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Caine frowned but then again he could understand how she got that impression. [b “No, I’m not going to hurt you. Well, I’m glad it does push it away.” ] Caine said. He ate with her and he really liked eating what she made, so it always made him feel better. He saw her smiling a bit when he winked. [b “Okay, moderation, will keep in mind.” ] He smirked a bit.

It seemed like she understood for now, so he’d leave it be. It wasn’t like she was stupid enough to try to betray him again. He assumed she already knew that he would not let it fly if she tried. He was distracted when she brought him more food. She looked down. She asked about being a vet and while he wanted to let her, he knew that there was a risk that she’d be found easily with everyone being on social media these days.
[b “I’m sorry Rai.” ] He spoke softly, truly meaning it. He hear dher sigh. After he finished, he’d come to her side and try to be of some comfort. Caine listened to her and he could understand that it would mess with her head. [b “Don’t come to my missions. Stay back and continue to help who I bring to you. You can wait until I ensure your safety. To teach you how to protect yourself, I have to teach you how to kill a man. But we will talk about how you can stay under the radar too.” ] He said. He could see her looking really down about it. He didn’t have that much of a solution. [b “You’ll get a shot at living normally again, at least. I’m never going to get that.” ] He whispered, mostly to himself.

He said to go out together later in the vening. She didn’t look that optimistic about it. He frowned and saw her getting up [b “Rai…” ] He sighed, [b “Okay, I’ll be in the living room if you need me, possibly the office elater.” ] He said. He figured she needed some space, so he would let her have just that. It wasn’t easy to adjust to this, he knew that much.

Caine ended up texting Sage asking for advice, since she had to change her life around and asked what helped her adjust. Her answer weren’t very healthy ones, and then again – his answers to how he handled it was also bad ones. Girls, drinking, parties, buying expensive cars… Ahh, well guess they were all a distraction. He frowned and wondered if all of his wants were really just distractions. Maybe if he could just get something to make feel Rai like who she was again. Find an injured animal? Find people who needed there pets looked at? He was sure he could probably find a few people…although his type of people usually were criminals. Even criminals had pets after all.
Instead of relaxing, he found himself just thinking about how he’d cheer her up. He hadn’t done that for a girl in a very – very long time. He’d text Sage again because she was supposed to drop by with the Usb.

He went to knock on Rai’s door [b “Rai… Maybe you should go spend some time with Sage. It might cheer you up. And I might have an idea of how you can still be a vet.” ] He mentioned but wasn’t sure if she was open to looking after the pets of possible criminals. Not all of them were but…a good number of them definitely were.
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She's been through a lot of scary situations with him but he was usually the guy that saved her. The one that protected in those scary situations. Rai saw him last night and seeing him torture that man was a new side, but she knew that if she was constantly afraid of him, she couldn't live with him right now. He did it for a reason, for the sake of his mission and normal Caine at home wouldn't do that to her.

[b "You are scary. Sometimes I feel like if I screw up, I'd get badly hurt too, but then you treat me a certain way and that pushes it all away. It's hard to explain"] she told him, taking as eat and then eating lunch with him. She wanted to cook him something good to put him into a good mood. When he winked at her, she smiled a bit, brushing her hair behind her ear. [b "As long as it's in moderation"] she laughed a bit and would slowly eat.

The more they talked, the more she felt disappointed. IT wasn't as if she was trying to ruin the mission, she just really wanted to be able to save those two since they weren't doing them harm. Caine's words made sense. Not only did she put her emotions into the mission, but who knows what consequences would come for letting those two go. She'd make sure to be more hands off and follow his lead. [b "Okay..."] she remembered her uncle and didn't want to put others at risk like that.

When he said he wouldn't do those things unless she betrayed him....it felt like a threat. Like he didn't trust her. She was constantly being reminded of that. [b "I'll do my best"] she felt upset. She failed, even though she saved those two, she didn't feel successful. He's been through a lot and she could tell it's affected his decision making and he wasn't going to make the same mistakes again.

