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After seeing her in the verge of tears, he felt regret that he raised his voice. He hoped that she would keep her word. He tried to give an apology for it. Cain remembered something from the past, taking a long pause before speaking [b “I was. Sorry. At least you understand now.” ] He said. He kissed the side of her head and leaned back into the sofa.

[b “Yes, we can watch the stars.” ] He smiled a bit. He saw her lowering her legs and was glad she was calming down. They end up watching a movie. He noticed that she end up falling asleep. He lowered the volume and got startled when she suddenly said ‘the chicken. [b “Jeezes Rai.” ] He said, seeing her get up right away into the kitchen. [b “You really want chicken.” ] He chuckled. He would get up [b “Let me help.” ] He said, and would end up asking her a lot of questions about how much he should but in, and if it was a tablespoon or a teaspoon. He didn’t want to mess the chicken up.

They made it and it looked so good. He was grinning now that he had food. H[b “Yea, let’s go.” ] Caine said. He would grab the wine and glasses. They headed up to the patio. It was quite chilly now. [b “Rai hold on.” ] He said. He would head down and had grabbed her a jacket she could wear to stay more warm. He decided to set them by the fire pit. He’d light it up for them and sat down. He poured glasses of wine for them. He tapped her glass, before taking a sip. [b “We’ll head out in an hour or two to see the stars.” ] He suggested.

He’d get the smart home system to play some low music for them too to set the mood more. [b “This morning… Thank you for listening and trying to understand.” ] He said, looking back at her, [b “Maybe… this could work. I haven’t had anything serious since…you know” ] He whispered, but hoped for her sake that it didn’t. They were sitting on a sofa by the firepit, that had space for there food, and small tables at each side. He could feel the slight warmth inside him. It kind of hurt.

He ate the wings with her and it tasted so good [b “I fucking love eating your cooking.” ] He was satisfied and happy. He looked at her [b “And you.” ] He winked. He enjoyed spending time out here with her. Rai always looked so cute.
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She could imagine sharing a scarf with Caine, standing up in the mountains with a view. She'd hold onto his waist and take in his warmth. It had her excited. But when she heard Caine's voice, hearing him snap and looking so angered, it scared her.

She felt her eyes warm up, trying to tell him she didn't mean to betray him at all. IT just slipped up because she thought Sage and Killian already knew. Right now, she understood they didn't know anything about what he did except for her.

Rai sat on the couch, resting her forehead on her knees as she heard him apologize. [b "No. I wouldn't do that again"] she wiped her eyes and would glance at his eyes, seeing him not look as scary as he was earlier. She would feel his hands in her hair. [b "When you look so upset like that....it scares me. I get where you're coming from. I shouldn't have said anything"] she held her breath and would glance at the TV. She felt so startled, but she was calming down. [b "Can we still watch the stars later?"] she asked, slowly lowering her legs on the couch and then glancing at the TV. She still felt kind of nervous around him, but it was slowly dying down.

Rai put on a movie, it was Onward. She'd sit with him on the couch and then rest her head against the arm rest. Rai slowly fell asleep, taking a nap. She didn't wake up until the movie finished. Her eyes looked at the time and she would shoot up. [b "The chicken..."] she spoke, slowly getting up and then heading into the kitchen. Rai pulled out some of the ingredients they needed and she'd set them on the counter. She wanted to distract herself more, so she'd start with making the crisscut fries. Rai would use a mandolin and slice the potatoes to make the fries. She'd then work on making the fry seasoning and adding a bit of cayenne pepper to make it spicy.

She'd take out the chicken and if Caine wanted to help, she'd let him. She told him to batter the chicken in the eggwash and the flour mixture and told him how to make the batter. She gave him instructions and hoped he added enough pepper, salt, and garlic.

