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May did the same, hoping she hadn’t noticed anything. [#871c23 “Just calm down and don’t mess anything up”], she murmured under her breath. She sighed and slipped into her normal routine, watching the teacher drone on until the stuff that mattered.

  May / Sklee / 130d 16h 52m 55s
Savannah smiled happily back at May and did a small wave. She had been worried that she was going to be late. May had never been late to class but she just almost was. What had caused her to be so late? She couldn't have gotten lost. Maybe she had to help a teacher or give something to one of her teachers. Savanna tried not to worry about it too much. Instead, she leaned back in her chair and listened as the teacher droned on about the lesson.

  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 130d 16h 57m 21s
May ran to class, and slid into her seat just as the bell rang. She took her books out and turned to the page they had been studying last, and sighed in relief as the teacher came in. She glanced at Savannah and smiled.

  May / Sklee / 131d 11h 2m 41s
Savannah hurried to class and sat down. She still had ten minutes so set her work out and she pulled out her sharpie bag. She looked for a purple sharpie so that she could draw on her arm. She found a bright purple and started to finish the rainbow on her arm.

She heard students slowly come into the classroom and find their seats. She listened to their footsteps and the thumps of heavy books being set down. She heard as her classmates started to talk to one another and catch up on what they had done the day before.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 132d 16h 54m 15s
May grabbed her books from her locker, and murmured, Alright, just calm down and you can do it, just don’t mess up.

She buried her face in her hands, and started to walk to class, going over each step in her head, making sure it would turn out perfectly. If she made a single mistake, there it went.
  May / Sklee / 132d 19h 36m 21s
Savannah stayed on the bus for an extra minute to get her markers together. When she got off the bus, she headed towards her locker. She would have to get her textbook for first block. That meant that she would have to finish her rainbow during class. She put in her lock's code and opened her locker.

Savannah grabbed her textbook and notebook, and was just about to close her locker when someone came up and slammed it closed. She looked to see who it was and saw there it was her mute Ex-boyfriend. She frowned up at him. [b [+olive "What do you want, Bane? If you are asking me to get back with you, you might as well go to class."]] Bane started to sign to her in sign langueage but Savannah started to walk away. Bane put his hand on her shoulder but she shoved his hand off and kept walking.

They had once been the picture perfect couple. But now she didn't want to think about how it all turned out. So instead, Savannah focused on getting to class in time..
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 132d 20h 49m 11s
“Here, she said, reaching for one of the sharpies. Just be more careful”, she said, handing them back.

She smiled, and got up, and tried to get out of the bus, hoping she could get to class in time. She was never late, and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon, at least not as far as she knew.
  May / Sklee / 132d 22h 59m 13s
Savannah smiled down at her rainbow and tapped her foot along with the beat. She shuffled through the sharpie bag until she found blue and indigo. Indigo was such an unappreciated color that she would use it in her rainbows all the time.

The bus was stopped to pick up another student and Savannah's sharpie bag fell onto the bus floor as it stopped. Her sharpies shattered everywhere and started to roll around. [b [+olive "Oh no... It is going to take me forever to get them all back!"]] Savannah frowned and groaned.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 132d 23h 6m 22s
She took the headphones out and grabbed the arm and the light green, adding a piece of color to the rainbow. Then she put one of the headphones in Savannah’s ear.

She checked the next one, telescope, the go!child one. She smiled, this song always made her feel at peace. (Here is a link because they are great amateur musicians and deserve more attention:

  May / Sklee / 133d 9h 24m 23s
Savannah shivered when she saw May lick her hand. Why did she have to do that? She could just wait till they got to the school and watched it off in the bathroom. And it wasn’t exactly good for your health to lick the ink either.

Savannah replied to May. [b That is a good one. You should have l let me listen to it with you.] She found the yellow and got half way down with her rainbow. She reached into the bag and pulled out two different shades of green. Should she use dark green or light green. She turned towards May and motioned to her which one she though she should use.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 133d 9h 29m 35s
She felt her phone vibrate and wrote welcome to your life, smiling as the song shifted to everybody wants to rule the world. She would never question this one, it was new.

She went over the selection of sharpies and grabbed the red one, drawing a beating heart on her hand, and then licked it, washing the sharpie right off. She smiled, knowing she had just grossed Savannah out.
  May / Sklee / 133d 9h 54m 55s
Savanna looked up at May and smiled brightly. She felt her phone vibrate in her hands and she looked down at it. Hmm.. [b I don’t know. Can you give me a hint?] She put the bag of sharpies on the seat between her and May in case May wanted to use them for whatever purposes.

Savanna put the orange sharpie bag in the bag and looked to see if she could find the yellow sharpie. She hoped that she hadn’t left it at home like last time. Maybe May had a random yellow sharpie in her bag...
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 133d 10h 3m 41s
The bus reached her stop and she stepped inside, sitting down next to Savannah, and she started to play music on her phone. She put her earphones on, and texted back.

I know, but guess what song I’m listening to, I put it on shuffle. She smiled as she waited to see how the other replied. She was so charming, but today was the day she would tell her how she felt about her. Her smile faded, as she went over all the ways it could go wrong.
  May / Sklee / 133d 10h 20m 5s
Savannah sat scrolling through social media on the bus. She had already finished all of the books she had checked out for the library and was going to check out more later in the day. She saw the notification that May had texted her so she texted her back. [b At least we are suffering together. It would be awful to suffer alone.]

She leaned back in the stiff seat as the bus pulled up to its next stop. She reached into her school bag and took out a bag of sharpies. She took out a bright red marker and started to color a rainbow on her arm. Her parents always hated it when she wrote on herself, but all she had to do was pull her sleeve over her arm. And on days she wore t-shirts, she simply washed her arm off before she got home.

After she finished with the red sharpie, Savannah grabbed her orange sharpie and continues to draw the rainbow on her arm.
  TessaFox / 133d 10h 25m 29s
May replied: I have to be, and no. She swung her legs over the side of her bed, and took a shower. She picked one of her several preprepared outfits, a special one today. An orange headband, a white tanktop, with a blue sweater over it, and a light blue skirt.

She walked downstairs, and waved to her dad, mom at work as usual.
She walked out the door and waited for the bus, grabbing a snack from her plain backpack.
  May / Sklee / 133d 10h 46m 52s

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