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"Well what's your name kid" Soldier: 76 asked him. He noticed Tracer come to the entrance. "Hello there" she waved.
  Soldier: 76 / Character / 15d 10h 3m 6s
"I am trying out for the team. I was originally planning on trying out with my older brother, Cloud but he is late." Neku said out loud.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 15d 10h 4m 48s
"Yeah, this model was designed specifically by my pal Winston" Tracer said shaking his hand. She saw him clone himself and the clone ran to the entrance. "I gotta see this" Tracer said zipping over to the entrance.
  Tracer / Character / 15d 10h 5m 16s
Drakuto looked at tracer before walking around her to view her recall. He smirked and laughed a little. [+cyan "Wow..you still use the recall? I haven't seen one of those since I was in middle school. Im Drakuto...Aka Draco."] He said while shaking her hand, he suddenly heard someone elses voice and made a decoy of himself, it ran over to the entrance and looked at Neku.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 15d 10h 8m 22s
"Oh, hello there" Soldier: 76 greeted the kid at the door. "Are you trying out for the overwatch team" he asked.
  Soldier: 76 / Character / 15d 10h 10m 19s
"Excuse me but is anyone there?" Neku said out loud. He thought that he had come to the right place and looked at the building again.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 15d 10h 15m 13s
Winston laughed at the pun as Tracer zipped over. "Oh right, rookie, this is Tracer" Winston said to the kid
  Winston / Character / 15d 10h 15m 34s
Drakuto shook their hand and declined their offer. But he did take this opportunity to tell a shitty pun. [+cyan "Nope im good, If your maybe thinking I said something wrong you should tell me how you...Peel ok?"
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 15d 10h 17m 19s
"My name is Winston, nice to meet you rookie" Winston said shaking his hand. "Wanna banana" he asked.
  Winston / Character / 15d 10h 22m 34s
Drakuto walked up to him and spoke up. [+cyan "Uh..Hello I'm Drakuto, On the field Im called Draco. What is your name?"]
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 15d 10h 24m 20s
"He's a scientist, not a nerd" Soldier: 76 whispered back to him. "Go introduce yourself to him" Soldier: 76 said pushing the newbie towards Winston
  Soldier: 76 / Character / 15d 10h 29m 11s
"He looks like a nerd...am I the only one who is feeling that?" He whispered to 76 while he looked at the ape man.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 15d 10h 30m 26s
"That ape over there is Winston" Soldier: 76 said pointing to the monkey typing away at a keyboard.
  Soldier: 76 / Character / 15d 10h 35m 22s
[+cyan "There's more of you guys? Wow...cant wait to meet them."] He entered in the base and looked around amazed. He stopped to see a group of people speaking.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 15d 10h 36m 28s
"Sure but first let me introduce you to the rest of the overwatch crew" Soldier: 76 said bringing the kid inside of the overwatch base
  Soldier: 76 / Character / 15d 10h 40m 9s

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