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Izukyo stayed silent as he pulled the contacts out and held them in his hands.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 17h 55m 28s
Nickoli mumbled angrily to herself and clenched her fists. She looked away from Izukyo and out the window so that he couldn’t see the anger in her eyes. She snapped at the driver to hurry up and growled warningly to Izukyo.
  TessaFox / 1d 17h 56m 25s
[+gold "I tried to! I was ok for the first 95% until the incident..."]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 1m 26s
Nickoli got in after him and slammed the door behind her. She angrily yelled angrily at the driver to hurry back to the manor. [+blue “I expected better of you. You should have controlled yourself.”]
  TessaFox / 1d 18h 2m 45s
Izukyo got in and tried to contain himself. [+gold "Im so sorry!"]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 14m 0s
Nickoli growled at Izukyo and kept pulling him. [+blue “I was stupid to think this would work and that you could control yourself around a whole shopping mall of people.”] Their car drove up to them and Nickoli opened the door and growled at Izukyo to get in.
  TessaFox / 1d 18h 20m 55s
Izukyo began walking towards the scent before he was suddenly dragged away from it and out the mall. He was trying to pull away and go for the person with the scent but she was too strong at the moment. [+gold "I...Must have them!"]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 38m 24s
Nickoli was suddenly jerked by her hand as Izukyo stopped. She looked back at him and saw him drooling and his eyes glowing brighter than they ever had even with the contacts on. [+blue “Umm.. Darling? Are you coming?”]
  TessaFox / 1d 18h 45m 30s
Izukyo some people talking about him and his mistress until he was hit was a strong delicious scent. He stopped dead in his tracks then drooled softly.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 19h 53m 41s
Nickoli took the card and put it away and held onto Izukyo’s hand tightly. She quickly tried to head back towards the entrance while avoiding people to the best of her ability.
  TessaFox / 1d 20h 4m 12s
Izukyo nodded carrying the bag full of the video game stuff, he held her card and gave it back to her before holding her hand.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 20h 6m 59s
Nickoli looked at the figurines in shock and curiosity. [+blue “I never thought humans were that creative... Well, do you have everything you need? I am ready to leave this place.”]
  TessaFox / 1d 20h 9m 28s
[+gold "No....mistress they took what the characters look like, made them into these plastic molds of the actual character and sold them for money"]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 20h 28m 46s
Nickoli pokes one of them and they fell over. [+blue “So they all escaped from your game? Shouldn’t they all be put back?”]
  TessaFox / 1d 20h 30m 51s
Izukyo grabbed her hand and touched the figurines she was talking about. [+gold "They are like little toys....they are characters from the video games ive been talking to you about."]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 20h 42m 53s

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