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[b “I believe that too. People cheat with me not on me.” ] Which was the normal situation for him. Caine took hold of her hand after she poked his cheek. [b It would be easier not to do it on purpose if they didn’t seduced me too.” ] He smirked. He leaned back and grabbed the controller. [b “I’ve never cheated in being in a actual relationship before.” ]

Caine felt her leaning onto him. He chuckled [b “Really? You move on fast, that’s scary.” ] He said. They’d play a few rounds together. It was never a definite if he would win or she would win. He grabbed the door and brought her cake.
[b “I know.” ] He said. He would caress her cheek, getting in close and grazing her skin with his lips. [b “Okay, then we’ll say we’re dating right now.”] He said. That meant he had to message Renee that he wasn’t going to seeing her.

He scolded Fang a bit. [b “I know he does.” ] Caine said, petting Fang as he came to like him. Caine was there really often when he was a puppy, and spend a lot of hours training him. [b “He is a good boy. He’s a happy good boy.” ] Caine smiled and would kiss Fang’s head but had to get him off his lap before he tried to go for Rai’s cake. He finished up the cake too. He set the plate on the table for now. He felt her breath at his neck, “Mmmm…good.” He said to her. He felt her lips against his skin. She was…such a tease. [b Something…? Anything is on the table as long as it’s not hurtful?” ] He asked, having a few ideas in mind.

He thought about throwing the race for a second but decided to just play it out with her instead. Rai surprisingly actually lost. Caine set the game down and looked at her, [b “I want you to wear something for me, preferably the rest of the day. It’s new and I think it’ll fit you just fine” ] He said, not even sure how she’d take it [b “If you agree of course.” ] Caine said.

[b “Hold on, let me grab it.” ] Caine said, and went into the hallway closet, grabbing a shopping back he hadn’t even touched. He dropped it on her lap. The outfit was a slutty black and white red school uniform, except the top was transparent, and the skirt short, [b “Preferably nothing else. But don’t force yourself, only what you’re willing to do.” ] He said. He felt that she would get an awakening on the stuff that went on in his bed. It was mostly what Renee preferred but it still looked hot. He had another preference but he didn’t have that on him right now.
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She shivered because the sound of lightning brought back some sad memories. She didn't want to think about any of that to add to her own sadness. [b "Yeah, I think so too!"] she went to take a seat with him on the couch and she would wonder what kind of cake they had downstairs.

When he showed her, she ended up picking the chocolate one [b "Thanks"] she smiled a bit and would take a seat beside him. She knew it was horrible of her to treat Axel and Marcel that way, but what could she do. She fell into her desires. [b "I won't. The only reason I've been cheating is because....I never got over you"] she sighed softly and would meet his eyes. [b "Yeah you shouldn't be doing that by purpose"] she poked his cheek and would shake her head. [b "As long as you don't cheat on me....I don't think I'd be embarrassed at all"] she admitted, taking a controller and then rubbing Fang's head.

[b "I know I said a few days, but I like this. You make me feel comfortable and relaxed...and safe"] she admitted, leaning into him.

She did regret Marcel finding about last night, but she did love how Caine made her feel last night. Rai would put her head in the game and would zoom around the track. [b "I've had some free time"] she giggled and would hear the door. She paused the game and let him get it. BUt when he brought the cake in front of her, she had to stop playing. [b "Mmm"] she took a bite of the cake and would smile up at him. [b "It's so good. You have to try some too"] she pointed to his slice. She felt him caress her cheek and when she saw him going in close, she felt his lips [b "Mmm, I like this attention. That's why. I don't think I need a few days to know that I like this and I like the way you treat me"] she admitted and would see him scold Fang. [b "He just loves you Caine"] she rubbed behind his ear and would pat his back. [b "Fang is such a good dog. He's in good shape and you trained him really well"] she smiled. She loved it when she saw an owner's pet in good condition.

She finished up her cake and felt so much better. When Caine was sweet and caring like this, she couldn't help but feel okay. [b "I am. Thanks to you"] she kept her head against his neck and would press her lips against his skin. [b "How about making a little bet? Loser has to do something the winner wants?"] she asked, hoping that it'd be something he wanted. She did want to thank him for cheering her up to.
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It was storming outside. He noticed her shiver [b “Cheer up, with the blinds closed and a game playing, you won’t even notice it.” ] He promised.

