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She came into the spare bedroom and she was a little shocked to see Caine torturing that man so much. SHe knew that he didn't really do good things at his job, but she also didn't know he was doing this to people. Caine hurting people wasn't something she wanted to see. Not after her whole thing with being pro Life.

He explained how he didn't want to bring his girlfriend into this and she would just let out a sigh softly. [b "Yeah, it seems to leave it alone is your best bet at being safe"] she shrugged and would hear him mention how he was caught and he needed to pay for it. [b "So if I got caught. I would need to pay for it? Even if I've done nothing wrong? LIke that time at the warehouse?"] she frowned and would tell him she wanted to give it a shot.

He agreed and would head out, telling the two that he was going out. [b "Okay"] she went into the kitchen and she'd kneel beside the two of them. SHe wanted to help them by not letting them get hurt, so she could prove Caine wrong.

She let the two hold hands [b "I'm not going to hurt either one of you"] she assured them, asking to know where the data was so she could secure it. THe man didn't believe her and she figured her position right now wasn't someone he could trust. [b "Who's lives? If I don't do something right now, you two will get hurt. He's going to come back and either take it by force or harm you. You wouldn't want that"] she saw the man shivering and she went to find a blanket, putting it over his shoulders.

[b "If it doesn't matter, then wouldn't you rather tell me than have your girlfriend be in danger? He's smart. If he comes back down and sees that nothing's changed, it's over. I can't call for help. He's coming soon, but I can guarantee your safety if you tell me where the data is located. And I know that if you two are safe, you can save lives that way"] she told him.

[b "You can't outrun him. Just listen to me. I don't want you two hurt. PLease. He's almost back...."] she betted the man for the location. If he wouldn't give it up, Rai would look at the two and she would hold their hands together, squeezing tight. [b "Once he's back I can't help you"] she mentioned one last time.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 45d 8h 27m 14s
Whenever his eyes left from the TV and he saw her expression he remembered that this wasn’t the normal. He’s been in this life for years, it wasn’t that hard to disconnect himself from it anymore. He could see her expressions and body posture change while she was processing it. She lived a normal life after all, it wasn’t surprising to him that she was speaking like this.
[b “I wasn’t going to bring her into this. She just wouldn’t shut up and threatened to call the cops. Learn this lesson Rai, if someone wants the person beside you-don’t threaten them. Although most likely you won’t run into someone as nice as I am. They’ll take you too anyway.” ] He shrugged. He saw the time on his watch and thought he should get back to it soon.

Caine stared back at her, seeing her shake her head. [b “Bad intentions or good ones, it doesn’t matter. He got caught and now he will pay for it.”] Ara said. He gave her the option to play good cop, basically. He didn’t know how convincing Rai would be or if they would even buy it. He didn’t think she would be that convincing since she probably didn’t feel this was moral to do.

[b “It’s a job. I’m not here to judge on what’s right or wrong.” ] He said, and got up [b “You need to treat it the same. Just come back out and call me when you’re done. If you take too long, I’ll come in myself” ] He said. He would put the chips down, washed his hands and then put on his face mask again. He went to the girl’s room. She was crying, Caine helped her on her feet. She begged, and he ignored. He sat her down by the kitchen too and tied her up. [b “I need to step out but don’t get too comfortable. Think about what answers you will give me. If you don’t, then I can’t help you.” ] he reminded and went to step outside. It was nice to get fresh air. He looked at the trees, and leaned against the door.

The girl had her gag removed again, crying seeing her boyfriend in a bad position, “Is he okay?”
He breathed and said, “I’m alive. Please, please don’t hurt her.”
The two of them heard Raizel’s hand.
The two felt each other’s hand. She was still crying, “What did you do to get us into this mess?” She asked, but held his hand really tight. They listened to Rai and the girl was convinced already, “Dear tell her, just tell her. I’m scared. He said he would hurt us.”SShe would tell him.
He squeezed her head, shaking his head even if she couldn’t see, “She’s working with him. We can’t trust her. If they get the information, he still might kill us. At least we can save those other peoples lives.” He told her.
“Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t want to die over anyone. You don’t know that, he might let us live. Please tell her.” She begged.
He was shivering, “It won’t make a difference if I tell her. Hey,” He called out to Rai the last bit, “If you want to help us, let us go. Call for help and let us go. Please, that list will help a lot of families. If you help us escape, you’ll save people. You can run with us.” He begged.
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Rai watched the whole thing happen before her eyes as she watched Caine put the wet towel over that man's face. He was drowning and she could see it all happen before her. Caine was torturing these people making their lives suffer and she didn't even know what side she was supposed to be on. She watched him ask the man and he wasn't getting any answers.