Once the chicken and fries were ready, she'd start to fry the food. [b "Want to help set up the patio? We can bring the wine up and relax up there"] she suggested.
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[b “Me too.” ] Caine said, spacing out a bit when he imagined being there with her. He’d love to see her in a cozy sweater, maybe…just in a sweater. He pictured it and wondered if he could ask Rai to dress in a few things he had In mind…it was nothing revealing just few things he thought she would look cute in.

Then he saw that message and it triggered some part of him, that anger, fear of being betrayed. He didn’t like it and it made him snap. He picked up on her eyes becoming warm and felt regret that he rasied his voice like that if she was telling the truth. Even so…it was very serious. He saw heralmost crying. Caine looked back at her and said he was sorry quietly. She left to her room and he thought maybe she would stay there. He did feel bad for yelling and threatening. That fear got to him.

She returned, and he saw her pulling her knees up, focusing hard on the TV. Caine hesitated at first but then he came in and would push past the pain and fear. He wrapped his arms around her [b “I’m sorry. I…got… The thought of being betrayed again – by anyone makes me snap. But you wouldn’t betray me, right?” ] He looked at her eyes, wondering if he would be a fool to believe that or if he should let his walls down. It was hard to do that, when he build them so high

He stroked through her hair gently, [b “Are you still afraid of me?” ] He asked her quietly. He remembered how she and everyone else said he looked intimidating normally so…he could assume it was worse when he was angry. He remembered his dad being like that. He hated it. He would wait to see if she was okay, before taking hold of he rhand. [b "People have tried to decieve me before. Been kind and back stabbed me. Sometimes literality. It angers me, but I understand why you slipped up...now." ] He already told her not to not let it slip again, so he assumed she understood that.
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She was really excited to be able to spend time with him in a warm cabin in the snow. Rai imagined the view of looking out onto the snowy blanket outside. She bet it looked beautiful. [b "I can't wait. That means I get to be all alone with you"] she really wanted that. To get him to open up to her more and for to show that she could comfort him.

Rai felt his lips on her forehead and their trip was set. It was next week, so they needed to pack and get ready since it was right around the corner. It made her feel giddy inside, but when she heard Caine suddenly speak up, she glanced back at him and looked at the text. IT freaked her out because he looked so mad and upset with her. THe look in his eyes showed the 'You betrayed me again'. She felt the shiver climb up her spine and she held her breath.

She explained what happened what happened and she didn't mean it, but then he pulled out the threat. Rai saw him narrow his eyes and she remembered seeing that look when he held her back against the refrigerator. She felt her chest tighten and her heart sink. Nothing to do with her....

She felt her eyes warm up and then she told him that it was all a mistake. He was going to drop her just like that? It made her feel so scared. She nearly cried to him and when he explained, she nodded. [b "Yes. I understand"] she didn't like it when he talked to her like that. She kept quiet and saw him stroking his hair. It must have been really serious. She understood now not to say a word to anyone.

Caine mentioned what to say if they ask and she just nodded, looking sad. After getting so excited to plan their trip, she didn't expect him to talk to her that way. IT was a mistake. [b "Okay"] she grabbed her laptop and would head into her room to set it down. WHen she came back outside, she sat on the couch, turning on the TV to let herself relax. She pulled her knees up to her chest and would keep her eyes on the screen. She rested her forehead against her knees and would just calm down slowly. HE was only made because she screwed up. It wasn't like he would hurt her like that again. She hoped.
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Caine imagined that she would enjoy being in a warm cabin with a beautiful view of mountains. It was a perfect picture to him. It also frightened him, growing too close. [b “Mmm, we would do that.” ] Caine said, kissing her forehead. They booked the tickets together.
Sage’s text caught him off guard. He could feel the betrayal sinking in and anger. He lost his sense seeing that she spoke when he told her to be quiet about it. [b “How can you let something like that slip?” ] He said. He replied to Sage to cover himself but he wasn’t sure if she would still suspect it.

He found himself accusing her because of that time she was being sweet and tried to kill him at the same time. He narrowed his eyes at her [b “If I catch that you’re lying to me about making it slip, I won’t want anything to do with you.” ] He stated clearly. He heard her talking about believing her. Then he saw her looking frightened. He guessed he never explained the situations that much with Sage and Killian. Yet still.

