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[Center [b "Down in the depths there is no one to hear you scream"]]

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[Center [i You gasp, rising up and coughing out the water that has seeped into your bones, into your hair. Something doesn't feel right, and you are right to assume so... the water you had consumed has done something to you and you will never be the same]]

[Center [font "Bookman" There are legends and there are tales, this is one of those. They say once a month on the full moon, there are creatures that come from the deep to take a man or a woman of the land, to bless or to curse them with the gifts and the fruits of the ancient depths.] ]

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[Center There is not one, but three. Mermaids, Sirens and Selkies. Which will you join? The Balance is fragile and one wrong move could prove to be the world's doom... a watery one at that.]

[Center [u The Mermaids [b TAKEN by QueenVerlacian]]
[Center [i They come and choose to fall for those who are of pure heart. To become a Mermaid is to become one with the good magics of water, to be able to heal and to defend.]

[Center [u The Sirens [b TAKEN BY canadonewithursh-t]]]
[Center [i Wronged Mermaids... angered by mankind they are the masters and users of the darker magics in water... they have but one goal to end mankind and to reclaim the ocean.]]

[Center [u The Selkie]]
[Center [i A creature of both worlds, a bridge... but it is a curse for true love's kiss will ruin you yet save you all the same... Will you take the risk knowing that your magic could kill or save? It is a risk you will have to take if you choose this road.]]

[Center [u Human [b TAKEN by QueenVerlacian]]]
[Center [i Land dwellers, masters of land with strong magicks of the Earth... blessed with the air that surrounds them; most with a fear of the dark depths of the ocean and otherwise. It is law that you shall not fall for that of the Mer, Siren or Selkie for then you shall die and your magicks taken from you... Will you take the risk?]]

[Center [i However one day, a new organisation appears. Known as Silent Oceans Incorporated or SOI for short, created by a group of powerful humans who have decided that enough is enough and that the oceans belong to Humans. Not the creatures of the sea. They declare war on the waters that the Mer, Siren and Selkie rule over. SOI has one mission, to cause the mass extinction of all three of the other races.]]

[Center [i The problem is that no Mer would ever associate with a Siren and no Selkie would dare to touch or speak to either of their more ancient cousins, time is ticking and if they don't start working together... the end could be coming for all of them.]]

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[Center [b What this rp is looking for?]]
[Center Literate Rpers who don't mind getting a little dark and dirty, after all this rp is about love, magic and war. Which side will you pick? At the end of the day... only one side will prevail. This is a small first in first serve rp that asks you use realistic pictures for your characters. Rules will be released once there is an interest in this rp!]

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It hadn't been more than ten minutes, they had been winning but the sounds of a Kraken, scared him shitless... he had run to warn the captain for he saw the beast first... only to be swept overboard by one of the tentacles.

The water was cold and a shock to his lungs. He felt immobile and like he hadn't at all... learnt to swim. He found the life leave his lungs as he sunk further under the violent waves. He supposed he deserved his fate; they had terrorised the Sirens and Mers. Killed one of theirs. It was only fair he would die as the price. He prayed the Captain had noticed and was making an escape; he could only hope that she was smart enough to leave whilst she had a chance. He shut his eyes.

[#0fbd46 [i "There are many thing I regret, one of the biggest regrets I have is that I will never be able to study the Mers or the Sirens. I regret what I did to the Siren I killed who did what she was supposed to do... lead us to her home. I betrayed an innocent creature; killed her against my wishes and will. Dumped her into her home. We promised her that we would return her to her home... alive. How we humans are liars; pitiful and a plenty. I deserve to die and to be fed to the oceans."]]

He suddenly was swept into the air, his limbs still immobile but less so under the stresses of water. His lungs suddenly remembering to breathe, he coughed and heaved. He was being held mid air by the tentacles of a very angry kraken. Whose beak began to open. He wanted to scream that much could be said. [#0fbd46 "PLEASE SPARE MY LIFE!!!"] he knew that begging forgiveness and for his life was a stupid idea but he had to try anyway. He hoped that one of the Sirens would at least allow him to explain. He had to hope right? That was all he had as a human right now.