She brought him more food, but fell silent. Her eyes watched him eat and she'd take another sip, soon asking about being a vet. [b "I know. I just...it was a thought"] she knew it'd be tough to be here and have another job that wasn't supposed to be why she came here in the first place. Rai let out a sigh, figuring it was worth a shot. She rested her head on the table, but when he came in and kissed the side of her head, she didn't feel like it would. [b "I don't think so. I don't think I could live normally in a long time. Doing these missions will only mess with my head and the only thing I'll know about is how to sew up bodies or how to leave no witnesses or trace of evidence"] she spoke and knew it was her reality.

THe closest thing she could have closest to being a vet was taking care of Onyx and Fang. She wasn't feeling good anymore and it made her stomach squirm. He made the suggestion of going out and she'd just nod her head [b "Okay. We can go out later. I'm still kind of tired, so I'm going to take a little nap"] she told him, getting up and then heading to her room. Rai pulled off her sweatshirt and she would just climb into bed, trying to get her mind off of it all. She already knew what she came here for, but sometimes she still clung onto what she really wanted.
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Caine squinted and wondered what scary things involved torture? Ah, they hurt her, but still…it was odd that it didn’t effect her much. With anyone else – it would have. Maybe she could handle a lot more than he could give credit for. Yet, he also didn’t cut into skin this time around. [b “You seemed really scared around me before…” ] Caine whispered, [b “I guess. ] He shrugged.

He returned to her, to eat lunch. It tasted good and he was feeling satisfied being ablet o eat what she made. Caine chuckled at her words [b “Anytime? You might regret saying that.” ] He winked at her.

There were more serious topics to talk about though. He shook his head [b “It’s just the nature of my job. I can’t choose. I’ll lose clients, lose protection and ruin my reputation. People will try to fuck with me if they think I’m getting soft.” ] He said. It wasn’t there issue on what happened. He let it go, whatever happened to them was out of his hands.

She said she got it, just to make sure [b “Just like how your uncle was in danger.” ] He ate more and asked why she wasn’t scared. He liked how simple minded she was to feel safe gain just from being at home. Maybe she would stay sane in his life then. [b “I won’t do those things to you unless you betray me in a horrible way again. If you screw up, I won’t hurt you Rai. You’re going to screw up, it’s the process of learning. No one is perfect off the bat” ] He was glad that she agreed to listen next time.

He saw her looking at him sad again. He wished he could live in that mindset again but he couldn’t. [b “Following morals is a bad survival tactic. I used to have a hero mentality, it was stupid.” ] Caine said, learning that lesson real well.

Caine lit up the second she brought more to him. He grinned [b “Thank you.” ] He said and lifted his eyes up at her seeing she was feeling down now. She was being quiet. He stuffe his mouth and kept watching her. He didn’t know what to say because he wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong. Was it because of what he said about morals?

He stopped munching when she sat vet job in the city. He didn’t see how that could work. [b “Rai… When you ran away with me here, it meant giving that too up. You would need to use your real identity to get a job, we can’t have that. I also still need you to be available when I call. If you can find a way to keep your identity hidden and still be available, then you can do your job..” ] Caine said. He knew she would miss it but this was the result of running off.

She looked really down. He would finish eating and put the plate away. Caine would to take a pill and then he’d sit beside her. He leaned in and kissed the side of her forehead, pushing her hair back, [b “You’ll live can eventually go back to normally, okay? As soon as you learn how to protect yourself and I can make this go away enough, then you can leave, be a vet and have your own vet hospital.” ] He reminded, wondering if that’s what was bothering her so much. [b “Come on, cheer a bit up. How about when it’s later in the evening we go out, together? We’ll go for a ride on the lambo and have dinner at a nice spot.” ]
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She let him sleep for now since she knew he had a log mission yesterday and she took care of their pets. It was nice to see Fang looking so energetic and Onyx wanting to play. He wanted the two of them to be happy and taken care of. She didn't get a chance to do the vet job that she wanted to do, so she put it into practice with them. Rai would make sure they were eating right and that they were healthy.

When she came back, she started to cook up their lunch and then she would go to wake up Caine. Rai held him and when he pulled her into a hug, she smiled and would soon let him get up as she shook her head. [b "I've been through a lot of scary things. You don't really scare me. At least not when you're like this"] she told him and let him get ready.