Caine sighed and tried to settle down. It didn’t look like she intentionally did it. [b “Okay. Fine. But, I meant it when I said not to tell them a word. I told you before that Killian works for a company that the government hires. Sage works with the same company. Most of the time, they try to do good. If Killian and Sage find out I’m breaking the law or more so doing very immoral deeds, they could report me. I’ll be on the run. Do you understand?” ] Caine said and continued [b “You can’t trust anyone. Not anyone, got it? Don’t say a word.” ] He leaned back into the sofa, stroking through his hair feeling stressed that Sage may believe Rai.

[b “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have raised my voice.” ] He said, knowing he could have handled that much calmer. He was sure he was going to hear about this from Killian too. [b "When they ask you in detail, just tell them I looked annoyed by the guy and told you If he doesnt shut up I'd kill him." ] To at least stick with the same story.
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She picked out the flight and he would agree. She has never been on a plane before so to hear that they were going into first class felt like something she'd never get to do before. [b "Okay. If you think that's the best, then I don't mind"] she smiled, knowing that just going on this trip to a different country with him would make her really happy. IT didn't even matter if she was in Economy as long as she got to go.

[b "Shopping tomorrow then"] she leaned in to kiss his neck softly. [b "I like being warm at night"] she nodded and would hold his arm. She looked through pictures of some places they could go to and it all looked beautiful to her. Even in the snow it would be amazing to be in a different country. She'd experience new scenery with him. [b "Ooh a cabin. That sounds cozy. Up in the snow. Maybe cuddle up by the fire. It sound really nice"] she nodded and would feel his warm lips against her forehead.

She was really happy they booked it, but when she scrolled through and saw Caine go on his phone, she would continue to look. She then jumped a bit when he spoke. HE startled her. [b "Huh?"] she saw him showing her the text. It was Sage mentioning what she told her at the shop. She looked up at his eyes and heard him raise his voice. [b "I know...it kind of slipped out because well....Sage...is close"] she told him, but watched him reply to Sage.

Rai looked really worried, seeing him go into his upset mode. Caine was scary when he was angry and she remembered when he threatened her at her fridge when she tried to poison him. HE mentioned spies and deals and Rai would shut her laptop. [b "Huh? What are you talking about? No!"] she faced him, seeing him speak to her in a threatening voice, so quick to decide that she betrayed him again. [b "I....I It won't happen again. I was just talking with Sage about the mission and it came out. I didn't mean to I swear"] she told him, hearing him mentioned her deceiving him.

[b "Caine....I'm not. You have to believe me. I thought that since Sage knew you so well that maybe she knew what kind of work you did already so it slipped out, but when I said it...I knew she didn't know. I know now. I promise"] she told him, meeting his eyes and looking a bit frightened. [b "I'm not betraying you Caine"] she told him, meeting his eyes. She hoped he believed her...if he didn't, she'd feel frightened again.
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Caine gave a slow nod, while scrolling down her laptop at the tickets. [b “Don’t you want your first time experience to be in first class? I don’t always take it but, this time we will.” ] He figured she would enjoy it much more. He could imagine her already enjoying it and being amazed of what she could do while she was with him. Caine may not be smiling physically, but inside he really liked the idea he could make her happy through that.

Caine picked up the excitement in her tone. [b “Yup. We’ll do some shopping. We’ll ge the warmest jacket. I think a week should be enough. After all, it is really cold.” ] He wanred her. He was sure there was going to be plenty of snow.

Seeing red filling in Rai’s cheek had him smirking. He moaned when her soft lips kissed his neck. [b “Maybe you’re right…not the whole trip. But at night, most definitely.” ] He whispered to her. He could feel her arms around her. He took it in.

