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[b “I’ve done more difficult things. He doesn’t have to know it’s me.” ] Caine shrugged. It would be easier to do this back at his home base but moving there right now could put him at a risk since he couldn’t recall what mission he was on. Raizel was really far from what he would date, but he stopped taking dating seriously years ago.

Caine peaked behind him and saw the baby chicks looking back up at him. They started chirping. He recalled kneeling down to feed a chicken and baby chicks coming out of eggs. That had startled him. [b “I was…do you think I’m their mother or something?” ] He frowned, not understanding what she was smiling about. He wasn’t fit to be around any baby. [b “Shoo.” ] He told them, taking a few more steps but they followed in a line. This was his life now? How did he hit rock bottom already?

He imagined those clothing stores probably didn’t have anything he’d want to wear but, he wanted to at least look decent. He was surprised when she took his hand. She was already feeling comfortable… They met her car and he cringed inside. It stuck out like a sore thumb with the color too.

They got in and drive to the store. He got the MK23, Glock 19 for her and ammo. They didn’t have any sniper rifles that he wanted, plus his budget wouldn’t be happy about it. [b “Right…” ] He said and showed her the gun he was going to give to her. He wasn’t for random civilians holding guns for defense cause of mishandling. But he also knew there was a chance that someone was going to stop by their farm and he wanted to at least have her have protection.

He sighed, shaking his head. [b “We need to talk about some gun safety, and when and when not to point a gun at someone before you accidently kill someone or yourself.” ] He could sense in her tone she was teasing but she wasn’t wrong. If she hadn’t saved his life, this would be a different story.

They headed to the shooting range. He helped with her posture. Caine would help position her hand, by putting his hand over hers, and then fix how she held her arms. Touching her reminded him how he missed the intimacy. He tried not to touch her more than he needed to. It wouldn’t do him good. He would cross his arms and watch. He cracked his neck, feeling it ache a bit. His body was still aching, and it sucked.

He smirked when she fired the moment he said the phrase. She watched her give into the recoil but landed a shot on the board. He heard her squeal and look back at him. Caine faintly smiled, [b “Don’t celebrate yet. Stay focused. Have a firmer grip.” ] He returned to his neutral expression.

He watched her shoot, and would come in from behind her. He would raise her arms a bit and would back up and let her continue. There were two other guys there, and would occasionally glance at Raizel. One was really checking her out. He was an older man. Cain she him a nasty look.

He came in and saw the target. [b “You’re getting the hang of it. Good girl.” ] He pat the top of her head, smiling a bit. He would have loved to teach Skye when she got older. His smile fell. She would never get the chance.

[b “Sure.” ] He said [b “You’re still need a lot of improvement but you’re a good learner.” ] He would take hold of her gun. He drew his focus in and wanted to use the target with a shape of the person. [b “You know what I do to men normally who sexually harass girls?” ] He said, knowing that older man was still there and probably still looking at Raizel like a piece of meat. He shot twice at the heart, two in the head and one by the crotch. [b “There.” ] He said. He had to stop cause his arm was still aching. He glanced at the man for a second, who quickly looked away from them and seemed to be leaving.

[b “Do you want to keep practicing?” ] He asked her. He had set the gun down and would stretch his arm a bit, refraining from making an expression from the pain. [b “Let’s go shopping once you’re done. I want something that speaks ‘city’ instead of hill billy or country bumpkin.” ]
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She was glad that her hands actually saved someone's life. IT rarely happened that she got to treat humans, but with some treatments not being fully effective, sometimes she got really nervous around a person that needed help. She also couldn't save every animal neither, but she tried her best.

He brought up hurting and possibly killing Shane. That wasn't what she wanted. Yes he was an asshole, but she wanted to get him back in a different way. [b "That sounds like a lot of hard work. He is with the police and I also don't want him finding out about you either. Maybe I'll just lay low for the time being. After all, he thinks I have a boyfriend"] she chuckled a bit and called him decent. He seemed to agree.

THe next week flew by and Raizel was getting closer and closer to her graduation date. A few more assignments and tests to get her degree. SHe came home and heard the guys in the barn. Raizel went to pet Noir, giving him an apple as she heard Caine's voice. She'd glance over to see the baby chicks following. [b "I'm guessing you were there when some of them hatched"] she smiled, thinking it was an adorable sight.

[b "You're not interrupting. I came looking for you"] she looked at her watch [b "There's a few clothing stores and homegood stores. We can go get what you need"] she took his hand in his and she'd lead him towards her car. It was an old car, but it worked. The windows were tinted, it was manual, and the color matched her eyes. A lightish blue that was easy to spot.

She got into the driver's seat and would see the look on Caine's face. Did he not like the car? She wasn't sure, but he didn't seem to complain on the way to the gun store.

Caine ended up getting a few that he needed, but Raizel just followed behind him, completely new to all this. She stared at all the different guns, bullets, and sizes as she let Caine do the talking. [b "Anything I liked? I don't know much about guns..."] she admitted, looking stunned when he showed her the gun that was going to be hers. [b "Okay. I don't want to point it at anyone anyways. I was just trying to do some self defense. You look dangerous after all"] she teased a bit.

When they headed to the shooting range, Raizel followed his instructions, putting in the bullets and then standing up straight. He got in close trying to fix her posture and she kind of lost focus. HE was really close. She could smell him and feel the heat radiating from him. She tried to focus more, bending her knees and then looking at the target. The minute he mentioned Shane, she fired. The recoil was much more than she was expecting.

Raizel would try again, managing to get a bullet on the board. She squealed [b "Yes! Did you see that Caine?"] she asked, wondering if she was progressing.

