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Rai figured that what Caine went through was more intense and more life changing than what the others went through, but just seeing the look in their eyes showed they've been through so much. She really wanted to be able to stay friends with all of them and not want them to have a falling out.

Rai thought about all of them going horseback riding. [b "We'll see. Maybe I'll just go with Sage, but if you want to come, we can see if Killian is also available. It'll be like that time we went to do paintball. That was fun"] she smiled, wanting to hang out with them all again.

Rai was really impressed with the set up that Caine did with dinner. The place was beautiful and her blue eyes kept staring out at the view over the city. IT was amazing and it felt so romantic. His words were reassuring. One thing she always worried about was losing herself the longer she stayed here. [b "It seems so. I'm glad you and Sage are so willing to help me"] she felt his hands tilting her head and when he kissed her lips, she would smile and lean in to whisper. [b "Ooh, sounds like I won't have a choice"] she giggled and would see Caine looking at her body. SHe ran her fingers down over his thigh beneath the table and would grin [b "Do you like what you see?"] she teased and would take another sip of wine.

When their food arrived, Rai would look over her steak and she would gasp at the smell [b "Wow"] she took a bite and would grin at the taste [b "It's so good. I think this is the best steak I've ever had"] she told him, taking another bite and mixing her potato.

When he asked about long term, she wasn't really sure. [b "I'd like to be with someone I love. Get married and have a family. I always wanted to live in a nice house, have a dog and just relax as a vet. I mean...they're simple things, but I'd like to have that in the future"] she listened to him talk about what he wanted and she would smile. [b "It's nice to come back to someone. To have someone that takes care of you. It's....warm. It feels nice"] she was glad that he was willing to go through it all longer. In her mind she still saw Caine as young. Yet he's been through so much already. She felt glad he was wiling to share his thoughts with her. [b "That's really nice Caine. That you want to help others protect the things you couldn't have. I'm glad you're giving it another shot"] she wanted to prove him right and help him carry out those wishes.

[b "I think in the position you're in, you can help a lot of people. I'd love to help them as well if I can"] she fed him a calamari and then continued to eat her steak. When she watched him suck on her finger, she bit down on her bottom lip. Rai turned a bit red and tried to glance down, but she would just pop another into her mouth. He was being too hot and it was clearly affecting her. She'd rub over his thigh gently and then she would take another sip of the wine.

[b "It's really good. All of the food. I didn't know you were this fancy"] she ran her fingers down his arm and would lace her hand in his. She held up a forkful of potatoes to his lips, only to pull it back and take a bite, licking her fork playfully to tease him a bit. [b "Yummy"]
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Caine half shrugged [b “I face a lot of extreme situations.” ] At the end of the story, he did care for those two and did want to help them. Although, he still felt they were brainwashed into thinking what they were doing was always good. Caine felt he knew better.

[b “I’m teasing you. You should go out with Sage, I don’t want her to be the third wheel to us. Not sure if Killian is the horse riding type.” ] He admitted but maybe if Sage wanted to go then he could get Killian to go since he was trying to continue repairing their relationship.

The restaurant he chose, he had a feeling that Rai would enjoy the view. He didn’t bring girls he slept with out to really high end places – unless it happened to be their birthday.He suspected the waiter would try to check out Rai, so Caine said it right in the beginning.
Rai blushing was cute, and made him smirk to see her like that. [b “Good, you’ll need to be happy while you have these breaks. It’ll keep you sane.” He said and they placed there order. He noticed her leaning in a bit and trying to hide her chest. Caine would feel her leg against his.
He felt her lips on his cheek. Caine tilted her head and kissed her lips instead, not letting her get away with just a kiss on the cheek. Her whispering was turning him on. He groaned a bit [b “Slowly? I might force it off.” ] He looked at her chest and up at her lips.

He could feel her wrapping her leg around his. He would try to restrain himself, because he didn’t want to do something to her right here. He was sure he could hide it well, but Rai… Rai would probably struggle to keep her emotions hidden.
He listened to her talk about what she wanted. He held his eyes on her, holding a glass of wine. It didn’t make sense to him, how she could be so in love to want to devote time to making him happy and helping him. She was still young in his mind, innocent minded still… [b “How about long term? What did you want?” ] He asked.

His idea of the future was in the grave. [b “I don’t know. When I had… everything that I lost before. I wanted to finish my service, become an operative for the government, help my family, marry the person I love, and start a family. Now, I told you before. I planned to die on the job but… seeing Killian, Sage, and you… I wouldn’t mind having someone to come back home to everyday, getting jobs that help other families because I couldn’t help out my own.” ] He said, deciding to open up a bit more to her. He wanted to just date her to prove his point but he’d give it a shot too.