[b “Console it is.” ] He said. He would take out his phone and nodded [b “They have good cake. Chocolate Cake?” ] He asked looking up at her to see what she wanted. [b “come here.” ] He’d tell her. He’d show her what they had downstairs since there was restaurant there.

Caine saw her eyes fill up with tears. He let her finish her words first. He rubbed her head and she wasn’t wrong about that. She did cheat twice. [b “You should feel bad about that. But it doesn’t define you. Just don’t do it this time. I don’t see a cheater, I see someone entirely different. Besides, I’ve helped other people cheat more times than I can count.” ] He shrugged [b “If anything you should be embarrassed being with me.” ]

Caine crashed onto the couch. He reached out for the controllers on the coffee table, and passed one to her. [b “Yea, let’s do it.” ] He said. He noticed her still looking a bit uncomfortable from the storm. Caine smirked when she said he could hold her. She would even jump. Caine put his arm around her and let her head rest on his shoulder. He stroked her hair [b “You’re confusing, tell me you need a few days but don’t mind being close.” ] He said.

He made a comment about Fang. She was right about that. [b “Mmm, maybe he should have.” ] Caine glared a little at Fang. Fang tried to lick his face. He smiled and pet him. He really did love his dog.

They started the game. He could tell Rai’s been playing quite a lot. She was doing a lot better than him on some maps. [b “You’ve practiced.” ] He said. He heard the door. He got up and grabbed it, and brought the cake. He cut slices of cake for them, and put one in front of her, with a fork. He watched her, his expression always quite difficult to read throughout the whole time. He smirked for a second. He took a long pause, and then would caress her cheek, [b “Ah, so what happened to needing a few days? Hmm?” ] He asked her, he stroked her hair back and brush his lips by her cheek and then ear, giving a kiss. [b “Eat your cake.” ] He reminded and leaned back against the sofa. Fang was still laying on his lap and he seemed to be asleep. [b “Fang, buddy, I’m not your bed. Your making me really hot.” ] He’d pet Fang and would blow into his ear a bit to wake him up. Fang lifted his head and looked at Caine.
[b “Come on boy, I need you to go to bed if you need some sleep.” ] Caine told him. Fang tried to climb him and then Fang saw Cake. He nearly went after Ria’s plate. Caine helped him off his lap, [b “Go play with Onyx.” ] He pointed to Onyx. He seemed to understand.

He looked at Raizel [b “feeling a bit better?” ] he asked her. A loud thunder echoed.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 50d 10h 49m 36s
She knew he made mistakes, but he was also up front and told her exactly what he could and could not do. Rai would take in a deep breath and she felt him pat her head and kiss her cheek. He was still really nice to her. If only she didn't screw up and hurt Marcel in the process.

After she made some breakfast, she'd tell Caine about some new dogfood that came out. [b "Your food was good too, but there is a better one. I'd like to give him and Onyx the best"] she smiled and would feed the doggies. She'd pet Onyx and then gave Fang a belly rub.

She gave him another round of food, hearing the thunder behind her, making her shiver. She got lost in her thoughts. [b "We can console so we can stay on the couch"] she thought about the cake. [b "Is the cake downstairs really good?"] she wondered, then she'd nod her head, she also didn't want to put too much effort right now.

As she washed the dishes, her mind would wander and she would freeze, wondering if Caine was embarrassed to be with her. [b "Because..."] she felt the tears well up again, but she held them in. [b "When I look in the mirror.....all I see... is..."] she couldn't even finish her sentence.

She felt him rub her head and she'd look back at him and would let out a deep sigh. [b "But it's true...I've cheated twice. I...."] she met his eyes and would just nod her head and follow him to the couch. [b "I want to play something light. Maybe some mario kart?"] she asked, hearing the thunder. She remembered that night in the storm. It eased up, but it was still hard. [b "Just a bit"] she leaned into him more. [b "You can hold me. I don't mind it. It's comforting"] she leaned into him a bit more because she'd hear the thunder and would jump a bit, then seeing Fang going in between them to sit on Caine's lap. She giggled a bit and would rub his back. [b "He didn't stop you last night"] she joked a bit and would lean in a bit more, resting her head on his shoulder.

She took hold of the controller and would start up the game with him. Rai got some practice on days when he went on his mission. She'd use her red shells and bananas as she zoomed past Caine. She'd jump over a few bridges and would drift around, managing to keep up with the computers. It made her forget about everything and just relax for once. Caine was right there too and she felt safe with him.