[b “We could rent a cabin… That does really sound good. I haven’t stayed much in Switzerland while it was cold, don’t think I’ve tried their hot chocolate.” ] It would be a nice new experience for him too. Caine met her eyes and then kissed her forehea d[b “Okay, just the two of us.” ]

They looked through the flights, chose one and booked it. They planned their trip together. He agreed on shopping with her tomorrow. The excitnment really showed through Rai. He was sure…all of this would make her feel more comfortable being around his life since, right now she dind’t have much of a choice.

The vibration of his phone alerted him. His eyes fell off the laptop screen, the beautiful pictures they were looking at from places she wanted to visit. [b “One second.” ] Caine spoke quietly. He opened the text, squinted and withdrew his arm that wrapped around her. Caine closed his eyes, leaning forward as if he was getting a headache.

For fuck sakes… Caine’s gaze slowly fell back onto Rai in disappointment, and slight hint of anger. [b “You told her.” ] He displayed the text for her. [b “You told her?” ] His voice raised slightly a bit [b “I warned you not to tell any details about the work, not even to Killian and Sage.” ] He stated.

Caine turned his focus back on the phone and would quickly reply with. [ ‘lol she took what I said too seriously. He was getting on my nerves so I said I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t shut up. Didnt mean it tho – scouts honor. Rai’s taken care of’

He’d look back at her and stood quiet for a moment and trying to map out what possessed her to tell Sage something. [b “Did Killian ask you to spy on me or you made some sort of deal with them? Is that why you’re telling Sage? Do you know what happens if they find out? I go to prison or executed, is that what you want? If you’re deceiving me by being close to me…well you don’t want to know.” ] He warned, feeling a whole other side of him take over at the thought of her betraying him.
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She had a huge smile on her face because she's never been anywhere out of the country before. To think Caine would make it a reality for her. [b "Yay!"] she smiled and would tell him about what she missed. She knew he couldn't do anything about Noir, but at least she'd be able to go on a drive with him to see the stars.

Rai would clean up and grab the laptop, wanting to plan it out with him and buy the tickets. To her surprise, Caine didn't really care about pricing. It was something that he could clearly afford. She met his eyes [b "No I haven't. First class? I heard that's really pricey....are you sure Caine?"] she didn't know how well off he was, but if he insisted, she wouldn't mind.

She knew it always made her think of him, but she didn't really regret it. SHe got a second chance right here and she didn't want to screw it up. When he ruffled her hair, she smiled [b "Next week!"] she got really excited. [b "Hmm, I do have to go shopping to buy some clothes. I don't have many jackets or warm clothes. You're right"] she wondered how many she would need. [b "How long should we stay? A week?"] she didn't know how much free time he had.

WHen he pulled her in, she turned a bit red and would lean in to press her lips on his neck [b "I wouldn't mind that. But that can't help me the whole trip. You need to stay warm too"] she wrapped her arms around his and then imagined taking a train ride through the snowy fields. [b "We can. I'm sure it'll still be beautiful though. Maybe we'll get to see snowy fields and get to warm up with some hot Swiss chocolate. The real thing!"] she smirked and thought about going together. [b "Oh...I thought it'd be just us two? Do you want to invite anyone? I'm fine being with just you"] she admitted, showing him a few flights and letting him pick the ones that looked good since she's never really booked one before.

After an hour, they had their tickets booked and a they picked out a few places to visit, one of them being a chocolate factory for Rai. SHe was so giddy that they were going. [b "Tomorrow, let's go shopping together"] she suggested, finishing up the details and then looking at more places they could go to. There were beautiful cities along the river and lakes, there was the Matterhorn, some medieval castles and waterfalls. It looked beautiful in pictures.

Sage had sent a text message to Caine in the mean time. She asked about the mission he went on with Rai. [i 'I heard you were going to kill our lead from Rai. Is this true?'] she asked, wondering if it was true or not.