SHe shot a few more, getting used to the gun's recoil and size. After an hour, she managed to hit him in the center of the chest. [b "I did it!"] she said proudly as she let Caine take a turn. [b "I want to see you fire"] she asked curiously. [b "That means you're a good teacher since I learned it quickly"] she let him take his turn, amazed at his accuracy.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 166d 2h 8m 32s
[b “You did well… I’m alive and I don’t seem to have any infections.” ] He added. It did amaze him that this innocent appearing girl could deal with bullet wounds and blood. Well, she wouldn’t be a vet otherwise, he supposed.

Caine really could care less about Shane if it meant he could return the favour to her. [b “Too bad…from the sounds of it he sounds like he could use some hurting.” ] His eyes fell on her. [b “You want to hurt him emotionally? I get him to leave you alone…although him being a cop is a bit problematic. You can record him in the act. I could use that to blackmail him and intimidate him.” ] He figured. He preferred the old punch and I’ll chop off a finger threat though.

He sighed, [b “Yea…” ] He enjoyed the food. It tasted way better than he thought it would. She was clearly good at cooking. He nearly laughed when she said he was decent. He held it back. [b “Yea. I am…[i decent. ]” ] Better not to tell her the truth. No point in it. Revealing his identity would be stupid.


The next week, he was able to move for a longer period. His body still ached, especially if he moved a certain way. Most of the time he was passing out, allowing his body to heal. The downside of that injection was that it put him to sleep more often. When he was able to actually get up, he spend time with her uncle. He turned down the overalls. He didn’t plan looking like a hill billy. It grossed him out milking the cows and the pigs tried to get him dirt. The only thing he could bear was the baby chicks. They were cute.

Caine was feeding the chickens. He was in misery, never picturing himself in a farm. He always made jokes about the farm life, how it would be the last place on earth he would be. He had a strong dislike for mud, worn out places…stinky places. He was going to feed the horse they apparently had. He’d hear chirping and saw five chicks following him. He’d walk a few more and they’d follow. [b “This is not the type of chicks I want following me.” ] He mumbled to himself.

He saw Raizel speaking to the horse. She looked cute in her messy bun. [b “Am I interrupting you two?” ] He asked. He got extremely excited hearing they’d go finally to the shop, but he kept his expression still, like he normally did. [b “Yea. Are there other shops near by? I need to buy a few things. We can go to the shooting range.” ] He said. He then went back inside, and would change into a t-shirt and pants that they gave him. He planned on buying clothes if he could. He sure missed his stuff… But he knew it would be wiser to keep his head down for a bit longer.

Caine grabbed his wallet, that only contained his cash with him. He didn’t know how he was going to survive on a thousand. He met her at the front of the house. [b “Where’s you’re car?” ] He asked. He half expected her to come out with a tractor or carriage or something. He saw her come out with an old Honda. He bared it, shaking his head to himself. He got into the passenger seat. He turned on the radio and there was country. He quickly changed it into some old rock.
They arrived at the gun shop. He saw mainly hunting rifles. [b “You have a P229 or the MK23?” ] He asked and then looked at Raizel. [b “The Glock 19 would be good…and if you have any snipers and a silencer. ] He told the man. He knew that Raizel would have an easier time with the Glock 19 since it was compact and good for beginners. He would purchase some ammo too. He opened up his wallet and realized he actually had more than a thousand, the bills stuck together. He paid for it. The guy didn’t ask for actual identification…and that’s what was wrong with this world.

[b “Do you see anything you’d like?” ] He’d ask her and then lifted up the Glock he got for her [b “This, will be your gun. Don’t start pointing it anyone unless you’re sure and don’t start shaking your hand either.” ] He warned her.
The man behind the counter laughed a bit.
Caine ignored, [b “Okay-now let’s get you some practice.” ] He said, as they walked to the gun range. He first showed her how to put in the bullets. He showed her his stance, both hands on the gun. He would fix her posture a bit [b “Keep your knees slightly bent.” ] He told her and once he thought she was a good spot he said [b “Okay, shoot that target like it’s Shane’s dick.” ]
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She knew there was a gun store close by because it was the country. People here liked to arm themselves and she was sure her uncle carried a few guns in the shed. [b "Yeah, it seems you're healing up quick. I'm glad I'm able to help you...in truth, I haven't really worked on trying to patch people much, so it makes me really happy you're doing okay"] she genuinely meant that. To save someone really put into her perspective that she could do something about someone being in trouble.

When he corrected her, she was glad that at least he could differentiate girlfriends from playthings. That was a sign that he at least separated the two.

Raizel sat back on the couch, hearing Caine talk about taking Shane to his maker. [b "No. We are not hurting the man. A little revenge sounds really nice after all the things he's done to me....but I don't want him hurt. Maybe to just get him to leave me be would be nice"] she admitted, asking if he's killed someone. It seemed like he tried to play it off as a no, but the minute he mentioned he was in the military....she understood he's taken lives. If not by purpose but for his missions. [b "It must have been tough. I didn't know"] she spoke. It looked like he had a rough past, but she didn't want to pry too much.

After making food, she sat with him, taking a bite and filling up her stomach as she smiled. She did love the fresh food out here. It was a lot better than in the city. [b "What's wrong with that? You seem like you're a decent guy and you haven't caused me any harm. I can at least get you back on your feet"] she went to get him another plate, feeling giddy that she made something he liked.


Over the next week, Raizel did her best to try and focus on her exams and homework, while trying to take care of Caine. He couldn't really cook for himself and was still bedridden for a while. She changed his bandages everyday, would see that the wounds were already starting to scab. She even removed the stitches already.

He seemed to be looking a lot better. More color to his skin, he had more strength and could walk around and take care of himself.

