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She heard him mention his mother and his brother and she frowned a bit when he said she didn't want her near them. Rai couldn't really guess why, but she figured it was something to do with keeping them safe. She held her breath and fell silent for a while as she looked at his eyes.

He mentioned Killian, but she wasn't sure exactly how much she trusted Killian. She trusted Sage more. In truth, she felt that because of what happened at the museum, he didn't seem to be care too much about her safety. Maybe she was just another pawn in his plans, but it was clear to her that he'd protect Sage and that was good enough for her. [b "I guess so"] she leaned in and would kiss his lips, seeing that pained expression. Caine always looked like he wasn't happy with his normal expression. She wanted to change that.

He said he was content, but she could tell he was settling and not giving it his all. THe way he mentioned making him happier made her sigh a bit. [b "Yeah I could"] she felt his hands and she'd press her lips once more. He was teasing her and it made her put her finger to his lips. [b "Are you now?"] she felt him touching her chest, making her moan out softly. Rai would slowly lift up his shirt and touch his skin, realizing it was a bit chilly in the night.

[b "You didn't look like you'd want me about five minutes ago"] she mentioned, seeing his pained expression. She shook her head [b "I'm fine. It's not that cold"] she admitted and would feel him squeeze her ass more. [b "Mmm, I am....but I don't think you would hurt me by purpose"] she told him, tracing his lips, smiling a bit. Rai felt his hands caress her cheek and she would see a bit of sadness in his eyes. She would cup his hands and then kiss his fingers slowly before letting her fingers crawl down his chest and over his abs.

She did want him, but he looked as if he was suffering more and she felt like she shouldn't. If she did, she'd just then be another distraction wouldn't she? [b "Are you sure you want me Caine? We don't have to do this if you don't want to. It's okay to say no to me"] she mentioned, feeling like maybe she was overstepping her boundaries again. She was still figuring out what was acceptable and what was too much.

Rai would smile a bit, but the sadness peeking through as she kissed his forehead and rolled to his side. [b "It's okay. You don't have to push yourself if I'm asking too much or being.....too much"] she laid beside him and continued to just look at the stars, listening to the crickets chirping and then hearing the rustling of the wind in the trees. [b "Thanks for letting me see the stars"] she spoke softly, figuring that pushing it wouldn't let them progress.

[b "Should we head back before it gets really late? We still have that long drive back too"] she whispered softly.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 19d 1h 51m 52s
A picture of his mom came to mind, and his brother. There reaction… [b “No. I wouldn’t. I’d never bring anyone to them with me even if I were to go. Not even you.” ] It would be a risk. He didn’t anyone to know who or where they were, in fear that they may be used since he’s already caused so much damage.

Caine nodded [b “I am the better choice, but if something were to happen. You should go to him.” ] Caine suggested, knowing that at least Killian would intentionally betray her. It was better Killian than someone he knew could do the job but also be paid off to do the opposite.

It wasn’t surprising…that she felt he ruined it all. [b “I guess.” ] He said. He felt her resting on his chest. Caine held her waist, and got into the kisses. Caine showed a pained expression when she said he never wished it. [b “No…that’s not all that matters. That’s how people get hurt.” ] He whispered to her.

Caine sighed and nodded [b “I am content. I don’t need to be happier than I am.” ] Not feeling of deserving it either. He felt her finger trail down his chest [b “But…you could make a happier in a different way now.” ] He said. He felt her tugging on his cheeks. He rose a brow and thought that giggle of hers was cute. He let his hands go up her waist. He kissed her, hearing her reason. [b “Mmm, well I’m going to open you up too now.” ] He teased.

He would give her chest a squeeze, massaging them. [b “You can say that.” ] He smirked back o her. He pulled her up higher with his other hand on her ass. He felt her fingers glide from the bottom of his shirt. He moaned feeling her touch his skin.

[b “Why wouldn’t I?” ] He said, feeling her fingers ruffling his hair. [b “Will you cold?” ] He asked her, since it was getting chilly, [b “We might have to figure this out while being mostly clothed.” ] He mentioned. He squinted a bit. Vulnerable? [b “I’m not…being vulnerable.” ] He gave her ass a harder squeeze [b “If anyone is…you are. I have you alone, and no one…and nothing is going to stop me from loving you and making you moan here.” ] He said, feeling her fingers at the tip of his nose going down to his lips. He looked at her eyes. She really wanted more than he could give. Caine reached up and caressed her cheek. His other hand would move over her inner thigh, caressing and getting close. He could hear the quiet night, and it was relaxing...and romantic.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 19d 6h 38m 6s
She understood that he didn't want to cause anymore trouble for the rest of his family. It made sense. She couldn't even imagining being his mother and knowing he was a reason why her grandchild and daughter were gone. [b "That's unfortunate. If you ever want to see them again or watch them from afar, I can go with you"] she told him, if he ever wanted to.

She didn't think her parents ever cared for her that much, but she did know that Axel and Kristin were probably still worried sick for her. She did send letters to Kristin every once in a while and to let Axel know she was fine. [b "I see. It makes sense, but after that time when you two fought in the museum, I just felt like....I should be trusting your decisions because you think of the safest outcome for me"] she admitted and would keep that in mind.

[b "It's not all bad. I enjoy spending time with you and you've opened up a new world to me. We'll be in Switzerland next week! It's not all a tragedy"] she assured him and would rest against his chest, watching his eyes. She felt his hands on her waist and she told him that she didn't mind seeing where their relationship went. In truth, she wanted a future with him, but she felt that would only scare him off. So she told him that she wanted what was available now.