[b "You make me feel okay. I wouldn't mind, dating you already Caine. Sometimes I feel like I already am"] she whispered as she drove.
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Caine released a sigh, rubbing the back of his neck [b “Yes but… I also make the same mistakes.” ] He said. He brought her the smoothie. I was nice to see her smile a bit again He patted her head, and kissed her cheek.

He returned and breakfast was set. It was nice to always come back to home and have food already set out. Breakfast was delicious as always when Rai cooked. Caine munched while he watched her get food for Fang. [b “I didn’t get him good food? Well, buy him whatever food is better for him no matter the price.” ] He said. He watched Fang follow Rai when she had the food. He got excited.

Caine set the condition. He talked about this morning. If only he could have laid with her longer. Still, shitty thing to do to Marcel. [b “We can do that another time.” ] Caine mentioned, if she still wanted to follow through this in a few days. Ht thanked her quietly for the coffee, and beamed when she brought him another helping. He got relaly happy and stuffed himself full.

It was pouring hard outside, from what it looked like it would be a storm. He remembered she didn’t like storms. Thankfully, it was unlikely the lights would shut off here. [b “Yea, we can play some games. Pc or console?” He asked her and thought about baking a cake. [b “Do you want me to order cake from downstairs instead?” ] He asked. He got up and was going to clean up but Rai did that for him.

Caine washed his hands and looked back at her as if she said something weird [b “Why would I be embarrassed dating you? Have you seen yourself. I want to keep this hidden for safety sakes. Bad things happen to people I date. He saw her looking down. Caine rubbed the top of her head [b “Rai, don’t take what Marcel said to heart. He said it because he was angry.” ] He tried to comfort. He then lifted her up a bit, [b “Let’s go play some games shall we?” ] He winked at her [b “What kind of games would you like to play?” ] He asked her and remembered, that she didn’t’ want to be close yet.

[b “Sorry, I won’t be touch either right now.” ] He released her. They heard the sky rumble and lightning flash. [b “You’re not scared are you?” ] He looked back at her eyes. He’d speak into the smart home and the blinds to at least close. He’d crash into the couch. Fang saw and wanted to join in to cuddle on Caine’s lap, but he was becoming quite a big boy, [b “Jeezes Fang, your big. Your cock blocking me buddy.” ] Caine whispered the last bit but Rai could probably still here.
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She stayed in the corner of her room until Caine convinced her. She met his eyes and knew it wasn't going to be as great as she imagined, but it was a step they could try together. She did want to go through it for real and if he wasn't meant for her, maybe she really could close that chapter and move on.

[b "I'm sure you've learned from your mistakes too. Look how careful you were to watch over at that mission, to know what mistakes not to make again. I know you're trying. I see it"] she told him, taking the smoothie and would give him a small smile. In the end, none of it was really his fault. Last night she seduced him.

She felt him pat her head and when he kissed her cheek, she remembered last night. Being able to kiss him like that. She wanted to. AFter another half hour past, she went to cook breakfast.

Rai made a few extra servings because she knew Caine loved to eat. She sat at the table and when she saw them return, she giggled a bit, seeing how much Fang wanted the food. [b "I bought some special dogfood for them too. It's something a little more expensive, but it's real, natural dogfood. Not the burned stuff"] she showed him the bag.

WHen he came to eat with her, she asked for some time and he didn't seem to be in a rush. She finished up her bacon and would look a bit surprise to hear that she couldn't tell anyone. [b "Okay. I won't"] she didn't know if he wanted to hide it for other reasons as well. Would he be embarrassed if they started dating and she didn't seem like a good fit for him?

She shook those thoughts away and would agree. IT did make her smile a bit "I did wish I could stay beside you for a little while longer"] she walked over and brought him some coffee and another helping if he wanted. She was used to his eating habits.

Rai looked out the window and could see that it was pouring hard. It looked as how she felt inside. SHe didn't mean to hurt Marcel. SHe liked him a lot and he was sweet. But the more she thought about it, how unstable she had been and these feelings she had for Caine, she felt she needed to sort it out first before being with anyone else.

[b "Can we play some games together? I've been practicing a bit with Sage. Then....maybe you can help me bake a cake...or make some dessert and we can watch a movie? I kind of just want to relax today"] she hoped he didn't mind that.