Between the farm work, homework, and Caine, she'd go to a few of her classes and school and turn in papers. It was almost the end of the semester and she was close to obtaining her degree in veterinarian medicine.

Her uncle would spend some time showing Caine around the farm and some chores to do when taking care of the animals. It was crucial he had some help while Raizel was at school. He was getting older after all. He also wasn't just going to let this stranger into their homes freeloading while doing nothing in return.

He showed him the ropes, let him borrow a pair of overalls and would have him feed the pigs, horses, and chickens. He even showed him how to milk the cow when Caine was able to move more easier.

When Raizel came back from classes on Friday, she entered the house. Her hair was up in a messy bun, glasses over her eyes and a stack of books in her arms. [b "Caine! I'm back. Let's head to the gun shop"] she called out into the house, looking around for him. She didn't see her uncle in the bedroom. She peeked outside and saw them in the barn. She quickly headed over and would greet the animals. SHe would head to the stables and pet her horse Noir. [b "Hey handsome"] she'd run her hands over his nose and would brush his hair back. He was a beautiful silver Turkoman with a black mane and tail.

She'd slowly brush through his sides and would glance over at the guys. [b "Caine you ready for the shop? Grab what you need and I can drive us there. We can also hit the shooting range after if you want?"]
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It was a relief to him to get more ammo and buy another gun, since he didn’t know if the situation arise when he would require one here. [b “Sure…the sooner the better. Should be able to move more easier in a weeks time.” ] It would still hurt like a fucker though. He caught her expression when she mentioned a crush. Something must have happened.

He heard the conversation, but didn’t see much. He did catch sight of Shane for a split moment. He sat up and heard her tease right back. At least she was fun. [b “Girlfriend’s aren’t playthings Raizel.” ] He corrected her. He shrugged and wondered what she considered as bullying. He watched TV and got suddenly startled by her sudden yelling.

Caine nodded, [b “Yes. Knock the life out of him. Take him to his maker.” ] He nearly forgot that most people wouldn’t be down for that solution. [b “I can make it look legal.” ] He met her eyes. No? He shrugged. [b “Then revenge?” ] He said [b “Not dead, but some form of revenge?” ] He said. He stared at her when he asked him if he’s killed someone before. He saw the fear in and wondered if it would be wise to give her a reason not to help him. Possibly call the cops on him. [b “No, I’m not saying that I have…oh fuck it. Of course I have. I was in the military. Take it that I’ve never killed someone known innocent of death deserving crimes but I wouldn’t mind putting a bullet between his eyes if you wanted that.” ]

His jaw tightened hearing sexual harassment. He couldn’t tolerate it. He knew he had a habit of awfully teasing a lot but he stayed away from saying certain things or actually harassing someone if he read the situation… [b “Did you tell him you didn’t like it? To stop?” ] He asked.

Caine sighed, she was sure dense. [b “It will.” ] He looked back at her again [b “You don’t even know who I am and you’re on board on protecting me. Well…that’s good with me.” ] He heard his stomach, and she heard her giggle following. He waited while she cooked. He was watching TV when he heard her singing and dancing. Was she a Disney princess or something? He tilted his head and it started to all add up. Yup. Too innocent. It bugged him that she was. If anything, he’d definitely be the villain. He would eat up the food he gave her. It tasted real good. He ate it up quickly [b “I want more.” ] He told her quickly.

He ate, and felt so good to be eating. It tasted really good. He saw her grinning, rubbing her cheeks. He wasn’t sure how long he’d last being around with someone so innocent and possibly street stupid. [b “How about your Uncle? Is he going to eat.” ] He mentioned, realizing that they hadn’t seen him in awhile.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 166d 19h 20m 26s
She wasn't the richest person around, but she also never asked for any payment for her deeds. She had the natural ability to help people when they were in need. IT was just in her nature and she couldn't really say no.

Once again he was scolding her. Never did she think a stranger could nag her so much on every little detail of what she was doing. Maybe he was genuinely warning her about this, but she wasn't quite sure. She didn't know too much about him just yet. [b "I think there's a gun shop nearby. It's a drive away, but we can use my car....um...when you've healed up a bit more"] she smiled and would sigh a bit when she mentioned a long lost crush. It brought up some pretty sad memories in her life, but she tried to just forget about them for now.

Once she heard the door, Raizel walked over and sat that it was Shane from high school. She glanced back at Caine and hurried to put a blanket over him as she opened the door and greeted him.

She knew Shane since back in high school, but he was a part of the football team and him and his friends tended to bully her a lot. She was so into her animals and animal science, that a lot of people would tease her. Even now....he was making fun of her animal loving, but what pissed her off was the way he leaned in and the way he looked at her. Raizel managed to get him to leave with the whole boyfriend scenario. Luckily he didn't ask or find out anything more. If anything, even the crime scene in the barn was cleaned up with the rain.

Once she sat on the couch beside Caine, she heard him mentioned her as his girlfriend. [b "I thought I wasn't your type? Or not fit to be your plaything?"] she teased, hearing ex boyfriend. [b "No! Gross. That man has bullied me for years and now he suddenly takes interest. Not interested!"] she folded her arms over her chest and glanced at the TV.

His words startled her as she met his eyes. [b "Take him out? Like out out?"] she drew a line across her neck and then she gasped. [b "Is that even legal? No!"] she nearly yelled out. She remembered her uncle was outside, so she kept it quiet. [b "I'm not a murderer....he annoys me, but I'm not going to kill him for that"] she shook her head. [b "What would you even say that.have you....killed someone before?"] she asked, looking a bit frightened.