Rai played with the dogs and would see him come down. When she sat down, she put the plate of food before him as she started to eat as well. [b "Yeah? Well you can have me whenever you want"] she told him and would continue to eat as he spoke. His words were very clear and he let her know of the consequences. Rai would meet his eyes [b "Yes, but there's still reasons not to just kill someone because someone told you to"] she sighed and would take another bite. [b "What his girlfriend does with him now is not our issues. We did them a favor"] she told him and then would frown when he mentioned putting people like him and his friends in jeopardy. [b "I get it"] she admitted, trying to down the rest of her food. THe more he spoke, the less of an appetite she had.

He asked her if she was scared and she would meet his eyes. [b "Yesterday you were scary. That situation is scary. Right now...you're here at home. I don't find you scary because I know you won't do those things to me unless I screw up"] she set her food away and would take a sip of water. [b "I won't next time. I'll try to just keep it in. I don't want you or any of them getting hurt because of my screw ups"] she agreed and would look at him with sad eyes. [b "Following morals isn't a bad thing. IT just depends on the situation and if there's wiggle room to do it"] she got up and would head to the stove. She grabbed him some more and she'd place it in front of him. [b "I'm full"] she didn't like it when he told her she was only in the way of his work. Maybe she just wouldn't go next time.

[b "I'm glad you like it. Eat all you want"] she went to get herself a cup of coffee and she'd take a few sips and keep quiet. WHat Caine did yesterday was really frightening, but she figured that with everything else she's seen, she wasn't surprised of what he was capable of. [b "Do you think it'd be okay for me...to maybe get a vet job in the city? Or would that be a no go"] she wondered, meeting his eyes. [b "I kind of miss doing veterinary work"] she told him, trying to change the subject a little bit. SHe didn't want to have to think about all of this right now and maybe just let Caine figure out some things.
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Caine enjoyed snuggling up to a warm body in his bed. It felt like he was back into the past where he could enjoy little things like this. Well, it didn’t feel so little. Something he felt he took for granted. He liked sleeping against her chest. It helped keep him lulled into sleep.
He woke up again to feeling Rai kissing and touching. He trapped her in his arms and heard her giggle. It made her smile. It was cute, the way she giggled like that. It still hurt being around her because she reminded him so much of what he lost and he couldn’t let it go. None of it. If he let it go, it felt like he wasn’t acknowledging them anymore.

“Is that something yummy you?” he teased. He bit into her playfully and chuckled hearing her moan a bit [b “Not much scares you huh? I don’t scare you?” ] He wondered, and thought about it. Didn’t what he do yesterday scare her? She watched so much of it but she didn’t looked that phase. That…could be concerning. Or maybe she watched too many horror and movies to become not so sensitive to it. Although he hadn’t exactly met someone who wasn’t.

He showered and returned to the kitchen. It smelled good. It felt too good, the food, her…the dogs. It felt like just when he lived together with Brook. His brook. Her always trying to tell him what was right, making food for him and always going out with him. He felt the pain inside his chest. It was too close. Rai was playing with the dogs, and when she noticed him she sat on the table.

He tried not to think about it but it still hurt and he still wanted to run away from something this good, in fear that he’d lose it all again. He tried to push it off.
He would nibble at her ear and smiled a bit at her when she laughed. He looked at the food [b “Looks worthy of a lunch…but you’re better.” ] He said. He’d sit down and then would bring up about what happened yesterday. He couldn’t let her change up how he did his jobs, it wouldn’t be good for him. The innocent minded didn’t make it out alive.

[b “No one cares if they’re innocent. You do realize that if I don’t do it, that someone else will fill my place anyway? They’re very likely to have a tragic end, even if we did let them go. I doubt his girlfriend will stay with him long after that.” ] He added, because he’s seen all the horrible sides of people. He’s seen things go very wrong, and most of it did. [b “Yes, it does put me in jeopardy, and it also puts the people around me in jeopardy. That includes Killian, Sage, April and even Fang and Onyx. My clients are dangerous people Rai, this is survival. You tried to kill me for your survival, you should understand why I don’t have a choice.” ] He said because he stopped caring about others situations a long time ago unless it was something he really could do something about without putting himself at much risk.

