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She thought that if he was worried about someone identifying his tattoos, that maybe something small and hidden would be the best. She didn't think it would be too much. To her surprise Caine visited already. [b "That's so cool. You travel everywhere. I'm so envious"] she admitted, playing with her fingers on his skin. It felt relaxing to be on his chest like this.

WHen he started to speak about his past, Rai felt her chest tighten. She wasn't prepared to hear something so tragic. Rai would run her fingers through his hair and she felt her eyes warm. How could someone even go through something like that. It was horrible. She had so many more questions, but he looked like he was having a hard time just speaking about it. She felt so upset for him, but she understood that he's probably gone through the last few years coping. It made her so sad.

Rai held him against her chest and would stroke the back of his neck, kissing his head. She wanted to be his comfort or shoulder to lean on. [b "I know it's hard....but you also have so many people that understand and accept you for it. Like Killian and Sage. I don't want to see you go Caine"] she held him close and was sure he could probably hear her heart beat beating against her chest.

She looked down at him and felt so bad he went through all this along. He looked so weak right now. [b "You can tell me more whenever you feel it weighing down on you. I'm here, so you can talk to me"] she felt him kiss her lips and she leaned into him. [b "I want to hear it from you"] she enjoyed how close they were and how he was slowly opening up. Rai sniffled a bit and rubbed her eyes, not wanting him to feel sad. SHe released him as she spoke. Maybe her hugging was too much.

SHe would smile a bit [b "Okay"] she let him go and she would watch him get up and head down. Rai would slowly get up and head into the bathroom, starting up the shower. SHe slowly slipped off her robe and would step inside, letting the warm water run down her skin. Rai couldn't help but think about what monster would do that to his family. It was scary. SHe didn't want to lose her family or Caine that way.

Her mind was lost in thought when Caine came in. She didn't realize he was there until he touched her. She looked back at him and hoped he was okay. Rai would give him a hug and then grab the soap, slowly helping him wash down his back, giving him a few kisses on his skin. Poor Caine. He must have went through so much and she couldn't just sit and let it be. She wanted to treat him. [b "I'm going to make something good for breakfast. Do you have a request?"] she asked, wanting to make him smile today.
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[b “Encrypted is something I agree with.” ] Caine said. He nodded, [b “I have, a year ago I visited. I’ve also been there once when I was a kid. We stayed with my grandparents but that didn’t last long.” ] He said, watching her hand trace.

Caine started to speak a bit about his past. He didn’t tell her the full story but the full story was a lot and he figured bit by bit he’d tell her. It still hurt to speak about it. He normally didn’t. It was nice to feel her stroking his hair through out it. He allowed her touch for a moment on the scar. He saw her eyes were warm and wondered why she looked like she was about to cry. [b “Yea, it was a tragedy, all because I fucked up. My morals is what made a mess, and that’s why I told you that sometimes a job is just a job.” ] He said.

He felt her arms wrap around him and he was surprised by it. He didn’t know how she would react, but figured she wouldn’t be able to understand and move on. It was actually a comfort to be held by her, or feel her fingers through his hair and a kiss on the top of his head. [b “I didn’t feel I deserved to live if they didn’t. I still feel that way…but thank you.” ] He said. He could feel the ache and it was really starting to hurt but he kept pushing through it.

Caine felt her holding him against his chest. He held onto her and pressed his face against her chest himself. It always hurt, thinking about them and talking about them. He didn’t cry about it unless he was completely weak. Didn’t mean that he still didn’t feel the same pain. He could feel her stroking the back of his neck. It was nice, and he never expected her to try to comfort him.

Caine lifted his head again, feeling the pain, and trying not to let it show. He looked back at her eyes [b “I don’t talk about it much and I think it’s better I don’t tell you or it’ll hurt you. Yea, sure, I’ll tell you if I’m in pain.” ] Caine then would smile a bit to her and kissed her lips gently [b “I think I’m glad I told you too.” ] He said and thought about it [b “If you want to know more, I’ll let you ask Killian, or you ask me and I’ll tell you bit by bit.” ] He said. Caine caressed her arm.

