with special fruits." Locke told Ash.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 12h 56m 43s
Ash woke up to Misty hugging him. "Hey there" Ash smiled. He saw Twig, Evie, and Locke searching for something so he jumped up to help them.
  Ash Ketchum / Character / 15d 12h 58m 15s
"We can attack them however so that will make our job slightly easier or we could sneak past them." Locke told Evie and Twig.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 12h 59m 50s
They both nodded. fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
  TwigTurner / 15d 16h 59m 46s
"That's pretty crazy... however these phantoms don't make finding the Heartstone easy." Locke told Evie and Twig.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 16d 4h 56m 32s

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