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Layle stayed with Noel and gently stroked him. Noctis hugged Yuri tighter while sleeping. "I love you, Yuri." He muttered in his sleep. "Noel's resting." Layle told Sombra.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 8h 9m 11s
Hana finished her spaghetti pretty quickly and followed Draco.
  D. va / Character / 7d 8h 48m 28s
Draco didn't feel like eating, he went out while no was looking and headed towards a graveyard.
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 8h 49m 46s
Sombra helped Layle set Noel down gently before walking away.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 8h 55m 23s
Layle carefully carries Noel to Sombra's room without waking him up.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 1m 8s
"Okay well I'm gonna go sit by myself in my room now" Sombra laughed nervously before walking in her room.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 9h 2m 3s
"He seems to be comfortable on the couch." Layle told Sombra.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 3m 9s
"I know I was telling you that" Sombra said smiling a little more.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 9h 5m 4s
"The angel has already flown off..." Layle told Sombra before covering Noel with a blanket.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 5m 58s
"Okay he can rest on my bed" Sombra said smiling a little bit.
  Sombra / Character / 7d 9h 8m 34s
"Anyway the kid had a parasite that I managed to destroy. That was what was causing him to feel ill. The extent of damage wasn't too bad but he should rest for a full day." Dark Pit told Sombra before flying back to the Overwatch base.
  Dark Pit / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 9m 42s
"Yeah everyone thinks I'm so evil but I'm really not" Sombra sighed sadly.
  D. va / Character / 7d 9h 12m 26s
"I'm with the Overwatch team but Draco informed me along with the rest of the team about your lonleiness." Dark Pit told Sombra before healing Noel.
  Dark Pit / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 14m 1s
"Who are you, not trying to sound rude but" Sombra trailed off.
  D. va / Character / 7d 9h 16m 46s
Dark Pit was at the entrance of Sombra's base because he had heard that Noel had gotten sick. Noctis hugged Yuri in his sleep.
  Dark Pit / Catlover33 / 7d 9h 18m 0s

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