[b "He....just sexually harasses me. Ever since high school. He'd always make fun of me, then in the hallway, he'd press me up against the lockers....touch me....and say dirty things. Kind of like what you did to me earlier, but his was more.....real"] she shook her head, not wanting to think about it.

[b "You think it'll spread that fast? Well, you're with me for a good period of time. IT'll give the cops and everyone else a reason not to question you until you have to leave at least"] she told him, soon hearing his stomach. It made her giggle a bit as she nodded. [b "Fine, just sit tight. I'll make us all something"] she slowly got up and headed into the kitchen. She looked through and pulled out some pork chops and some potatoes.

Raizel seasoned the meat and put it in the oven. SHe then worked on skinning and making the mashed potatoes with some butter and sour cream. She steamed a bit of vegetables and would spend some time chopping and prepping. She ended up singing a bit to herself in the kitchen as she danced around the floor a bit, not really caring about her surroundings. She enjoyed just keeping herself entertained. Once the food was cooked, she took the port chops out of the oven and then plated it onto a plate.

She came over to Caine's side and set the plate on his lap. She then moved beside him and sat down as well. [b "Let me know if that's enough, or if you want more. I. can get you a second helping"] she mentioned, cutting into hers and then taking a bite. IT was well seasoned and it tasted so fresh. It made her grin as she rubbed her cheeks, loving the taste. [b "Mmm so good"]
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 167d 2h 54m 42s
It looked like she could use the money. He sighed at her words. Never has he heard a college student say they didn’t need money. [b “You shouldn’t help someone for free. They’ll take advantage. If you change your mind, let me know, but my window is closed the moment I leave.” ] He warned and than added, [b “Then…I’m going to teach you really well. But we’ll have to go buy bullets.” ] Then he saw her expression shift when he said long lost crush. Something must have happened. He didn’t want to dig into it. It wasn’t of any interest to him.

Caine would lean back into the sofa. He watched TV for the most part. He caught sight of her again, focusing into her books. He didn’t smile but, in side he was smiling seeing how cute it was when she was focused and get happy figuring something out. His mind implemented Danny on her-reading. His chest ached as the sorrow started to come through. This whole situation was pulling back memories, and it frustrated him.

He stood alert when he heard the door. He waited f for her to take a peak. [b “Shit… Listen, you can’t say anything or it’ll get you in trouble.” ] She saw her grabbing a blanket and he put it over him. He was still worried. He went with it anyway and pretended to be asleep. He followed the conversation and stayed quiet, mostly with his face covered too. Boyfriend? That was a good cover up. He laughed a little in his mind about her dating anything but her animals. Somehow, that seemed likely.

He took a peek when he heard silence. He pulled the girl in. He could make out a bit of what he whispered. It was clearly making her uncomfortable. He closed his eyes again and the guy left. [b “Thank you my cute girlfriend. He an ex-boyfriend?” ] He asked. He sat up a bit. He’d prefer if no one knew if he was here at all but this would do. She sat down too. He continued to watch TV and then heard her yell out. It almost startled him.

[b “Do you want me to take him out?” ] He asked, in a serious tone, [b “Teach him a lesson? Or help you achieve revenge?” ] He prompted. He wouldn’t mind doing those things since clearly she didn’t really want payment, and he was going to teach her how to use a gun in the first place. [b “What he do?” ] He asked, figuring maybe he was some stalker, or a bad ex-boyfriend, maybe even played around with her before. He than quietly spoke, “Boyfriend… News travel fast in small towns. You’re going to be bombarded with questions.” ]

Caine looked up the time and his stomach growled on cue. He felt slightly embarrassed about that. [b “Hey…Raizel, could we eat? I’d help out but…it’s hard right now” ] He was really hungry. He tended to eat a lot, so ontop of being in pain and wounded, this was hard.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 167d 13h 5m 5s
She could tell that he was getting a kick out of teasing her and she didn't know if she liked that at all. He was being really rude and wasn't used to someone teasing her this much in a long time. She froze for a second, thinking back to when she used to live at the city.

Her mind came back when she focused on his wounds. Her hands ran over his scars, feeling him grip on tightly as she gasped. She forgot that he was a complete stranger, intimidating and with a gun. Her blue eyes glanced back at him and she retracted her arm, looking a little panicked. He glanced off, not caring and she kept silent, focusing on treating his wounds.

ONce she finished, she helped him with his shirt back one, hearing that he wanted to pay her money or pay with his body. She didn't like that at all. [b "I don't need the money. I'm doing this to help you. You should cherish your money and your body more. After all, we only have one"] she told him, feeling frustrated he put it that way. [b "I would like to learn how to use a gun. But I don't want any payment"] she felt a little sad when he mentioned her long lost crush. [b "Yeah....I'm good with that"] she frowned, glancing off and then grabbing her books as she went to the table, remembering a painful memory. She ignored the fact that he called her cute. HIs teasing was reaching new heights, but she was getting used to the fact that they were teasing. His words were hurtful, but she also was taking it for real. She's been teased when she was younger, but when he called her inexperienced, she understood that she was. She never thought that'd affect her life. [b "THat's fine. I don't want to be a plaything"]

She buried her feelings and distractions into her books, looking through a few pages, grabbing her assignments, trying to finish them up. She had to turn in a few projects, so she stayed focus, holding the pen in her hand, dwindling it around as she scratched her head. She'd focus hard, looking a bit confused, but everytime she got it, she'd light up and smile.

SHe glanced over, seeing Caine watching TV. She finished a few more assignments and then she heard the door. Raizel walked over [b "No I don't..."] she walked towards the door. SHe peeked through the peephole, seeing a man in uniform.

