When the Petals fall - Hanahaki

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Yeah. I’m busy going over imgur, trying to find one that’s actually a wolf cub.
  Sklee / 5d 9h 33m 19s
Okay. Want me to ask the RP owner if you can be my child in the wolf RP?
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 9h 34m 18s
Yeah. I just have to find a picture that doesn’t have a human in it.
  Sklee / 5d 9h 39m 50s
Sure. That sounds like it would be cool and I am up for it.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 9h 40m 47s
Yeah. Hey, would you be willing to be my mom on that wolf rp thing I’m thinking of joining?
  Sklee / 5d 9h 46m 47s
It is fine. I take a while to reply all the time. Like now.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 10h 9m 5s
Yeah. I guess it is. Also, sorry for taking so long, the Internet went out for a while.
  Sklee / 5d 11h 7m 49s
You don’t need help. You just know lots of good songs and shows. That is a good thing.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 11h 28m 57s
Yeah. That and my taste in tv shows. If you need any more recommendations, I have hundreds.
  Sklee / 5d 11h 36m 34s
I would have to agree with that statement. They are tastes to be admired.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 11h 38m 27s
Yeah. If there’s one thing about myself I’m proud of, it’s my musical tastes.
  Sklee / 5d 11h 52m 0s
Ooo. All of those were good. Thanks for showing them to me.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 12h 6m 33s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cAf1s2X9yg]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1t-ikCbhH8]
Tada, more for the fox!
  Sklee / 5d 13h 44m 28s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQSjvpsQ1pg]
Here’s one. I’ll find more, don’t worry.
  Sklee / 5d 13h 48m 54s
Sure. I am down for some good songs right now, Sklee.
  Savannah Hansen / TessaFox / 5d 13h 51m 5s

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