[i 'Are you sure you're taking care of Rai? Make sure you don't put her in danger']
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Caine nodded [b “We can make a trip.” ] He didn’t exactly miss the open space right now but he knew she definitely did. It may even cheer her up. [b “Okay, we’ll do just that… But I’m not sure we can do anything about Noir.”] He knew he missed her horse. He thought maybe they could go to a place sometime.

Caine nodded. They sat down on the sofa, [b “Pricing is not the problem, just good timing.” ] Caine said and realized she might have never been in first – let go business class. [b “Rai, you’ve…never been on a flight? If you've never been to first class, we'll take one” ] He wondered, remembering that she’s never been out of the country but she never said anything about being in a different part of the states.

Caine half smiled, wondering if that really was the case. [b “But I made you keep your mind on me… it didn’t help you move on.” ] He mentioned. He ruffled her hair and would draw out his phone. [b “Then let’s go next week.” ] He said and saw her bringing out her laptop. He’d lean into her and watch her open up the flight. Right, it was getting colder. [b “Mmm, it’s very cold there. You’ll need a good jacket and plenty of warm clothes… Rai, you don’t have any of that do you?” ] He figured she wouldn’t have, not for those temperatures. [b “We need to go shopping before we make the trip.” ] He said and then would wrap his arms around her body [b “or…I could keep you warm with my body.” ] He teased her a bit.

Since it was in winter… [b “We have to go back there when it’s summer too. Taking a train ride in Europe while it’s summer is really beautiful.” ] He mentioned. He thought about it [b “We’re just going together alone, right? Or did you want to invite anyone else?” ]
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She didn't like that he felt his friends were pitying him. Sage didn't seem like she pitied him when she asked about Caine. At least she was able to convince him that they cared. From her last chat with Sage, she didn't have ill will for him. THey were more concerned about him getting in the way of their missions if anything.

She felt guilty about what happened with her and Marcel. She knew it was all her fault for not moving forward from Caine. She fell back into old habits and just wanted to make sure she was able to give it her all with him so that she could properly move forward.

At the table, Rai was eating up her sandwich, hearing the crunch in the bacon and getting the yoke on her hash browns. IT was so good and she was glad Caine loved it. ONce he finished, she grabbed him a second one and would sit beside him, hearing him mentioned marrying her. She didn't take it too seriously, but it did make her smile because he was probably thinking about it.

She thought about making some fried chicken and some criscut fries. She bet he'd like that a lot. [b "Okay! I'll make sure to make something good for the both of us"] she spoke about spending time on the roof and it did disappoint her to hear that she wouldn't be able to see any. [b "We can? That'd be romantic"] she liked the idea. [b "I can bring a blanket and we can lay on the car or the ground. I miss seeing the night sky or riding on Noir"] she spoke, mostly to herself.

Then she smiled when he mentioned taking her on a trip. [b "Really? Okay! We can look at ticket prices after breakfast. I've never been out of the country before"] she felt lucky that Caine was willing to take her like he promised her a while back.

[b "I....didn't mind. YOu made my birthday so much more happier. I always knew you were out there too. Even if you didn't say they were from you"] she felt him ruffle her hair and she would meet his eyes. [b "I don't really have any other plans until you tell me, so if we're slow or don't have any missions, then I can go next week even"] she told him, soon cleaning up and then grabbing her laptop. She'd open up some flights and would decide with him what was best.

[b "It's almost winter, so that means it's going to be really cold there since it's up North"] she figured she'd need to pack jackets, scarves and warm clothes.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 33d 2h 49m 24s
Caine sighed and then shrugged [b “I have…but they’ve said it to me plenty of times that they get tired of tolerating. I don’t blame them, just felt they’re pitying me. I suppose they care.” ] Caine said. Not wanting to think too much about it. He did feel pretty bad with what he did to Marcel. He was a good person, better then he’d ever be. He must have kept his word about not telling any one of their friends since Sage and Killian didn’t know.

[b “Yea, gues I do.” ] Caine nodded.

