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[+gold "You gave us toys that kids play with...all of us were over the age of 14! We aren't kids."] He said pouting. [+gold "Plus....they were fun....being with people that were going through what I had been going through so far, I gave me people to relate with.."]
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 18h 59m 55s
Nickoli leaned against one of the bed posts and looked back at Izukyo. [+blue “The real question is here, why couldn’t you stay in the room? It had soft cushions as lots of things for all of you to play with. And you could have asked a butler or a maid if you needed anything.”] Nickoli tilted her head, confused as to why he would have joined in with them to leave the room. A butler came in and handed Izukyo his old collar back.
  TessaFox / 83d 19h 6m 18s
Izukyo sat up and sniffled as he was trying to control himself, he wiped his tears and just stared at her. [+gold "Why couldn't we leave the room? We wasn't doing anything harmful."]
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 19h 17m 56s
Nickoli looked at Izukyo in shock. She thought he would like the silk collar she had gotten him. She ordered a servant to retrieve his other collar and she looked back at Izukyo. [+blue “I am sorry that you do not like it, lovely. I sent a servant to go get your old collar back. Don’t want you crying. It is unbecoming of such a pretty face.”]
  TessaFox / 83d 20h 37m 36s
Izukyo touched his neck and felt a different fabric....this wasn't the collar he picked out. He doesn't know why...but suddenly he started crying. [+gold "I-i do-dont li-ke it at a-all!"]
  NatakaStargazer / 84d 5h 17m 6s
Nickoli saw him getting angry and she lifted her other hand up to rub his ears. [+blue “Well it sounds like you certainly had a lot of fun! Are you liking your new collar? I was wondering if it was comfortable or not.“] She tilted Izukyo’s head up a little bit higher with her finger.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 84d 9h 49m 24s
Izukyo whimpered in fear, he was a coward. But who wouldn't be if they were in his situation. [+gold "There was this pair of pets...they were nice....they became my friends...and the cupcakes were drugged."] He said while getting slightly angry. Angry for being lied to by her, angry to be drugged just for making friends.
  NatakaStargazer / 84d 9h 56m 33s
Nickoli glared down at him. [+blue “Hello, Izukyo. Might I ask how your time was this afternoon with the other pets? How were the cupcakes?”] Nickoli reached her hand forward to lift his chin up so that he could not look away. She stared straight into his eyes and her white, fluffy fox tail twitched angrily.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 84d 10h 46s
Izukyo's eyes slowly opened as he looked around, What the--he couldn't move! His body was still as a rock but his head felt like it was split open like a melon. He seen nickoli on the bed too, he got up after a while and was afraid. [+gold "H-hello mistress..."]
  NatakaStargazer / 84d 10h 20m 14s
Nickoli poked Izukyo’s face and sighed. Izuko was laying across her bed and she sat beside him. It had been two hours since half the pets fell asleep and they had to reprimand the others. Nickoli didn’t think that her new Pet would join in with the others but apparently she was wrong and he joined in with their crazy games. A butler had seen them in the halls and had gone straight to tell the Masters. They had made a plan to drug the pet’s food and the meeting would be rescheduled for another time. He would probably wake up with a terrible headache and wouldn’t be able to move his body for a couple of minutes. Nickoli hoped that the others would deal with their pets appropriately as she would with hers.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 84d 10h 25m 56s
Izukyo was out for a couple of hours, days? You could never tell when you've been drugged.
  NatakaStargazer / 84d 10h 42m 6s
Kate started to feel tired and she suddenly collapsed into the floor with a thud. The other pets who had eaten nothing backed away from the spread. Some of the other pets slowly fell asleep and collapsed.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 84d 14h 47m 42s
Izukyo ate a cupcake and began to feel....sleepy...he looked at the cupcake and then at her sluggishly. He tried to move away but collapsed onto the ground, he was drugged!
  NatakaStargazer / 84d 17h 14m 16s
Kate nodded and her cat tail wagged. She took another cupcake and ate it before grabbing more. Some of the other pets were looking at the variety of food that was laid out for them and eat it. Kate offered a cupcake to Izukyo while stuffing her mouth with more cupcakes.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 84d 20h 7m 52s
Izukyo picked up a cookie and ate it cautiously, he looked back at it and smiled. [+gold "This is pretty good!"]
  NatakaStargazer / 84d 20h 23m 51s

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