He didn’t think she fully understood yet. [b “Only a true psychopath enjoys torture.” ] He added and just wondered, [b “I want to know… You don’t look at me any differently after seeing what you saw. Why?” ]

He would eat up and heard her apologize. He wondered if she actually meant what she said [b “Next time, I may have to knock you up or tie you up too. I won’t hurt you but I can’t have you digging into my emotions while working. It’s dangerous. I lost people I loved because I tried to follow my morals, it’s not happening again.” He stated and took another bite of the hot dog [b “Mmm, so good. Did you make extras?” ] He beamed.
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She woke up to the sound of Fang's begging and she knew she couldn't ignore him. She felt Caine snuggle up to her, but when he spoke, she knew he wasn't talking about her. IT did make her sad, buts he had to help him in order for him to get that second chance.

She loved animals too much and wanted him to be happy. It was already noon, so she knew she had to get up. She did feel really tired though.

Rai would yawn a bit before changing into some leggings and a sweatshirt, taking Fang and Onyx out for a walk. By the time she came back, she had them fed and would head into the kitchen to make some food for her and Caine. She grilled up the hotdogs and served everything at the table. If he woke up in a good mood, she'd be okay, otherwise, she felt like she'd get a scolding today.

When she went to wake him, she would see him face her, but then he held her close and wouldn't let her go. Rai couldn't move and she'd giggle a bit [b "I made you something yummy"] she smiled and would see him bite into her shoulder [b "Mmm"] she faced him and would nod her head, heading into the kitchen. Rai would play with Onyx and Fang, teaching them a few tricks and then tossing their toy across the room.

WHen Caine came down, she sat at the table and felt him nibble on her ear [b "Your real lunch is right here"] she laughed a bit and enjoyed the hug. WHen he brought up what happened, Rai sighed a bit. [b "I know. BUt they were just two innocent people...."] she spoke and heard him. [b "Because it means putting you in jeopardy?"] she asked, sighing a bit. [b "I didn't mean to put you at risk....I just didn't like seeing you torture that man"] she admitted, feeling bad now.

[b "I....won't interfere next time....it's your job. I'm sorry"] she sighed, figuring she had gotten Caine in a lot of trouble. Rai ate some hotdog and would glance off a bit, too scared to see if Caine looked scary.
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Caine felt so good to finally hit the bed. After undressing himself and Rai, he crashed and passed out. It had been a long and stressful night. He still didn’t feel so easy about not following what the job was, he was sure he would get questions the next day but for now he wanted to sleep. He saw something furry mid wa and got Fang to sit down while he fell back asleep. His face pressed against her chest. He slighty took notice of her fingers going through his hair. He pressed his face more firmly into her body.

Fang would keep looking up at Rai, wagging his tail and looking excited to be fed and walked. He would keep waiting. He’d whine a bit when she was taking too long.

Caine mumbled, “I missed you...” When she kissed his forehead. He would continue to sleep throughout the whole thing, even when she left. He felt something warm form behind and a breath tickling his ear. He tried to scratch his hair and realized it was Raizel’s voice. He opened his eyes slowly, feeling kisses on the back of his neck. “Mmmm…” He kept his eyes closed, “I want….lunch.” He replied. He would roll around and look at her, staring at her face. He then held her and trapped her there. “What did you make me for lunch?” Caine said, still holding her into the bed. SHe wouldn’t be able to move.

“What time is it?” He asked, and glanced at the time realizing it was two pm. The fuck. [b “Shit…” ] Caine said. He then playfully bit into her shoulder, [b “I think I’ll have you for lunch.” ] He teased, playfully caressing her side and looking at her like she was lunch. Then he’d smile a bit, “[b “Okay, I need to get up. I’ll meet you at the kitchen,” ] He said to her. He’d get off the bed and went to shower. He tried to recall last night events. Rai convinced him to do something risky. He sighed to himself, and hoped it wouldn’t bite back. He finished showering and then went to go check his phone, seeing he had been called a few times. The client asking where did the man go. Caine quickly messaged him ‘Left him tied up in the house. Send someone to clean up’ They’d know he was alive since he wasn’t there but that wasn’t Caine’s problem.