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[Center [Pic]]

They had been winning, and she half wanted to cheer in celebration; until they heard what could only be described as legendary... the sounds of a madden frenzied kraken. She grabbed her telescope and tried to find where it was coming from; but by the time she had focus on the beast. Her jaw dropped into a scream as she watched her boat being battered and worst still Chip was no where to be seen. [#4f0fbd "CHIP!!! CHIP WHERE ARE YOU!"] her heartbeat fastened into an almost erratic pattern; furthermore back up was no longer on the way... it seemed they had also been hindered by their own problems; multiple krakens. Realising the losing battle. She lifted the anchor from the ship. And became a hasty retreat. Not helped by the Kraken's battering hits towards her ship's hull.

She had lost chip. They had barely escaped and the ship was critically damaged... She called high and low for her first mate to say something; heck anything but it was true. The Kraken had swept him overboard and into the arms of the enemy. She cursed herself and her stupidity.

"We must head back to port and repair the ship."

She turned her head to one of her crew members, who was still alive albeit rather injured from the assault. She nodded her head and changed the course of the ship to the first port. Her heart ached for Chip... where was he? She hoped he was dead. That way the Sirens and the mer folk couldn't do anything to him. All she could was pray for him.
  Nat Silvers / QueenVerlacian / 19d 5h 8m 29s
The Mermaids knew from the beginning that the fight was going to be a brutal one when they arrived, immediately four were struck down by human harpoons. Merle had avoided being struck but the clear intentions of the humans broke her heart. She was scared for her life. Who wouldn't be. She swam amongst the harpoons and Sirens alike, trying to locate her father. She found him amongst the injured but not dead yet Sirens. He was performing healing magic and trying to reassure as many of them as possible that things would be alright. Merle immediately set to work trying to assist whoever she could with the magic she had available to her. [#0bb7b4 "How many have lost their lives?"] She dreaded to ask but she had to know nonetheless. Around them she watched as the support beams that kept the place from collapsing onto of them tremble. She redoubled her efforts. Reassuring Sirens left and right that she was at least trained in the most basic of magics required for the task.

[Center [b Outside...]]

[#c4ce27 "Our mission right now is to put up the protective measure and rescue any and all mer creatures, Siren or otherwise from the humans. The Krakens and the Whales will do what they can for us but right now we need to protect the Sirens and our home!"]

The Mermaids who were there, began to do as direct, directing their companions to do what be done, the call and roar of the arrival of the first and largest kraken in their closest geographical area relieved their ears. Some of them; went into the home of the Sirens to look after the wounded; but most stayed to cast protective and defensive spells that acted almost like deflective shields. Under any other circumstance the Mermaids and Sirens would not be working together; but no mermaid would ever deny assistance to a call by Conch shell.


In amongst the fray, some of the mermaids disheartened if not angered and traumatised...from watching the humans and the assault; transformed into Sirens before their family member's very eyes; furthering strengthening the Siren's troops.
  Merle Rivers / QueenVerlacian / 19d 20h 23m 0s
[center [pic]

Adrianna waited for the Merman's response, slightly panicking as he took out the conch shell. She was wondering why he was calling and for who. It very well could be for a different reason than to help her, however, he soon confirmed that it was and she felt a sense of relief. Maybe, just maybe they would stand a chance against the humans. With the power, the aid of the mermaids and the other creatures they were more likely to succeed and soon enough, she was leading him to the battle.

By the time they had reached, they had lost a couple of her sisters, however, the storm was still going strong, rocking the ship from side to side. It had also seemed liked neighbouring Sirens had joined in on the fight to. This would only strengthen their forces. She swam to her leader to inform her of the news.

[b "The mermaids... They're on their way and they're bringing reinforcements."]

Her leader nodded her head and looked to the Merman.

[I "We thank you, brother, but the battle has only just begun. The Humans reinforcements are on their way and we have already lost a couple of our members. We will need to split up and bring down the ships individually. Once they are in the water we will drag them down."]
  Adrianna Bitxilore / canadonewithursh-t / 18d 19h 59m 40s
She listened and looked to her father. Her father opened his kelp pouch, for a moment Merle was unsure what on earth her father was doing. But soon found out as he pulled out the most magnificent conch shell, Merle recognised it. He placed it to his mouth and blew three loud calls.

