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[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Ten Years Ago.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" The booze that was being passed around made the woman's head slightly fuzzy. She had managed to get through the day without getting into trouble. That's the only good thing about this whole nightmare. She was able to focus on getting her shit done. She sighed lightly as she took the bottle from Connell and took another swig. She looked towards Andrea as she mentioned something about them all running away in about ten years. It was somewhat crazy, but at the same time she loved the idea more than anything. She placed the bottle down, and looked between the other three in front of her.]

[font "times new roman" [#bf6e90 "I honestly don't see why we shouldn't. It's not like we haven't had the best life anyway"] she said with a small shrug of her shoulders. The four of them had been really close to one another, and everything was perfect. They were like her family, and she wanted nothing more than to keep it that way. When she had first moved to this town, she didn't know anyone. Connell was the only one who really took her under his wing at first. He then started bringing her around Andrea and Logan, and things seemed to change after that. For that she was grateful for.]

[font "times new roman" The female sat there looking between the other's, and she felt her heart swell with love for all of them. Her eyes lingered on Logan a bit longer then they should have, and wished she had the courage to really tell him how she felt. She just didn't want to ruin their friendship. She picked up the bottle, took anther swig, passed it along and made the promise to [i runaway] with the others in ten years, if she didn't have anything else going for her. A promise she knew she would end up keeping, no matter what.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Ten Years Later.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" A small sigh passed through the woman's lips as she looked at herself in the mirror. There was a new bruise covering the side of her face. Her head was pounding, and her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest. She didn't want to be here. She couldn't be here any longer. The man she thought she had fallen in love, was treating her like total shit. His whole personality changed the moment they had moved in together. The woman put her hands on the side of the sink and tried to calm her breathing down. She needed to escape this place, and her time was now. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and her plan was put into action.]

[font "times new roman" Anthony wouldn't be home for another couple of hours and she had to gather her shit up and leave. She hurried to the bedroom, and she yanked open the closet doors and grabbed her bags. She threw them onto the bed, and started throwing her shit into the bags. She was leaving her whole world behind. That's when her phone rang. It was Anthony's ring tone. She bit her lip lightly as she took a breath and answered. [#bf6e90 "Hi baby, how's work going?"] she asked him. She stood in the middle of their room and listened to him speaking. [b "It's going alright, I just wanted to let you know I'm gonna be late tonight"]]

[font "times new roman" [b "Susan wants to take everyone out to dinner. I told her you wouldn't be joining because you have other plans. So I'll be home around ten or so"] he said. That made the woman's heart leap into her throat. He pretty much lied to his co-workers telling them she had plans, and she couldn't have been any happier right now. [#bf6e90 "That's alright baby. I was going to call Starrla anyway and see if she wanted to do a girl's night"] she lied. [b "Alright princess. I'll see you when I get home"] click. Cosette stood there, her phone in hand. She had so much more time, but she wasn't about to take that chance right now.]

[font "times new roman" She finished packing up her things, and went back to the closet. She found her old phone and pulled it out of the box. She powered it up, and was glad it still had a full charge. That's when she saw the messages. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest. Andrea had reached out to her, and she couldn't have been happier. Anthony didn't know anything about her old phone, or phone number. He thought she had thrown it out when he brought her the new one. She hurried and replied back. [#bf6e90 [i Now's not a good time for me. I'll get a hold of you when I can. I have some issues to take care of first.]]]

[font "times new roman" [#bf6e90 [i I'll be okay though. Or at least I hope I will be. I'm glad you reached out, because honest I forgot about it.. I'll talk to you all soon. Xoxo Cosette.]] She then hit send, grabbed her things and left a note for Anthony. She left her phone as well, and the note explained that she couldn't do it anymore. She couldn't deal with the pain he caused her, and she was gone. She left everything but her clothes. She did love the male more than life, but right now she had to protect herself. She then fled into the night, making her way to the bus station and started to make her way home towards her friends. The only people she could trust.]