Rai would take their dirty dishes and she'd wash them up in the sink. She then paused for a while, thinking about a few things and getting lost in her mind. [b "Caine, if we start dating....you don't find it embarrassing to be dating me right?"] she felt insecure...with all the slut callings and her being a cheater....she didn't know how he felt about it all.
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At least that’s what he hoped it would turn to. He looked out, seeing it was a cloudy day today. He hoped it wouldn’t rain before he took Fang and Onyx out.
[b “I’m not so sure it will be for you but, we won’t know otherwise.” ] He reminded her that he wasn’t good for anyone. He knew he carried a lot of baggage and they weren’t being solved. He always did stupid shit even before then. He knew he felt something or Rai at least but it was also complicated.

[b “I’m not putting myself down, it’s the truth. I fuck everything I get involved with.” ] He sighed, knowing that to be true. But if she wanted to see for herself, then he’d let her.

He hand her the smoothie he made. He smiled seeing that she could show a little bit of a smile, [b “You’re going to be okay Rai.” ] He patted her head. [b “I like the sound of breakfast. I’ll be right back.” ] He said, hesitating for a second and would lean in and kissed her cheek.

He went out and walked the dogs. Thankfully they made it inside right before the rain started. When he came back, he smelled breakfast on the table. It smelle good. Even the dogs got excited and wanted to take a peak. [b “Fang, no human food.” ] He repeated to him, pointing to his bowl. Fang whined a bit but Caine kept looking at him and he listened. Caine helped Onyx to his bowl too by lifting him up.

[b “It smells really good.” ] He said. He took a seat on the table with her. He’d eat the bacon up. He lifted his head and looked back at her, seeing that she seemed to be doing okay right now. [b There’s no rush. Take as many days as you need.” ] Caine shrugged, and ate his toast and remembered one important thing. [b “There’s one condition. You can’t tell anyone we’re dating. No one. This is for your safety. That includes Killian and Sage. I make a handful of enemies and the people who targeted you are still out there.” ] He reminded, hoping he made that clear. He ate up the hash browns.

He forgot what it’s really like to be in a relationship. [b “You looked really cute laying in my bed this morning by the way.” ] He mentioned. He finished up breakfast rather quickly and pouted a bit to himself. He could still eat. He looked out [b “I don’t think we’ll be going out today, it’s pouring. Ah well, indoors it is. [b “Anything you want to do today?” ] He asked, hoping to get her distracted from what happened. Sure, it was horrible that she cheated and it didn’t sit well with him that it hurt his friend too but, he was just as guilty if not more.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 51d 5h 49m 29s
She sat in the corner of her room and would think about things, sobbing and just feeling like a mess. She was constantly blaming herself and she felt that if she continued like this, she wouldn't get any progression and she'd just feel as if she had such low self esteem.

Rai would feel Caine's arms and it did feel like comfort. Even when she was this low, he didn't make her feel like she was anyone different and he didn't give her that look that he thought of her like trash. She knew Caine did the same things, but when he mentioned that he messed up too, she let out a deep sigh. [b "He doesn't deserve that. He does deserve better"] she felt horrible for hurting him. Marcel didn't do anything wrong, her heart just wavered.

[b "We do. I get where you're coming from. Give it a try and you want to show me if it doesn't work, I can move forward for good. It's worth a shot"] she admitted and would listen to him mention how he wasn't good for anyone and that he couldn't give anything good. HE felt something....he should know what attraction feels like...he had a fiancee. Rai would look up at him [b "You keep putting yourself down like that. I think if you open up again, you can give more than what you think"] she told him.

She took the smoothie and would smile a bit [b "Thank you"] she took a sip and would calm down more. [b "I'll make us breakfast when you get back"] she assured him and would get up and sit at the edge of her bed. If he was willing to give her that chance, maybe she'd take it.


Rai was in the kitchen while Caine walked the dogs. She made them some bacon, eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. Her mind wandered a lot, but she was filling it with actions. Once the food was ready, she'd plate it and set it on the table, looking back at her phone. There were no messages and she figured Marcel was done with her.

She sat down and thought about Caine's deal.....she wanted to open his eyes again and let him have another chance to be happy, but it seemed so difficult. She's tried a few times, but he always went back to his old habits.