Caine watched her offer one to his lips, he’d take the bite, and playfully took her finger and sucked on it for a very brief second, just to tease her. He wanted to see her blush, because it was cute when she did.
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He looked really good in his all black and he even did up his hair. Rai felt pretty lucky to be able to go on date with Caine. Like one of the girls that reached the last stage. She just had to make sure to hold onto him somehow.

[b "She likes you, it's just sometimes you're a bit extreme. Which I understand why. Either way, her and Killian are great friends and I'm glad you have them"] she admitted and then she heard him talking about intruding on her date. [b "Of course not. There's only one person I'm dating right now"] she smiled and would dress up and would go with him to the restaurant. Rai didn't expect him to have a reservation at all. IT surprised her, but she felt like she was being treated well when she was with him.

She held his hand and walked with him into the restaurant, looking at him from the side. He looked so dignified taking her to a fancy place. When he warned the waiter as well, it was so hot. She new he cared about her and it made her blush a bit. [b "I am. Today has been so helpful. You're making me really happy"] she smiled and would place her order, remembering their first date. [b "You did. You held out on your promise"] she smiled, leaning in a bit and hiding her chest from the waiter. She felt his leg on hers and would smile when he said that things were taken care of. She didn't want to accidentally put him in more trouble or get him into a worse situation.

Rai leaned in and would press her lips on his cheek. She loved how sweet he was being to her right now. [b "You will? Hmm, that's exciting. I can't wait. It'd love your hands to slowly take off my dress too"] she whispered and would flirt in return. HE was sexy and she couldn't help but fall into his flirts.

Rai wrapped her leg around his and would think about what she wanted in her life. [b "I mean, before I wanted to own my veterinary practice. I still do, but now that I'm here, I'd like to still try to make that happen. If I can't, then helping you and traveling is what I'd like to do. You helped protect my uncle and kept me safe. I'd like to help you too. I want to try...and make you as happy....as I can"] she admitted, knowing she's left her life to be in his.

[b "What about you? What else do you see yourself doing?"] she held his hand and would squeeze it gently, sipping on some whine. Rai ordered some calamari as an appetizer and she would hold one up to her lips and take a bite. She'd then bring one up to Caine's lips, hoping he'd take a bite. She didn't know where the border was of being too close or not, but she figured she'd start learning while dating him.
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Caine leaned back and ran his fingers through his hair [b “At least she’s okay doing the work… I know Sage doesn’t like me much sometimes, or well anyone.” ] He chuckled but he didn’t care so much. He knew he was hard to work with, which is why he preferred to work alone. Not that he trusted others much to work too long with someone else.

Caine smiled a bit when she giggled [b “You sure I wouldn’t be intruding your date with Sage?” ] He teased.

They had dinner to attend. He got up and dressed too. When she came out, he admired how that dress fit her body and how her chest was out. He chuckled at her [b “Probably? No, definitely. In my bed and all bare.”] Caine took her hand and brought her to his car. There were interior lights as well that he added. He saw her looking shocked. Ah, she didn’t want to know where this money came from. Afterall, no one doing his line of work would make this amount of money unless it was for some really bad people.

Caine drove with one hand on the wheel the other taking hold of her hand. He took his pill, so it would push most of the pain out he got from being too affectionate. Plus, it helped to think of it a certain way that would make it easier.
[b “Mmm, it is a sexy car.” ] Caine agreed. He saw her looking back at him, so he winked at her. They arrived at the restaurant. He got valet to handle parking for him, and they went into the restaurant.

They sat down together. He felt her squeezing his hand. [b “I know.” ] Caine told her, smirking a bit. He still told the waiter what he expected. After all, Caine still had a temper that he had trouble taming now and then.

[b “Well, as long as you’re cheering up. It doesn’t matter even if it isn’t me but, I’m happy that I could help.” ] Caine said. He watched her brush her hair behind her ear and smile. Caine caught her blushing a bit and it was cute. It made him smile a bit.

He decided to get stake, medium rare for himself. He would make sure they got wine. He looked out into the view with her, city lights, and seeing the cars below. They were in a skyscraper so they did have an amazing view. [b “Most people don’t live like this Rai, or see these views often. It’s because I gained so much wealth…” ] He paused and looked back at her eyes, while she was looking out into the view [b “Do you remember? The first date we went at by the drive in theatre? I told you I’d take you out in my really nice car to a high end restaurant.” ]

He felt her fingers running along his arms. [b “I had to, for you.” ] He said, running his leg along hers.

Caine sighed thinking about what happened. [b “Don’t worry about it. I got it taken care of. Client got what he paid for, the data returned to him. Not likely he’ll hire me again, but he’s not a client I like very much.” ] Caine said and noticed where Rai’s eyes went, the waiter. The waiters eyes went to her chest. Caine shot the waiter a look, and he quickly looked away. Caine always give the whole ‘don’t fuck with me or I’ll kill you’ vibe.

