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[font "times new roman" Asterin was slightly surprised when a male approached her. He was talking about how he had seen her eyeing his friend a little bit ago, and how she looked lonely, and asked if she was with other people. She rolled her eyes at the last question. [#FF9797 "I was with a couple of my girl friends, but they seemed to have pretty much ditched me to do their own thing"] she said lightly. She adored Johanna and Scarlett more than anything, but sometimes she wished she hadn't met the two women. That's when the male she had been eyeing walked over.]

[font "times new roman" The other took that as his Que to leave, and backed off, leaving the two of them alone. She looked towards the other and shook her head laughing a bit. [#FF9797 "Honestly, he was a sweetheart. Not many gay men would just approach me and tell me that I have the look of loneliness written all over my face"] she said with a small laugh. She had noticed the gay vibe really well. She knew what to look for anyway, since a couple of her other friends back home were gay, and there was just a vibe about them she could zero in on. That's when she realized that the male asked if she wanted some tapas. She looked down just then and bit her lip lightly.]

[font "times new roman" [#FF9797 "To be completely honestly with you, I don't have a clue as to what those are"] she admitted. She felt like a total fool now herself for not knowing. That's when Scarlett came up, a drink in hand and she draped her arm over the other's shoulders. [b "Galaxy, I told you! All eyes are on you tonight in that dress."] she cooed. Asterin's face turned an even brighter shade of red. She hated when the woman drank, because she became loud and she wanted nothing more than to just sink into the floor boards and just vanish. That's when Scarlett noticed the male beside them. She looked him up and down and grinned.]

[font "times new roman" [b "I see you already snagged yourself one without trying. I know Jo-Jo is around here somewhere..."] she trailed off and looked around. [b "Oh! There she is! In the corner with a couple of guys. I'll see you later darling"] she then turned to the handsome stranger and spoke once more. [b "Take care of my Galaxy here. She's new to the whole bar scene, and doesn't really know how to act"] she said as she raised her glass and stumbled off. Asterin sat there with her hands in her lap, her head bowed wishing her hair wasn't piled on her head like it was. It was nice to have some sort of longer hair to hide her face.]

[font "times new roman" [#FF9797 "I am so sorry about her.. I really am.. She's always like this when she's drunk.."] she said lightly. Her eyes then moved towards the corner and was shocked to see Scarlett tangled up in the arms of a male, making out with him. She put her head into her hands, and turned away from her friends. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest, and she wanted nothing more than to leave. She wasn't about to be rude to the male before her though. [#FF9797 "If anything my friend is the complete fool here, not yours"] she admitted. She made a mental note to talk to Scar about that tomorrow, or when she wasn't so hung over.]

[font "times new roman" She was still wishing she could just up and leave the bar though. It was a nice place to be, and Scarlett wasn't wrong. She never did get out much to the bars, and when she did she was a lost little girl. She kept her head in her hands, wondering how bad she would look if she up and walked out, called a cab and went back to the hotel for the night. Hell the stranger beside her wasn't saying anything, and that was making matters even worse. She hadn't meant to make a fool of herself, and wanted him to say anything at all, or to just walk away all together.]
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[center Admittedly, Diego was not much of a party person despite the people he knew and happened to be friends with. He was much more of a homebody type of guy and he regularly caught flack for it from his social circle. While he did not mind going to a club once in a blue moon, Diego felt that he truly had to be in the mood for it because clubbing was never his first choice of a social activity. The man felt that he was much more of a beach-going personality. He enjoyed lying out in the sun or playing volleyball on the sands. But according to Diego’s friends this was not satisfactory enough. To them he still needed to get out more and meet different people. Usually Diego just rolled his eyes as these assertions. He figured that he got out enough because of his work as a traveling musician, but apparently Diego still came across as a loner to his friends. Their logic did not quite make sense to him, but he loved them all the same.]

[center The past week, though was a whole mess of Diego getting dragged along by some friends to wherever it was that they decided to visit or party. All of their spots were either on the oceanside or pretty damn close to it. That was probably one of the reasons why Diego had not protested all that much when he was practically kidnapped from his home in Lugo. The Spaniard really did appreciate his friends immensely, but he had not been anywhere near prepared for when they rolled up to his home to scoop him up for their road trip of the week. But the people made for good company at least. Friedrich was the brother of one of Diego’s bandmates. Friedrich, or Fritz, brought along one his friends, Stefan. And Diego’s childhood best friend Andrea was also tagging along. Andrea and Friedrich often conspired together against Diego to get him out of the house, hence his Iberian Peninsula road trip they came up with.]