After he decided on a break, she followed him into the next room and she'd take a seat on the couch. She met his eyes and she felt afraid. She remembered those guys that tied her up at the warehouse, the horrible words they told her and the way they treated her. Caine was doing the same thing.

She heard him and she figured that's all he saw this as. A job. It involved real people and real lives.....she didn't want anyone to die or get hurt if they didn't have to. [b "Yeah she could be lying. I think they've been together for a while"] she agreed and would turn down the chips. She wasn't that hungry.

She asked if they were the bad guys and he kept bringing it back to it was just a job. [b "Yes, but at the same time, he doesn't seem to have any bad intentions"] she told him, shaking her head a bit. When he said he'd give her a chance, Rai wasn't so sure about it. She felt him kiss her cheek and she still felt afraid. She always forgot how scary Caine could be.

[b "Yeah, but it's not right to be doing this to them. IT doesn't feel right....maybe I can try it out"] she told him and would give it a chance.

When Caine brought the girlfriend into the room, she would watch him head outside and she would take in a deep breath. She didn't know if it'll work, but she didn't want them to get hurt. Rai would walk over and she'd remove the gag from the girlfriend's mouth and would take the towel off of the man's face.

[b "Okay. I managed to get him to go away for now. He won't be back okay? I don't want to hurt you two"] she spoke and would hold the man's hand and bring it to his girlfriend's hand. [b "You two are safe with me"] she promised. [b "I don't want this data getting into the wrong hands. If you tell me where it's located, I'll make sure to secure it myself and let you both go"] she asked them, looking at the two. [b "We don't have much time. If you two want to escape together, we only have this short chance"] she'd whisper and would look at the two. [b "You need to think about you two and your baby. I won't let that man harm you"] she asked them, hoping it'd be enough to get them to spill the information.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 45d 9h 44m 24s
Caine didn’t look back at Rai throughout what he was doing, forgetting that she was even here when he got into that space of mind. It was irritating how he was begging when it was obvious he came here to do a job. He wasn’t the type to fail a job, it was his reputation and it was why he always got paid so well. He hasn’t failed, he always met the criteria. He would say words to scare the man because he wanted to get this over with.

His eyes only fell on Rai when he wanted to take a break. He looked into them and he spotted the fear in her, how stiff she was. He wondered if she heard. She didn’t wear those earbuds like he asked. It wasn’t like she would understand what he was talking about but she definitely heard him not speaking nice things. They stepped out of the room and into another bedroom. He took off the face mask and sat down with her on the sofa. Caine rubbed her arm [b “It’s just a job.” ] He told her, before she spoke.

He listened and then he shrugged [b “She’s probably lying to save herself but noted. I don’t think they’ve been dating for only a few months, it’s probably been longer. She wore a necklace with his name…that’s more of a year relationship thing, don’t you think?” ] He ate some chips and would offer her again some chips.

Caine sighed, [b “Bad guys according to whom? Tv and movies? It’s just a job. If he wanted to save lives, then he should have been smart enough not to get caught.” ] He shrugged and would turn on the TV and keep eating his chips.

Her morals were starting to annoy him. [b “Like I said. It doesn’t matter. Yes I do. It’s my job. But if you care so much, I’ll give you the chance to prevent him and her from physical torture.” ] He said, having a plan that would involve her that he thought might work. Not likely, but still there was a chance with Rai’s soft voice. He looked back at her again and she did look really freaked out. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, [b “What are you worried about? You don’t have to torture anyone. If they got too injured, you help me keep them alive. In the end your helping someone.” ] He reminded.

[b “Anyways.” ] He put his arm around her [b “I got a plan. I will put his girlfriend in the same room with him. We’ll let them talk by themselves. And then you will go into the room and tell them I left. I want you to convince them that you’re on their side, and that they can tell you where it’s located so that you can secure it. If that doesn’t work…then I guess I will have to hurt the girl, and keep up the torture into someone caves in.” ] He shrugged and drank some water. [b “Willing to play along?” ] He asked Rai.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 45d 10h 19m 11s
She wasn't exactly sure as to what her job was yet, but when she was sitting in the room with Caine and this man, she would watch them interact for a while. Who was he? What did Caine have to even do?