Caine felt her breath by her hear. She was such a flirt and tease and he loved it. He smiled back at her and then would reach over and feel up her thigh a bit. [b “We’re going to make mess of more than just hair, don’t worry beautiful.” ] He played a bit. He always liked to flirt too.

[b “Anyways, Rai, I want to know. Besides, being a vet, how else do you picture your life?” ] He said, because he had always assumed on what she wanted. Besides, he thought if they kept flirting like this, he might do something to her while she even sat, and he wanted to try to maintain it tame.
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She came home to see April and Caine so close. IT made her feel uneasy. She only just started dating Caine, so it wasn't impossible that he was still looking and talking to other girls. She put her things away and then would take a seat beside him, hearing him tell April off.

In truth, she felt bad for April because not long ago she was in the same position as her, hoping that one day Caine would give her a chance. She leaned into him and relaxed as he stroked her hair, making him smile as she thought about Sage. [b "I don't think so. She knows you are you and you have a lot to deal with, but she's thankful that you give her work"] she told him, soon asking about April.

She saw him looking at her eyes and his words calmed her down. To hear that he was with her made her chest feel so warm. [b "What? You can come if you want to. I will let you ride on my horse again"] she giggled and would ask about dinner.

Rai would dress up in the dress he helped her pick out and she would soon fix up her hair and meet him in the living room. When she saw him in all black, looking so hot, she would smile seeing him playing with the dogs. [b "You look so good. Hot. Maybe we should....but you know I won't be going anywhere. I'll probably be in your bed later anyway"] she teased and would take his hand and head into his car. Rai saw the car he chose and it shocked her. He definitely had a lot of money. She sat in the car and felt Caine speeding up. IT was amazing to see what a car like this could do [b "Woah this is such a nice car"] she enjoyed the view, but her eyes kept drawing back to Caine in all black. He looked so sexy, that button up with his slightly exposed chest.....his slick back hair. She felt so lucky to be treated like this.

At the restaurant, she'd take a seat with him, seeing the beautiful view of the city and then looking at how high up they were. There weren't any places like this in the country. She heard what he said to the waiter, and she'd squeeze his hand. [b "There's only one person I'll be looking at"] she admitted, hearing him mention Sage. [b "You cheered me up today. You're allowing me to help take care of people's dogs. IT's sweet"] she brushed her hair behind her ear and would smile. [b "Sage helped me get my mind off of things too, but I like spending time with you like this"] she saw him looking at her and it made her blush a bit as she looked through the menu.

She picked out a steak and baked potato. She'd look out at the view. [b "It feels so different living here. I don't get to dress up and see views like this back home"] she admitted, looking to see what he'd order. Rai would run her fingers along his arm, enjoying his rolled sleeves. [b "You clean up nice"] she then pointed to the wine, wanting to share a drink with him as well.

[b "How about you? Are you okay? My actions last night....haven't caused any issues right?"] she hoped not as she glanced at the waiter bringing their wine. She saw where his eyes went and she'd face Caine a bit more, letting him order after she told the waiter hers. She'd lean into his ear [b "I can't wait to mess up your hair later"] she teased him, pouring them some wine and then taking a sip slowly.
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Caine slightly smiled [b “I’m glad you’re feeling better.” ]
He got irritated hearing April bring up who he hooked up with. This is why he cut April off in the first place, because she was getting too close when he didn’t want a relationship. He told her off and April took her leave.

He waited for Rai to come in. When she sat next to him, he put his around her, allowing her to lean into him. He stroked her hair and would lower the TV volume. [b “Is Sage still mad at me?” ] Caine asked. This is why April upset him, getting close when he told her not to.
[b “I told her off, she’s not getting close.” ] Caine corrected and then he turned and met Raizel’s eyes. [b “I wasn’t that hard on her. I don’t think she wanted to be with me for a long time. Besides, I always made it a point that I didn’t want a relationship. I’m with you now too.” ]

Caine listened to her talk about her time with Sage. He remembered riding her horse back at the farm. [b “What about me? I’m not invited?” ] he teased. He could feel Ria’s lips against her neck, [b “Mmm…” ] He nearly forgot about dinner with April around. He glanced at the time on his smart watch. [b “Yea, of course. A promise is a promise.” ] He watched her get up. He smiled a bit [b “Alright, I guess I should dress it up too a bit.” ] He said. He generally didn’t dress it up much. At heart, he was still a street kid. He got up and went to go change too, pushing his hair back. He was an all dark shades kind of guy, so he’d wear a black button up shirt that he’d rolled up to his elbow, liking it that way and black pants. He put a bit of cologne, it was light. Rai would have to be close to him to really take it in.

