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[Google-Font <link href="" rel="stylesheet">] [Handlee [size16 This is a roleplay based on the film A Silent Voice / The Shape of Voice, which is based off of the manga, A Silent Voice.

If you haven't watched / read it, that's fine but if you're interested in watching it I suggest you do before reading this because below will contain the plot of the film.

[size32 [center Background Story]]
[+mediumpurple Female's] family had transferred [+mediumpurple her] to a new school in sixth grade. [+mediumpurple She] is deaf , and upon introducing [+mediumpurple herself] to the class with a notebook, [+mediumpurple she] had already written on the first few pages, explaining to everyone that [+mediumpurple she] can not hear and would like to get to know everybody through this notebook.

At first, most of the class seemed excited about getting to know [+mediumpurple her], but [+seagreen male] spent [+seagreen his] time picking on [+mediumpurple her]. Eventually the rest of the class joined in, picking on [+mediumpurple her] because it wasn't like [+mediumpurple she] could hear them anyway! [+mediumpurple Her] family had finally gotten hearing aids, and [+mediumpurple female] was never able to keep them for very long, because [+seagreen male] always pulled them out, and hid them or threw them. Whenever [+mediumpurple she] ran into [+seagreen him] outside of school, [+mediumpurple she] would try to ask [+seagreen him] to be friends, signing it to [+seagreen him]. But [+seagreen he] never knew what [+mediumpurple she] was trying to say. [+seagreen He] made a point to tell [+mediumpurple her] that everybody was going to get tired of needing to write things out for [+mediumpurple her] to understand.

It was all just a joke to [+seagreen male] and [+seagreen his] classmates, until one day when [+seagreen he] pulls [+mediumpurple her] hearing aid out, [+mediumpurple female] starts bleeding. [+mediumpurple She] doesn't come back to school for a few days, and over this time, the principal comes into class because he received a call from [+mediumpurple female's] mother.

The principal is there to try and find out who is responsible for so many of [+mediumpurple female's] hearing aids going missing or getting damaged in the few months that [+mediumpurple she] had been a part of this school and the even shorter amount of time that [+mediumpurple she] had hearing aids. Initially everything is quiet, but the teacher spoke up, stating that everyone in the class knows that it was [+seagreen male] who was constantly teasing [+mediumpurple her].

The teacher tells [+seagreen male] to stand up and begins asking students about what they have seen [+seagreen him] do to [+mediumpurple her]. [+seagreen He] thought that his friends wouldn't have turned on [+seagreen him], but as soon as [+seagreen he] was singled out, [+seagreen he] saw all of [+seagreen his] friends start speaking up. They made it seem like [+seagreen he] was the only one who picked on [+mediumpurple her]. Some of them from this point forward, begin bullying [+seagreen him], while others just cut ties to [+seagreen him].

On the way home [+seagreen he] has all of [+seagreen his] books thrown into the fountain outside of school, where he before had thrown [+mediumpurple her] book into. When [+seagreen he] gets [+seagreen his] books, [+seagreen he] also finds [+mediumpurple hers] and takes it home with him. [+seagreen Male] comes home to find that the school called [+seagreen his] mother. They go to see [+mediumpurple female] and [+mediumpurple her] mother, intending on trying to repay them. [+seagreen He] sees [+seagreen his] mother withdraw a very large sum of money from her bank account on the way. [+seagreen Male] finds [+mediumpurple female] feeding some birds by a fountain. [+seagreen He] was supposed to apologize to [+mediumpurple her], but didn't say anything.

When [+seagreen his] mother comes to get [+seagreen him], [+seagreen male] sees blood on her shirt, and notices that somehow, her earring was torn out.

When [+mediumpurple female] comes back to school, [+seagreen male] finds [+mediumpurple her] scrubbing his desk while no one else is in the classroom. [+mediumpurple He] doesn't understand why [+mediumpurple she's] so weird. He starts yelling at [+mediumpurple her], and pushing [+mediumpurple her], trying to provoke [+mediumpurple her] to just say something if something's wrong, and to stop pretending to be a goody two-shoes.

Eventually [+mediumpurple she] bites him, trying to get him to stop. He gets more aggressive and [+mediumpurple she] just starts slapping him, and trying to push him away. In male's mind, this is all [+mediumpurple her] fault. Everything was fine until [+mediumpurple she] was here. As the two of them wrestle, eventually [+mediumpurple female] gets over top of him and in the midst of everything, yells that [+mediumpurple [b "I'm doing the best I can!"]] but he doesn't understand what [+mediumpurple she] said.

Since [+mediumpurple she] stopped cleaning his desk, he realized that people have been writing on it to make fun of him. [+mediumpurple She] was just trying to do something nice for him. A few days later, [+mediumpurple female] was transferred to another school. [+seagreen Male] thought that things would go back to how they were before [+mediumpurple she] showed up, but they didn't.