When Caine returned, she'd wave him over for breakfast. She was still down, but she's accepted what happened. [b "Caine, I do want to try dating. If what you say is right, then I won't be able to move on if I didn't get to try it. Can you just give me a few days to take this all in?"] she asked, hoping it wasn't going to be all one sided. Last night was still amazing for her and she felt so much for him, she knew that. She really wanted to give it a try.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 51d 7h 48m 4s
Caine let her go into her room. He cleaned up himself. He didn’t see an end to this pattern unless she was out of his life. That wouldn’t be happening anytime soon. He knew that he wouldn’t be good in a relationship and she would feel empty being with him. After all, Marcel was right about one thing, he still clung onto his past, onto Brook. He was scared of making the same mistakes.


Caine held her in. Eventually, she looked at him, puffy eyes, red and a tear stained face. He wasn’t entirely sure if it was him, that made her cheat or if she naturally couldn’t help but fall into the last person she was with. He had a feeling it was him though.
Caine brushed a loose hair behind her ear, “I did.” He said. He watched her rubbing her eyes and shaking her head. He knew the feeling. He did try at one point to try to be in another relationship but his mind always lingered onto the women he was going to marry and how he could end the same. [b “I messed up too. I fuck up all the time. I regret it for the sole reason that it hurt Marcel. He’s a good guy even if he can be insulting. It was upsetting but I also thought he’d be good for you.” ]

She grew quiet. He let her think about it. He stared at her eyes, [b “You…we keep falling into the same pattern. At least if it doesn’t work, then you’d be able to move on.” ] He explained his thought process.

Caine shrugged a bit [b “I pictured myself to never be in a relationship as long as I live, and possibly die by the time I’m In my mid thirties by accident on a job. I’m not good for anyone and I don’t think I can give you or anyone a good relationship unless it’s in bed. Yes, I do feel something for you. I’m not entirely sure what that is sometimes but it’s there.” ]

Caine watched her expression, hoping he didn’t say anything to offend. It wasn’t personal, it was all about him and not her. He wish he could surrender into loving her, and get lost in it but he couldn’t do that again. The pain from that was horrible and he knew he had no business in deserving it.

[b “I’ll give you time to think on it. You don’t have to answer right now….” ] He said and then picked up the smoothie he set on her night stand [b “Drink this. You didn’t eat breakfast.” ] He reminded [b “Fang and Onyx need a walk… I’ll take them out alone so that you can have some space.” ] He suggested. At the least, if she chose not to date him, then she'd realize she didn't want it which was a good step. He'd like the idea but knew he would fuck it up real bad.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 51d 8h 14m 56s
When Marcel looked at her like that, she felt the sinking feeling in her stomach, hearing him call her a slut and then tell her that she was a cheater. IT hit hard because she knew she did that with Axel and now there was Marcel. She couldn't stop herself from going back to CAine and it was clearly ruining her relationships. She would meet his eyes [b "I didn't mean to....I..."] she tried to tell him, but then he slammed the door and left.

Her self esteem, confidence, and her spirits just died right there. SHe felt the tears well up and she'd ask Caine if it was true. If his friends all thought that. IF anyone that looked at him thought that. HE said that he helped her cheat and she just didn't care anymore. She did it. Twice to two people she genuinely cared about that didn't do her any wrong. Rai would rub her eyes, but the tears wouldn't stop falling.

Caine did his best to comfort her and she would hold her breath [b "Okay...."] she walked towards her room, feeling like a piece of trash left on the side of the road. She went to shower, hurting her fist against the shower wall and then changing into some sweats and a hoodie. She left the lights in her room off, texting Marcel. There was no reply and she felt horrible.

She hurt him and she knew she didn't even think twice about sleeping with Caine last night.

When he came in, she was crying into her knees. His arms wrapped around her and she wouldn't move. She didn't have the energy. He made her look at him, but she knew she looked like a mess. Her eyes puffy and red as she listened to him. She heard him mention dating....date him? He never wanted that. Never wanted a relationship with her. [b "But...I thought you don't like me that way"] she rubbed her eyes and would shake her head. [b "It's never been easy to move on. I keep falling back on these feelings for you and I mess up. Even last night....I screwed up, but the worst part is....I don't even regret any of it"] she felt so ashamed of herself.