They showered, and played around a bit. Eventually, they were sitting down and eating the ymmy food she made. Caine beamed at hearing she made seconds [b “I definitely want more.” ] He said after she poked his cheek. [b “Ah well…I think you picke dup on my eating habits a long time ago.” ]

He’d make a joke, and saw her giving a huge smile. She wouldn’t…take that seriously would she? Nah, it would be fine. Fang came in, and begged him for food. He was really cute and it was tempting but he had to firm with Fang. [b “fried chicken would be nice.” ] He admitted and the nodded [b “Yea, sounds about right…..hold on, stars?”] He then chuckled [b “Rai, I’m sorry but you’re not going to see any stars here. It’s too bright in the city for you to see stars… Although, we could take the car and go far enough to a place you can see some.” ]

Caine wouldn’t mind taking another trip, he knew he would had to make sure no work popped up in the team they would go. [b “Switzerland, alright. We can book the tickets later on today. We could do a week trip. I enjoy Switzerland, so I’m up for it.” ] He admitted. He knew some romantic spots and thought she would enjoy riding the train there too.

He softly smiled when she remembered the chocolate he gave her. [b “I’m glad you enjoyed it… I really shouldn’t have sent you gifts huh?” ] He said, thinking it might have been easier for her then. He felt her leaning into his shoulder. He ruffled her hair a bit. [b “When do you want to travel there?” ] He asked her.
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She was saddened by his past. Even if it wasn't the whole story, Rai felt like it was already something that no person should have to go through in their lives. IT made her understand him a little more and it made his past actions with her click in her mind. HE did things for a reason and he wasn't going to take second chances because he could lose people in an instant.

[b "I'm sure they care about you too. Sage really told me that she genuinely is thankful to work with you. I'm sure Killian feels the same. I bet you've saved them a lot too"] when he mentioned Marcel, she nearly forgot about how she treated him. HE still hasn't replied to her texts and she hoped that he was doing okay. He didn't deserve that.

She told him she accepted him even if he didn't think anyone was on his side. [b "You're not alone now. You have me and Sage and Killian"] she held his hand and would soon head into the shower.

When they finished, she felt him touch her and she'd smirk, kissing his cheek.

AFter they walked the dogs and went out, she was in the kitchen, dancing around and making breakfast. She told Caine not to peek, wanting it to be a surprise. WHen she heard him behind her, she had the table set and then she called him over. She liked watching his reaction as he ate. IT made it all worth it as she took a bite and would eat with him. [b "I'm glad. You know I love cooking for you. I also made enough for seconds if you want. I'm picking up on your eating habits"] she poked his cheek and would take a bite of her own sandwich.

Rai held her breath when he said he would marry her. Was he joking? He did say almost. Instead, she had a huge smile on her face, seeing Fang coming in. [b "He's jealous"] she rubbed his head on Caine's lap and then she finished up her food. [b "Sure. Do you want anything specific? Maybe I can cook up something on the patio. We can have some wine and just look out at the view. Maybe even watch the stars"] she told him, wondering if she could even see the stars with all the lights.

When she heard him asking about a trip, her eyes brightened up. [b "We can!? I want to go. Maybe you could show me around Switzerland. I'd love to go somewhere up North with you. Or what are your favorite places? We can go somewhere we both want to go to"] she suggested, thinking being anywhere with Caine would be fun. [b "I remember that chocolate you gave me. IT made me really happy on my birthday you know. I couldn't really let you go with all the gifts"] she told him, leaning into his shoulder.
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He talked about his story. He said a lot, yet it barely even touched on it. It was just the result of all that happened. Caine sighed at her optimism. He was sure that Sage and Killian pitied him and that’s the only thing that kept them in his life. [b “They feel bad for me Rai. That’s why they keep in contact with me. Marcel too, he knows a bit of what happened. He tolerates me. It’s just pity.” ] He said, feeling that was very true. He didn’t care so much at the reason they stuck around but he didn’t believe they were that thankful.