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[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Ten Years Ago.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" Connell had been one of the last ones to arrive that day. He had been out with one of the girls on the cheer leading squad. In fact he had been nailing her when he remembered he had to go over to Andrea's. They were all going to get drunk, and enjoy their first day of their senior year together. When the two had finished, he told her that he had other plans, and pretty much up and left. The woman was yelling and cussing at him the whole time he was walking away. He didn't really care though. He had more important things to do, like spend time with his three best friends. The only people in his life that really understood him for who he was.]

[font "times new roman" He shook his head, coming back to the present as Andrea first spoke about running away. Then Cosette spoke up as well. It was kind of strange that they were all agreeing to do this. He knew he wouldn't be doing anything special. Hell he might not even be in the country. If he was, he would make sure he would be there for the three of them. He smirked a bit as he looked at the other's. [#3EA99F "Honestly I think it's an insane idea, but at the same time it's perfect. If I'm still in the country I'll be there"] he promised.]

[font "times new roman" It was really silly of them to do something for ten years down the road. They didn't know what they would be doing with their lives, hell why didn't they just do it right now? He shook his head lightly. He knew Andrea's mind worked differently. He went along with the whole thing, and promised in ten years, he would [i runaway] with the other's no matter what. He then pulled out a blunt, lit the tip of it, and placed it between his lips. He wanted to enjoy himself before heading home for the night.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Ten Years Later.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" It's been ten years since the male left High School. He's been doing pretty well for himself. He had his own place, his own tattoo parlor, and he was single as well. He wouldn't have that any other way. He wanted nothing more than to find that love of his life. He wanted to settle down and start a family. Those were a couple things he wanted more than anything else. He knew he was ready to become a father, and to step up and get married to the right woman. He sighed lightly when he looked at the client he was working on. She was beautiful, but she wasn't the type of person he would normally go for. She smiled towards him. [b "You okay sugar?"] she asked him. The male nodded a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [#3EA99F "Yeah sorry, just thinking about something from ten years ago. I guess you could say it's kinda stupid. I'm thinking about my Senior year in high school, and about this girl I had been madly in love with. She never really looked at me the same way."] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. The woman reached out and touched his arm gently. [b "Honey, don't let the past get to you. You are so much better than that. You have this whole place, and you should be happy about that"] she cooed. The male looked at her and smiled warmly. He was proud of where he came from, and everything he did.]

[font "times new roman" [#3EA99F "I know. Sometimes I can't help but wonder what life would have been like ya know? Would I be here right now? Or would I be with the woman I had been in love with? It's shit like that, that really get to me"] he admitted. He shook his head and kept his mouth shut for the time being. He didn't want to talk about this anymore. He didn't want to think about Andrea, Logan, or Cosette. Everything back then had been ten times better. His life right now wasn't the best. His parents were both dead, and he was pretty much alone in the world.]

[font "times new roman" That's when his phone started going off. He put the machine down and pulled his phone out. He read the messages, and the one that really made him worry was Cosette's reply. Was she okay? He shook his head as he replied quickly. [#3EA99F [i Ya'll could meet up at my place if you wanted. I'm still at work, but make your way there, and there's a key under the door mat. Make yourselves at home, and I'll be there as soon as I can.]] He added his address at the bottom and then hit send, and looked back at the woman he was working on. [b "Your mood somewhat changed just now. Everything okay?"] she asked him.]

[font "times new roman" [#3EA99F "Everything's okay. Just heard from the woman I was talking about, and a couple of other friends. We made this promise ten years ago that if we weren't doing anything with our lives, we would run away together"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. The woman grinned and leaned back into the chair. [b "Well you better hurry and finish. I don't want you to keep that little lady waiting"] she said with a grin. The male shook his head, picked up the machine and went back to finishing his work. Thinking about seeing the other's in a while made his day somewhat better.]
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The sounds of laughter filled the room along with the smell of cheap alcohol. Four friends sat in a circle together as they celebrated the end of their first day on their last year of high school. Each of them eager to see what the future had install for them. They had all been friends since pre-school and, at this point, were unbreakable. They reminisced the memories of their childhood as they each took a turn taking a gulp of cider.