SHe just kept quiet again. [b "I....want to think about it first. But....why? Why are you allowing me to date you now? WHat's changed?"] she asked, looking back at him. [b "Do you want that too? Do you feel anything for me?"] she asked.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 51d 9h 4m 10s
Caine didn’t want Marcel to find out because he knew Marcel and he took the whole love thing more serious than he did. He hoped to give Rai more time to look like she hadn’t been with him last night.

Marcel formed a warm smile when he saw her all safe and sound. [b “I wish you told me earlier that you wouldn’t have your phone but it’s okay.” ] He said. Until…he noticed the marks on her neck and it sealed the deal of what she had been doing. She hadn’t been replying because she was in bed with Caine. I almost threw a punch at Caine but he had it under control.
Marcel shook his head and looked at Rai’s eyes with true disappointment and hurt. [b “How could you? You fucked him Rai, there is something between you and him. Nothing is more clear than that.” ] He raised his voice and then soon quieted.

Caine frowned, hearing there was nothing between them. Well, that’s what he said…guess it was just a good fuck. He spaced out, remembering how nice it was to hold her in his bed, and feel her breath on his skin. Ah, well she got the message from before that he didn’t want to be in a relationship. Of course she’d feel that way now.

Marcel felt her each out and he’d tug his arm away, [b “Talk about what? You cheated, I thought we were doing good together. I even slowed it down for you.” ] He said.
[b “Marcel… seriously man it was my fault. I took advantage of her being tipsy. We didn’t do much.” ] Caine attempted, feeling bad that he ruined it for both of them. If he had turned Rai away, no matter what, this wouldn’t be a problem. Marcel was a better person then him.
“Shut the fuck up. Since when do you defend a girl you’ve helped cheat with?” Marcel opened the door and slammed it shut, leaving the penthouse.

Caine debated on going after him but decided it would make things worse. He did some say some horrible things about Rai that pissed him off but he could understand the anger. He looked back seeing Rai’s eyes folded with tears. Caine watched her, feeling regret and guilt but also kind of hurt it didn’t mean much to her. Not that he had any right to be.
[b “But I got close to you. It takes two to cheat. I should have reminded you if why you wouldn’t want to.” ] Caine ruffled his hair. He didn’t think again, coming close to hear and drying her tears.

He stared at her tear filled blue eyes [b “No, no Rai. No, they don’t see you like one of the girls I sleep with. They see a girl who loves animals, smart, gentle and a healer” ] He said to her. He saw her looking down. Caine sighed, and would tilt her chin up, [b “Rai, it’s also my fault. Go…take a shower, we’ll talk after.” ] He said. He let her go.

Caine went to go shower himself. Her problems seemed to revolve around him. He would wear a pair of grey sweats and red t-shirt. He went to his kitchen and made some smoothies. Rai still wasn’t out. He grabbed one for her and went into her room. She was buried into herself, hugging her knees and crying. Caine sighed, she really wasn’t…
He set the smoothie down by her night stand. Caine sat at the edge of the bed.

He moved in closer and wrapped his arms around her, [b “Rai…Rai, look at me.” ] He told her. He waited, always having a quite demanding tone. [b “Hey… I think… If you’d like, we can date. So you can see how it works out with us, and then, if it doesn’t, then I’d think it would be easier for you to move on from me… Or, I can help you get back with Marcel and I swear, I will never tempt you like that again.” ] He said, not knowing if it solved the problem, but it was what he came up with. If she dated him, and she would see why he was such a bad choice. She'd get hurt but at least she'd move on.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 51d 9h 16m 46s
She felt so good last night and when she woke up to Caine, it was like something out of a dream. She remembered waking up to him back in her room at the farmhouse. WHen he was technically called her boyfriend. It didn't last long, and she knew that this....wasn't anything more than sleeping with her friend to him. SHe would hear Marcel's name and she'd freeze and shoot up.

Rai would head to the bathroom, washing up as best she could. She was in a rush so she missed out on the hickies. When she put on the robe and fixed her hair, she headed downstairs, seeing Marcel talking to Caine. When she saw him, he walked over and hugged him, seeing how happy he looked. [b "I'm fine. I told you I'd be okay. I'm sorry, I didn't have my phone"] she saw him looking and she felt nervous. When he looked back at Caine and figured it out, she looked down at herself, what did he see?