[b “I need to take another pill now. Why don’t you get the shower ready, I’ll meet you in there.” ] He suggested.
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He kept looking at her like he was going to fail her and she didn't like that. She wanted him to put in all the effort he could before calling it quits or just waiting for her to end it. Last night scared her so much because it reminded her of the trauma she experienced. She didn't want to be forcibly pinned down like that. [b "I know. But doing something good eases the conscience"] she told him.

Rai looked up at him, enjoying being held on his chest, feeling his hand glide down her back. It made her pout to hear he wouldn't even let her get butterflies. She gave her suggestions about the tattoo and wondered what he would get. He explained about what he wanted in his tattoo and she thought it was a good idea. She smiled a bit [b "IT doesn't have to be anything flashy. It can be something small. Encrypted. No one would know beside you"] she did want to hear more about him. She guessed he had some kind of Asian culture in him. [b "Ooh, that's really cool. Have you been to Japan?"] she asked, tracing more shapes along his skin, avoiding his scar.

When he said he'd tell her about the pain, she was open to hearing it. Lately he's been slowly telling her more about him and she felt closer. She wanted to know more about his past and what made him feel the way he did, so when he mentioned his family, his fiancee, Rai would nearly hold her breath. IT was terrifying to hear something so brutally happening to his family. She'd watch him, hearing him look like he was struggling to tell her. It wasn't easy to go through and she understood. She continued to stroke his hair and would feel upset to hear that. He's been through so much, losing all of the precious people in his life. It made sense he wouldn't care about living.

Rai rubbed his chest slowly, feeling him put her hand on his scar that he didn't let anyone else touch. IT was short, but she would meet his eyes, almost looking like she was about to cry. It was so sad. [b "I'm so sorry Caine. I'm sorry that happened..."] she couldn't even imagine how alone he must have felt or the burden he carried on his shoulders of him living.

[b "No...no. You shouldn't wish for that..."] she wrapped her arms around his neck and would hug him close. She'd run her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head. [b "No one could ever understand how much pain and suffering you went through and are still going through"] she held him against her chest and just felt like it all made sense. The way he acted, the way he coped. It was something he was living with and she couldn't even imagine going through something like that and keeping sane. She wanted to help him.

She gently stroked the back of his neck, realizing that she could only do her best to be there....understand him, and try to help him get through it. [b " You can always tell me if there's something on your mind. IF I'm being too close or if it's painful. I just....want to make sure you're okay. I'm here too. I'm really glad you told me"] she felt a lot closer to him and knew more of his backstory now. She wanted to ease the pain somehow and help him. She wasn't sure where to start, but she wanted to comfort him right now. HE must have been hurting so much over the years. Rai continued to lay beside him, looking down at his eyes and wanting to let him know it was going to be fine. That she was here for him.
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He was still waiting for her to realize he wasn’t worth to be around with because it didn’t feel like she could fully grasp it. He sighed, knowing he lost control last night. It was easier with the girls he picked, because it’s what they expected and wanted anyway. [b “Doing something good doesn’t undo bad things Rai.” ] He said.

He could feel her poking. He rose a brow and looked at her and saw that she was teasing [b “I wouldn’t even let you get butterflies.” ] He said. He liked her idea and he wanted something in that similar nature. [b “I wanted something alike to that as well.” ] He said. He grew quiet and remembered all the ideas he had before. He took a breath, feeling her draw shapes on his chest. He watched her finger. [b “Most importantly… I wanted the people I love…the ones that I’ve lost, something to remember them by on my skin. The only downside to tattoos Rai is that, it’ll be easier to identify me. I had…few other ideas. Plenty, maybe I’ll tell you all of them sometime. I’m half Japanese from my mom’s side. Always wanted to incorporate it.” ] He said.

He faced her and wondered if she could really hear or understand. He felt her hands stroking his hair. It was nice and so far, he hadn’t any reason not to trust her again. [b “I won’t be telling you everything…yet. It’s not easy to talk about.” ] He said but this wasn’t something that Killian knew, and even Sage knew a good chunk of it.