Caine looked back at her eyes, hearing her say she accepted him. He wondered if the rest of it would change her mind… He thought about it for a second and decided that it still probably wouldn’t. Probably. Caine wiped her eyes, not really wanting her to cry or feel sad but it was nice to have someone that care din that way.

[b “It was. It still is.” ] He whispered, [b “But I’ve had it pretty rough for a kid even before…that insane nightmare happened.” ] He’s been fighting his whole life, which was why he made a good fighter now. He then shrugged [b “But, it wasn’t all bad. I never was alone back then.” ]

They found each other in the shower again. They washed together, letting her clean his skin. He helped her too. He smiled [b “Mmm, thank you.” ] He washed her hair, missing doing little things like this. He knew how to wash her hair well. [b “No, I think long hair suits you.” ] He said. He let her shampoo his hair, seeing her play with it a bit. He didn’t mind.

He slapped her ass and chuckled when she jumped. He felt her squeezing his ass too, sticking her tongue out cutely. He rose a brow and squeezed her ass too and kissed her cheek before stepping out with her.

They followed routine, going out and taking out the dogs for a walk. They came back in. He let the dogs off their leashes. He got a kiss from Rai and he’d kiss back. She was really more affectionate then hew as used to. [b “A surprise? Hmmmm… I’ll try not to peek.” ] He said. He went to go change out of his clothes into sweat pants and a t-shirt. He came downstairs sand could just smell the sausage. Mmmm… He’d try not to look but he couldn’t help if his nose picked up what she was cooking. He chuckled a bit when he caught her dancing.

[b “Careful Rai,” ] He told her. He came over to the table and looked down at the toasted sandwich. It looked good and felt real warm to touch. [b “I love your food.” ] He reminded. He took a bite out of the sandwich and moaned. It asted so good, and it even had spicy mayo. [b “This is so good… I missed your food so much when I left.” ] He admitted. He would eat it up, looking so happy, innocent and satisfied. He took a hash brown too. [b “You make the best food. I could almost marry you.” ] He said. He saw Fang coming toward him, looking excited to eat the sandwich too.

[b “No boy, this isn’t for you.” ] Caine said firmly.
Fang kept watching him with excitement and then a pout, resting his head on Caine’s lap. He pet Fang but wouldn’t give him any since he also already ate. Once he finished, he felt quite sad it was done. [b “Rai, are you going to make something for dinner too?” ] He dfeinitely liked the idea since she cooked so well.

Caine remembered her talking about seeing another country. [b "You know, we could go on a trip to a different country. What country would you like to visit first?" ] He asked.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 34d 7h 4m 48s
It still surprised her that Caine has been to so many different places. She's never left the country before so it was always one of the things she wanted to do. [b "That's still really cool. I've never left before, so to see another country or to hear a different language, it always surprises me"] she admitted, facing him and then hearing his story.

Rai felt saddened by what happened. How he lost most of the people he loved in one instance. She felt scared for her own life, but when she saw how risky being around her own family was, she could understand a little of what he meant. She could have lost her uncle, Kristin, even Axel.

She stroked his skin, hearing how sad it was that his own mother hated him. It must have hurt and she figured that maybe she blamed him. [b "I told you Sage is thankful for the work you give her. I'm sure Killian is too. Seeing you three together feels like you're really close"] she whispered, feeling glad that he wasn't suicidal. [b "I accept you. It helps a lot to know your backstory"] she felt his lips on hers and she would rub her eyes, feeling upset he went through all of that alone. It must have been so hard, and yet here was making the most of it. She admired that. [b "I just....it....must have been a rough time"] she didn't want him to relive it or put him in a damper. As long as she was there, she'd try to make him feel like it wasn't a waste.

Rai met him in the shower and would hug him, helping him wash up. She got a little affectionate and realized it might have been too much, so she would rub the back of her neck and would nod [b "Okay"] she needed to take a step back. She offered to make breakfast, smiling when he mentioned her sandwiches [b "I'll make you a good one for lunch"] she felt him washing up her hair and she kind of felt like a child, but when he spoke, she looked back [b "Do you think I should cut it?"] she wondered, helping him shampoo his hair, brushing it into different styles before washing it off.

