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Izukyo giggled at the sibiling fight, he did a bow towards her and smiled. [+gold "I forgive you Kate...."] Izukyo saw johnatan and kate kill each others feet which made Izukyo laugh hard but not loud enough for the masters and mistresses to hear. [+gold "Kate, Say sorry to johnathan...please."]
  NatakaStargazer / 86d 7h 13m 26s
Jonathan finally let his hand off of Kate’s mouth and she blew a raspberry at him. She looked back at Izukyo and did a small mock bow. [+pink “I am sorry. Please forgive me and my big mouth.”] Jonathan killed her foot and she yelped and stepped on his foot. In response, Jonathan hissed at her and went to go sit on the other end of the room. Kate smiles proudly and sat next to Izukyo.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 86d 9h 13m 52s
Izukyo stared up at him and nodded before getting up. He stuck around with kate and johnathan the most, since they were trusted the most.
  NatakaStargazer / 86d 11h 47m 17s
Kate tilted her head, confused and kept trying to talk. Jonathan glared at her and then looked back at Izukyo. [+lime “I get that you are uncomfortable. You are new and we are all a bunch of strangers. But Kate and I won’t hurt you. I can’t speak for everyone in this room but you can trust us.”] Kate nodded in agreement.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 86d 21h 20m 38s
[+gold "M-my name is...Izukyo...."] He said and took the males hand softly before, shaking it. He looked around the room and everyone then began to whimper before heading to a corner. [+gold "The amount of people in here is scary..."]
  NatakaStargazer / 87d 8h 23m 51s
The boy kept his hand over Kate’s mouth but offered his other hand to Izukyo. [+lime “I’m Jonathan. Me and Kate are siblings. Please ignore her loud mouth. She likes to gossip to all the newcomers and give too much information away without a filter. What is your name?”] Kate kept trying to talk but it wasn’t understandable words. The group stopped at a guest bedroom and picked the lock. They all went in and started hanging around the room and doing as they pleased.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 87d 8h 33m 23s
Izukyo pulled his scarf up and just covered his bottom half of his face. "Y-you kinda dont have to do that...Its not nice to do what you were doing kate."
  NatakaStargazer / 87d 8h 44m 41s
Kate tilted her head a little as they excited the kitchen and started to wander down the halls of the Manor. [+pink “Why is your face red? Are you okay?”] She listened to him as her tail twitched behind her. [+pink “And we were all kidnapped and taken in by our owners. Some of us were taken in for trophies, some for companions, and some just for our looks. And Bane, the one with the wolf ears, you wouldn’t believe how he got here! They found him with—“] Kate was cut short as the other pet with cat ears, a younger male about the same age as Kate, put his hand over her mouth. [+lime “That is enough, Kate”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 87d 8h 48m 40s
Izukyo's face reddened like a ripe ruby tomato fresh out of a farmers field. He was subconscious about how other people thought about him, so hearing that he was cute made him silence for a while. [+gold "I-im cute?"] He said before realizing she had a bunch of questions. [+gold "I guess shes pretty and nice...She didn't hit me like her stupid goons did when kidnapped me from my house. She was gentle...she even petted my ears and brushed my tail. I liked it but im scared to stay...I wanna but she threatened me with I might die if I was to misbehave."]
  NatakaStargazer / 87d 9h 25m 45s
The girl looked at him excitedly. [+pink “You must be the next Mistress’s Pet. You certainly are cute. My name is Kate!”] She got behind him and gave him a gentle push towards the rest of the group. [+pink “Come on! We are going to have some fun while our owners are talking!”] She smiled up to him as others turned and shushed her. She stuck her tongue out at them in response. [+pink “So what is it like being the pet to Mistress Nickoli?”] She looked at him with curiosity shining brightly in her eyes.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 87d 9h 39m 15s
Izukyo looked at her and waved nervously before looking away. She seemed nice, or was it all an act to get him killed! He noticed everyone leaving and was afraid until the girl gestured for him to come along, so he did. He got up and walked over to her.
  NatakaStargazer / 87d 10h 1m 34s
There was a total of 7 other pets besides Izukyo. Two of them had cat ears and tails, one with orange and the other with gray colors. There was one boy, who looked like the oldest out of all of them but still young, that had wolf ears and tail. One of the pets with the cat ears, a younger girl, waved at Izukyo and smiled. The boy with the wolf ears suddenly shushed all of them and put his ear up to the door. When he nodded and opened the door all of the pets slowly and quietly started to leave the room. The gurl that had waved at him motioned at him to follow.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 87d 11h 23m 43s
Izukyo sat alone and by himself, he looked at everyone with fear. He had no idea who they were, he was afraid....terrified to be here. Izukyo only wanted one thing, and if he had the chance to wish for it from something or someone magical he would wish to go home. He just wanted to lock his doors, all of them and cry.
  NatakaStargazer / 87d 16h 16m 19s
Nickoli smiled and greeted everyone as they filed in and took their seats at the table. Some had brought their own pets with them. As the table filled and some of the visitors started to chat with the people sitting next to them, the maid left and went to the kitchen. She came back, followed by other maids with dishes filled with food. A butler came in and motioned for all of the pets to follow him. They started to leave their owners and follow the Butler through the kitchen doors and to a separate room that had plush cushions and a variety of toys. As they all walked into the room, the Butler said that their dinner would be ready in a moment.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 87d 16h 33m 17s
Izukyo nodded and listened. [+gold "Ok, Thank you for telling me Ma'am."] He said bowing to her quickly then standing straight up like a board. He viewed everyone flowing in but noticed that she gained fluffy white fox ears and tail.
  NatakaStargazer / 87d 17h 19m 14s

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