He’d switch his smart watch for a more expensive watch too. He finished earlier then Rai, so he’d wait, while petting Fang, and playing tug of war with a toy bone. Onyx wanted to try too, so he’d let Onyx try, but was much more gentle with him.

He’d look back seeing Rai coming out. Caine smirked [b “Mmmm, maybe we should skip dinner and go straight to bed.” ] He winked to her. She definitely looked pretty, and his eyes would just fall to her chest. Ahh, he might beat someone up today for staring too long.

[b “Let’s go my beautiful date.” ] He’d offer his hand. They took the elevator down to the garage. He’d take his lambo this time. When they’d go out into the road, he’d speedup the car fast the second the green light it, enjoying the speed and the sound. He would bring her to her a smokehouse, the interior rustic with a mix of greenery. It was at a higher floor, overseeing the city. He reserved earlier and got them a window seat where they could see the city lights. He took a seat with Rai. The waiter came in and the first thing Caine did was give him some money [b “Just so we understand, flirt or look at my girl the wrong way I’ll ruin you.” ] Caine warned fairly, wanting to he night to go problem and temper free.

He’d take hold of Rai’s hand [b “It looks like Sage did a better job of cheering you up then I did today hmm?” ] He said because she looked happier. He knew those jobs weren’t easy – mentally. Caine kept his eyes on Rai, spacing out and then trying to remember that he had a menu to look at it. [b “Order whatever you like, okay? My treat for helping yesterday.” ]
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She listened to Sage and would agree that Caine helping someone cope was odd in itself. He really didn't know how to cope with all of the issues he was dealing with, but Rai figured he had more experience with coping than she did. Rai has seen a few ways he's coped with him and she wouldn't go that far, but they were different people.

THe more she spoke with Sage, the more she understood that she didn't really know what Caine was doing behind the scenes. Rai thanked her for being there and when she was willing to try horse back riding with her, it made her eyes gleam with excitement. [b "Yeah? Okay! That makes me excited. I can't wait"] she smiled and would go shopping with her.


Rai ended up with some clothes and some new electronics from Sage. SHe even bought a new game for the switch, being really excited to be able to play it with her to get her mind off of things. Even if situations got dark or if she had to face missions like the one she did with Caine, she could at least wind down with Sage and that made her feel better.

When she got home, she would open the door and see Caine with April. THey looked cozy together and when he saw April leaning into him, she felt her chest tighten. Rai would force a smile and greet them both. He saw Caine push her back and wondered why April was here. Was he already getting cozy with someone else? That's not how dating was supposed to go.

She heard him and would smile [b "It we great. Did a little shopping and had some dessert. I feel better"] she put her bags away and walked over to them. When she heard April mentioning all the girls he hooks up with, Rai knew what she meant. Caine spoke with a stern look on his face and Rai was surprised to hear him tell her off. She saw April walk out, looking so hurt and she would wave a bit. Maybe she should hang out with her once in a while too.

She understood what it was like to be around Caine. Unlike her though, she managed to get him date her. Rai felt his arm around her and she leaned into him. [b "It was fun. I like spending time with Sage. IT's relaxing. What were you two up to? April looked like she was getting really close. I don't think you should be so hard on her. She seems to be going through the same things I did. I wanted to be with you for a long time remember"] she told him, feeling like maybe he'd up and leave her too if he found someone else.

[b "I got a few new games and she said she'd go horseback riding with me if we find a place"] she leaned in and would press her lips against his neck. [b "We're still on for dinner right? I can't wait to spend more time with you"] she felt lucky she at least could date him.

[b "Let me change into something prettier"] she would get up and then head to her room. She wanted to look good for Caine so when they went out, she could look good enough to be at his side. Rai would would put on the [https://i.pinimg.com/564x/64/ec/71/64ec7140cb05bf1d895596fc9a30ae87.jpg black dress] she bought with him from the mall. She hasn't worn it yet, but Caine said he really liked it on her. She put it on, looking down and seeing that revealing neckline. SHe put her hair up into a bun and left some strands loose as she did some nude make up, some pink lipstick, and a bit of eye liner.

She put on some black pointy heels and would put a white coat on top since it was getting colder. Rai would step outside and she would wait for him, hoping he liked it.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 41d 17h 47m 43s
Sage released a sarcastic laugh “Caine helping someone cope is…interesting. His coping is borderline addict sometimes. Well, at least he’s trying to help. I’ll help you stay sane.” She didn’t exactly know what Rai even had to cope with. Caine never said that much besides she couldn’t stay home because it was dangerous.

“That might be fun, I’m willing to try it.” Sage nodded, “I’ll find one. It might be a little farther off but we can drive.”