Caine decided to just wear boxers, shorts and a tank. He stepped outside and Fang came over to him to give him kisses. Caine bent down and pet him. Was he fed? He looked at the food bowl. Rai…fed him. It made him smile. He looked back at Rai [b “Thank you, for taking care of him, and Onyx.” ] He said and saw the food, it smelled good. He came to her and bit behind her ear gently [b “Mmm, my lunch tastes good too.” ] He teased and the hugged her for a second before he felt some pain. He would back up a bit [b “Let’s eat. And then…we need to talk about what happened yesterday because I can’t have you do that again. I can’t save everyone, it’s a hazard to me.” ] He warned, wondering if she even understood [b “Do you know why I can’t let emotion dictate decisions or why I’m not supposed to make any decisions besides what my client asks?” ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 44d 10h 28m 30s
SHe knew that anyone could say anything and if she screwed up, she'd be putting her and Caine's life in danger. She would nod her head, understanding that she shouldn't just believe what they say. She was new to this after all.

When everything was going to be taken care of, Rai would follow him back to the car. She felt pretty tired and worn out, so she passed out. When she felt warm arms holding her and movement, she opened her eyes and would take a peek at him. Rai got onto her feet and she hugged him. [b "Let's get some sleep"] she went to her room and was going to take off some clothes, but she was tired. She laid back and would hear him, slowly taking off her sweater and then with his help, her jeans. She was left in her underwear and tank top as she felt arms holding her in. After she passed out, she slept in his arms through the night.

IT was almost noon when she felt something wet on her hand. [b "Caine...stop.."] she mumbled in her sleep, not waking up until she felt something pressing against her chest. Rai looked over and saw Caine, pressing up against her chest. She moaned out [b "Mmm"] as she looked down and shook her head a bit. She ran her fingers through his hair slowly and would yawn, seeing Fang sitting by the bed. When she looked at the time, she saw that it was almost noon.

Rai shifted a bit and pressed her lips against Caine's forehead as she pulled the sheets over him more. She would let him rest as she walked over and led Fang outside. Rai fed him and Onyx, giving them some food before going to take them on a walk. She went on a short walk around the neighborhood, letting Fang getting his energy out. Once she made it back, she let the dogs rest as she made them some lunch. Rai cooked up some hotdogs for them with some potato salad and veggies. SHe would serve them up in some buns and then she would slowly head back into her room to see if he woke up.

If he was still asleep, Rai would walk over and hug him from behind, whispering into his ear [b "Caine, wake up. I made us some lunch"] she told him, kissing the back of his neck softly. She hoped he wasn't made at her today from last night, but she just really wanted to help those people.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 44d 11h 20m 39s
Caine released a sigh [b “It’s not that simple. You’re going to need to learn that eventually. People will lie and say anything to save their own asses.” ] He hoped he wouldn’t regret this.

He came back and it was clear by the look of her that she was tired. He offered his hand and brought her to his car. He drove them back. When he looked back, he noticed that she had fallen asleep. He tried to make the ride smooth so that she wouldn’t have any trouble sleeping through the entire right. Eventaully, he parked the car. Raizel was still asleep. He scooped her up and carried her to the elevator. For him, she was pretty light. When he got to the door, she was waking. [b “It’s fine.” ] He whispered. He let her get to her feet as they walked in. He yawned and stretched out his arms. He took off his hat, forgetting he had it on.

He felt her arms hugging around him. He faced her, [b “Yea, let’s sleep. I’m exhausted.” ] He admitted. She held his hand and led him to wards her room. He was really tired, so he wouldn’t say no. He went into her room with her and saw her climb into her bed already. [b “You shouldn’t sleep in those clothes.” ] He reminded, but she looked like she’d pass out. He would throw his shirt over his head, and then got his jeans off, just getting into his boxers. Caine would help her out too, out of her jeans at least. He then fell into her bed and put the covers over them. He was so tired. His eyes closed instantly. He reached out and held Rai, taking only a second to pass out.