She made sure the girlfriend was in the other room, tied down and not trying to get away. Rai would look over and see her begging. It made her chest tighten because she knew if she was in her position, she'd probably doing the same thing. Still, she was in that position before and Caine came to save her.

She kept asking the girl for information, but she didn't know anything, so Rai gagged her mouth once more and would head back into the room with Caine and the man. When she saw him trying to drown the man and get answers, the fear showed in her eyes. Was this necessary? Rai held her breath and watched, hearing the man say that the data would save lives.

Rai wanted to walk over to stop him, to tell him there were better ways of doing this, but she was also frozen in her step. She was afraid. Caine looked scary right now and she didn't want to get in between that. What if she was in that man's position next.

He mentioned fingernails and slicing and Rai would hold her breath, watching it all unfold. The look on Caine's face through the mask. It didn't seem like him. It was scary. She followed him to the other bedroom and Rai would just take a seat, her mind wandering a bit. [b "Huh? Oh, no. She said she didn't know anything and has only been dating him for a few months. She also said she's pregnant..."] she told him, looking at with the chips. How could he eat like this? She had no appetite. [b "Are...we the bad guys? That man said his data is going to save lives....who are we even stealing it for? This doesn't seem right at all"] she told him, looking back at his eyes.

[b "It seems like he has a right to keep quiet. He doesn't want it to fall into the wrong hands"] she tried to tell him. [b "Do you really have to torture him that bad?"] she asked, looking a bit freaked out, but she contained it. [b "I thought I'd be here to help you fix someone up....I didn't know I'd be here to fix up you torturing people..."] she spoke, her eyes a bit frightened as she looked at his hands. Has he been doing this for a long time?
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 45d 11h 7m 46s
Caine sat on the chair, arms on the back of the chair, watching the man in front of him. If only he was smart enough to get away with what he did. It wasn’t his job to have set morals. Once Raizel was away, he explored his bag. He thought about it and decided he didn’t want a mess on his hands that Rai had to fix yet. Waterboarding it was.

[b “Hang on there, I’ll be back. You may want to think about answering.” ] Caine said and went to go find a bucket. He searched the home and found a bucket in the cleaning supply closet. He filled it up with water, and grabbed a towel. He returned and would push the man’s chair down, so that his back was laying on the ground.
[b “Will you help me by giving the answer to my question?” ] Caine asked.
“Fuck you!” He called out.
Caine sighed [b “I don’t play for that team.” ] He put the towel over the guy’s face. [b “This is going to simulate drowning. Don’t worry, it won’t kill you -if I’m careful.” ] Caine said and heard the guy whimpering and begging. Caine poured the water over. He cried afterwards, begging again.
“Please… I don’t have it with me.” He said.
[b “Then where is it?” ] Caine asked.
He grew quiet and Caine poured and saw him struggling and trying to break out.
“Stop…” He said, “Those people – they’re doing horrible things, that data would save lives.”
Caine stared and was getting really annoyed with people he took captive for the sake of a job asking him to care. [b “You think if I cared about that fucker that I would be doing this? If you wanted to save lives, then you should have been smarter.” ] Caine poured again and saw the guy shivering and panicking. It didn’t phase Caine, not after everything he’s been through.

[b “You’re going to talk one way or the other, even if I’m going to have to break bones or remove fingers. Do you understand? Then after that, I got your pretty girlfriend to break. Do you want her to be broken beyond repair over your self righteousness?” ] Caine asked. He forgot that Rai was even there for a while. He was getting fed up that he wasn’t giving in already. He’d pour again, and decided he needed to try something different. [b “I’ll let you pick. Fingernails plied out, or slicing? ] Caine asked.
“Fuck you, you immoral piece of shit, you’re going to rot in hell.” He called out.
Caine snickered, rolling his eyes, [b “You’re choosing your life and your girlfriend’s life over data, and I’m the immoral one?” ] Caine chuckled and would grab his blade, and grew close to his wrist. The he backed up [b “I need a break. I’ll let you think on it, and then bring your girlfriend into the room. I’ll let you watch.” ] Caine promised. He backed up and then noticed Raizel there. [b “Let’s go take in one of the other bedrooms. I brought snacks.” ] He mentioned.

He'd walk with her to the other bedroom and looked back at her [b "Did the girl say anything?" ] He asked. He'd bring out the chiips out of his bag and gave her some.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 45d 11h 40m 48s
She would eat up her dinner, listening to him explain the situation. A part of her was starting to get nervous, but if Caine thought that she was capable of being here with him, then they should be okay. [b "I'll do my best. I haven't seen too much of that, but being with you has definitely opened up my eyes to some things"] she remembered seeing him in her barn. It was scary. She figured Caine went through worse, but she wanted to help him.

