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"Thanks babe" Hana smiled at Draco before starting to eat her spaghetti.
  D. va / Character / 7d 8h 43m 32s
"There was another angel that was here earlier... he had black wings so maybe he could help." Layle told Sombra.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 8h 44m 12s
Draco made everyone a nice sized plate of spaghetti. "Heh thank you grandma Danamura!"
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 8h 45m 2s
"The only good enough doctor is Mercy and she won't help me" Sombra sighed.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 8h 47m 44s
"I-is there a doctor that can help him around here?" Layle asked Sombra.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 8h 48m 36s
"I can't see what's wrong with him no" Sombra sighed.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 8h 49m 16s
"C-can you see what's wrong with him?" Layle asked Sombra. Noctis backed away from Yuri before going back to sleep.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 8h 50m 15s
Yuri woke up to receive a kiss on the lips from noctis and went red. He began to mumble baka quickly
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 8h 56m 52s
Hana smelled the spaghetti and started drooling at the amazing scent. "I'm worried too" Sombra said worried.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 8h 57m 2s
"I do like it but I'm worried about Noel." Layle told Sombra.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 8h 59m 23s
Draco finished cooking the spaghetti for everyone. He was proud of his work as the terrific smell began to hit everyone but he wasnt done. He pulled out a secret seasoning his family uses and shook a little in it before stirring it softly.
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 8h 59m 39s
"Did you like my present" Sombra asked smiling softly.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 9h 4m 27s
Layle softly smiled and put the video game console in his room. Noctis wakes up again and kisses Yuri before smiling at him.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 5m 4s
Sombra followed him hoping he would like her present.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 9h 8m 35s
Layle carefully carries the box over to the couch before opening it.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 9m 7s

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