They left the door open without thought. Fang was searching the house for them, so when he saw Rai’s door open, he walked in and would sit by the bed, waiting for them to get up. He’d wag his tail and when they weren’t up yet, he’d hop onto the bed and sat himself right inbetween. He licked Rai’s hand and then went for her face to wake her up to feed him and take him on for a walk. He began whimpering and then he’d bark. That woke Caine right up. He opened his eyes slowly and saw a furry mess in front of him. “What the hell?” He said to himself, and noticed it was Fang. [b “Fang, down boy, down.” ] He’d say quietly. Fang licked his face too.
“Fang.” He called again, “Down.” He repeated. Fang whimpered and Caine narrowed his eyes, “Down.”
Fang climbed off the bed but was still waiting patiently at the edge of the bed for them to get up. Caine continued to sleep and would end up pressing his head against Rai’s chest, “So soft…” He mumbled.
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She kept begging because she didn't want to do anyone harm that didn't deserve it. She could tell they haven't done anything wrong and Caine was going to kill them. His girlfriend was pregnant and when they spoke to her it was clear that they were going to start a family together. Rai didn't want to end that.

[b "Yes, but it's still my decision to make in the end isn't it?"] she frowned and would see him disappear, probably going to take care of the issues it would cause leaving these two alive.

Rai waited for him in the spare bedroom and she was getting a bit tired. It was really late and she's never really stayed up this long in a while. [b "Yeah, I mean at that point, we also tried our best"] she sighed and thanked him for helping out. She knew it must be hard taking this route, but she was glad he gave it a chance and thought about it.

When they returned into the kitchen, Rai watched him talking to the couple. She smiled a bit, glad she could save their lives. She hoped they listened and would take good care of their baby. As she stepped out with Caine to the car, holding his hand as she took a seat and felt exhausted. Rai rested her head against the side of the window and she'd slowly fall asleep. When they arrived home though, she woke up and would shake her head. IT was almost dawn. [b "Sorry. I fell asleep"] she spoke, getting up and heading inside with him.

When she walked in, she looked back at him and hugged her arms around him. IT wasn't easy what he did, but he did it anyway. She felt glad he did. [b "Let's get some sleep. You must be tired too"] she told him, leading him to her bedroom. [b "Sleep with me"] she asked, walking towards her room and would climb into bed. She felt too exhausted to do anything else, so she would just lay back and wait for him.
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He knew what he needed to do, and then she gave him the doe eyes and kept begging him. He wouldn’t normally listen and keep going forward. Caine watched her teary eyes. What she was saying wasn’t new to him, and a job was just a job to him still. [b “Youre going to have to understand one day it doesn’t matter if you think they’re not bad people or not.” ] He said quietly.

He decided to listen and held her. Deep inside he didn’t want to ruin someone else’s chance of a future like that but he still felt that it would eventually catch up to them. He saw her rubbing her eyes. He pulled back from her and went to go take his pill and make the call.

Caine returned, she took hold of his hand and they went into the spare bedroom. He wasn’t sure what explanation he was going to have for letting the guy go free. He’s helped people before out of a bad situation but this was not going to look good on him if these two weren’t smart enough to stay hidden. [b “They’ll still talk.” ] Caine looked back at her, [b “They always do… I’ll talk to Killian, maybe they can go into witness protection. I’m sure he has information that they want.” ] He saw his chips and began eating some of it again.
She was sitting next to him, and then thanking him quietly. [b “I can’t do this all the time.” ] He warned. He watched some TV with her until he got a call. He saw the two still in the living space. He went outside, away from Rai and them. [b “Yea, send it to the address. Then pick it up again and send it to the second address I gave you.”] He said.

He dialed up Sage [b “It’s important. I need you to make a copy of something and I need you to encrypt the original. I don’t want who gets there hands on this to be able to access it. Someone will pick up the original. Hold the copy for me, I will pick it up. Don’t try to peak into it, It’ll get you in trouble.” ] He said and then hung up. He made another call to Killian [b “Need an informant on Robert?” ] Caine asked and explained the situation. He hoped he could get away with everything he did.

He returned into th room and sighed looking at the two, [b “You’re fucking lucky this time. Don’t fuck it up again, you’ll be talking to someone to get you a deal in witness protection. Live like your dead.” ] Caine said and realized how late it was. He was getting tired. He returned to Rai [b “Let’s get going home. Killian will be here soon, he’ll take care of them. ] Caine offered his hand to bring her to the car with him.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 44d 16h 59m 19s
She knew that this job required a lot from the person doing the mission and since he's done many of these, she understood that she had to detach herself if she wanted to complete them like Caine did. She couldn't though when she sat with them in the kitchen. THe more she spoke to them, the more she realized they were just normal people, trying to do good things. This man was trying to save his work from getting into the wrong hands and Caine was going to just hand it over.