[size32 [center Fast Forward]]
[+seagreen Male] is in [+seagreen his] last year of highschool, [+seagreen he]'s 18, and things never got better for [+seagreen him] socially. [+seagreen He] is depressed, and feels like the world is better off without [+seagreen him.] So [+seagreen he] decides to make amends. [+seagreen He] learns sign language, and begins looking for the [+mediumpurple girl] that [+seagreen he] never treated right. [+seagreen He] finds [+mediumpurple her] to apologize, but when [+mediumpurple she] realized it was [+seagreen him], [+mediumpurple she] ran from [+seagreen him]. [+seagreen He] finds [+mediumpurple her], and begins signing with [+mediumpurple her]. In the process of signing to [+mediumpurple her] that [+seagreen he] is sorry, and would like to be friends, [+seagreen he] realizes that being friends with [+seagreen him] was all [+mediumpurple she] wanted.

They agree to be friends. In a way, [+mediumpurple she] saves [+seagreen him]. [+seagreen He] starts trying to find some of the friends [+mediumpurple she] "had" when they went to school together, so [+mediumpurple she] isn't by [+mediumpurple herself] all the time, but one of the girls proves to be of ill intent after all this time.

This girl spends any 1 on 1 time that she gets with [+mediumpurple her] being emotionally abusive and even eventually physically abusive to her , and after a little while everybody drifts apart again as tempers fly, but [+seagreen he] was still there for [+mediumpurple her]. [+mediumpurple She] confesses having feelings for [+seagreen him] but in trying to make a point to speak this, [+seagreen he] doesn't understand what [+mediumpurple she] was trying to say.

[+mediumpurple She] hates herself. [+mediumpurple She] feels like [+mediumpurple she's] broken, a nuisance. [+mediumpurple She] can see how [+mediumpurple her] life is a burden to others, an internal issue of [+mediumpurple hers] which was barely existent until [+mediumpurple she] came to [+seagreen his] school, and experienced being bullied relentlessly because of [+mediumpurple her] handicap. [+mediumpurple She] decides to end [+mediumpurple her] life. [+seagreen He] finds [+mediumpurple her] as [+mediumpurple she] is about to jump off the balcony and to [+mediumpurple her] demise, but [+seagreen he] grabs [+mediumpurple her] just in time. As [+seagreen he] rescues [+mediumpurple her], [+seagreen he] falls, and winds up in the hospital, and for a little while is in a coma.

While [+seagreen he] is in a coma, the girl who was emotionally abusive to [+mediumpurple her] spends as much time as she can preventing [+mediumpurple her] from seeing [+seagreen him]. [+mediumpurple She] has a nightmare involving [+seagreen him], and runs to the bridge, where they would meet since becoming friends, and [+seagreen he] finds [+mediumpurple her] there crying, after waking from [+seagreen his] coma.


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[Google-Font <link href="" rel="stylesheet">][size16 [Handlee Sophia wouldn’t be able to say that she had ever really expected for Sakio to find her, but this certainly wasn’t what she expected to happen. He came to find her because he was sorry for the way he treated her. He decided to take up learning sign language because of her, in a way. Tears welled up in her eyes, because while this was a touching movement on his part, she didn’t want to cause people to adjust their lives for her. That wasn’t right of her to do.

Sophia saw movement towards her, and noticed Amanda trying to make her way over. She put a hand up, to stop her, and then glanced towards Sakio, and back at Amanda. She didn’t want Amanda to put two and two together, and jump down his throat. She had never met him, and their mother never really said his name, so as long as she didn’t hear or really see the conversation well enough to know what they were signing, she wouldn’t know who he was.

[b [+mediumpurple It was unfair for the staff or for my family and I to want people to pick up on another form of language just for my sake. I might have not liked the way I was treated while I was there but no one should’ve been expected to adjust their life for my sake. I am sorry for that.]] She paused for a moment, and she seemed to space out, lost in thought.

[b [+mediumpurple When I came to your school, my family had just moved here from the United States. I know the teachers said that before, but I had never been to another country. I lost most of my family, the few friends I had too. I just was really excited for the opportunity to make new friends and learn about a culture that I knew nothing about. If I didn’t look at it that way, the idea of losing everything was just very scary, and overwhelming.]]

[b [+mediumpurple I appreciate the gesture of learning sign language, but I apologize for making you feel as if you needed to. I’m . . . not mad at you, I don’t know anything about what your at-home life was, but I’m sure someone coming to your school and stirring up the way the school ran wasn’t easy to deal with.]]