[b “This scar. I got it the day my fiancé, sister and my barely six year old niece was murdered. Brook…my fiancé, we’ve known each other since we were eleven. Addy was my older sister, she took care of us when our mom couldn’t. Addy was raped, and had Skye. I took care of Skye almost as much as Addy. There passing, was because of my involvement with people I wanted to stand against because I didn’t believe in their morals anymore. I didn’t make it in time to save them, but the killers were still there. I tried to cold blood murder them-brutally and got shot here by a buddy of theirs” ] Caine gently took her hand and dared to place it by the scar by his heart that always brought him pain. He’d let her touch for a moment but not for long. [b “If it had been slightly closer, it would have killed me. I got very lucky to survive. Most of the time I wished it killed me.” ] He would continue, drawing her hand away.

He took a pause, because it was always hard to think about them. [b “My pain is said to be psychological but it doesn’t make it any less real. If I’m reminded of them, in a similar situation or someone touches there without my approval, I get a lot of trauma. I had it a lot worse before… PTSD and such. I have to take some pills to calm it down. If I let it go on too long, I can black out,” ] He explained. There was a lot to cover but this was already a lot to take in, at least he thought it was. He took a breath, finding it hard to even say it out loud again. He could feel the pain creeping in and he knew he would have to another pill soon enough. He looked back at her eyes wondering if it would be better if she remained oblivious to it.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 36d 5h 36m 58s
She wanted to be positive because that's just how she was. She felt like if she started sulking and feeling bad for every thing that she did, it wouldn't really be living to her. Not when there were more unfortunate people and animals out there.

She was smiling at him because he looked really sweet in the morning. Rai would play with his hair and then shift onto his bare chest, looking up at him. His words made her smile and she loved being able to wake up to him beside her. She was getting used to laying at his side. Ever since he stayed with them, she wouldn't forget about all the times he protected her.

She felt his lips on her forehead and she felt his tough along her back. [b "I know you do. Last night was one of them. But you've done much more for me"] she told him, poking his neck and then touching the spots on him she'd like to see a tattoo. [b "Hmm, butterflies look so nice though"] she teased and then tried to think of something. [b "You should put like something strong, or maybe something meaningful like a pattern, or numbers. Maybe something that reminds you of who you are..."] she told him and then she imagined him with a sleeve. [b "What have you been wanting if you've wanted one for a long time?"] she asked, drawing shapes on his chest.

When he said that it wasn't personal, she knew that it wasn't. [b "Of course I won't. I won't say a thing. IT'd be nice to know why though so I can limit being so close"] she reached out and stroked his hair back again. [b "I won't say a thing. Promise"] she told him and would listen in. Rai wondered if it was something painful. She assumed so if it's been hurting him this much over the years. [b "It's okay. You can tell me"] she ran her fingers through his hair more to make it easier.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 36d 6h 24m 13s
It didn’t add up to him, that she still had positivity and hope in her after what has happened. It wasn’t what he’s been through but it was still horrible. He liked the way she smiled when she looked at him and touched his cheek. It felt like for once, that maybe she wouldn’t turn away from him even with all the trauma, baggage and messed up mentality he had. He didn’t accept himself, so it was hard to believe that Rai would.

He wanted her to keep brshing her fingers through his hair. He smiled a bit and nodded [b “Yes, you. It’s not the same with anyone else.” ] He said quietly. He could tell she was playing with his hair. It made him smile [b “You’re really cute.” ] He kissed her forehead, and felt her nuzzling in. He stroked her back, pulling her in. She looked pretty in her silk robe. He chuckled a bit squeezing her cheeks. [b “I don’t. I got millions of flaws, I’m waiting for you to realize that they’re not…really tolerable. When you do realize it… there’s no hard feelings.” ] He said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

He laid down and watched her come in. Caine stretched out his arms for a moment. He smirked a bit [b “Mmm…I was thinking my back, but I would like to do a smaller one before that.” ] He said and nodded [b Neck…I like that.” ] He said feeling her poke the side of his neck. He turned his head and looked at her [b “What do you think I should get on my neck? It has be something bad ass though, no butterflies.” ] He joked. He felt her fingers go down his arm. [b “A sleeve? Hmm, I like that idea. I wanted to get a tattoo for so long, but I kept putting it off.” ] He admitted. He felt her lips on his chest. Caine moaned slightly.