Caine tried to cover, but Marcel saw where she came from. [b "Wait. I didn't....I didn't mean to. It was a mistake. There's nothing between Caine and I"] she told him, but he would hit all of the right wounds that hadn't healed just yet. Caine would never love her....it was true. Then he called her a slut and Rai just felt her eyes warm up. [b "I'm sorry. It wasn't.....anything"] she tried to tell him, but seeing the look of disgust in his eyes made Rai feel so insecure. Was that how she looked to him now? To everyone that saw her with Caine?

[b "Wait Marcel! Can't we talk about this"] she reached out and took hold of his arm, but he'd tug it away and make her feel like shit. She understood what she did, but last night was like a whirlwind. IT happened so fast.

Once the door closed, Rai felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. She heard Caine's voice and she rubbed her eyes. [b "It's not. I tempted you. I seduced you. You tried to stop me and I screwed up. I....always screw up"] she hated herself for being this way. For always going back to Caine, thinking something would change, thinking he'd give her a chance.

Rai met his eyes and she'd cry. [b "Is that how I really look Caine? To all your friends....to anyone that knows you? I'm just another one of your sluts..."] she felt so weak, defeated. She couldn't even keep her relationships. Her voice cracked and she would look down at herself, Marcel's expression going through her mind when he looked at her.

SHe glanced down and would head to her room. Rai closed the door and she went into the shower. She ended up staying in there for a while crying. She knew she messed up big time because she fell back into falling for Caine. What did she have looking forward to? Caine wasn't going to date her and Marcel probably wouldn't look at her again. She scrubbed off her skin in anger, slamming her fist at the wall.

After she finished, she'd dress up and dry her hair, grabbing her phone. She sat in the corner of her room and she tried calling Marcel. No answer.

She sent him a few texts

[i 'I'm sorry. I still had feelings for him. It was a mistake'] they were all apologies, but no replies followed. She buried her face into her knees and she tried to calm down, but she couldn't help it. The tears just kept rolling. She felt so alone again.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 51d 11h 36m 2s
The night ended in satisfaction. He was filled with pleasure and he could hold Rai since he was about to pass out. The morning came to soon, he wanted to lay more, and with his eyes he’d admire her body their with his. He nudged Rai gently and she seemed to have woke up. [b “Marcel.” ] He repeated. She froze up, [b “I won’t tell but get dressed.” ] He reminded.

He put his boxers back on, and grabbed shorts and a t-shirt. He fixed his hair up a bit and went to the bathroom quickly. Rai was still cleaning up, she had more to clean up. He did a second glance and saw the hickies on her. Shit… He should have paid more attention. His phone buzzed again. Ah fuck. She’d notice herself.

Caine went down stairs and opened the door for Marcel. [b “Sorry, had a long night. Rai’s probably still asleep, so don’t worry.” ] Caine said. Marcel sighed “I got worried. She hadn’t been replying to me.”

[b “She didn’t have her phone.” ] Caine corrected. Raizel came in bathrobe. Caine took his shoulder to bring him into the kitchen so he wouldn’t see that Rai came from upstairs. [b “There’s a near incident but I prevented that. Killian-“ ] He began explaining as Raize made it down. Marcel kept trying to glance back. They were sitting on the kitchen bar.

Marcel got up and smiled, hugging her, “I’m happy your safe. I got worried. I didn’t know where you were.” He stepped back, just to take a good look at her to make sure she wasn’t hurt…and then he noticed the hickies on her neck. Two…definitely not anything else. He thought he had seen Rai at the stairs.
Caine saw and he knew Marcel could pick up on it. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s slept with a friend’s girl. Marcel looked back at Caine “Really man? Really? Are you fucking kidding me?”

[b “Look, it wasn’t me, some guy at the party-it was part of the mission” ]
“She came from the fucking stairs, only your bedroom and office is there. This isn’t the first time you pulled this shit,” Marcel stated and looked at her, feeling really hurt. He assumed she was much different. He shook his head, “You’re really no different then any other girl that sleeps with Caine huh? I trusted you and wanted to take this serious. You think Caine is going to be with you? He’ll never love you, he only loves Brook whose dead. I really thought… you’re just another slut.” He shook his head, looking upset and disgusted.