Was this encounter supposed to make her feel better, or feel guilty because her family moving here, one way or another made a boy feel like he needed to learn sign language to talk to her? Did he just want to apologize to her and then move on with his life? What did he want? Why would someone go through this much effort just to apologize?]]
  Sophia J. / Babycakes / 9d 16h 53m 31s
[google-font] [size15 [Jost The deaf girl’s instant reaction was enough to make Sakio want to run and duck out of this undeserved interaction. She recognised him immediately, obviously recoiling against the wooden table. The guilt cut through him like a knife. [i Of course she wouldn’t forget. I was a monster. She must be terrified facing me.] Especially here, in a place she thought was safe.

The teen recalled the times he picked on Sophia with utter shame. When he pulled her hair, tossed hearing aids and wrote nasty things in her notebooks. He was shamed as the Bully when she was transferred, wearing that label around his neck all the way through high school. No one looked at him and no one cared. That was his fault alone.

He had to make this quick. He didn’t want to be more trouble but she needed to know... Even if he did decide to throw up in the center of the social hall. With a sharp breath, Sakio began by answering her understandable question. [#0B746A I learned so that when and if I ever ran into you, I would be able to understand and so would you. With sign language- I mean.] This felt so awkward. He could feel himself mouthing the words as he signed them, the indications of a true novice.

[#0B746A I just wanted to say,] his palms were getting sweaty. [#0B746A That I am very sorry for what me and the others did to you in school.] He swallowed the lump in his throat. [#0B746A I didn’t take the time to know you and I know that is no excuse.]

Sakio laced his fingers together, holding them tightly as he waited for her answer. It seemed like forever as Sophia chose the right words, so to speak. He didn’t blame her if she ran away now. If she screamed for someone to help. If she stood and slapped him. He expected it all but... at least she heard it from him. He did the right thing by coming here and facing this impending fear. It wouldn’t cure or erase anything he’d done.. And that he regretted. ]]
  : Sakio : / KyoyaPleasant / 14d 5h 4m 53s
[Google-Font <link href="" rel="stylesheet">][size16 [Handlee Sophia had been patiently waiting for her sister’s return, when she felt someone touch the back of her seat. Funny how when you lose one of your senses, your others try to compensate so even the gentlest of touches became so easy to notice. She placed a page marker in her sketchbook and then closed it as she turned her attention to whoever had patted at her chair.

At first, she expected it to be her younger sister, Amanda. But much to her surprise, it wasn’t. While he looked different, she [i knew] who he was. Panic struck across her face briefly, afraid that there was more trouble to come. She’d been coming here for a few years now and she had never seen him. Was she just that lucky? Or did he just start coming here?

She could only imagine how things were going to go, what did he want? [i Why] did he learn sign? Would she be able to defend herself against him? When would Amanda be back? Could Amanda help her? Sophia really hoped that this would be over before Amanda made her way out of the bathroom just because she didn't want her to see anything hostile if it were to go that way, and she didn't want Amanda to get hurt trying to protect her, just like Sophia always knew she would. While as far as Sophia could remember, Sakio never really hurt anyone other than her, would he go after her sister?

Amanda never really knew [i who] the person was that bullied Sophia. Sophia’s mother never knew until the principal talked to the students because her mother [i knew] someone was bullying her. She was never willing to tell anyone, she just wanted it to blow over and for everybody to be friends. But by now, Sophia knew that was just her childish sense of unending hope. It was selfish of her to think that her class would adjust aspects of their life to try and be friends with her just because that’s what she wanted.

[b [+seagreen Hello, It's Sakio. Remember me?]] He signed. Her sense of panic was taken over by shock, and then confusion. [i [+mediumpurple When . . . When did he learn . . ?]] Sophia thought to herself. Did his mother make him, after the last straw that led to Sophia’s mother moving her to her current, private school? And why did he seem nervous to approach her? She was pretty sure that she saw him . . . trembling?

[b [+mediumpurple You . . . You learned? When?]] She signed, still displaying a look of confusion across her features. Was he forced to learn something he didn’t want to . . . because of her? Is this her fault?

She didn't really [i directly] answer his question of if she remembered him or not, but she thought the idea that she [i knew] he didn't know sign before, had to have at least been an indication that she knew who he was. Sophia still was a bit unsure as to how he would've thought she forgot, though.

Part of her still felt like she needed to run, to get as far away from him as possible. Before, she stood a chance at defending herself against him. But now? She knew she wouldn’t be able to. She also wanted to hear him out, because he clearly approached [i her]. His entire posture, body language . . . everything just felt so, so different. She felt like she only recognized him due to some of his key facial features, which just were forever burned into her memory.]]
  Sophia J. / Babycakes / 14d 17h 10m 12s
[google-font] [size15 [Jost The day was windy... It was one of those warm winds that caressed the skin just right and had it been a good day, Sakio might have enjoyed it.