It was cute, how she was drawing shapes on his chest, and her cute yawn. Caine stroked her hair and then would feel down her waist. Little pain was spreading now and then but he could tolerate it as long as didn’t continue for long. He looked up at her light eyes. [b “You won’t get hurt if I tell you that? It’s…not personal. I…” ] He sighed. He wasn’t sure about this but, [b “Do you want to know? Why I feel pain? You can’t tell a soul though.” ] He sternly said, [b “Because…it’s personal, and it’s dangerous if someone knew how to trigger it."]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 36d 7h 57m 32s
She woke up and found herself in Caine's embrace. She felt warm, wanted, and just relaxed because last night was great until she caused a scene. She didn't think he'd do that to her, but when Caine lost control, she figured that he used to do that with other girls and didn't care about them. The way he opened up to her last night was a step forward and she knew he cared about her and was worried he might drive her away. She understood it was hard and he must have still felt attached to his fiancee, so she wouldn't push him. She'd let him move at his own pace.

She smiled and would see him looking down at her eyes. When she touched his cheek, she smiled as he leaned into it, giving him a sweet kiss. [b "I'm happy because I'm here next to you"] she admitted and would brush her fingers through his hair. [b "Yeah? I'm glad It's me"] she played with his hair, letting it twirl around her finger as she stroked his back. She felt his lips on her forehead and she'd nuzzle against his chest. She felt his hands touching her and pulling her in. [b "You know I have been. So to be dating you, makes me happy"] she knew it was probably one sided, but she liked him so much. [b "I guess I am....But...you don't mind that I am right?"] she felt him squeeze her cheeks and it made her lips puff out. She giggled and would rest on his bare chest. If he looked down, he could see into her silk robe. She met his eyes and would reach out and squeeze his cheeks in return.

[b "Oooh, sexy Caine getting a tattoo. Where? It'd be cool if it was on your neck"] she'd poke the side of his neck and then she ran her fingers down his bare arm [b "Or one down your arm. You'd look so badass"] she smiled up at him and would kiss his chest. She then used her fingers to draw a heart shape around his chest and she'd yawn softly, still waking up a bit. He felt warm and she didn't want to move. She'd let her leg brush up against his [b "You can always tell me too if....I'm being....too much"] she understood she could be. She was very affectionate.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 36d 9h 2m 1s
His tight hold wasn’t intentional but he did make sure she was staying in spot. He was slowly waking but still not realizing. He felt warm lips on his chest, making him quietly moan. He looked back at her, hearing she was fine. [b “mmm..okay good.” ] He said. He saw her smiling and wondered why she was smiling like that. She could smile easily. It was charming he admitted.

He felt her caress his cheek. He liked the touch of her warm hand on his cheek. He leaned into it. He yawned and was trying to open his eyes more. He felt her tilt his chin and then her kiss. He kissed back and smirked a bit. [b “Your very happy this morning.” ] He pointed out. He watched her and remembered he held her. Though, he knew that soon the sleepiness would ware off and it would be harder to hold her like this for a long period of time. [b “Mmm, It is nice waking up to someone…I mean, you, not just someone.” ]He corrected. He felt her fingers through his hair. [b “That feels nice.” ] He whispered, just liking how she touched. [b “I’m okay…right now.” ] He said and decided he might just endure it when he start feeling pain. He would smile a bit and kissed her forehead.

[b “Good idea… We can stay a bit longer.” ] He said, his hand stroking down her back to her ass, to just pull her in. [b “You really want to be my girlfriend huh? It still hard to believe after everything you’ve seen around me that you’d still want that. I don’t get it. You’re crazy.” ] He would squeeze her cheeks playfully. He would lay back on his chest [b “What do you think if I got a tattoo?” ] Caine asked her, and would pull her in to rest mostly on top of him.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 36d 9h 31m 29s
When she came back to his room for the night, she felt a bit nervous because sometimes he would talk to her in a more stern tone. She couldn't tell if he was upset she left his side or not, but when she heard him say he didn't mind, she would close the door and crawl into his bed.

She pressed against his back, glad he allowed her to stay with him. [b "Good night"] she stroked her fingers down his back, feeling his skin and then pressing against his chest as she fell asleep.

