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"Okay but it's okay to tell the truth sometimes you know" Hana smiled.
  D. va / Character / 6d 17h 12m 40s
Draco nodded and began to focus on Hana. He just smiled and hugged her gently. [+blue "Ill be fine...trust me"]
  NatakaStargazer / 6d 17h 14m 3s
"Noctis and Yuri are offically a couple!" Neku told Yuya.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 6d 18h 13m 15s
"Draco are you sure you're okay, it's okay to tell me you know" Hana asked with a little concern in her voice.
  D. va / Character / 6d 18h 45m 35s
Yuya tilted his head in interest. [+lime "What's happening in there?"]
Draco stared at hana and watched her cuddle him before he started to look away.
  NatakaStargazer / 6d 18h 47m 45s
Neku walked towards Yuya and hugged him. "There's something cute going on in my room." He told Yuya.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 6d 18h 50m 51s
"Okay, just making sure" Hana smiled cuddling with Draco.
  D. va / Character / 6d 18h 54m 9s
Draco finally snapped out his gaze and looked at Hana, he put on a reassuring smile and petted her head. [+blue "Yea...yea I'm fine..."]
  NatakaStargazer / 6d 18h 55m 39s
Hana noticed Draco couldn't sleep so she decided to speak up. "Are you okay Draco" she asked.
  D. va / Character / 6d 18h 59m 35s
Yuri snuggled himself close into Noctis's chest and fell asleep.
Draco got into his sleepwear which was just simple basketball shorts and got in the bed with Hana. He couldn't go to sleep though he just stood up staring outside her window.
  NatakaStargazer / 6d 19h 38s
Noctis was asleep and wouldn't stop hugging Yuri.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 6d 19h 12m 52s
Hana walked to her room so she could rest from eating so quickly.
  D. va / Character / 6d 22h 37m 35s
Draco smiled and left the graveyard and went back to the overwatch base.
  NatakaStargazer / 6d 22h 39m 4s
Hana decided not to follow Draco and went back inside.
  D. va / Character / 7d 28m 18s
Yuri blushed more as Noctis was practically pressed up behind him. Yuri just closed his eyes and turned towards noctis.
Draco made 4 plates of spaghetti then wrapped them in plastic wrapping. He laid them right infront of the 4 tombstones where his parents and grandparents lay. [+blue "Here you go guys....just like how me and grandma makes it. Except...your baby Drakuto made it.."]
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 36m 6s

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