[Center [b Back at the reef]]

[i They had heard the call, and each of them without speaking began to arm themselves with potions, pearls, shells some of them summoned their sea creature companions. They listened for the third call to tell them the location of the mermaid in distress. They left the old with the youngest of the reef members. The Adults and teens heading towards the call.]

[Center [b Meanwhile]]

[#119225 "Fret not sister. I have summoned those who can fight in our reef. They are coming this way."] Merle watched as her father placed the shell back into his pouch [#119225 "I have healing balms and some other things on me. Lead the way. Merle, stay here and direct the crowd. Use your shell if you cannot find me."]

She watched as they rushed off, and suddenly felt rather alone. She took out her own shell and placed it against her lips. She took a deep breath and blew three more calls. It hadn't been very long but she soon heard the sound of one of the Whales respond. They were going to need as much manpower as possible, and the only creatures she knew who could spread the message to the krakens down below fast enough were the whales. Who began to sing. She turned back to where she had once came and saw the crowd. They came armed [i "Where is the danger sister!"] She didn't respond, just swam in the same direction she saw her father and the Siren go in.
  Merle Rivers / QueenVerlacian / 20d 16h 47m 43s
[center [pic]

Adrianna swam and swam, she was just about to try and look somewhere else when she saw two Merfolk. She sighed, wondering where the rest were and she hoped the two would know. She saw the panicked look on their faces but knew they wouldn't attack unless necessary. As she was approached by the Merman, she lowered her spear and listened to what he said. Then, she shook her head.

[b "I did not come to attack you. I came to ask for help. The Humans, they took one of my sister's, tortured her for information and then killed her once they found no use of her, tossing her body into the sea. They have threatened to attack us and are bringing in reinforcements. I know you do not like to fight the humans, but, I would not ask without good reason."]

Her face was emotionless, but her eyes were pleading. If her Pod were to survive, they would need all the help they would get. Her eyes glanced at the Mermaid behind him and she felt a pain in her heart. She remembered when she had been a Mermaid and had travelled with her parents... Those days were long behind, but, she missed them dearly.
They had gone quite a distance, in fact they were on the outskirts of the reef when her father stopped her. They could hear the sounds of something, no perhaps someone swimming through the water. One of their own. He made a sign for her to put up a simple protective barrier; whilst he swam ahead. She did so nervously fumbling with the incantations that create a simple iridescent shield around them both. The waters beyond the reef were far, far harsher than the waters they had just been in... Siren territory. [#0bb7b4 "Are we sure this water is safe?"] Merle asked her father nervously. He didn't answer instead whispering incantations of his own. The water surrounding their little defensive bubble were starting to calm. Merle was going to learn the same ones when she was older. [#119225 "We will keep going, keep that barrier up. I will calm the waters so we can make an escape."] [#0bb7b4 "What if we encounter a Siren of all things?"] [#119225 "There are much worst things to fear. The Sirens may be brutal in their ways but they have kept us safe. We mer are so innocent and so... naive. It is the Sirens who have much to our regret learnt the true ways."] [#0bb7b4 "Why are they so angry?"] [#119225 "They have been wronged. Rightfully so."]

They swam a further distance slowly but surely calming the waters ahead of them as to not be swept away, that was until the barrier began to tremble; Merle doubled on her concentration to keep the barrier up. They could both see someone approaching them. With a spear. Her heart sank; were they about to be killed? No less by a Siren. Her father swam ahead; away from her protective barrier and Merle almost screamed at him. [#119225 "We come in peace, we are but passing through on our way to see our sister reef; no laws or rules have been broken. Siren."] He called out to the siren in question. Merle had no idea what to do except to follow behind silently.
  Merle Rivers / QueenVerlacian / 20d 18h 52m 11s
[center [pic]

Sirens were quite like mermaids, both species had long, elegant tails, human features such as eyes, lips and hands. Both were creatures of the sea and possessed magical abilities. However, there was something dark, something evil about Sirens. They caused havoc and chaos where ever they swam. They lured men into the water and dragged them into the dark depths of water. They hated mankind with a burning passion and had made it clear that humans were not welcome in their territory. Yet, the land dwelling creatures would not leave. They terrorised their waters, took their people.