After dinner, she would grab all that she needed and changed into her black outfit. Once she was ready, she followed Caine to his car and would nod her head. It was hard to just agree right now and then deal with it in real time. Rai would take mental notes and just try to keep herself calm. She's been working on that for a while now.

When he gave her a gun, she held her breath and would put it in her sweater. She saw them approach the location and would peek out the window, not seeing anyone stepping out. She stayed in the car and waited, hoping Caine had it under control.

Two people were blindfolded and sat in the back seat. Rai looked over Caine to make sure he was okay, but instead got a pat. She heard the talk in the back seat and she would keep quiet as he drove. Once they got to the client's home, she would help guide the two inside the house.

Rai did as she was told, bringing the woman into the other room. SHe sat her down and heard her begging, tying up her arms and legs. IT made her fearful because she believed her. Caine told her to shut up and she would take her away. As the girl begged, Rai grabbed the bandana from Caine's bag and she stuffed it into her mouth. As much as she wanted to help the girl, she couldn't. She didn't want to ruin this mission for Caine and she didn't know anything about these people.

She went back to where Caine was and when she heard him asking the man for information, she would then see him getting into his bag. It must have been bad. Instead, she headed into the girlfriend's room and would take a seat. [b "Do you know anything about your boyfriend and people wanting files from him?"] she asked and removed her gag.

The girl would continue to beg to let her free and how she was pregnant and needed to be somewhere safe. She felt bad for her, but she wasn't answering the questions. Rai would sigh a bit [b "Nothing? He hasn't said anything?"] she asked again.

The woman shook her head "I don't know anything about some files. I just....starting dating him a few months ago! Come on, you have to let me go. I haven't done anything. You're probably a good person right. Just let me go. This should be dealt with by the boys. We probably have nothing to do with it"

Rai let out a deep sigh. She wanted to, but Caine would probably give her more shit. SHe gagged the woman again. [b "Nothing personal"] she then went back outside to Caine's side, forgetting to put the headphones on.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 45d 13h 34m 25s
Caine shrugged [b “If he’s smart, I won’t have to hurt him. I’ll talk to him first and if he doesn’t listen, I will have to take any measures necessary. If your stomach can’t handle it I’ll let you look away.” ] He said but felt that eventually she should be able to take it. He took hold of her hand, gave it a kiss and she her grinning. As long as she kept her mouth shut then it would be fine. He wasn’t entirely sure if Rai could.

[b “That’s the gist of it.” ] He said. He went to help her a bit with dinner. He chopped the potatoes and got excited to be eating fries. They ate up together. Caine would grab a bag of chips, chocolate bars, bottles of water to put in his bag. He figured they’d get hungry while they were. He also put an I pad in there.

He went to change himself, wearing black jeans, a black long sleeve, gloves and a black face mask. It would be too dark for the guy to really see anyway, and the moment he caught him, he would blindfold him anyway. He grabbed a hat and came out, seeing Rai dressed up, [b “Remember, no emotions. Ignore him if he begs.” ] He said and then pulled out earbuds [b “It’s better you listen to music while I question him. Just put them on when I tell you too” ] He said, figuring Rai may be tempted to help this guy if she heard stuff.

He noticed her looking a bit nervous [b “You’ll be okay. Just do what I say, and it’ll go smoothly.” ] He told her. He went to the elevator with her, straight to downstairs. He’d use his black Toyota Camry, something that would blend right in. He got into the seat and let her sit down. [b “I’m going to try to get the client to call him, to get him to come outside. Hopefully he’ll just get into the car himself. If not, I’ll shove him inside.” ] Caine said, and used one hand to text message. [b “Yea, stay in the car.” ] He went into the hidden compartment and put a gun in her hand [b “Just in case, you never know.” ]