It surprised her hearing Caine would try to kill an innocent person .She never really knew what he was up to but thinking that maybe Caine had her do something for someone really bad didn’t set well with her. Would he? “That’s messed up. Does he do these things often? He gives me work but he never really tells me what it is for. I’d hate it if I did something really wrong.”

They went shopping together. She’d get t-shirts, pair of jeans, and a hoodie. She recommended headphones and a controller for Rai. Then she suggested Rai to get animal crossing. She had a good time, it reminded her of when she went out shopping with her sister – when it was okay between them. She would drop Rai off, hug her and be on her way home.

Caine was sitting down with April. They mostly talked, and would share where they wanted to go next. She started asking why they weren’t spending that much time together as before.
[b “I have a lot going on right now.” ] Caine said.
“Or your busy…with whomever that dark haired girl was.” April reminded because she had passed Renee once coming out of his apartment and decided to go back home.
Caine frowned and glanced back at April [b “You sound upset.” ]
“I thought…at least we were only friends with benefits.” She said.
Caine sighed, “April…” He looked at her eyes and saw that she looked hurt, “We…weren’t a thing. That’s why I stopped sleeping with you. I want to be friends, I don’t want to hurt you. You already know I can’t be in a relationship.”
April leaned in and stroked his arm and ran her lips near his neck, “I don’t care, I want to be in bed with you.”
Before Caine could tell her to back off, the door opened. He looked back and saw Rai. He smiled at her and then remembered April was getting a little too close to him. “We’ll talk later, but, I can’t have you be close to me like this anymore.” He would gently push her back.

Caine looked back at Rai [b “How was it?” ] He asked.
April looked back at Raizel, “No, that’s okay. Did you go shopping?” She saw the bags Rai was bringing into her room. SHe returned after “Nothing…just nothing. We were just talking. Talking about the many girls who hooks up with.”
Caine gave April a look with annoyance, [b “I’m not. Not anymore. If you’re not happy to be friends then, that’s it. We’re done. I’m not just a fuck toy either.” ]
April looked back at him, and felt anger and hurt, “Sometimes your so hard to tolerate. I’m leaving.” She would get up and looked back at Rai “See you around.” She would leave.

Caine looked back at Rai and put his arm around her [b “So, how it go?”]
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She smiled when he brought up the idea, feeling really thankful that Caine thought this through. He really did care about her. [b "Okay! Thank you!"] she hugged him and could tell that even if he didn't show it often, she felt it. He didn't want her to just get ruined or lose it.

Rai went out with Sage, sipping on her tea at the table as she spoke with Sage. She was her first real friend here and it was nice to talk with her because she knew what it was like to help out on Caine's missions.

When she said she might never feel adjusted, it worried her. [b "I...don't know. I want to make it work and keep myself as sane as I can. Caine is also helping me cope, so I don't think he's an issue"] she knew she was being dragged to do those kinds of missions, but Caine told her straight what she'd be going through. She agreed in order to save her uncle's life.

[b "Really? If you find one, I can show you how. It's really fun. Or I can even take the reigns and you can ride with me. IT's really relaxing"] she admitted.

Sage seemed like she was only working to do good things. She made it clear. So what was yesterday? Was that only a Caine thing? She ended up spilling the beans about the mission and would see that it was a surprise to Sage. [i Shit] she forgot she wasn't supposed to say anything about the mission. Caine probably kept that all private. [b "I don't know. He was just doing his own part of the mission"] she left it at that and would soon get up so they could go shopping. SHe did want to get her mind off of the harsh missions and focus on normal things she could do.

[b "Okay. Thanks. If I feel threatened I will"] she smiled, feeling lucky she had Sage. THe two went to the mall and Rai would lead Sage to a few places. SHe picked out some clothes she thought would look good on Sage. She found some cool sweaters, joggers, even some colorful shoes to match her hair. It was fun just being a girl for once and spending money on things she wanted.

Rai would end up buying a few sweaters, a beanie, some ripped jeans, and leggings. She would then tag along with Sage to the electronics store. Rai ended up buying some new gaming headphones that Sage recommended and a new controller for herself so she didn't have to keep borrowing Caine's. She did just get a paycheck, so she did want to splurge a bit.


Once they finished up, Sage dropped her home and she'd give her a hug goodbye. She felt so much better spending time with her. Rai would thank her and wave as she headed into the penthouse. WHen she spotted Caine on the couch talking to April, she bit her lip a bit. What was she doing here?

She walked in and would pet the doggies when they came over. Wasn't he dating her now? Rai would walk over and wave. [b "Hey you two. I didn't know you'd stop by April, I could have made some snacks"] she suggested, looking over at Caine. She went to drop off her bags in her room and would head into the kitchen to grab some water.