[b "It's a cop"] she whispered, glancing over at the table. She ran over and hid the gun under the couch. She then grabbed a blanket and would put it over Caine. [b "You're sleeping"] she whispered, thinking of the reason he could be here. When she went back to the door, she opened it up. [b "Hello officer?"] she asked, seeing his eyes glancing down to her chest. She caught him and quickly folded her arms over her chest.

She went to high school with the police officer back in the city. He was of the people that tended to bully her in the way that Caine was doing for fun. She backed up a bit. [b "How can I help you"]

"Come on Rai. Just call me Shane. We've known each other for a while. You're looking good"

[b "Um...thanks. What's up?"]

"We got a call about some loud noises, it could maybe be gunfire around this area. Are you and your uncle okay? See anything?" he asked.

SHane was tall. He was about 6 foot, dark, brown curly hair and green eyes. He had some scruff of his cheeks down to his skin and was pretty muscular. Raizel shook her head, always feeling a bit uncomfortable when he talked to her. [b "Noises? Not really....I was studying all night, so I'm kind of tired"] she mentioned, seeing Shane peeking into the house. HE caught sight of Caine on the couch.

"WHo's the guy?" he would rest against the door frame, leaning in to Raizel a bit.

[b "Um....he's my.boyfriend! We just started seeing each other. But he's asleep right now"] she spoke, meeting his green eyes.

"Since when do you date anything but your animals?"

[b "I do! Hey...."] she frowned, feeling him take her hand as he pulled her towards him. "Well just let me know if your tired or it doesn't work out. You know I'm here for you. Give me a call too if you see anything suspicious" he whispered softly, nearly pressing his lips against her ear.

She backed up quickly. [b "Um...yeah thanks. I'll let you know"] she told him, soon closing the door. SHe took in a deep breath, watching Shane leave the premises and she sighed in relief. [b "Thank god....."] she brushed her fingers through her hair, pushing it back slowly as she walked back towards the living room. [b "You're welcome..."] she took a seat on the couch and would sit a few feet away from Caine. She stared blankly at the TV, her thoughts running. [b "I hate him!"] she yelled out suddenly, shaking her head in irritation.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 167d 17h 57m 30s
Caine smirked for a short moment hearing her response. He expected her to blush but this was good enough. She saw her narrowing her pretty pale blue eyes at him. She wasn’t even slightly threatening. Something told him that even if he did keep teasing her, she would still fix him up, but he settled it down anyway. [b “I would like that.” ]

He allowed her to touch his chest, until that touch reached the bullet scar near his heart. It struck pain and a nerve. He picked up her gasp and the fear in her eyes. He was used to seeing that from people, and it didn’t phase him. He released his hold on her, so she could pull her arm back. She was rubbing her wrist. He glanced away, not wanting to give a care.

He gave her silence when he told her not to play with knifes. He winced now and then quickly while she cleaned up his wound. The last bandage was put on. He got help to put his shirt back on. It still all ached, but he could endure.

[b “It’s not nothing. People pay hundred of thousands to be saved without the hospital involved.” ] He said. He offered her a reward, thinking she’d get excited about get anything she wanted. He would have liked it. He got a response that drew confusion from him. She looked shock.

[b “That’s clear but I wanted to offer some form of payment.” ] He said, and smirked a little more when her face burned red. Definitely…innocent. He shrugged and then rose a brow when he said she wasn’t a cheap whore. [b I’m selling myself to you as a reward. I’m the cheap whore Raizel. If you don’t want sex, or money that’s fine. Do you want me to help you with anything? Learn something, or help you date your long lost crush?” ] He said, figuring she would have one of those. Again, she narrowed his eyes at him [b “You’re kind of cute when you’re mad.” ] He said slightly quietly.

He sighed, that didn’t go as planned. He thought maybe she’d say car or something. He chuckled a bit and winced as it hurt his chest. [b “I would but I don’t have my phone or access to the internet.” ] He said and shook his head [b “You’re not experienced enough to be my plaything.” ] He said. He would look at her short shorts, looking at her ass as she walked away. Cute. Raizel went to the kitchen table and studied. [b “I’ll watch some TV.” ] He said. He would grab the remote and watch something. He heard the door. He looked over at it.

[b “Hey, how often do you have visitors?” ] Caine asked, reaching for the gun, carefully while she wasn’t looking. He only had one bullet for the gun though. He hoped that even if it was the men that could possibly be after him, or a bought cop-that her Uncle or her was convincing enough to make them go away.
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She dared him to try and make a move, but the minute he asked for a challenge, it did startle Raizel a bit. She couldn't tell if he was taking it seriously, but a part of her believed he would definitely be a heartbreaker. He looked really attractive and he could be one. [b "That doesn't sound very nice"] she muttered, thinking about associating with him. SHe didn't want her life to be miserable or be crying.

IT would be nice to learn how to use a gun. She's never really held one before, but she managed to make him look really frightened. Maybe she was doing a good job.


Her Uncle explained how she was a vet and to not bring danger to the home or their family. HE didn't want his niece to go through another rough time in her life. Caine seemed cooperative, so her uncle didn't mind having him around.

WHen she came back to help change his bandages, she would change into lighter clothes and would grab the first aid kid. Many of the bandages were for animals so they were on the larger side, but it was just perfect for his large wound. She heard her Uncle mention PG 13 and she would roll her eyes, seeing him head out to check on the animals.

That's when the teasing began, or what Raizel thought was partial teasing. She didn't know of what to make of it. When Caine mentioned R rated, she met his blue eyes [b "Um....not when I'm trying to change your bandages....or maybe ever? I barely know you"] she mentioned, going onto her knees and hearing his dirty comments. She narrowed her eyes at him [b "Do you want your wounds changed or not?"] she asked, wanting him to behave.

