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Sasha clenched their fist around the cloth. [b "Shoot. I knew I should have applied a stronger dosage."] Sasha stood across from him. [b "You will learn more about me once I get you home and you get some rest. For now, none of that is important."] Sasha took a step towards him confidently as she glared at him and held the cloth out.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 29d 15h 31m 41s
Rainer barely dodged it as he remembered all of his training in Capoeira martial arts. He ducked down and spun with grace, getting in a fighting stance. "Grr who are you!"
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 29d 16h 51m 8s
Sasha dug her teeth into her lip as she was suddenly bitten by Rainer. [b "Oww!!"] Sasha rushed into one of the dark and abandoned allies and threw Rainer onto the pavement. [b "Why can't you just stay asleep!! It would make my job so much easier!!"] Sasha kicked Rainor's leg and tried to shove the cloth with Nitrous Oxide on it into Rainer's face again.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 29d 18h 7m 13s
Rainer bit her shoulder 5 minutes after being tranquilized. He hissed and kicked his feet to get her to drop him. "get....the hell off of me!" He kicked even more ferociously-
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 29d 20h 43m 55s
Sasha smiled at how fast he had gone unconscious. Good thing the Neko didn't try to fight back. She could have easily taken him down but she didn't want any blood to be left behind. Sasha put Rainer's body over her shoulder as she made her way back through the building and ran from the house. [b "Now just to get back without being caught... That should be as easy as holding a knife to someone's neck.."]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 29d 21h 1m 45s
Rainer's eyes closed and all he saw was darkness, he was scared for what just happened. He was kidnapped from.his home and taken away from everything good. All possible good moments didn't matter. He was taken from his home and was probably gonna be used like a plastic bag.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 32d 8h 44m 0s
Sasha blinked and shoved the gag into Rainer's mouth. [b "You dumb Nekos and your senses."] Sasha pressed their knee's onto Rainer's thighs so that he couldn't move as she held the gag to his mouth. It was almost too easy since he was laying in a beanbag chair. [b "Shhh. Stop fighting. You will fall asleep soon so it is pointless."]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 32d 14h 43s
He slept peacefully, gently purring and smiling. Could've sworn he felt like someone was in front of him. His eyes shot open and he was staring right at her.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 33d 5h 26m 26s
Sasha waited till he looked asleep till they crept into the room. She crouched next to the bean bag chair that he was sleeping in and observed his heartbeat. He looked asleep but she couldn't be sure. This Neko looked feminine she could only assume that it was. Sasha pulled the gag out from one of her hidden pockets and got prepared to cover Rainer's mouth with it.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 33d 13h 6m 55s
He played with his PC some more before he decided to take a quick cat nap in his bean bag chair next to his bed. He wore mostly feminine clothing and more of a feminine touch to his appearance.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 34d 42m 46s
Sasha entered the building and gently closed the window while also leaving it slightly open so that they could escape again. She crept through the halls while sticking to the shadows. She stopped when they saw Rainer playing on his PC in his room with his guitar. Sasha couldn't quite tell the gender of the Neko but that didn't matter at the moment.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 34d 1h 46s
He could've sworn something was off, gently his cat tail twitched and he began to place his guitar down. "Hmmm I feel like something is wrong...." He also took off his headphones and began to sit there thinking to himself.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 34d 3h 2m 41s
Sasha was walking along the trim of Rainer’s room. She was calculating the best way to bring this new suspect to her Manor. She had kidnapped 12 other people during the week and reports where showing up all over the news. This was going to be her last one till the news died down as she hid. Sasha crept to the edge of the roof and swung down onto the window where she carefully picked the lock with ease and slid the window open.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 34d 3h 5m 6s
Rain had been listening to some music in his room, sitting at his gaming PC while softly strumming a guitar he had since he was 6. Not focusing on the worlds problems...for music and games was his own world.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 35d 3h 28s

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