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All four of them nodded and hurried back to the Manor, practically pushing Rainer to go faster. [+teal "Come one! We don't want to be late!"] [+violet "Yeah. I heard that they have been in a cranky mood all day."] [+lime "Hey, newbie. We are attempting an escape tomorrow if you would like to join. We are going to be stealing a long journey's worth of food and then we are high tailing it out of here!!"] They all giggled excitedly at the idea of being free.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 17d 13h 53m 25s
Rainer got up slowly he growled at the butlers and maids in disgust..he hated the way people begged for made him feel terrible.. “whatever...lets just get inside already”
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 17d 14h 1m 34s
There were two butlers and two maids who approached Rainer. [+teal "The Master would like to see you. S-She told us that they would cast us into the forest to die if we didn't come back with you."] The butlers and maids all looked scared for their lives as they begged with their eyes for Rainer to come with them so that nothing bad happened.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 17d 14h 16m 21s
He had fell asleep while crying his eyes out, next to a tree. The moonlight gently bounced off of his cheeks. Rainer slowly awakens at the sound of a twig snapping. He looked around and seen servants approaching him. "Hmm....I've been out here all they notice I've been missing? they really are stupid.."
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 18d 12h 53s
Sasha walked into the manor and went to her personal tailor, Cleo, and ordered a clean pair of jeans with a white tank-top and a red flannel jacket. Once the pieces of clothing were retrieved, Sasha changed into their new clothes. She walked to the kitchens and yelled at the cooks to prepare dinner or else she would have their heads. [b "You dirty little slaves can't get anything done... Where did that cocky Neko go! Somebody go get them!!"]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 18d 15h 15m 41s
He growled and stood up slowly, he stormed off away from the manor. He sat on the side of the gates and began to mumble threats. [b "I would run away right ill lose your stupid ass."] Tears streamed down his face as he began pounding his fist on his legs in anger. He grabbed at his hair and pulled during his hissy fit.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 20d 4h 55m 26s
Sasha threw him back on the ground. [b "You know what? Since you are running your big mouth, let's see how you do without dinner tonight. That is sure to wake you right up."] They started walking away and Sasha motioned for two servants to clean up the body. [b "Stay on the ground all you want but you start working tomorrow."]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 20d 5h 1m 21s
“Fuck you and your rules. I should just be happy to give my life to you? I didn’t get this fucking far in life to do this. I had an internship from countless music producers and you came along and said “HeY WhAt IF I go [b “KIDNAPPING] random fuckers from their houses!”
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 20d 4h 58m 30s
Sasha saw the sword and grabbed one of the servants that was standing next to her. The servant screamed out and cried as they were cut in two and their body bled all over the grass. The sword however had struck through the servant and had stabbed into her shoulder. [b "Ow! Well that is just great. So much for that one."]

Sasha grunted as she pulled their shoulder away from the sword and shut off the electricity to the field. [b "Now let's make things clear and set up the ground rules."] She walked over to Rainer and held him by the collar of his shirt. [b "First things first. My name is Sasha but you will refer to me as Master or Mistress. Second, I am Non-Binary so I don't care what term or pronouns you use but you better use one of them, or else you will lose your tongue. Third, you are nothing but a servant to me. If you have the guts to try and fight me on that, go ahead and run away. I would love to see how far you would get before crawling back or till I find your devoured body."]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 20d 15h 3m 22s
He yelled and growled as he picked up his sword over his head and threw it at the woman, it would strike her arm painfully cutting it. He laughed and began to drop onto his knees in pain. “You are...a terrible..human being..”
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 20d 15h 35m 11s
Sasha rolled her eyes. [b "That doesn't sound right. You are a lousy housecat who looks to me to be Androgynous and I wasn't the one who picked out your outfit in the first place. So it is your fault for being such a nude Neko."] Sasha looked at his sword and sighed. [b "That isn't the traditional sword-- Whatever. This fight isn't fun for more me anymore."] Sasha stepped off the field and pressed a button as the whole field was electrified.
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 20d 17h 6m 18s
"I'm not...I'm energy,speed,and defense has been greatly cut in half....but my attacks go up...and my strength as well. And you took me from my house and I was under dressed. I was only in a hoodie,underwear, and socks!" He growled and sliced towards her, out of his sword came a burst of energy in the form of explosion.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 21d 20h 2m 22s
Sasha made a mocking gasp as she caught the knife by the hilt. [b "Me? Perverted?"] Some of the servants trembled as they stepped away but Sasha glared at them all. They would have to stay and watch the duel. [b "I don't know why you think that and honestly, I think that is rather rude to run around saying that to perfectly decent human beings."] They looked up at his sword and sighed. [b "Wow. I didn't know the little kitty liked to put on a show. You seem a little overpowered there too, soft paws."]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 21d 20h 40m 38s
He jumped over the knives with a simple 360 backdrop, at the same time he countered her knife and made it ricochet back to her. A grin grew in the kitty as he made his sword bigger than hers, it became a buster blade a heavy one too. [B [+purple "oh shut up you perverted human!"]
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 21d 21h 41m 33s
Sasha dodged as the hilt grazed the side of their head. It didn't hurt but it stuck a little as it made a small scratch. [b "I don't think you have your facts straight, kitty kitty. One of your human lives is in your first life."] Sasha slashed at his knees and threw a knife at his shoulder. [b "You aren't going to win, beanstalk. I will grind your knees to powder if I have to."]
  Sasha Bailey / TessaFox / 21d 21h 49m 12s

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