Rai slowly ran her fingers over his pale chest, her hands touching over some scars unconsciously. The minute she touched one near his heart, she felt him instantly grab her wrist, making her gasp. She held her breath and could see the intensity in his eyes. She felt afraid. SOmehow it looked serious and her wrist hurt. SHe pulled her arm back and then she nodded instantly. [b "Yeah....I'm sorry"] she mentioned, her eyes focusing more on where his wounds were. That really startled her. He looked like he was about to harm her. Now her wrist hurt. Raizel rubbed her wrist and then she changed his bandages, keeping a bit silent for a while.

She asked about where he got the scars, but he seemed to ignore the truth. [b "Well....you shouldn't be playing with knives if you get hurt"] she stated, cleaning up his wound. Once she finished, she would put on the last bandage and helped him back into his shirt.

IT surprised her to hear him thank her. [b "It's really nothing. I wanted to help"] she wondered why she shouldn't save everyone. Wasn't that a good thing? She wanted to help animals and people alike. When she asked him what she wished for, she stared blankly at him. When he mentioned money and sex, she blinked a few times in shock. [b "I'm not doing this for a reward. I don't want any of that...."] she mentioned, her face burning red. [b "How could you just say things like that so easily? I'm not some cheap whore you can just pick up off the side of the road.....I don't need your money..."] she narrowed her eyes at him, feeling offended, but the question was so odd it had her feeling flustered.

[b "I...I'm going to study. I have an exam soon. Maybe....you should play with yourself or watch a video or something if you're pent up. It's normal for all humans and animals to feel that way....but I'm not going to be your plaything"] she mentioned, backing up a bit. She was still a bit startled from the wrist grab and she was still confused about what he was trying to give her. She didn't really get him.

Raizel would put away the medical gear and she'd headed towards the kitchen table. She pulled out a few of her books and assignments and would set it up. [b "You just rest some more. Let me know if you're feeling hungry or something"] she mentioned, wanting to keep her distance since he was kind of getting on her nerves.
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Caine’s eyes fell on her again, seeing the edge of her lip curve into a smirk. [b “Is that a challenge?” ] He asked and warned [b “Careful little girl…I just might and make you cry” ] He could pick up her frustration but he didn’t care for it. He felt someone should tell her. [b “I can tell you haven’t. We need to work on that.” ] He figured that was one way he could pay her back for patching him, since he only had one grand on him. It wouldn’t be wise to come back after he left.

Her uncle appeared to be in his late thirties. Caine knew he gained more from being respectful than being an asshole. Afterall, he was sure he would have been dead by now. Those memories being brought back, made him realize what he forgotten to do.

So, that girl was definitely legal. [b “A vet, that explains it.” ] He knew the risk of staying here. He knew that there was a possible chance that he got himself involved a job that was more dangerous than the rest, and that it would put her and her uncle in danger. But, fuck it…he knew he couldn’t move easily right now and it he still wanted to solve something before he got shot again. [b Understood sir. I’ll leave as soon as I’m able to.” ] Laying low would be smart right now though. Even if it was on a farm.

He stared down at the gun and the image replayed in his head. [b “I would but she threatened to shoot me with it if I moved it.” ] He truthfully said [b “I’m leaving it here for her sake. Seems to make her feel safe. It’s empty, it’ll be fine.” ] Caine gave a nod as a thank you for not mentioning a thing. It would keep them safe too.

He walked outside, feeling the warmth of the sun on his skin. The ground was still slightly wet. She was pretty small, and he imagined her in something much nicer…or nothing…and… He tilted his head and stopped his thoughts running before he had something he couldn’t undo so easily.

They returned inside. Caine sat back, feeling the soreness coming through. It still irritated him moving around. He could tolerate pain pretty well, anyone else wouldn’t be able to get up so easily. He took her instruction and laid back. [b “Thanks.” ] He said. He needed to actually look and see the damage done.

Caine’s lip almost twitched into a smile at the Uncle’s comment. [b “Should we make it R Rated?” ] Caine teased her once his Uncle was outside.

Watching Raizel go down on her knees made him imagine her going down on her knees for other reasons. [b “Mmm, you on your knees. I like that.” ] He said and heard her warning. He behaved…for now.

Caine’s chest contained faint scars from blades, and two scars from a bullet. One a near miss to his heart, another at his waist. His back contained a few more. Raizel’s light blue eyes were examining his chest, in areas where his wound didn’t touch. It wasn’t a hinderance, even when he felt her touch on his chest. Until, her fingers touched on the scar near his heart, and it made old physical pain strike. Caine took hold of her dainty wrist with a grip rather too tight, [b “No one… touches there. Got it?” ] He told her firmly and released his hold on her wrist.

He heard her question while he was taking off the bandage. It ached just feeling it being taken off. [b “No, I was just very clumsy with a knife.” ] He said. It was a lie and he was being sarcastic but he didn’t think she’d pick that up.

Caine tried to peak down at his own wound. Then it must have been okay. He didn’t feel like he was catching a fever. He chose not to respond to her surprise of it healing quickly. That injection cost 100 000 for just one time use. It wasn’t easy accessible either. He only bought it when he did contracts that paid really well.