In the morning, Rai would peek up a him, seeing him still fast asleep. She would take in Caine's scent and she felt relaxed. Warm, and safe. He was still fast asleep, so she'd stroke her fingers through his hair slowly, seeing him fast asleep. He looked at peace and relaxed. Rai barely saw him look so vulnerable so it made her smile. When she tried to move, she felt his hold on her. He was holding her close and tight. She heard him speak and when she looked up, he was fast asleep again. She couldn't break free from his hold, but she didn't mind it either. Rai would snuggle a bit more into him, giving his chest a kiss as she peeked up when he was waking. [b "No. I'm fine. I just like being here"] she admitted and would smile up at him.

Rai shifted so she could face him. She reached up to caress his cheek, seeing him still waking. Even Caine could look like a child when he woke. She tilted his chin to face her and she would lean in to kiss him. [b "Of course. I get to wake up in your arms. I'm pretty happy"] she then peeked up at him, her fingers still running through his hair gently. [b "Are you okay?"] she hoped he was able to sleep beside her. Hoped that all of this closeness wasn't changing his mind about her at all.

SHe didn't want him to hide the fact that he was still hurting, if anything, she wanted to cheer him up as well. [b "I don't want to move, but how about in a little bit, I start up the shower?"] she ran her fingers down his back and let him wake up slowly.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 36d 11h 43m 57s
[b “Hmm…that sounds actually nice.” ] Caine spoke quietly.
Rai left, but he saw her downstairs. He hadn’t expected her to follow him back up, or press against his back. Caine faced her and held her in. She wasn’t shivering or looked fearful either. His eyes closed, hearing her say she did too. He could feel her arms around his waist too. The pill helped, and he could pretend for a while that none of the trauma he had existed.

He released a sigh, while was slowly falling asleep. [b “I was…but I wouldn’t mind…if you stayed.” ] He said and wondered why she thought that. She was too hopeful but maybe he did want it to work too, [b “Mmm…okay Rai.” ] He said, and calmed to feeling of her hand stroking his back. He held her more closer and fell asleep.

Caine slept through the whole night. Morning came in, some light falling over his eyelids but he hid away from it by pressing his head into the pillow. Mmm…something smelled nice, shampoo…her hair. He felt fingers in his hair and it was so nice. He smiled a bit in his sleep. He would hold her by the waist. IT would be difficult to break out of his hold and he wasn’t doing it intentionally. He was just asleep. Soon enough, he was opening his eyes, yawning and having to blink a few times. He looked down and noticed Rai in his arms. He closed his eyes and would continue to hold her, [b “I like your scent.” ] He whispered. He would sleep a bit more then open his eyes, noticing he was still holding onto her [b “Am I holding too tight? Sorry… Morning.” ] He yawned.

He peeked back dwon at her eyes, seeing that she had been awake for a while [b “Are you okay?” ] He asked, still trying to find his voice and wake up.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 36d 12h 9m 58s
She wanted him to know that if they needed to take it his pace, they could. If he was just going to do that to her everytime they slept with each other, something would have to change. She didn't want to feel that each time. [b "Take it slow as in, I'll make sure to slowly get closer instead of going in and making you hurt. We'll figure each other out"] she assured him and would see the pain in his eyes. She didn't like how she was the cause of it, but she also didn't like seeing him in pain like that.

She went downstairs to head back to her room, but the more she laid there, the more she thought about what he said. He didn't feel confident in their relationship and felt like he'd fail her. What could she do to make him not feel that way? She held her breath, imagine someone coming into her room and holding her down. Her eyes opened and she felt shaky again. She couldn't stay alone in her room.

When she watched TV outside and saw Caine, she followed him up to his room and would ask if he was still up. When he responded, she climbed into his bed and would huddle into his back. She relaxed a bit more, also wanting to be his comfort if he wanted. When she felt his arm around her, her eyes met his. [b "I do too"] she rested up against his chest and felt so much safer. Rai wrapped her arms around his waist. [b "I didn't mean to leave when you opened up to me. I just thought...you were hurting and didn't want add more to it. We'll figure it out. I want this to work even if you don't think it will"] she stroked his back with her fingers slowly, closing her eyes and soon falling asleep.