Caine got up and pushed him back [b “Don’t call her that, you don’t get it” ]
“Fuck off.” Marcel shoved him back, “You keep doing this shit and we’ll stop covering your fucking criminal ass. You keep fucking everything up” The pain in Marcel’s expression showed through. He hadn’t been with someone in a long time and just when he thought to give someone a shot again, she cheated on him and of course with Caine. “I’m leaving…” Marcel said, backing off from Caine “Guess that’s why you didn’t reply, you were fucking him.” Marcel glanced at Rai, scoffing and took a deep breath.

Caine sighed [b “Marcel… I’m sorry. She was my girlfriend for a short time. I slipped…it’s my fault, not hers. But, hey, don’t tell Killian or Sage.” ]

Marcel shot him a look and went to the door to leave. Caine felt guilty, and he knew he kept messing up like this, even with other things. He looked at Rai, [b “I’m sorry… I got tempted too. I should have done that…” ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 51d 11h 57m 38s
His hand reached the zipper but he stopped himself. HHe end up scooping her up and sitting her on the table. He was letting his wants lead instead of what was right again. He kissed her, taking what he wanted. He felt her arms wrapping around his neck. He felt fingers running through his hair. He growled a bit, wanting to lift up that dress and nail her. Soon, he was waking, and knew he shouldn’t be. It would go to the same cycle of her getting upset that they couldn’t be anything. He said it, had trouble looking away or moving back but he said that they should back off.

Raizel sat up. He stepped back thinking that would be the end of it. Until, she undid his tie, tossed it. He looked at her confused for a second. She unbuttoned his shirt. It was hard to stay no. His hand reached her ass, giving it a firm squeeze. He felt her hands on his bare chest. Mmmm… “Fuck…” He said when she whispered that she wanted him. He looked at her eyes, looking lustful and…something else, regret? He paused for a moment, unsure if he should. Rai didn’t stop, she spoke and pressed his lips along his chest. “Mmmmm, fuck…” He said. She clearly wanted this. His hand moved to the zipper of her dress, pulling it down till it reached the end. Hands on his chest…lips.

He would reach down the bottom of her dress, lifting it up higher. Caine felt up her inner thigh [b “Mmm…it gets you wet being defended hmm?” He smirked, looking up at her eyes, [b “You’re playing a dangerous game with me again.” ] He reminded, his hand reaching a certain part, being gentle how he touched. [b “Looking so pretty…and now…tempting me…” ] He said to her. He knew this was wrong but when she kept trying, it was hard not to have what she was giving. He would use his other hand to tug her hair-surprisingly gentle to guide her to move her neck back, so he could kiss her neck more, up to her ear, he'd lick her earlobe, getting lost in it.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 53d 9h 13m 22s
She knew she had to do a better job of looking around and making sure the situations she got into were safe, even think of the possibilities. She just blindly trusted Killian because she thought him and Caine were good friends. She didn't have any idea that they fought so much.

At home, she pet Onyx and Fang, making sure the two were doing okay before she heard Caine calling her over and giving her a hug. He felt tense as if he was relieved to know she was okay. She made a joke and was glad to hear that she call Marcel. Maybe...but she was focused on seeing Caine in that suit and tie. He was hot. IT was also hot seeing him argue for her sake.

She thought it was unfair he would just walk up to her and hold her like this, making her heart beat so quickly. She pulled back and pouted, feeling him caress her cheek. She was drawn to him, tugging on his tie and wanting to kiss him. She felt their lips touch and she'd feel him respond back to her, watching him pull back as she frowned.

When she felt him reaching the zipper of her dress, she gasped a bit when he picked her up. She felt the table and would feel his lips again. [i So hot] she kissed him, her arms wrapping around his neck as she felt him go down on her neck [b "Ahmmm Caine"] she ran her fingers through his hair a bit and then she met his eyes. He looked like he knew what he wanted, but when he apologized, she realized she was also losing focus. [b "I...know...we shouldn't..."] she watched him look away, but when she saw where his eyes went, she slowly sat up and then she undid his tie, tossing it aside. [b "You can go ahead"] she placed her hand on top of his over her thigh and she'd slowly unbutton his shirt, revealing his bare chest. It was too late now. Rai wanted to touch also and she knew they were friends, but she also knew she was still so attracted.

[b "I want you Caine"] she whispered, looking a bit guilty, but still lustful. After keeping an eye on her like that....she couldn't just let him go. [b "You were so hot defending me when you spoke with Killian"] she pressed her lips on his chest, her hands slowly moving up to touch.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 53d 9h 31m 31s

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