[center That night was apparently for a seaside nightclub party that Andrea heard of and told the rest of the crew about. In times like this Diego was more than happy about the fact he tried to keep his aesthetic fairly simple. He was far too laid back to really worried about looking all primped and ‘party ready’ anyway. Andrea had teased that he would never find a woman if he did not put more effort into trying. Closing his eyes, as if calling upon God to grant him patience, Diego shook his head. [b “I’m really not that stressed about it.”] He was not going to give himself premature grey hairs over a hypothetical woman that did not even exist in his life yet. He was not the type of man to eagerly hunt for a relationship either. Diego felt that something that grew more organically out of friendships was much more satisfying to him. [#900 “Let’s get Diego a woman tonight.”] Friedrich clapped already to set himself to the mission as he fancied himself as a wingman anyway. [b “How about you focus on getting a man?”] Diego retorted before the German had feigned being insulted. [#900 “I would but you reject me!”] the man teased. God, Friedrich really was going to be the death of Diego at this rate!]

[center The group had been rolling up to their club of choice that night which was not all that far away from their hotel they had been in for the past two days or so. The group kept egging on Diego about finding a woman, maybe for even just the night, despite his protests. He really was not trying to play around like that. He had never found much excitement in casual encounters. They just were not his cup of tea. But what he was not mad at was the atmosphere of the establishment. There was plenty of music, liquors, and tapas being served. A little bit of dancing here, some beer and food there, Diego was quite pleased. However, both Stefan and Andrea were quick to split off to mingle with others, especially some of the women. Friedrich was kind enough to not leave Diego to his own devices, though. [#900 “Hey, there’s that girl at the bar over there. She has been giving you some looks.”] Fritz noted, clearly vibing with the club just fine.]

[center Diego had glanced over in the direction that Fritz had gestured. There were a few people hanging around the bar, but one girl obviously looked a little lost. [b “Her? Really? No way.”] Diego shook his head. She was definitely pretty, but he had always had his doubts with meeting new people at places like this. [#900 “Yes way! Go talk to her. Use your natural charm.”] Friedrich encouraged which was only met with resistance. [b “You’re very clearly drunk already. I definitely do [i not] have charm.”] he shoved the other man a bit. [#900 “I mean, with that attitude it would appear that you do not possess any.”] the taller man shrugged. [#900 “If you won’t go talk to her, I will in your stead.”] Friedrich added before he moved to approach the woman before Diego could object. Diego honestly facepalmed at the idea. God knows what the other man was going to tell that woman.]

[center But Friedrich definitely felt like he had more confidence than Diego. Fritz really did not have anything to lose. He was gay as Christmas so if he failed at pulling women, he was not sad about it at all. But he really did want to try his best for Diego’s sake. He really needed to get pushed out of his little comfort zone box. Rolling up to the bar Fritz requested a fresh beer from the bartender before looking over at woman beside him. [#900 “I saw you peeking at my friend over there. But he’s horribly awkward with ever making the first move.”] Friedrich began, gesturing with a hand over at Diego. [b “So, I hope that you do not mind me approaching you about it. You also look really lonely. Did you come here with other people?”] he inquired before Diego quickly intervened, really not trusting Fritz to talk to a woman for him.]

[center [b [i “I am so terribly sorry about him.”]] Diego nervously chuckled. He was not sure about how he could possibly save the situation, but as long as Friedrich fucked off it was fine. And luckily all the German did was pat Diego on the back before he backed off to go see if he could find someone to maybe have some fun with that night. [b “He’s a whole fool.”] he shook his head. [b “Do you want any tapas? To make up for his foolishness?”] Diego offered. He did not want to assumed what her tastes were, but he figured that it was the thought that counted the most…]
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[left [pic]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Three Days Ago.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" [b "Alright everyone, I just want you all to remember that we are heading to Spain for our trip, and that you all have a wonderful time out there. Even though we are all on holiday pretty much, I want you all to be safe, and stick with your groups that you are paired up with. Make sure to get plenty of sleep as well, seeing as we will be leaving tomorrow morning. You are all excused to go home and finish packing"] the older male said. When all was said and done Asterin stood and slid her pack over her shoulder. She was nervous for this trip, but at the same time really excited about it.]

[font "times new roman" The black haired female made sure she had everything she needed before leaving the classroom, and made her way to the parking lot. She could hear people talking and giggling about the upcoming trip. That's when she heard her name being called, and she looked over her shoulder at a couple of her classmates, and best friends. [b "Can you believe we are going to Spain tomorrow?! There's so much we have to get done. You are still coming over tonight right Galaxy?"] the bubbly redheaded female asked her. Asterin nodded lightly. [#FF9797 "I'm planning on it yes"] she said with a warm smile.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Good, because everything needs to be in my jeep tonight, so we can get to bed early and get to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning"] Scarlett said. The blonde woman rolled her eyes. [i "Scar you really need to calm down a little bit. It's like you are hoping to get laid or something"] with that comment Asterin broke out into a fit of laughter. [#FF9797 "As far as we know, she is. She'll most likely get nailed by one of those Spanish men as soon as we step off the airplane"] she said between laughter. Scarlett huffed and stormed off, the blonde hugged her and ran off after her.]