She felt him slap her ass and she jumped a bit, smirking and then squeezing his ass as well. She stuck out her tongue and then would dry off with a towel.

Rai wrapped another towel on her head and would nod [b "Yeah we can do that. Let me change real quick"] she headed down to her room and would put on some leggings and a purple sweatshirt. She put her hair up and would feed the dogs. Rai would wait for Caine before heading out with him.

They jogged around the neighborhood for half an hour as she followed him. She pointed to a few new shops she's been to or tried. When they headed back, she'd grab the leashes and would take the dogs out together. Onyx was full of energy, chasing after Fang as they led them around the block. Rai even brought their chew toys and would toss it around at the park.

Once they got back home, she would lean up to give Caine a kiss [b "You rest up. I'm going to make lunch, so it'll be a surprise. No peeking"] she took off her sweatshirt and put on her apron. Rai worked in the kitchen for an hour, pulling out some ingredients and then looking over to make sure Caine wasn't looking.

SHe made a toasted breakfast sandwich. IT had a sausage patty, a fried egg, two strips of bacon, tomato, lettuce, and a spicy mayo sauce on top. She served it with some hash browns and would plate it up for the two of them. She also made some iced coffee and set it on the table. As she worked around the kitchen, she would play some music, dancing around as she chopped and cooked.

When she was done, she called Caine over to the table, hoping to bring his mood up with some good soul food. [b "I hope you like it"] she sat with him and would take a bite of her hash browns and smiled. She was so hungry from the run and playing with the dogs.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 35d 2h 59m 49s
[b “Well…” ] Caine began [b “I’ve only travelled for work purposes…most of the time. When I was kid, the only place I’ve travelled outside of the street I lived on was Japan. Just because of family.” ] he said. He liked it, having her comfort.

Caine told the story of what happened. It was hard to speak about it. They were still very close to his heart and he didn’t want to forget them. It was nice when Ria held him and stroked his skin. He hadn’t really gotten the comfort or anyone to lean on. [b “They can barely tolerate me.” ] Caine whispered [b “People who accept me are criminals themselves. My own mother hates me,” ] He clarified. He looked at her eyes and he sighed [b “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not suicidal, not anymore.” ] Although it was the reason he wasn’t afraid to take things head on.

Caine made himself smile just a bit [b “Thanks.” ] He said to her. He kissed her lips gently. He felt her lean into him, [b “Mmm, I’ll tell you more some time…or whenever you have questions.” ] He said. He headrd her sniffling and caught her rubbing her eyes. Caine cupped her cheek and then wiped her eyes. [b “You… Don’t need to feel sad.” ] He said.

He watched her get up, and soon he would get up too. He took the pill and returned seeing Rai slipping out of her robe. He slipped out of his boxers and stepped into the warm shower. His hand grazed the back of her shoulder. He saw her looking back at him and felt her hug. He didn’t think that it would make a much of an impact to her to know what happened. He forgot what it was like to have someone else care. He hugged her back for a moment. She help wash his back. He would stretching out his arms just to stretch. He could fele her kisses. [b “Rai… I’m fine.” ] He reminded, picking up that this upset her.

He faced her and would grab the soap and was her shoulders. He smiled thinking about breakfast. [b “Mmmm, I want one of your sandwiches.” ] He said. He would take the shampoo and washed hair up. [b “I washed my nieces hair all the time.” ] He mentioned and then said [b “You’re hair is getting pretty long.” ] He let her hair rinse off and helped her with her conditioner. After she was clean, he would playfully slapp her ass -but very lightly. [b “All clean.” ] He said and stepped out to dry off with her. He’d dry off his hair which would be real quick.

[b “How about we go for a run, walk the dogs and then eat?” ] He said because usually that was how he spent his mornings.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 35d 6h 4m 59s

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