[b "What are you two up to?"] she wondered, taking a seat on the couch beside Caine.
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Caine half smiled, ruffling his hair [b “Okay, then we’ll work on getting you to help other’s pets. It might help you gain favours too.” ] He mentioned.
He didn’t see himself as heartless. He just did what his job was, it wasn’t personal. He let the girls go out together, understanding that Rai could use it He was certain he was a good chunk of the reason she felt the way she felt.

Sage wore warm clothes, a blue sweater, pair of black jeans and a black beanie. It was nice having Raziel to talk to, since she didn’t exactly have another girl as close to her situation as Rai was.

She frowned, and got that Rai wasn’t telling her everything, she could pick that up. “Rai, you know… You might never feel adjusted to this. It’s not because of Caine is it? I… I want you to know that I won’t judge, so if you ever need to talk about something, I can listen,” Sage said.

What Caine was doing was still a mystery to her, and even Killian. All they knew is that he somehow was buddy buddy with some criminals, and he went on jobs that he wouldn’t say a word about. SHe lited her eyes back up from her milk tea to Ra. “I generally don’t like to help people who are horrible people themselves. Or more so, I don’t If I’m aware. But the job we brought you on, we were doing it for good.” She wondered why she was cocnered about helping the wrong cause.

Sage grinned “You’re a great partner. You’ll be an expert like me eventually. I took you under my wing after all,” Sage said so proudly. She tilted her head and thought about it “We could find a place to horse ride. It’s not impossible. I’ll find one for you and send you the link. Although… I’m not sure I could go with you since I don’t know how to ride a horse.”

“Whoa, he did?” It surprised her that he brought Rai along. She chocked on her drink a bit when she heard ‘kill.’ “What? Hold on- he was going to kill him? He was paid to kill someone?” She grew quiet and remembered the many times she shit on Caine. He couldn’t be assassinating people. “That freaks me out. Do you know who was paying him? I don’t think you should go on his missions, that sounds really dangerous.”

Sage gave a nod, still trying to process it. “Yea, we can go shopping.” She tried to push it at the back of her mind for now. “I could use both honestly, electronics and clothes.” ] Sage would smile back at Rai, “No problem and, if you’re ever in trouble. You can come to me or Killian.” She mentioned, because she always felt unsure about Caine.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 43d 5h 57m 34s
She was glad that he was willing to let her stay with him. Rai wasn't sure how to cope with all of this, but even just seeing him torture someone was new to her. She didn't want to be afraid of Caine, but sometimes just hearing that same tone he used on others gave her the chills. She did want to treat other pets. If she couldn't do it in a vet setting, at least being able to see them and help them would ease her up.

[b "I can take care of the supply. If I help the pets in this area, it'll at least give me peace of mind....and maybe it'll help you out with getting favors too"] she hoped it'd work that way.

She said he wasn't heartless and was glad he didn't like it much. That meant he was still thinking about it on the inside as well. At least he wasn't just some brutal criminal. Rai walked over to the door and felt so relieved to see Sage. They've been spending more time together and she enjoyed their friendship.

They relaxed at the tea place and she would feel comfortable around Sage. She understood what she was going through. [b "We just....it wasn't really working out. Mostly my fault....I mean, I'm really unstable right now adjusting to all of this"] she admitted.

Sage looked content with what she was doing. [b "I want to help others....and I know I am, but what if they're people that hurt others? I don't want to help the wrong cause"] she admitted, thinking about yesterday.

[b "I'm glad you don't mind playing with me. I went from noob to decent by just playing with you. You're too good"] she giggled and would think of ways to cope. [b "Yeah Caine is also trying to get me to adjust. I guess doing more normal things. Maybe see a movie. Hang out. I do miss horse riding a lot...but I don't know where I could do that here"] she wondered and thought maybe she'd look around.

When Sage brought up last night, Rai figured she could tell her a bit about what happened. Sage helped Caine after all. [b "Yeah. I was with him last night. HE brought me along"] she told him. When she mentioned the man, she smiled a bit. [b "I hope so too. I told him to spare the man last night. He was going to kill him based off of the job. I was freaking out. That's why I kind of disappeared for a while. A lot's happened and I'm sure the more he brings me on these missions, the more I'll have to cope"] she let out a soft sigh.

Sage was understanding and she felt so lucky to have a friend in all this. [b "How about we go shopping for a while. THat also eases up my mind. IT can be for anything. Electronics, clothes, I just wanna have some girl time"] she suggested, finishing up her milk tea. [b "I feel better already. Thanks Sage"] she smiled, glad she could lean on her.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 43d 16h 32m 53s
Caine gave a little nod [b “It is hard to cope with. You can stay with me if you need it.” ] Caine said. At the least, she seemed to be doing better now and she still looked happy about treating other pets. [b “Let me know what you need for the pets and I’ll supply. They love there pets as much as any other person. They won’t hurt you and I won’t bring anyone that I think would have even a chance to hurt you.” ] If anything, Rai may have more people at hand to help her if she needed it. The benefits of knowing some other criminals was that they could help as long as there was a favor done.