She woke up to the lights filling the room. Rai peeked up and noticed she was still pressed against Caine's chest. She looked up to see him still asleep and she would smile a bit, pulling back and then running her fingers through his hair slowly. She liked watching him sleep because that was when he looked the most peaceful and vulnerable. A side she knew no one really got to see.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 36d 14h 30m 18s
Caine held his eyes on her but wasn’t sure what slow even meant. To him Slow meant taking it slow sexually but he also felt that she didn’t mean it that way. [b “I guess we could. Not sexually right?”] He asked. It did hurt to hold her in but at the same time, he wanted to push past that pain because he also liked it. He missed it, and he wanted it, if only he could get that trauma not to effect him so much. She gave this sad smile and pulled away. He could only assume that he hurt her by giving her a glimpse again to his mind. He knew how this was relationship was going to end. He couldn’t emotionally be there most of the time, he did violent things, had control issues…trauma. It was just a matter on how long it would take.

He laid in his bed alone, and end up thinking too much of the past. It was becoming hard to tolerate. He went down the stairs and saw the glow of the TV and her sitting on the sofa. He didn’t want to bother her. He took the pill and headed back up. He faced the window, back to the door. He looked out into the clear night sky. Ah, if only he could drown himself drunk. He pressed his face into the pillow to get more darkness. He heard the door open. Caine could hear her voice and then her footsteps coming in closer. [b“Almost…why? Are you not feeling okay?”] He whispered quietly.

It surprised him when he felt her climb onto the bed. Why did she come back? He felt her nestling against his bare back. Probably couldn’t sleep. He laid there for a while, just keeping still, debating if he should turn around. He would, slowly. He looked at her and saw her falling asleep. Caine put one arm around her. It still stung but the extra dosage helped. He pulled the blanket higher and stroked her back, resting his chin on top of her head while he was falling asleep. He knew he’d probably be asleep for longer than her since taking a second one usually made him extra sleepy. He'd whisper [b "I like sleeping next to you." ] Wondering if she thought maybe he didn't.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 36d 15h 29m 20s
She tried her best to make it as easy as possible to get over. Caine didn't do anything wrong. She knew that he was just being himself and doing the things he normally did with other girls, but it did frighten her. She has never been held like this before. Being kept against the bed and feeling restrained. She was frightened and would just relax and cope with it for a while before feeling his warm embrace.

When she leaned into him, she felt more relaxed, seeing him give her a kiss and hold her. She knew that it startled her, but he wouldn't harm her like that. She stayed close to him, caressing his skin and wanting his comfort, but it was proving too much and she could see the pain in his eyes. Rai wasn't sure what to do so when she pulled back, she could see he would keep her against him, holding her close.

She didn't want him to look so pained from her actions, so she tried to make it clear that if he was this close to her and if it caused him pain, he didn't need to force himself. When he spoke, Rai held her breath and would meet his eyes [b "Slow just means we both take it at a comfortable pace for both of us"] she told him, seeing the hurt look in his eyes. Rai slowly pulled the sheets over him and would slowly get up.

WHen she headed downstairs, she went to her room and lied in bed with ONyx, trying to fall asleep. It was too difficult, not after being pinned down like that and then seeing Caine's pained expression. She had so many different imaginative situations that flooded her ming. It didn't sit right with her so she went out into the living room to watch some TV.

When she saw Caine coming down, she would look over at him, seeing him take a pill. Was he always taking those pills? She couldn't remember. Was he able to sleep with her not at his side? She couldn't. As he headed back up, Rai would turn off the TV. She'd head up to his room and she would open the door slowly. [b "Caine....are you asleep?"] she asked, stepping inside and then closing the door behind her.

She had changed into a silk robe as she looked at the time. IT was 3AM. SHe didn't want to go back into her own bed, she couldn't sleep and it had her thoughts going crazy with the past. She'd slowly climb into Caine's bed. She didn't know if she should touch or hold him, but she would nestle against his back. Just knowing he was right there at least meant she was safe enough to sleep.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 37d 3h 44m 7s
She was glad she had so many people wanting to help her out. Rai did want to be able to help them out as well. She would follow Caine to the table and was still stunned by the amazing view. IT was amazing and she felt really special. At least for a simple country girl like this, a dinner like this was too high class.

She liked the way Caine dressed up for her like this. He looked really good and she couldn't help but want to be close and feel so attracted to him. He gave her a warning and she wasn't really taking it seriously. They were at a restaurant, what could he really do in front of all these people?