Lots of things had been leading up to this critical afternoon, not really surprised that his legs felt heavy and his stomach curling in morbid anticipation. He reviewed his mental checklist, making sure everything was in order before he made his way to the bridge. There was... one last thing he wanted to do. Something he wanted to do for years now but was too chicken to step foot in the community center.

Sakio gripped the strap of his messenger bag, biting his lip as he pondered, giving himself a headache in the process. This... might be the last time he could do it. He needed to find his courage long enough to see her, just one last time. He had to apologize. He had to admit his wrong behavior for those months he ruined his classmate’s life in middle school. He [i needed] to talk to Sophia.

The black haired teen adjusted his course, grudgingly heading to the Community Center in downtown Takayama. The town was small enough that he could get there walking for about 30 minutes but it would have been a little faster had he not sold his bike. Regardless, this was his punishment and he had to see it through.

Sakio stopped in front of the smeared glass doors of the facility, taking a long deep breath before pushing inside. He had seen Sophia here once when he came to eat a lunch meal for cheap due to family financial struggles. His whole body froze when he recognised the back of her head, familiar waves of hair that he used to stare at in school. That day she didn’t notice him.

He hoped that Sophia still spent her time there. Sakio took the time to learn sign language a couple months back if he was ever in the situation where he would meet her again. He wanted to be on her level. He wanted to express his sincerest apologies in the correct way that she would understand. Sophia deserved that.

Sakio entered the main hall, scattered with tables and people. He gripped his bagger tighter, keeping his lean posture small and his eyes respectfully low. Then he saw her, her familiar hair much longer than he remembered. His mouth felt dry and his stomach turned, trying to keep himself from getting sick in public. He crept closer and reached a shaky hand out to tap her shoulder. [#0B746A Hello,] he signed once her wide eyes turned to him, hoping she wouldn’t deny him a moment to talk. [#0B746A It’s Sakio. Remember me?] [i Stop shaking.] ]]
  : Sakio : / KyoyaPleasant / 18d 13h 22m 29s
[Google-Font <link href="" rel="stylesheet">][size16 [Handlee There are a lot of things in life that people take for granted, whether it's small, or a more impactful component of their life that they had, it seemed pretty common for people everywhere to not take notice to how much better something can make their life. Sophia lived everyday trying to appreciate what she had, because something she'd lost in life, was her sense of hearing. She didn't really remember [i when] this happened, but she did have very faint memories of sound.

All she remembered was when she was young, there was an accident. And after that, her hearing was mostly gone. It continued to get worse, and the doctors declared her deaf. Sophia quickly started learning sign language, which at the time her parents knew nothing about. While her mother was doing her best to make life as easy as possible for Sophia, her father seemed to just lose his mind. She never really could remember why or much about what actually happened, but she knew that her family never talked about him once they left. They moved twice before setting on where they live now, in Japan. Originally, her family lived in the North East of the United States, but for some reason, they moved very abruptly until they ended up here, while Sophia was in her 7th year of school. Her younger sister was just getting ready to go into school at the time, and was probably easier for her since she didn't really [i lose] friends during the move.

It had been years since her family moved here, though. Sophia was in her senior year. She was enrolled in an all girls' school, after the incident when she started middle school here.

She still remembered her first school here. At first, Sophia was really excited to make new friends, but it seemed like everybody grew to hate her, and she didn't really understand why. She just remembered that among all of the people who [i did] tease her, there was one person who seemed to tease her more relentlessly than the others, and had even caused issues with the hearing aids her doctor had wanted to try with her, to hopefully make life easier for her in her new environment.

Middle School really showed her how big of an adjustment others had to make to accommodate her. She might have not known what he looked like now, but she'd never forget Sakio Hano. The boy who had a large part in starting the process of Sophia gradually hating herself, hating who she had become, and the burden she caused people for needing to adjust their lifestyle to make things easier for her.

Sophia felt a tap on her shoulder, bringing her back to reality, and out of the swirling thoughts of her mind. [b [#9370db Sorry.]] She had signed to her sister, Amanda. Her younger pointed over to where the bathrooms were, letting Sophia know she would be right back. Sophia nodded, cracking a soft smile at Amanda, before waving her off. The two spent their time after school at the local community center normally, at least until a bit before dinner time. Sophia originally came here by herself, but Amanda didn't really like her being out on her own. Her head sank down again, as she looked over a sketch she has been working on throughout most of the day. She eventually wanted to draw some birds, but currently she was just working on branches, some leaves, and the sky in the background. She always had an appreciation for nature. You never notice how beautiful the sound of a bird singing is, until you can no longer hear it.]]
  Sophia J. / Babycakes / 21d 11h 33m 39s

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