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[center They were best friends ten years ago, from the day they met as young children they had practically been joined at the hip. They survived through all of school together and many other of life's struggles.

One night they promise to each other, that when they turn twenty seven, they will one day runaway together.

That promised was soon forgotten as they took different routes after school, losing contact and going their seperate ways.

Now, at twenty seven with nothing better going on in his life, Isaac Miller contacts his old best friend about their promise and, surprisingly, the other agrees.

Soon enough, they both quit their jobs, sell their homes and runaway together. Just as they had promised.]


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Isaac had stared at his phone, anxiously waiting for a reply. But, then he sighed and decided to just make himself a drink whilst he waited. He doubted that he would actually get a reply, it had been years since the two had last seen each other. He stood up and walked to his kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water. He picked up his phone and his eyes widened as he saw that Salem had actually messaged him back. A smile spread across his lips as he sat down and was further surprised to read that his old best friend actually wanted to meet up. He quickly checked his wallet and then looked at his bank account on his phone. Luckily, he had just gotten paid and so he would be able to pay for the both of them. There was no way that he was going to let Salem pay for him on the man's birthday.

[i 'I'd never refuse a drink and something to eat with you. Just let me know when you're ready and I'll text you my address.']

He really couldn't get the smile off of his face, however, he was surprised that Salem didn't already have plans with his family or with Skye. He remembered how the other hadn't wanted to marry the woman when they were teenagers, but, from the pictures he had seen on social media, his old best friend actually looked happy. He was glad for him, though, it just made him look back on how sad and lonely his own life was. He shook his head from those thoughts, before going upstairs to take a shower.

The hot water running down his body was very much welcomed and afterwards he felt in a much better mood, that was mostly down to the fact that he would be seeing Salem after all this time. He towel dried his hair before getting dressed in a polo shirt, pair of jeans and usual pair of converses. He sprayed himself with cologne and then went downstairs to wait for Salem to message him that he was ready.
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[center [Abel Salem lowered the cat toy he'd been harassing the cat in his lap with as his friend began to speak. A smile pulled at the corner of his lips. "Then don't. You know you're more than welcome to stay here whenever you need to." He and his parents knew Isaac's home life wasn't the best even without knowing all the details about it. The red haired boy came from a fairly comfortable background thanks to his father's job as an attorney, but he was never the type to flaunt his wealth in someone else's face- especially not Isaac who had been his friend since the two were young and ignorant of the importance of money. "Just stay here for the night."

His mother had spent the whole day elbow deep in flour and dough to make them a dessert bread they only had on special occasions.

His smile faltered somewhat as Isaac continued to speak. Running away? He would be lying if he said the thought hadn't ever crossed his mind. Even though most people wouldn’t think a person like him would have any reason to run away, but if he had to be honest, he was tired of living his whole life being babied by his parents and babysitters. Salem wanted to be more independent and not rely so much on his parent’s influence and wealth. Perhaps at some point, traveling would be a dream come true for him. His fingers traced the tattoo like pattern on his arm. It was a blessing and a curse of sorts.

“Well, why not? You’re the only one that I’ve ever told that marrying Skye isn’t what I want to do even though both of our parents are pushing us to do that. There’s so many other things that I want to do than get married. Especially because you and I have always had plans to see the world.” Salem offered a sheepish look to his friend and quickly took the hand that was pressed over to him. He shook it once- determined.


Despite his parents’ understanding of his desire to see the world, Salem had more or less been pressured into marrying the one that everyone thought was his soulmate. Outwardly, they were kind to each other, and they seemed very happily married, but Salem was unhappy. They both inherited wealth and a comfortable lifestyle, but neither of them loved each other. The red-haired male pursued his passions- choosing to go to school on his own merits- while his wife found other ways to entertain herself. Very few people actually knew that they didn’t live together anymore. She lived in the house that they’d been given, and he lived in a loft apartment close to his school.

Paint covered hands smeared paint against his coveralls as Salem reached for his phone to check the notification on his phone and put it on silent so that he could work. It was his birthday, and he’d mostly ignored the congratulatory remarks he’d gotten, but when he saw the name of the person that had left this one, he smiled. God, it’d been far too long since he’d seen Isaac. It made him feel guilty that he’d almost forgotten completely about his friend. “God, Isaac, I’m so sorry. Our promise…” He thought aloud even though the other man couldn’t hear him. He wondered what had become of the dark haired boy he’d been unlikely friends with.

He replied to the message quickly. ‘Thank you so much! It’s been way too long. Hey, if you’re available, would you mind getting something to eat and drink with me tonight? I’d like to catch up with you again, and since it’s my birthday, you can hardly refuse, right?’ The message was slightly facetious, but it made him laugh nonetheless. ‘I’ll pay and come get you. Just tell me where you live, so please don't say you can't.’]]
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Isaac sighed as he glanced at the clock. "I don't want to go home." He groaned out, running a hand through his hair and looking to his best friend. As always, he had come to the others house after school. He spent all of his time here, it was practically his home. He had never told his best friend how bad his home life was, he was embarrassed to say the least. The other had such wonderful parents and they lived in such a nice home, he was slightly envious but he didn't let that ruin their relationship. They had been friends since they were young children and he, and his family, had done so much for Isaac. He would always be grateful for all the support they had provided and he would forever be in their debt.

Just as he was about to sit up, an idea came to mind. "We should runaway at some point. Just ditch everything and everyone, and just go places." He chuckled at the idea, thinking that it was silly, but, then he saw his friends serious expression and he laughed again. "You seriously want to do it?" He paused for a moment, letting the other answer. "Fine, by the time that we are twenty seven and we have nothing going good for us, we'll runaway together." He proposed, sticking his hand our to shake. The two laughed as they shook on it and spent the rest of their night planning the runaway.


Isaac smiled at the memory of his childhood. He wasn't sure why he thought back to that specific memory, he hadn't seen or talked to his old best friend in years, which was a shame. They ended up taking different paths in life. He, himself, ended working in whatever job he could find. He neither had the money or the grades to go to college, unlike his old best friend. They tried to stay in contact, hanging out when they could, but, eventually, they drifted apart. He settled down working in a supermarket and, over the years, worked his way up to managerial position. He still hated the job. It sucked the life out of him and he, somehow, just managed to afford his apartment and pay his bills. He was twenty seven had done nothing with his life. He repeated the same routine day in, day out. He was no longer in contact with his family and he had no friends.

He walked through his front door and into his apartment after a long shift. He dumped his bag and shoes by the door and hung his coat up. He then walked over to his sofa and collapsed down onto it with a relieved sigh. He ran his hand through his hair before digging into his pocket and slipping out his phone. He had one notification from Facebook. Usually, he ignored them, but, he had nothing better to do. He tapped into it and saw that it was his old best friend's birthday. The man would now be twenty seven and Isaac realised why he had remembered their promise. They were now both twenty seven, they had promised that if nothing good was happening for them by the time they reached twenty seven they would ditch everything and everyone. He quickly went onto Messenger and cringed at their last conversation. It was brief, short and was from four years ago. He ran his free hand over his face. He couldn't believe he was actually contemplating doing this. They hadn't communicated in four years, much less seen each other. Plus, the other had a job and seemed happy. He didn't want to bother him with their stupid promise that they had made as reckless teens.

But, despite those thoughts, his thumb hovered over the key board. He bit his lip and began to type out a message.

'Hey! Happy Birthday! Long time no speak right? I hope you are doing well.

Before he could even overthink what he was about to do, he sent the message. He felt a mix of excitement and anticipation, but, at the same time he had to remember that his old best friend might not want to go through on their promise.
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