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Nickoli looked away from Izukyo’s face. The didn’t want to look at his face and see his tears or his lips. She looked down and saw the blood from her shirt was getting onto his and she felt bad that the blood was ruining his shirt. [+blue “I... I was angry... And I was trying not to take my anger out on you so I ran and they were the first creatures I came upon...”]
  TessaFox / 1d 10h 21m 4s
Izukyo stared at her, his heat still bothering him. Her scent was sweeter than ever but why? He got close to her still afraid but he wrapped his arms around her and quickly kissed her lips. He was embarrassed that he had done such a thing to her, more tears dripped from his eyes. [+gold "I want to love mistress! Bu-but....Why did...she have to kill them?"]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 10h 32m 20s
Nickoli collapsed into her knees will blood covering her body. She looked up at Izukyo with instant regret in her eyes. [+blue “I-I’m sorry, Izukyo. I thought you had gone inside the Manor. You weren’t meant to see this.”] Nickoli saw that his eyes were filled with tears. [+blue “P-Please don’t cry. E-Everything is a-alright.”]
  TessaFox / 1d 10h 36m 37s
Izukyo whimpered in the pain of the slashes, but that didn't hurt as much as the dissatisfaction he felt in the inside. Finding out that the person he admired, thought was so elegant,beautiful, and graceful. Was a murderer....a cold-blooded one aswell, he looked up at her tearing up before hugging onto the group of baby deer and shooing them away quickly. [+gold "Get out of here! Now! Before she kills you!"]
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 12h 16m 52s
Nickoli turned and slashed at Izukyo’s legs before she realized that it was him. [+blue “No... You shouldn’t have come here...“] Nickoli turned back into a human and she saw the blood running down his legs. [+blue “No...”]
  TessaFox / 1d 12h 29m 6s
Izukyo couldn't believe his eyes, slowly tears dripped from them. Tears that cried out vengeance for the poor deer. Izukyo's body through him forward at his mistress, he stood infront of her protecting a few of baby deer.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 12h 40m 55s
Nickoli has gone deep into the forest and had found a herd of deer. She was taking her anger out by killing each and everyone one slowly, letting they cry and scream before they died.
  TessaFox / 1d 12h 46m 27s
Izukyo placed the bags down and began to follow her.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 13h 4m 10s
Nickoli kept growling at Izukyo till he was safely inside the Manor. Once the doors closed, she sprinted into the woods so that she didn’t hurt anyone in her anger.
  TessaFox / 1d 14h 10m 20s
Izukyo whimpered at Nickoli and walked inside the manor.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 17h 35m 22s
Nickoli stopped pacing and glared angrily at Izukyo as her eyes burned with intensity.
  TessaFox / 1d 17h 39m 1s
[+gold "M-mistress.....C-can we go inside...."] He asked still under heat but afraid to even move.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 17h 47m 41s
Nickoli kept pacing in a circle and growling loudly. Her claws dig into the ground and tore it apart as she walked.
  TessaFox / 1d 17h 52m 16s
Izukyo stepped out the car with the bag and his contacts, he whimpered and frowned.
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 1m 32s
They arrived at the Manor and Nickoli stormed out of the car, not waiting for Izukyo. She turned into a large white fox and started pacing angrily while growling.
  TessaFox / 1d 18h 3m 36s

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