He saw her smiling more and then she had the idea that he wasn’t heartless. Caine stared back at her [b “I’m not heartless. It’s a job. I’m a realist. You didn’t do bad, you got the information from them without me having to cause permanent physical damage them. I avoid it if I can. I don’t like it much either.” ] He just knew how to do it well and detach himself from the situation.

He saw the girls hug and he let her go off with Sage. He hoped he was in the right direction of making her not break down like everyone else he knew. He didn’t want her to break and lose her mind. He went on his phone and for a second, he almost messaged April when he remembered that he was reserved for Rai now. But he did she had been messaging asking to talk, to hang out since it’s been a long time. She had dropped by now and then within the two months, and he slept with her one month ago, but he had moved onto Renee.

He sighed to himself and decided to invite April after all but, keep it as friends.
Sage sat down with Raizel and had her milk tea. She was happy to have Rai to hang around. She didn’t have that many friends now, she distant herself since what happened to her sister.

“He’s more than just harsh sometimes.” Sage admitted and then frowned. “What happened? You two were doing so great together, you looked happy with him.” She hadn’t talked to Marcel either. He wondered what happened but she wouldn’t dig her nose where it didn’t belong.
“It’s a lot. I used to miss who I was too. But, if you think about it, we would change as a person even if our lives didn’t turn into whatever this is. For me, at least, I feel good that I’m given the chance to help other people now.” Sage smiled a bit to Rai.

Sage grinned when she said she would help “I’m counting on you. You’re a lot of fun to play with.” She would sip and try to think of a solution to it. Caine asked her the same thing. “Killian, to help me cope, he would make me go out with him and his friends. It does help. If anything, I think… it’ll help for you to do the stuff you loved to do. What else did you used to like to do? Besides help animals. Maybe we could do them.”

Sage leaned into her hand, “I’m okay. Caine hasn’t spoken to be until last evening. Thankfully for him I was awake but he made me lose the game.” She frowned, she had to sleep quite late doing the work he needed for. She didn’t know if Rai knew. “He made me do some work last evening. He didn’t give me the details. Do you know anything about what the list of names in the USB is about?”

She smiled a bit “Killian is okay. Caine handed him over a person who knows more about Robert… You remember, that guy at the art auction. I think they’ll be on good terms again since Caine did the right thing. Hopefully, he’ll continue doing the right thing again.”

“Anyways, enough about work. Let’s figure out what we can do to make you feel more like yourself.” Sage smiled at her. They’ve gotten close as friends and Sage did care to help her out.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 43d 17h 40m 4s
She felt like she was being nothing more than a burden to him, but when he said to stay out of his missions, she took it that way. [b "It was scary and terrifying to see you in that way, but it gives me a start of knowing some things you've been through. It's tough. It's hard for me to stay in a room alone and just deal with those thoughts together, so if you need me too...maybe the room doesn't have to be so empty"] she told him, hoping it would help out the both of them. She also didn't want to go through all of that alone anyways.

When she woke up from her nap, she heard the door and was surprised to hear that he was thinking about her. Rai smiled a bit [b "Criminals or not, if their pets need help, I don't mind helping out. They're still animals out there"] she admitted. [b "As long as they don't try to take my head or something, I'd love to take care of their pets"] she nodded at the idea and sat with him in the living room.

She felt that maybe spending some girl time with Sage could ease her mind a bit more, but she still wanted to go out with Caine at night. She smiled more when he didn't regret letting the couple go. [b "I'm glad you aren't completely heartless. Little things like that....I know you still think about. That's good"] she heard the door and gave Sage a hug. She hasn't seen her in a long time and she felt that being able to hang out with another girl would relax her more.

[b "Yeah, let's go"] she held her hand and would head down with her as they walked to a tea place. Rai would order herself a brown sugar milk tea and would take a seat with her. [b "Sorry. I've been dealing with a few things. Caine was a bit harsh, but I get where he's coming from....Marcel and I....kind of ended things. IT wasn't really working out between us"] she admitted and would sigh a bit. [b "Kind of just coping with that....then this whole being on missions....It's a lot to take in...and I sort of just miss....the me I used to be"] she told her, taking a sip of her milk tea.

[b "It did? Yeah of course. I'll be your wingman"] she smiled and would gladly help her out when she needed her. [b "I just need to figure out a way to cope and not lose myself I guess"] she thought about doing the vet thing and she even told Sage about Caine's idea. [b "I think being able to help their pets would also be a way to keep me grounded, I'm not really sure"] she shrugged, feeling a lot better talking to her.