[font "times new roman" Asterin shook her head a bit as she slid into the drivers seat of her car, and started it up. She pulled out of the parking spot, and headed home. Once she was home, she made sure that her chocolate lab Charlie was let out to go potty, before she would put him into his kennel and drop him off with her parents. She made sure all of her things were packed up, along with her list for the dog. She knew Charlie would miss her, but she needed this little get away. Yes they might be on holiday, but there's a small assignment at the same time. They wouldn't find that out until they would get to Spain itself. She sighed lightly and finished packing.]

[font "times new roman" It took her a couple of hours to get everything done, and Charlie dropped off. Around 7:30 that night she pulled into Scarlett's driveway, shut the car off and climbed out. Scarlett and Johanna were outside packing up the jeep. She grinned and helped get her things inside as well. When the jeep was loaded up, the three girls headed inside, ate dinner and got ready for the night. The morning would dawn really early, and they had a long trip ahead of them as well. The nerves of Asterin were getting to her, but she knew the moment her feet touched Spanish ground, she would feel a lot better.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Present Day.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" It's been three days since they arrived in Spain. Asterin felt like she was home. The country was beautiful, the people were amazing, and some of them were willing to help her learn their language. She wasn't surprised when she found out, there would be a test of some sorts whenever they got home. She had rolled her eyes, but went along with it in the end. Scarlett, Johanna and herself were all in the same hotel room, and the couldn't be happier. The three were getting ready to go to the bars, and see how the Spanish men really lived.]

[font "times new roman" Galaxy and Johanna were betting on how quickly the red head would get laid, but so far neither one of them won. Galaxy shook her head lightly as she looked at herself in the mirror. Johanna was standing behind her, twisting her hair this way and that, trying to make it look sexy, and make her look amazing for their night out. [#FF9797 "Do you really think I need to look like a fucking stripper or something?"] she asked. Johanna looked at her in the mirror, stuck her tongue out and nodded. [i "Honey, with those legs of yours, and those eyes as well, yes you do"] she cooed.]

[font "times new roman" Scarlett walked into the room in a towel and plopped down onto the toilet seat. [b "Are you guys done yet? I need to finish doing my hair, along with my make up"] she whined. Johanna swatted her with the hair brush. [i "Give me about ten more minutes with Galaxy, and then you can have the bathroom"] she said. The red head nodded, and watched the blonde work her magic. Sure enough, ten minutes later she was done. Asterin looked at herself in the mirror, and her jaw dropped. [#FF9797 "Holy hell Jo.."] she breathed out. [b "With that bangin' dress as well, you will have all eyes on you tonight"] Scar giggled.]

[font "times new roman" Johanna shook her head, and pulled the black haired female to her feet. [i "Let's the princess do her thing, and I'll get your make up done, and then you can get into that bangin' dress she was talking about"] she said pulling her into the bedroom. Asterin was shocked at how amazing she looked already. She never did much with her hair, but tonight she let Johanna take the reigns on the whole thing. The next half hour the girls danced around the room, doing make up, hair, and getting dressed. Pretty soon the three of them were done, and ready for the evening. Asterin fiddled with the black strapless dress, that ended well above her knees and sighed.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Stop it Galaxy. You look amazing, and if no one decides to hit on you tonight, that will be their loss"] Scar said. Asterin's cheeks turned pink and she stopped fiddling with the fabric. Pretty soon the three were in the back of a cab, heading to one of the many bars. They walked inside, and the moment they did, all eyes were on them. Asterin felt slightly naked, but the other two were in their element after all. She bit her lip lightly, as she showed her ID and was allowed inside. Her eyes scanned the many faces, and her eye caught someone right away.]

[font "times new roman" He wasn't that much older than she was, and she was all of a sudden nervous. She ducked her head, and made her way to the bar. She placed her ass onto one of the stools and called the bartender over. [b [i "What can I get you beautiful?"]] he asked her. [#FF9797 "Can I get a Gin and Coke please"] she said lightly. The bartender nodded a bit, and went about making her drink. She looked around, and realized that Scarlett and Johanna were already with men. She was left alone for the time being. Her eyes found the male once more, and she felt like a lost little girl. She turned back to the bartender, thanked him and pulled the glass towards her.]

[font "times new roman" She needed to play it cool, but didn't know how much longer she would last. She didn't like the fact she was lone, in a skimpy dress, and all eyes were on her pretty much. Silently she hoped the handsome stranger would approach her, if not she hoped she had the guts to do it herself later on in the night.]
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