[b "I'll make sure they're safe, and you too"] she told them things she wanted to do for them, knowing they would be starting a family soon. She managed to get the information and then she would head back to Caine. She felt like she accomplished the impossible and when she thought they'd be able to let them go, her smile faded, hearing what he had to do.

She tried to stop him. She'd hold his arm, not wanting him to go in there and kill him. He raised his voice and Rai trembled. She felt him tug and look so upset. IT scared her when he got so angry and when he held a gun. [b "A job....that you can make your own decisions in. Morals or not....you know they haven't done anything against you. They're not bad people"] she still fought, holding him back. Anything to keep him from killing the man.

She cried and begged him because she didn't want someone to die. She imagined being in that woman's position...about to have a child, but her partner wasn't there. She looked up at him [b "You don't want that kind of blood on your hands"] she told him, seeing him look stressed. When he pulled her in, she hugged him [b "You know."] she spoke and would rub her eyes, seeing him pull back. She wanted him to really think about his actions as well.

When he disappeared, Rai would look into the room and see the two looking more calm. WHen Caine approached her again, she felt nervous. Was he going to scold her later? She took his hand and she would head into the spare bedroom with him. Rai would calm down for a moment [b "They don't know who we are....They haven't seen our faces and they're blindfolded. I can convince them not to speak a word when you let them go"] she told him, trying to think of the consequences of her actions.

[b "Is that still okay?"] she asked, hoping Caine would allow that at least. She took a seat beside him and looked up at him. [b "Thank you Caine...."] she whispered softly.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 45d 4h 28m 31s
Caine’s eyes held on the TV’s blue glow [b “It’s not my place. These jobs require detach yourself and not view the as people.” ] His voice was kept low and quiet. He allowed her to handle the situation and he waited for her. Internally, he hoped that she would crack them down because he never enjoyed causing harm unless it was well deserved.

The couple appeared to still be terrified. The guy bend over his head, feeling the defeat and knowing that his life wouldn’t be able to at least help others, but hopefully it saved his future child. [b “I don’t. I want her and the baby to live. Please, keep your promise. I want them to be save or my life will be all in vain.” ] He said, trembling because he was terrified. He knew how this ended and he was trying to come into terms that he wasn’t going to be coming out of this out alive. He didn’t think that man would allow him to, even wi this priimise.

“You’ll be okay, we’ll be together dear.” The women said quietly, fear still in her voice.

Caine saw the door open and out came Rai. She was smiling and he knew what he was about to say would make that smile fall. It did. He couldn’t have told her before because he felt she wouldn’t make the attempt as strongly. Caine took out his gun and grabbed the door handle. He felt her tugging onto his arm.
[b “How many fucking times do I have to tell you?” ] He raised his voice and shrugged her grip but, she was still hanging on tight, [b “It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad, I have a job to do.” ] Caine stated, getting irritated with her begging. He’d twist the knob and she kept saying ‘Don’t. He felt her wrap her arms around his waist, attempting to pull him back. What didn’t she understand? [b “IF you don’t let go of me, I’m going to have to knock you out.” ] He said calmly.

Caine turned half way and heard her saying they had the info, kept talking about why they shouldn’t. Her begging was just in the way. It wasn’t going to change their fate. Caines lips parted and he was about to shove her off but he saw the tears in her eyes. That fear in her, feeling her trembling a bit when she held him. They were going to have a family – right, she said that. He released the door handle, and felt his stomach sink. He had Brook taken away from him, his future…and eventually he wanted a family too with her. Rai’s tears and begging…

He squeezed his eyes, feeling the pain spreading through his chest. He grunted. He opened his eyes and looked at her and felt himself crumble more seeing her cry. Caine leaned in and caressed her cheek and then pulled her in, feeling his heart pound. He didn’t want to destroy something that he could have had too. [b “Okay… Okay, I won’t. I’ll let them free.” ] He rubbed her back and felt the pain just spread more. He clenched his jaw and then released her, clearly looking like he was in pain when he had to take pasues in his words [b “Stay right here. I need to call someone to send someone to check if what he said is true.” ] And them mumbled [b “And take some medicine…” ]

