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Noel healed Ace and waited for him to wake up. Tidus ended up tackling Layle again.
  Noel / Catlover33 / 6d 15h 56m 30s
"Thanks for the info I guess" Harold sighed standing up.
  Harold / Character / 6d 16h 5m 29s
"Tidus get off of the poor guy already and stop speaking in Japanese for the last time." Eugeo hissed at Tidus before pulling him off of Harold. "Sorry about that... he's a little playful and he speaks Japanese as well as English." He told Harold.
  Eugeo / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 6m 13s
"What did you say, also get off of me please" Harold growled slightly.
  Harold / Character / 6d 16h 8m 32s
"Kanada to wa? " Tidus asked Harold.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 10m 30s
"What's going on here" Harold asked glancing around the room.
  Harold / Character / 6d 16h 12m 1s
Tidus saw Harold and tackled him. He had that playful look in his eyes. "SOMBRA YOU MIGHT WANT TO SEE THIS!" Layle yelled out.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 12m 46s
"Who is Overwatch and again where are we" Harold asked before Zoey tackled Mike.
  Harold / Character / 6d 16h 14m 13s
"TALON is a group of very bad people that Overwatch just defeated." Noel said out loud. Tidus felt right at home and tackled Layle.
  Noel / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 15m 17s
"Who is talon, I'm confused also where am I, this doesn't look like canada" Harold said scratching his head.
  Harold / Character / 6d 16h 18m 29s
Noel sighs and covers himself up using the blanket. Layle opened the front door and saw Ace on the ground in front of the doorway. "Looks like another one of them escaped from Talon and it also looks like we're in charge of taking care of Tidus and another kid as well." He muttered to himself before dragging all three of them inside.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 20m 24s
"Hey guys" Harold and Mike said walking into the room.
  Harold / Character / 6d 16h 28m 23s
"What two boys?" Layle asked Sombra. He didn't know what she meant.
  Layle / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 29m 34s
"Good morning" Sombra smiled. "I hope it's okay that after those two boys came by I let them in" she smiled.
  Sombra / Character / 6d 16h 33m 27s
Noel wakes up and smiles at Layle. "Good morning." He told Layle and Sombra.
  Noel / Catlover33 / 6d 16h 34m 25s

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