He drove them to the location, sent another text and waited. He got a call. He picked up [b “He should be out soon.” ] They were in front of a couple of houses. Caine waited for a while but it’s been five minutes. He heard some movement. [b “Stay here.” ] He said. Caine went towards the house and could hear shuffling from outside from the back of the house. He sighed and would climb over the fence, finding him holding his hand with another girl. Caine raised the gun and aimed for her [b “Follow me or I shoot her.”] Caine warned. She nearly screamed and Caine shot into the ground [b “Shut up. ] He warned once. He let go of her hand and agreed. Caine put cuffs on him.
“I’m calling the police.” She stated.
Caine sighed [b “Guess you’re coming too.” ]
“No please.” He begged.
[b “Can’t, she talks too much.” ] He pulled another pair of cuffs out of his back on his back [b “Put this on yourself.” ] Caine said and he reinforced he meant it when he put the gun up at her again. She listened out of fear. Caine walked them to the car. He would blindfold them and get them into the back. [b “If you listened to get out of the fucking house and in the car in the first place – your girlfriend wouldn’t have gotten involved.”] He told him. He looked back at Rai and patted her head before driving.
“Don’t hurt her, she has nothing to do with it.” The guy said. The two of them seemed to be in there thirties.
“I don’t make promises.” Caine said. He drove them further away from the city, into a private home that belonged to the client. It was empty and no one was around this neighborhood. He demanded that they’d walk, but guided them. He told them to sit on chairs he set up by the kitchen. He would indicate Rai to follow him too.

He looked at Rai [b “Take the women to another bedroom. Go into my bag, and find something to gag her.] He instructed.

The girl started crying, “Please, please… I won’t yell, I won’t call the police. Let me go, I haven’t done anything wrong in my life at all, I’m not even worth any money. My family has no money, I would make a horrible slave-plus I’m two months pre-“ She rambled anything she could.
[b “Shut the fuck up.” ] Caine told her, and nodded to Rai to take her away.

When she did, the girl was still in tears through the blindfold, [b “Please…help us out.” ] She begged Rai [b “You have to help me.” ]

Caine waited for Rai to come back. Caine would sit back on another chair, backwards, facing the guy. The guy was sitting in a chair, tied up in the middle of the open kitchen. Caine yawned, wishing he could be back home and just sleeping with Rai. [b “You really fucked up.” ] Caine told the guy [b “And now you’re going to pay for it. My orders are to find where you stored the data, and any where else you may have left it. I don’t have to hurt you or your girlfriend if you talk.” ]

“What? What data? I don’t have anything.”
Caine sighed, [b “So we’re going to lie?” ]
“I don’t have the list of names.” He said.
[b “I never said it was a list of names-just shows you know what I’m talking about. Okay, well I asked the nice way. I don’t like hurting people, but if you don’t help me, then I can’t help you.” ] Caine said, getting up and going into his bag, trying to decide what to do first. He looked back at Rai [b “Put those headphones in.” ] He instructed to her [b “You’re free to go to his girlfriend’s room if you want. If you want you can ask her if he's asked her to keep some files or usb hidden somewhere.”]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 45d 12h 23m 22s
She was glad he was satisfied. To think she was able to satisfy someone that has been with so many other girls. IT made her happy.

After the shower, she felt a little odd because he didn't lay a finger on her at all. She wondered if she did anything wrong, but when she felt him pull her in close, it did make her smile again. [b "I see. Okay. So this person is probably going to be hurt...."] she guessed and would hear him mention betraying him again. She didn't want to do that. [b "Of course"] she nodded and would feel him hold her hand. When he kissed her hand, she'd grin and want a bit more affection, but it already seemed like she was pushing it.

She listened to Caine and then she would nod her head [b "I see. Okay, were going to catch some guy and hold him and interrogate him. Okay. I keep him alive. Got it"] she nodded and would head down to change. Once she was in the kitchen, she would go into the fridge. SHe had Caine help her chop up some potatoes to make the fries and then she'd deep fry it all.

At the table, she would eat with him, finishing up the food and then getting last minute tips in. Rai would take a sip of the wine and would soon clean up after dinner. SHe smiled at his kiss and would head into her room to change. She wore black jeans, a black sweater and beanie. She then put her hair up into a bun and would fill the bag Caine gave her with the tools she needed.

Once she was dressed, she waited outside for Caine. He gave her the mask and she felt the nervousness kick in. Rai would meet his eyes [b "I'm ready"] she followed him outside as he took her to where his car was. She'd take a seat, holding her bag and then pulling the mask over her head. [b "How are you going to capture this guy?"] she wondered, thinking if she should just be following him. [b "Should I wait in the car for you to tell me you caught him? OR should I stay behind you?"]
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 46d 4h 31m 31s
Waking up to being kissed, touched was a nice warm way to wake up to. He liked it, and he missed it, waking up to someone. He couldn’t get that close for too long because it would start spreading that ghost pain that wasn’t going away anytime soon. He smiled warmly back at Rai, “Yea…and satisfied.” He said. He lifted her up and chuckled when he yelped like that, “cute.” He said.