He'd go into the car, and pop in a pill and make the call. He didn't even know how he was going to possibly let them go and have them not cause trouble. He sighed to himself and then would go back to her at the front door [b "Let's go inside. We might have to wait an hour or so before I get the answer."]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 45d 4h 47m 27s
She frowned and thought that treating these people this way would never help him out. Sure it was a job, but people's lives were worth more than a job. [b "Yes, but still. Those two are good people. They haven't done anything wrong"] she told him and would ask him for a chance.

When Caine allowed her to take matters into her own hands, she would go into the room and try her best. She really wanted to be able to convince him that violence wasn't necessary. Rai stepped in and let the couple hold hands. She wanted them to be close and to know they were right there and she wasn't going to harm them. [i Falco?] it sounded familiar to her. Was that.....the guy at the museum? She sighed a bit and tried to convince them. [b "I know. I don't want the data to get into the wrong hands either"] she assured him.

[b "You don't want to be sacrificing what you and your girlfriend have"] she told him, wanting the two to be able to continue living okay together. [b "You'll both make it out alive together I promise"] she told them, soon getting the information from the man. She'd nod her head [b "Okay. I'll ensure your safety"] she told him and would pat his shoulder. [b "You'll both be okay"] she then went to meet up with Caine and would tell him the information. She had a smile on her face, feeling really proud she could do it.

[b "They did. I have the info"] she smiled and when he said he had to kill him, Rai's smile fell. [b "Wait! Caine. No. You don't have to kill them. They're good people"] she tugged on his arm. [b "Don't! No. Don't kill them"] she wrapped her arm around his waist. She pulled him back. [b "We have the info. Let's set them free. Caine....they're going to help people. They're going to have a family. Don't end that for them!"] she begged him, trying to hold him back. [b "Please don't....you shouldn't be doing this if you don't have to"] she had tears in her eyes, not wanting that couple to have to die by Caine's hands.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 45d 5h 44m 7s
Caine paused and then frowned [b “No, that’s not the same. I found you and I got you out. Although, how you got to that point…might have been avoided.”] Which was why she was hear now with him.
He let her do what he asked of her and stepped out. It was nice to get a breath of fresh air. He hoped Rai was successful. He didn’t get enjoyment out of hurting others either, it was just a job to him. A job he didn’t like doing very much when it came to physical torture.

The couple held hands. They weren’t sure to trust her and the guy was much wearier of Rai. Her voice sounded at much different tone but he was scared that this would all be for nothing. [b “Families whose lost love ones because of Robert Falco. He’s in human trafficking.” ] He explained, wondering if she didn’t already know.

The guy shook his head, feeling helpless, “I will be sacrificing the chance of many lives to be saved.” He said. His girlfriend began yelling “You’ll be sacrificing me and our baby then?”
“No, that’s not what I want.” He said. He didn’t see a way out and it didn’t look like they would get a way out. “At least, get my girlfriend out safely. She had nothing to do with this and knows nothing.” He said, knowing that he most likely will not make out of this alive.
“You can make it out alive too dear.” She said softly, “We’ll make it out together, we have to. I can’t do this without you.” She said.
“Thank you,” The guy said when Rai put a blanket over him. He nodded and speak [b “It’s 2410 Allure Street, in a safe box. The code is 5190.” ] He muffled, feeling the guilt eat him up. He was supposed to do this right but he couldn’t let her lose her life too because of him.

Caine checked on the time and felt he given enough. Just when he was about to go in himself, Rai came out. [b “Did they tell you?” ] He asked. He smiled when she gave him the answer. He pat her head [b “Good job.” ] Then he remembered that he hadn’t told her yet but she would know because he had to clean it up.
[b “Look… My job is also to make this problem this appear. That means, I have to kill him. I think it’s best you stay here while I get the job done.” ] Caine said, figuring she wouldn’t take that easily. He would take out his gun, [b “I’ll make it painless at least. I'll take his girl out of the room first, it's the most I can do."]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 45d 6h 12m 43s

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