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Izukyo went after her worried. [+gold "Mistress! Please don't be mad at me...I'll except any punishment you see fit....I didn't mean to upset you."] He said as he finally caught up to her, she was just so beautiful and a blush spread across his face slowly.
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 10h 43s
Nickoli had never had someone of a lower rank than her complement her. There were the few exceptions of when she was trying on outfits or someone was begging for their life. But no one had ever just complemented her just as a fact. She saw that Izukyo was looking at her scared. Nickoli noticed that her hands where balled up into fist from yelling at the maid. Her anger unleashed and she growled at everyone as she turned and fled from the maid quarters.
  TessaFox / 83d 10h 11m 37s
[+gold "I said it because that's what I really think, I really think you look pretty..."] He said while backing up, he seen her balled up fist and got afraid.
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 10h 42m 27s
Nickoli shook her head. She took a step back from the trembling maid. The other maids rushed over to the trembling maid and tried to calm her down. [+blue “T-Thanks.. But I was sure that... And why would you...”] Nickoli took around step back and looked at Izukyo with her hands clenched. Her anger was festering from being built up inside her while yelling at the maid before and she was trying to control it.
  TessaFox / 83d 10h 46m 13s
[+gold "Can you please calm one drugged me, I was just saying that you looked pretty..its a good thing."] He rubbed at his eyes and his drowsiness wore off a bit.
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 10h 57m 30s
Nickoli looked down at him with fury in her eyes before she realized who it was. Her face calmed immediately and she turned and looked at him. [+blue “I-Izukyo. What are you talking about. You are supposed to be resting. And you shouldn’t be here right now.”]
  TessaFox / 83d 11h 29m 21s
Izukyo tugged at the mistress dress yawning and rubbing his eyes. [+gold " one drugged me..."]
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 13h 13m 44s
Nickoli was yelling at all of the maids and finally the one that had brought the medication to Izukyo stepped forward. She was a small crying mess and was already begging Nickoli for mercy even though Nickoli hadn’t done anything yet.
  TessaFox / 83d 13h 49m 25s
Izukyo stayed asleep until he heard the yell, he woke up and began to head towards the origin of the noises.
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 13h 56m 52s
Nickoli went straight to the maid quarters and yelled at them to find the maid who “poisoned” Izukyo. They all looked at eat other, scared at what was going to happen to the one who did it.
  TessaFox / 83d 14h 4m 49s
Izukyo just stared at the doorway and sighed, he closed his eyes and decided to sleep.
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 14h 14m 29s
Nickoli put her finger up to his lips. [+blue “Shush. You need your sleep. I will let you sleep in my bed but only this once. While you sleep, I will be running some errands so don’t miss me too much.”] Before Izukyo could get in another word, Nickoli had left her lavish bedroom.
  TessaFox / 83d 14h 20m 30s
[+gold "But....mistress you are pretty.I mean it." Said Izukyo feeling like he wasn't really getting through to her.
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 14h 27m 0s
Nickoli shook her head. [+blue “It is okay. You will feel better after some sleep, lovely. Then you will be able to talk properly. We can’t have you going around complimenting walks and paintings after all.”] She rubbed his ears and started to brush his tail.
  TessaFox / 83d 14h 28m 44s
Izukyo looked at her confused, his head hurted bad but other than that he was fine. [+gold "I-im confused....I just complemented fine."
  NatakaStargazer / 83d 14h 41m 19s

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