Adrianna glared up at the wooden ship as her and her sisters bobbed in their violent waves. The body of their murdered sister had been collected and the deceased Siren would be buried. The said Siren had been the leaders right hand, and now that she was dead, it was to Adrianna to fill that position. She swam to the leader.

[b "What do you want us to do?"]

Her leader turned to her and went on to explaining that they would continue the storm and weaken their forces as much as they could whilst Adrianna would swim off to look for the Mermaids. Their prior attempts in recruiting the Mermaids had failed, but, now that a member of their Pod had fallen, maybe, the Mermaids would help. She gripped at at the spear in her hand tightly before shooting off, swimming as fast she could to the nearest Mermaid pod.
  canadonewithursh-t / 20d 19h 19m 6s
[Center [Pic]]


[#c4ce27 "We have seen that the humans are approaching, our reef, the Sirens will see them first for their pod is in their direct path. We must decide now what we are to do about this."]

She listened from the very edge of the crowd, the most senior of the Mermaids had explained that the humans were coming and that it was only by the grace of the Oceans that they would be encountered upon first; instead the humans were to clash with their less than nice cousins the Sirens. Hearing enough of what she needed to know she swam to where her father was; at the outskirts in their giant coral homes. [#0bb7b4 "We must go father, the humans are coming."] As much as Merle loved the idea of being able to speak to the humans to see the humans; she realised in this situation that the humans coming towards them did not have pure hearts and were out to kill. Her father had already started packing hours ago, having sent Merle to collect information. He was just about finished when the first strike of lightning hit the water, shaking their 'temporary' home.

He tossed towards her a basket with human 'container's of food, medicine, some of her clothing and other small tidbits here and there. Once he had pushed her out of the house, he locked it and placed a small protective charm on the place; she loved when he murmured the ancient spells of her people. She was still a youngster and learning; so her magic was not as potent. [#0bb7b4 "Will we ever come back?"] He did not answer, instead taking her hand and flicking his tail in a strong almost crazy manner that created a current. Just as another strike of lightning hit the water. Just how dangerous were the Sirens? Merle wasn't sure. She just knew that the magic her father and her were capable of was not quite the same as that of the Sirens.
  Merle Rivers / QueenVerlacian / 22d 2h 31m 5s
[Center [Pic]]

[#0fbd46 "STEADY!!"] Nat called out to her men, as the ship was rocked to and fro by the waves. She had expected this, the Sirens to put up a fight. One of the men, aptly named Chip {for his chipped teeth} approached her with a look of fear in his eyes. [#4f0fbd "This ship is going to go down with the waves, we ought to do something."] She thought for a moment [#0fbd46 "It's because of the fucking screaming Siren down below the deck. Silence her and throw her head into the ocean. Only reason we haven't sunk yet is because she's restrained by the iron chains we have on her."] Nat had no remorse for the Siren they had captured sometime ago. Chip rushed off below deck as she continued to command the men. She had been reckless to think that their ship alone could take on a pod of Siren alone. As she turned the wheel with her right arm, she pressed the radio button that adorned the wheel and called out to her allies in the area to head towards their location with as much haste as possible.

Down below, the sound of a Siren being silenced brought peace to Nat's ears. The body of the Siren in question who had led them to this specific pod was hauled up the stairs in an iron net. She called out to the Sirens who were surrounding the ship a final warning. [#0fbd46 "SURRENDER NOW OR MEET YOUR DOOM. WE ALREADY HAVE ONE OF YOU DEAD. BACK UP IS COMING AND WE WILL BE RID OF YOU TOO!"] She waited for the Siren's to make their decision as her men dropped both the body and the head off different parts of the ships and into the dark waters below. [#0fbd46 "Deserves what she gets."] Nat thought to herself.

Chip hurried back to where she was, having managed to wipe off the silver blood of the now deceased Siren. [#4f0fbd "What now Captain?"] [#0fbd46 "We wait for them to surrender before we harpoon, kill and rob the lot of them."] She deadpanned.
  Nat Silvers / QueenVerlacian / 22d 2h 46m 26s

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