She took a bite of her steak and was loving the food. IT tasted well made and high class. It felt odd to know that she was able to eat like this. Only with Caine.

He asked her what she wanted and she knew it wasn't going to be easy to have not that she was on the run with Caine. She couldn't even use her name as a vet if she would work as one here. IT was sad, but she understood why she wouldn't have that so easily.

[b "I think that as long as you're trying, maybe something good will happen. You're still so young Caine. THere's still so much you can do....I mean to start it off. We can visit a lot more different places together too"] she smiled, wanting him to know that there was more than just waiting to pass.

[b "I'm sure you'll be able to find something you'll want to cling onto. Like Fang, or who knows. Maybe you'll get second chances. Right now, being with you here is really nice. I don't think I'd rather be doing else right now"] she smiled, wanting to cheer him up a bit.

As she ate, she'd watch him tease her with sucking on her finger. Rai would rub his inner thigh more, seeing him coming in closer. She felt her heart pounding a bit and when she watched him feed her, she'd take a bite [b "Mmm"] she smiled and would suddenly feel where his hands went. Rai held her breath and would meet his eyes. She heard his whisper, making chills go up her spine. [b "Ahmm....okay.."] she spoke back and would shift in her seat a bit. She felt his lips and would stifle a moan as she held her breath.

He was being really seductive and it was hard not to make a scene. She fed him another piece of calamari and she'd let her hand run down the side of his pant leg, leaning in as she kissed his cheek. [b "I think we should continue this later"] she smiled and would kiss his ear. Rai took another bite of her steak and then held out the forkful of potatoes this time to his lips. She didn't tease him and let him have a bite. [b "IT's really good"] she smiled, trying not to push him too much. She understood that he was willing to do those kinds of things to her out in public, which was kind of exciting, but she didn't want to push it further.

AFter she finished her main course, Rai would lean into him a bit more, watching him and seeing his eyes on her. IT made her smile. She could see a lot of other pretty girls in the restaurant and yet he was looking at her. [b "Shall we get dessert? Or should we have some dessert at home?"] she whispered the last part, kissing his neck once more as she pulled back a bit. She saw the waiter coming by and could tell he looked too frightened to even look at her now.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 39d 10h 36m 59s
[b “It’s tough to adjust. Of course we’d help.” ] Caine said and tilt her head to kiss him. Caine smirked, still holding her in position [b “Mmm, maybe you won’t.” ] He loved to see her reaction when he teased her. Caine felt her hands going down his thigh, and it was tempting. He watched her and he gave a nod, [b “Yea, and you need to be careful.” ] He warned.

Their steak came in. He would cut into it and took a bite. It was good, and it was nice to see her enjoying it too. What she said was what he expected her to want. He didn’t want the same anymore, [b “Those simple things aren’t so easy to have.” ] He mentioned.

He did like it, coming home to someone. It reminded him of how it was before. It gave him anxiety and sometimes it was overwhelming but maybe he could push through it for longer. Caine shrugged [b “Yea, but what I want is different from what will happen. I’m not sure If I will give it another shot. Right now, I good with just continuing doing jobs and do it until I pass.” ] He didn’t want to live the way he wanted to before with Brook. It didn’t seem fair.

Caine tilted his head [b “Mmm, not yet but later on. It’s not sustainable to pick and choose sometimes.” ] He said and at the calamari she gave to him. He playfully sucked on her finger. He enjoyed how she turned a bit red and bit down on her bottom lip. He playfully winked. They continued to eat when he felt her rubbing over his thigh, and she kept doing it. He’d sip on his wine too, feeling himself get too excited.

[b “I like good food, doesn’t everyone?” ] Caine mentioned. Her fingers ran down his arm, lacing with his hand. He’d try to take the bite she offered, when she pulled it back and started to lick the fork. He narrowed his eyes at her. He would scoot closer to her side. He’d take some calamari on his fork and put it to her lips, feeding her in close quarters. His hand slid up her dress into her inner thigh. He caressed her inner thigh, gently and was slowly but surely reaching a spot to feel over. Caine leaned in by her ear, “Don’t tease me unless you want to played with in front of all these people.” He kissed her neck and then would take a bite again.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 39d 11h 24m 30s

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