[b "Have you been doing okay? Caine wasn't too upset was he? How's Killian?"] she asked, hoping he also didn't feel too upset by their failed attempt to get that painting.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 44d 3h 18m 53s
It seemed like she took it the wrong way. [b “I meant, don’t come because it will mess you up mentally.” ] He corrected. He heard her but she didn’t even know [b “No one really gets used to it. When you’re alone and with your thoughts, it eventually comes back to haunt.” ] He saw her head to her room. He let her have the space that she needed. It didn’t seem like he would make things any better by hanging around her.

He tried thinking hard about what he could even do to help her take the steps to cope with it but wasn’t getting good answers. He didn’t cope with it well and he realized, maybe the only person that dealt with it well was Killian. At least-he seemed more sane. Not the brightest but sane. After he came up with a few ideas, he’d knock on her door.

[b “I’m not sure you’ll like it but, I can bring in people that need their pets taken care of. Although, they may be criminals.” ] Caine said, and epected her expression to sour after he said that but he didn’t want to lie to her.

At the very leat she stepped out of the room. He sat down with her and suggested to go out with Sage. He assumed that maybe she didn’t want to spend the evening with him since she wasn’t in the best shape but it was nice to hear she still wanted to go. [b “Yea, we can still go out for dinner.” ] Caine said.

Caine leaned back and sighed [b “I don’t entirely regret letting them go. I don’t like what Robert is doing. I didn’t want to see another couples lives destroyed tiehr.” ] He admitted. He heard the door and would get up to grab it. Sage passed him the Usb, and he thanked her quickly.

Sage smiled when she saw Rai. She hugged he rback, “Sure, we can go. Are you ready?” She asked.

[b “You girls have fun.” ] Caine said, and would crash on the sofa. Rai seemed to look better now. He felt like he succeeded or maybe it was Sage. Not that he’d have to worry about Sage being competition.

Sage head downstairs with Rai, and they walked together at the bubble tea place, [b “I’ve hardly heard from you since the mission. Are you doing okay? Caine wasn’t hard on you was he?” ] She asked, not knowing what the situation was. [b “Marcel, he kept messaging me asking if you were alright that night.” ] She mentioned. Sage got herself a jasmine milk tea and would sit down with her, just wondering how she was doing and kind of worried.

[b “Did anything happen these past few days?” She asked while she would sip and then she remembered [b "Oh the new season came out for the game we've been playing. I need another team memeber, you're up for it right?" ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 44d 3h 44m 46s
She didn't know if he would hurt her or not, but when he did, it scared her. That time when she tried to kill him, she'd never felt so scared of anyone before. Even when he said he wouldn't, she knew he was capable, so she always felt like she needed to be on her toes with him.

Rai made them lunch and would sit at the table. Seeing Caine eat her food did make her really happy. She was glad that he liked it and it reminded her of being at home with her uncle. Being able to cook for someone kept her mind busy. She did like how much into her he was, but she couldn't tell yet. They were only dating after all.

He told her all of the reasons why she couldn't brig her emotions into a mission and she felt like she was only in the way. She hindered him during his mission, but she saved two innocent lives. IT was hard to understand how that wasn't worth it. It upset her to hear that it was best she didn't come to his mission....she wanted to so badly, but last night really opened up her eyes. She didn't know that he was doing that kind of work. [b "It's okay. I figured I'd be an issue. I'll slowly work my way up there"] she promised and would look down. All she had looking forward to was killing....she was right.

[b "It's fine. I signed up for this. I just have to get used to it, like you all have"] she told him, feeling pretty tired thinking about all that. She'd head to her room and take a nap for a while, trying not to think too much about it all.

After about an hour, she heard a knock on the door and she'd walk over and open up. When he mentioned spending time with Sage, she shrugged a bit. [b "I could. Wait...how?"] she wanted to know. She did miss doing what she loved and would like to give it a try.

SHe met his eyes and would smile a bit. IT did make her happy he was thinking about all of this. Rai would step outside and take a seat on the couch with him, meeting his eyes. [b "If I hang out with Sage....can we still go out for dinner like you promised?"] she wondered, not wanting it to be a replacement, but it wasn't like she was upset at him. She was mostly down from the situation of being stuck here and being a burden to him.

[b "I also don't want to be in the way of your missions or jobs CAine. I'm sorry about last night. If it made it more difficult or if I messed up. I'll try to do better next time too"] she told him, soon hearing the door.

When she saw Sage, Rai would smile and walk over and give her a hug. She felt like she did need to spend some time with a friend. [b "Sage...do you want to get some milk tea with me real quick? Before you have to go back?"]
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 44d 4h 40m 48s

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