"[#2E8B57 I remember the time we all convinced Cosette that she was invisible]." Andrea, a green haired girl and the school's troublemaker, added in with a laugh taking a swig of the cider and passing it over to Logan, who seemed to be the polar opposite to her. He was incredibly popular due to him being a jock and a genuinely nice guy who cared for a lot of people. "[#4682B4 Well, I remember when we all pranked Mr. Harrison and then convinced him that you did it]." He said to her, taking his own swig and passing it to Connell. Andrea playfully pouted. "[#2E8B57 I got detention because of that]." She mumbled but couldn't keep the act up for much longer.

The rest of the night was spent like this until they were all settled into bed, a comfortable silence was then interrupted by Andrea. "[#2E8B57 Do you ever just... Want to runaway from everything?]" She asked, to no one in particular. Logan was the first to answer. "[#4682B4 Sometimes. Just to escape... Why?]" However, she didn't quite answer his question. "[#2E8B57 I think, in ten years time, if nothing good is happening in our lives we should just ditch everything and everyone to run away together.]" At this Logan chuckled, but, that soon died down as he realised how serious his friend was being. "[#2E8B57 You guys promise that we'll runaway together in ten years if nothing good is happening in our lives?]" To that they all promised.

[center [b TEN YEARS LATER...]]

Andrea smiled as she remembered the promise from her adolescent years. She wasn't sure why she thought back to that specific memory, she hadn't seen or talked to her old best friends in years, which was a shame. They had all gotten along so well. But, their different paths in life caused them to slowly drift apart despite their unique bond.

She, herself, ended up working in whatever jobs that she could find. She neither had the money or the grades to go to college, unlike her old best friends. They had all tried to stay in contact, hanging out when they could, but, eventually, they started to change and their communication slowed until it stopped completely. She settled down working in a supermarket and, over the years, worked her way up to managerial position. She hated her work. It sucked the life out of her and she, somehow, just managed to afford her scrummy apartment and pay her bills. She was twenty seven and had done nothing with her ife. There was nothing to show for it expect from repeating the same routine day in, day out. She was no longer in contact with her family and she had no friends.

She walked through her front door and into her tiny apartment after a long shift at the supermarket. She dumped her bag and shoes by the door and hung her coat up. She then walked over to the sofa and collapsed down onto it with a relieved sigh. She ran a hand through her signature green hair before digging into her pocket and slipping out her phone. She had a couple of notifications and a few texts wishing her a Happy Birthday. She just swiped through them, unfazed. That was until she saw that Logan had messaged her. He said the exact thing everybody else did, however, it felt different. She suddenly realised why she was thinking back to promise they had all made. It was exactly ten years for all of them and she didn't have anything good going for her.

She didn't even think as she proceeded to add them all into a group chat labelled [b Runaway]. She then bit her lip as she contemplated sending a message. They wouldn't agree, she knew that. She just knew that their lives were going great for them and so, why would they complete a silly promise that they had made as reckless teens. She sighed and decided to type out:

'Hey! Long time no speak, right? It's been ages. I was wondering if any of you remember that promise we made ten years ago?'

She hesitated before sending it.

Meanwhile, Logan sat on the floor of his sisters living room, playing with his five year old niece and complaining about their parents. Logan had lived a rather good life so far, both of his parents had landed stable, well paying jobs. He and his sister, Evie, had gone to good schools, had great friends and he graduated with flying colours. After Highschool, went on to going to college and then university. By now, just like his parents, he had secured a stable, well paying job as an attorney at a law firm, his flat was in a nice part of the city and he had everything he could ever need. So, he should be happy. He was supposed to feel happy... But, he didn't.

He repeated the same boring routine, day in and day out. Waking up, going to work, returning home and sleeping. He missed High school... Well, he didn't miss the homework or the petty fights... He missed his friends, he missed having a group of people that had his back no matter what, that he could go on wild adventures with and come back home with scraped knees and empty pockets that had once been filled with money. He had lost contact with his three best friends from school and he regretted it. His moments spent with them were now some of his most cherished memories. His sister called ungrateful, in a playful sibling way, before taking his niece to have a bath. He sighed to himself and took this as an opportunity to check his phone.

He was met with two notifications, one stating that he had been added to a group chat and the other showed a message from Andrea. With a confused frown, he opened it up and read the message. His frown turned to a light laugh and he replied with.

'Its been way too long since I last spoke to you guys. But we made that promise ten years ago? It only feels like yesterday.'

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