He brought her to the shower with him. He didn’t touch her much to help her because he wanted to tone the amount of pain he felt. He saw her coming out with a towel, smelling good. He sat back down and brought up his job. [b “I need you to make sure someone stays alive – long enough for me to get enough the information I need.” ] He held his eyes on her. He tilted his head, and kept a serious expression, “If you do, it’s the same as betraying me.” He tilted her chin up “You understand?”

He pulled her in, and created a warm smile again. [b “Thank you for wanting to help.” ] He said, rubbing her arm and then lacing his fingers with hers. He felt her caressing his cheek and while sometimes this affection hurt, it was nice. He leaned into her hand, and even kissed her hand. [b “You don’t need to know the details, but I need to track down a man and put him in a secure location to ask him a few questions. My client needs to know where they kept some data.” ] She wasn’t going to tell her that the client was the man from the art auction.
[b “You will be making sure he’s okay until I get the information. If he’s hard enough to find, then you can help me to lure him in.” ] She said and thought about it, [b “I would love dinner. I’m starving.” He said. He felt her kiss the side of his head, and it was sure nice. But… she also tried to kiss him when she tried to kill him. He wasn’t as upset about it now but it still made him weary now and then.

She was cute in her sweatpants and pink crop top. He wore shorts and a t-shirt. He saw her filling the water pools and go into the fridge. [b “How can I help Rai?” ] He asked. He glanced at the time, [b “We’ll leave at ten thirty.” ] He said, seeing as he wasn’t in a rush and it would be easier if it was dark. [b “Don’t call me by my real name, okay when we’re there? Dress in dark clothes, something that’s easy to move in. I’ll give you a mask and a bag. You’ll have to put your tools in there” ] He said and got up, to pour them a glass of wine too. [b “if he cracks, it won’t take long. If it does, we’ll sleep in, okay?”] Caine said, kissing the top of her head.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 46d 4h 51m 26s
She would feel his lips against her forehead and then she listened to him talk about taking her to pretty places and buying her things. To think that he would treat the girl he was dating like this. It made her happy. She panted and laid beside him, soon passing out.

In the morning, she realized her clothes were no longer there. Caine was still fast asleep beside her. She would see him sleeping and his face looked so innocent and relaxed. She couldn't believe it. He was going out with her. She kissed his chin and when she tried to wake him up, touching his nose, she snuggled up to him and would see his eyes open. She heard him and smiled [b "It was. I did. It was nice. I was so tired"] she admitted, enjoying laying beside him. When he lifted her up, she yelped a bit and would wrap her arms around his neck.

SHe stood in the shower, washing herself off. Rai noticed that he was keeping his hands off of her. She wanted to help wash off his hair, but he already finished. After she washed up, she wrapped a towel around her waist and would see him looking at his phone. Right...she was just dating him. Once he was done with her, it was back to his normal life right? No affection? Rai was lost in thought for a bit before she looked back and saw heard him. [b "Oh okay. Sure. I can join if you need my help"] she nodded and would listen to his words. [b "I won't say anything"] she assured him and would walk towards this bed.

She watched him for a moment, not really wanting to make the first move because she didn't want him mad at her already. When he pulled her in, she leaned into him and felt a bit nervous now when he put it that way. [b "Of course. I will. I want to help you too"] she felt him rubbing her arm and then holding her hand. She'd reach up to caress his cheek and then she sat down beside him [b "So what's the mission about? What will I be doing? Or should we talk about it after I make dinner?"] she kissed the side of his head and would head down to her room to change first.

She put on some sweatpants and a pink crop top on. She let her hair down to dry as she went to the pets, rubbing their backs and refilling the water bowls. When she went to take a peek in the fridge, she'd grab some shrimp and would batter them up and fry them. She also made some fries to go with it.

After she cooked, she sat at the table with Caine, ready to hear what they'd be doing.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 46d 6h 6s
Caine smiled while his lips rested near her forehead, “I’ll take you to beautiful places…and buy you pretty dresses.” He whispered. He peaked down at Rai, looking so worn and a mess for him. It was adorable, seeing her falling asleep. He would help undress her fully as she was falling asleep, so that she could be fully bare with him. He slid the blanket over there two bodies. The lingering pleasure left him okay enough to hold her and fall asleep.