He tried not to wince as she cleaned it up. He took a deep breath, and let her put on the new bandages. It was always attractive seeing an attractive girl work and focus. He saw the way she smiled and thought that suited her more than the expressions she’s been giving recently. [b “It’s fine. Thank you. You saved my life…but you might regret it one day. You shouldn’t save everyone… Nevertheless, I’m indebted to you. What do you wish for Raizel? I have money, it can be anything you want. Even sex. I’ll also teach you how to use a gun before I leave, once….this heals up a bit more.” ] He said and then decided to fool around a bit [b “Since I'm shirtless, maybe you should be too.” ] Wanting to see her reaction more than anything.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 168d 7h 22m 4s
He was definitely one to tease. Raizel didn't really like it. She guessed he was one of the guys that got whoever he wanted and sure he played it off as a joke, but she felt that it was definitely real. She stared blankly at his smirk and his expression and just rolled her eyes a little. He could do whatever he wanted, but right now he was under her care in her house. [b "Well then. I'd like to see you try"] she smirked and then she went to clean up.

She didn't like being lectured by some stranger. She knew that she was probably endangering everyone holding a gun. Her eyes glanced back down at the dishes and she shrugged [b "Well....I've never held one before. What do you expect"] she pouted and would head outside to work on some chores.

She let Caine rest as she took care of the animals in the barn.

Her Uncle stepped into the room and would eye the young man. It was clear he was in bad shape and with the note from his niece, he understood the situation. He was sure she picked up another road kill from somewhere and brought them home, only this time, it was a person.

It worried him that there was a gun on the table. Her uncle met the man's eyes "Sounds rough. My niece is a vet. She's working on her last year at a university nearby. Whatever your issues are boy, just make sure that you don't put my niece in danger. Do what you have to do and leave us be" he mentioned, getting an off vibe from him.

"You make sure to keep that gun away from the girl" he told him, making the man sigh to hear that a few buddies were after him. "We won't mention a thing" he told him as he kept an eye on Caine, seeing him try to get up and then head outside.

Raizel was in the middle of lifting the hay stacks and putting them into the stables. She heard someone calling her name and when she glanced at the house, she wiped the sweat from her forehead. [b "Sure, give me a second"] she washed her hands and would head towards him, running in her thick overalls as she took off her gloves.

Once she stepped inside, she went into her bedroom, taking off the overalls and putting on a tank top and some shorts. It was easier to work with her arms free. SHe put her brown hair into a ponytail and would keep it away from her face as she grabbed a few more bandages.

[b "Alright. Let's have you lay back and I'll clean up and re bandage the wound"] she told him, seeing her uncle was up. [b "Morning uncle. UM....I swear! I'll take care of this. You won't have to do a thing. Promise"] she begged him, hoping he didn't get mad.

Her uncle watched the two and he just smirked a bit "I'm sure you will Rai. Just keep it clean and PG 13" he spoke as he headed outside. [b "Uncle!"] she gasped irritatedly as she got down on her knees to help him out. [b "Okay, I'm going to need you to take off your shirt. No dirty jokes!"] she warned.

Once she helped remove his shirt, her eyes instantly fell to his body. He was toned...his skin pale with a few scars on his skin. SHe wondered where they were from? Did he get hurt a lot? Her fingers instantly went to running over some of them before she realized what she was doing, shaking her head and then looking at his wounds, removing the bandages. [b "Are you getting into a lot of fights?"] she asked, taking off the worn bandages and seeing that the wound had closed up already. [b "Oh wow. Your wound closed up already. This usually takes a few days"] she looked a bit shocked as she grabbed some swabs and alcohol, disinfecting and cleaning it up. SHe would try to keep her mind focused as she did his arm, noticing that he was definitely beefy. He worked out for sure.

WHen she finished cleaning up and putting on new bandages, she helped him back into his shirt. [b "All done. HOpe that didn't sting too much"] she lifted a smile, glad to be of help to someone.
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Caine was bending his head over while he endured it. He heard her and shook his head. [b “You’re right. I tend to bed my first date on that same night.” ] He smirked a bit, getting a little amused. He recalled how much she was shaking when he woke up. He knew he appeared intimidating, and guessed the gun didn’t help.

She fed him, which he decided to accept. It was too hard to lift his arm without feeling his arm burn from the bullet scrape. [b “You’re going to get yourself in trouble one of these days…” ] He warned her [b “Especially from the way you hold the gun.”] He rested back. He heard her and got a kick out of getting a reation from teasing her. [b “Okay.” ] He replied and passed out for another five hours.

He woke, watched TV and at the same time tried to put the pieces together on what he was doing prior to do this. He faintly remembered being in a ditch, thinking about his motorcycle and then…in the rain…and then nothing else. Obviously he got shot… What worried him was that whoever shot him were still out there.

A man came. He had to think of what the hell was he going to say or wonder what she had said-if anything. Caine would force himself to sit up. [b “Thank you sir. I’ll do my best to be thankful.” ] He said and got the sense of the type of person she was. Caine tried his best not to give a painted expression. He’d reach out for his photos and at least take those. It didn’t really matter if people saw the people in the photo, but he’d rather keep it to himself.

Caine looked back at the gun and tried to fabricate anything. [b “I always care a gun. I was a solider. Force of habit. It’s not loaded. I never load it.” ] He said, hoping that he’d buy it. He saw him looking out into the window, probably at Raizel. [b “Is she a nurse? Or a vet?” ] He asked. That would mean she was older than she looked. To him, she looked sixteen, and thought she couldn’t be older than 19.

[b “My name is Caine.” ] He told her Uncle. [b “I don’t entirely remember what happened. I know I must have fell from my motorcycle, I like to ride. But, a few buddies of mine have something against me for leaving, so if you see men at the door asking for me….It would be best to not make a word of me.” ] For both of their safety. Hopefully, they didn’t buy off cops too.

He peaked outside and saw it was sunny. He missed the sun. He made himself stand and it wasn’t as bad as he thought. He predicted he probably took one of those injections that healed him fast the day before. That meant…he must have known this could end bloody. Of course even those couldn’t save them if he wasn’t patched up first and it wasn’t vital.