He felt a vivid touch on his chin while he was in his deep sleep. He leaned more into the hand that brushed through his hair. His skin was rubbed and soft lips were on his cheek. He’d open his ees and felt something touch his nose. He had to blink a few times, hearing her whisper. He took hold of her hand that poked his nose, “I am now…” He whispered and spaced out while looking at her eyes. “Pretty.” He said to himself. He yawned and then stretched out his arms, “Mmmmm, that was a good nap.” He watched her again, “You slept okay?” He asked, stroking her hair back.

He’d lay back for a while and then get up and scooped her right up, “Shower time, with no funny business.” He said, and brought them to the shower. He washed him, he was going to help her clean up but he needed a bit of a break of being too affectionate. When he stepped out, he would check out his phone at the night stand. He ruffled his hair. He looked back at Rai coming out of the bathroom a bit after him. [b “Rai, I have a job I have to handle, possibly tonight.” ] He paused, reading the text and then thought about it.

[b “You might be useful this time around. Do you want to join? Just be aware that you have to listen exactly to what I say, and not a word to even inanimate objects about what occurs.” ] He mentioned. He sat down at the edge of the bed, and waited for her to come closer. He’d pull her in by her waist, [b “I need you to be strong. Can you do that?” ] He’d rub her arm and took hold of her hand, wanting to see how well she handled it and if she’d listen.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 46d 7h 6m 20s
She shook her head because Caine would always be Caine and he was straightforward about what he wanted. Rai would make the wager and when they raced, she lost and it was so close. She ended up in second place and she sighed a bit. [b "You win....what would you like?"] she asked before seeing the bag.

When Rai took a peek inside and saw the outfit, she was a bit stunned. Her eyes looked at him and then she would see his expression. He was calm and relaxed. How? He must have been doing much more crazier things with others. [b "Oh....well...so it's mine now. Will this person still need it?"] she wondered before hearing him mention it might be fun for her. Axel or Marcel never made dress like this....but she thought that since she was with Caine, she'd give it a try. He was being really nice and caring to her right now and she wanted to repay him back.

When she was in her room, she was struggling to figure out what to put on or not to put on. SHe would dress in the outfit and put on the collar, debating on if she should wear her lingerie. If that would make Caine more happy, she decided against it and stepped outside back to the couch.

She'd hear his remark and Rai would look a bit red. [b "I know...it's just..."] she rubbed her arm a bit and would meet his eyes [b "I've never worn something like this before. I'm just a bit shy, but your response...I like"] she gave him the chain because she figured he'd want to hold it, but when he called her over, she felt the tug and would find him sexy. She'd sit on his lap, realizing she wasn't wearing underwear. Wouldn't that be bad? She saw where his eyes went and she felt embarrassed that he was staring. [b "I do. Okay. I'll try to"] she held the embarrassment in, but her cheeks were burning still. [b "I like it. IT's new. I want to try things you like to do....and see a different side I don't know about"] she admitted and would feel his hand going up her thighs. Rai bit down on her lip, knowing he found out. [b "Well...you won. I needed to honor that"] she saw the lust in his eyes and then she'd lean in and wrap her arms around his neck. [b "Would you rather play? Or would you rather focus on me in this outfit?"] she asked, meeting his eyes and seeing the chain in his hands.

[b "So it seems I'm your schoolgirl pet? You can't ignore her can you. I'd much rather stay on your lap and kiss, if that's allowed?"] she asked, leaning in, grazing her lips over his slowly, but not fully. SHe'd look at his eyes, seeing him so focused on her. [b "You don't have to hold back you know. We're dating"]
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 50d 8h 12m 10s
He saw her frowning and realized he might have been a bit insensitive. [b “I know, it’s my fault for popping back in too.” ] He said. They began playing the game together, until they took a break to eat some cake. They made a wager and he would do his best but not be dead set on winning. [b “I’ll tell you if I win.” ] He promised. They played, and he end up winning the bet. He would have just said make me sandwiches for tomorrow morning but since Raizel was being a little flirty, he figured he’d take the shot. Plus, he bet that she might just enjoy it.

Caine rested the bag on her lap. [b “As long as you can handle it.” ] He told her, never wanting to impose it on her if she wans’t comfortable with it. He saw her take a peak and he met her eyes. Caine had a very casual expression and body language. It wasn’t a big deal to him. Renee wore stuff like this all the time. She liked to roleplay, some didn’t. He was good with a lot of things. But, Rai, Rai would look much cuter and he actually had an attachment to her. [b “Got it online. I was going to give it to someone but accidently came in the wrong size.” ] He felt it was better to say that then ‘It’s for Renee’.

Caine tilted his head, hearing her gasp and meet his eyes [b “Yea. I like a lot of kinky things. It’s okay if you say no, but it might be fun for you too.” ] He said. He watched her pull back and she agreed to wear it. It surprised him that she would but he was quite excited to see it. He grab the plates and put them away and sit back on the sofa. Rai was taking quite a while. He would grab his phone and text Renee ‘Hey, I won’t be able to fuck around for a while. Don’t wait for me.’ He wasn’t sure if this thing with Rai would pam out or last long. Time will tell.

[b “Rai you good?” ] He called out. He saw her coming out, and he smirked. He eyed her from head to toe. Hot and cute. [b “Mmm, really sexy Rai.” ] He said to her. His eyes lifted up to her face, seeing her cheeks so red. He rose a brow. He wondered if she would be okay. [b “It’s just me and you, I’ve seen you naked many times. You don’t have to be nervous.” ] He reminded her. He chuckled when he said she didn’t know [b “Sometimes. I like variety in sex.” ] He said and watched her hand him the chain. That turned him on. She didn’t have to do that.

[b “Come here.” ] He would tug a bit on the chain since she gave it to him. He’d kiss her and then pulled her onto his lap. It turned him on so much. He’d peak down seeing no bra. Hot. He’d lift his eyes back up to her eyes. He’d put his arm around her, [b “Rai, you don’t have to be shy with me. You look sexy, own it. Although you blushing like this is real cute,” ] He’d brush her hair behind her ear, [b “Have fun with it and if you don’t like it, we can stop.” ] He said, wanting her to feel comfortable. He’d caress her thigh and feel slightly in, [b “Hmm…you really listened to me.” ] He looked up at her eyes, “Ahh so many things I want to do to you but I should hold back.” ] he said, and looked back at the game [b “Want to continue playing a bit more?” ] He asked. It was really tempting to get her back into his bed. He wanted to have some self control though, unless she looked ready for that.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 50d 8h 34m 17s
The way he said it made it sound so casual, but Rai would just let out a sigh. Guess she fell into that pattern of being one of the girls that Caine dated that left the person they were dating. She held her breath and would meet his eyes when he said that he was seduced. She frowned a bit [b "I....am guilty"] she took the controller and couldn't say the same for her herself. The last two relationships she had she cheated on them.

He made her sound even more like a slut and it did hit her a bit. [b "I don't....it's just I tried to get into a relationship without getting over you completely"] she sighed and would play with him. She was doing okay, sometimes winning and Caine would win too. When the cake came in, Rai took a plate and looked content, eating it happily. She loved desserts and with Caine kissing her cheek, she felt really comfortable. [b "Okay. We're dating"] she never thought Caine would say that. It felt unreal.

[b "He is"] she tried to hide her cake back and then she'd finish it and lean into him more, making a wager. [b "Anything....yes not hurtful. I don't know what you'd want that"] she shook her head.

Rai was racing for a while, thinking to throw the race, but Caine was doing really well anyway. He ended up winning and when he made his request, it didn't sound too bad. [b "Rest of the day, hmm okay. I can do that"] she saw him grab a bag and when he put it on her lap, she took a peek. When she saw the uniform and the chain, she looked back at him. [b "W..-Where and why did you get this?"] she wondered, not even sure if she should have made that wager. She met his eyes and would gasp a bit [b "You like this?"] it was all news to her. She would slowly pull back and she nodded. [b "Okay I'll wear it since you won fair and square"] she took the bag and went into her room.

Rai would put on the leggings, then the shirt. He said nothing else....so when she looked in the mirror, she nearly gasped. This was so see through. IT wasn't something she'd ever wear. She removed her bra, but she did want to keep her underwear on. [i It's not what he asked for] she thought and continued. When she looked at the mirror it was so embarrassing. She didn't think she could walk out there. NOw that she got a glimpse, she could imagine what went on in his bedroom when he wasn't with her. Was he even satisfied with the things she did with him? All these thoughts flooded her mind and she would hold the chain in her hands and put on the collar. How kinky. IT made sense.

Once she looked in the mirror once more, she fixed the bow up front to try and cover a few spots and she'd try to tug her skirt down a bit more. When she was ready, she'd walk outside, her face burning red as she took a seat on the couch. Rai couldn't really look him in the eye, it was too embarrassing. [b "Caine....this stuff....I didn't know you liked this stuff"] she handed him the chain to her collar and she would hope he was satisfied enough.
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