[b “excuse me sir,” ] Caine said, and made himself walk. It still hurt, but he could bare it. He opened the door and saw her in the barn. He waved at her, [b “Hey, Raizel, could you do a favor after? I need help in looking at my wounds.” ] She was a true country bumpkin. Watching her lugging hay around kind of made him wince.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 168d 19h 6m 36s
She was trying her best to sound intimidating in order for Caine not to make a move. She mentioned reopening his wounds again if he tried to even think about grabbing the gun in between them. She sizzled some ham in the pan and added the eggs and then some cheese.

He didn't answer the question about how many girls he's been with. Maybe that was something he kept secret....that or he's probably been with many. [b "I doubt we'd make it to the second date, or even finish the first. This is not how I wanted to spend my night or morning"] she admitted, seeing him lift his head. At least he was appreciative of what she did for him.

Raizel stayed at his side, helping him sit up as she fed him the toast. She'd hold his head up and once he finished eating, she gave him some water and would sit down and finish eating up her own toast. SHe noticed his eyes meeting hers and could tell he was making a pained expression. [b "I can't. I want to help anyone that I see in need"] she admitted, knowing it was something she wouldn't be able to get over.

Once she finished, she washed the plates and would tell him to relax more. His tone made her cheeks puff out in irritation. [b "I am not a mom"] she told him, shaking her head and then changing into overalls. [b "I need to do some chores okay"] she turned on the TV for him and then she would see him lay back down.

THe next few hours Raizel tended to the cows, chickens, and the horses. She made sure they had food, water, and that their spaces were kept clean. She had left a note on her uncle's door about the visitor they had.

Once her Uncle stepped out from his room, he saw the note on the door. It mentioned that they had a visitor who was injured and she was taking care of him. He walked into the kitchen, seeing Caine on the couch and that he was up. "Hello. My niece told me about having a visitor. IT must be you. Make yourself at home kid, but make sure you thank the girl. She brings home any sad looking animal from out there, human or not"

Her uncle grabbed a cup of coffee, looking over Caine curiously and then seeing the gun on the table. "THat yours? What you doing with a gun out here young man?" he asked, taking a sip and glancing out the window to see his niece in the barn, lugging hay around.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 169d 2h 52m 25s
The pauses in her words and phrases made him realize she was pure. Of course. The type of girl some good church boy would bring home. [b”Ah, well I promise my body can’t be compared to farm animals.” ] He grunted as he fixed himself to sit more up on the sofa. He lifted his arm to push his hair out of his face and only could move his arm half way before he felt shooting pain go down his arm.

Caine kept his eyes closed, waiting for the pain to wither to something enduring. He still made out what her question. [b “That sounds like a second date question.” ] His jaw tightened and he kept waiting for it to pass. The rest of her words blurring out, up until she said “You can take your time.” He inhaled a deep breath and lifted his head. [b “Thank you. ] He said. He knew at the back of his mind he should reject her hospitality, but…he stopped living with that kind of thinking a long time ago.
[b “I’m up…for the most part.” ] He said. He tried to sit up again. The corners of the wall would always move slightly back and forth. He peered down seeing the food on the table Infront of him. He was reminded of coming to a warm home…with home made food. It drew memories he wanted to bury. [b “It’s not necessary. I can feed myself.” ] He said.
He turned his head, seeing she left the room, to enter another. He drew his hand out to grab the gun. He had to bite down on his lip, to endure the pain when he grabbed the gun. He quickly checked if it was loaded and found a single bullet left. He took it out. He made the sound of her footsteps returning. Caine quickly put the bullet in his pants pocket and placed the gun back onto the table.

Raizel returned, thankfully with painkillers. [b “Don’t…worry about the clothes. There’s probably bullet holes in them.” ] He realized. He cussed mentally to himself that his leather jacket was ruined…but at least the pictures he had were safe. He saw them on the table, wet and a bit crumbled. He stared at them, blanking out, wondering if he was worth saving.
His thoughts were interrupted by piece of toast being held to his lips. He looked at her, and took more notice of her pale blue eyes, and her cute facial structure. He felt the ache in his chest, not a physical but emotional one. [b “You shouldn’t be so kind. You’ll get hurt“] He told her and took a bite. He helped her with the pain killers. He ate the toast, eggs. They tasted good, fresh…

Caine took notice of her kind of staring at his eyes. He depicted how simple her life must have been, oblivious about the monsters out there and not aware he was one of them. Cute… She was a cute girl. [b “Got it mom.” ] He teased. [b “And thank you…really.” ] He finished eating and saw her eating on her own. He laid back, trying to rest. He saw her come back wearing blue overalls. What the hell was she wearing? Was she wagging her finger? [b “I’m not the one looking funny.” ] He mumbled very quietly, [b “Got it…I’m…going to pass out…I’m tired…“] He said, finding it hard to cover up his pain in his voice and expression anymore. He passed out not even a minute in. He dreamt again, it was a horrible dream…he was stuck on a farm and had to feed pigs of all things.

Caine would pass out for another five hours, reaching noon, 5pm. He woke up alone. The pain was still lingering there. He would lift his shirt and saw it his chest. He didn’t feel like it was fatal…thankfully or else he knew even Raizel’s skill couldn’t save him. What was she anyway? He knew he shouldn’t get up for at least few days. He’d turn on the TV, and still could barely keep his eyes open. Then he saw a man coming in. He got alert but he was dressed like any farmer. So, she did live with someone. Caine wondered if Raizel explained or not, [b “Hello…” ] He said, waiting to hear how much he knew.
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