When she kissed him, he didn't respond much and her eyes would glance back at him, pulling back. She knew she wouldn't change his mind in that matter, but he never killed them with his two hands. [b "You never once wished for their death nor wanted to take it away. That's all that matters"] she frowned, hearing him talk about how his heart was still set on Brook. She understood it wasn't easy to move forward from a love he never wanted to let go. She never wanted to let go of her first boyfriend, but he was taken from her and she's been trying to move forward ever since.

He was content [b "Are you? As long as you're content....I mean...maybe I can also make you happier than just being content"] she suggested, letting her fingers trail along his chest. She tugged on his cheeks and would giggle at his expression. She felt his hands and would shift a bit as he met his lips. [b "I know. I didn't mean to. I just wanted you to open up more to me"] she felt his hands moving up her stomach to her chest. [b "Mmm, do I? Can you read my mind now?"] she smirked a bit and felt him rub her behind. Rai shifted a bit over her lower half and would glide her fingers from the bottom of his shirt, up his abs and then to his chest, feeling his bare skin on her fingertips. [b "It is a romantic night. We have the beautiful sky above us too. I wouldn't mind it as long as you want me too"] she caressed his skin and would ruffle his hair a bit. [b "You look sexy like this. Under me, being vulnerable. I like seeing this side of you"] she admitted, using her finger to touch the tip of his nose and then tracing down to his lips.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 21d 1h 32m 13s
Caine welcomed the silence. It’s already been a few years. He pictured the many ways it could go wrong in contacting even his brother. The painful memories he’d bring and the hatred. [b “It’s best if I don’t. It wouldn’t be good for him. My mother might have even told him I’m dead, since to her I might as well be.” ] He said. It didn’t appear to be away that he’d ever be forgiven and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be.

Caine listened to her say she can’t see them anymore [b “Just because they can’t see you doesn’t mean they don’t’ care for you…and Killian, he’s a good person that’s why I don’t trust him, he makes decisions I don’t agree with at times too. If something were to happen to me, he’d be your next person to go to.” ]

He asked her about wanting that other life. He rolled his head to the side, looking at her when she said ruined. Ahh, well that wasn’t new. [b “I told you. I ruin lives, living in my life is nothing but tragedy.” ] He spoke quietly, knowing that to be the truth with his history. It bothered him, and it seemed the safest way for anyone was for him to separate himself.
He wasn’t sure if she would see through it if she hung around his life. He didn’t think he’d even survive himself.

He felt her resting on his chest, hands in his hair. She cupped his cheek. He wondered what made her so insistent. He let his hands move to her waist, and held her eye son her when he asked what she wanted. He wanted to tell if she was going to tell a lie to him. Caine sighed still having a feeling she wanted more than he could give. [b “Alright.” ] He said, not wanting to dig into it.

Moving forward wasn’t something he could or wanted to do. It hurt thinking about them, being forgotten when they could have lived a full life, one they deserved much more than him. She felt her lips kiss him, pulling back. He didn’t respond but not because he didn’t feel anything but because he was in thought.
[b “I don’t deserve a step forward. What makes you think I wasn’t entirely responsible for their death? I deserve the blame.” ] he said, and quietly almost mentioned that he still loved Brook. He did, he loved her and he couldn’t let go of her. Everytime he saw a girl that even resembled her, it was hard not to chase and wish he could see her one more time.

He saw Rai frowning, and he figured that wouldn’t be something she’d want to hear, but he also felt she understood what he was going to say. He felt her fingers still run through his hair, it was calming…it felt like how it used to be. He wondered if that really was the case.
[b “Am I?” ] He whispered, brushing her lip with his thumb. [b “I already have the future I want. I’m content with it.” ] He said and felt her fingers along his chest, her kiss on his finger.
He didn’t want to peter her on what her wish was. He’d push her hair back, watching her and still thinking she was crazy for feeling the way she did for him. He felt her caress his cheek, and him giving a squeeze and pulling it apart. He looked at her puzzled and then gave a light chuckle. He kissed her again, and he let his hands fall down to her ass. He pulled her slightly more up, so she was sitting in a place he wanted her. He’d kiss her lips and tug, [b “You got me…talking about something really hard.” ] He said to her. He slid her hand up to her stomach to her chest, [b "You want me to do something to you don't you Rai?" ] He looked up at her eyes. He'd rub her ass, playfully.
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She could understand what he meant. If he really wanted to, he could go face his mom and brother, but it would be hard. Harder than her facing her own parents. [b "Hmm, I think you should try to get along with your little brother. What if he's also just waiting for you to reach out to him"] she wondered and would figure they were safer if he weren't there. [b "But I understand where you're coming from"] she nodded and would hear him say her parents would regret it. It's not like they could see her now anyway.

When she tried to tickle him, she learned he was unphased. Not fair. She pulled back and remembered Kristin and Axel [b "Yeah....true. Still, I can't see them anymore though. Right now....I only have you, Sage, maybe Killian"] she spoke softly and then saw the shooting star. [b "You should wish anyway"] she held his hand, surprised to hear him asking about Axel. [b "I mean....I probably should, but you came in and kind of ruined that for me"] she nudged his shoulder. [b "Besides, right now, I chose this, so I want to see it through and try first before thinking about if I'd rather have something else"] she sighed a bit.

Rai rested on his chest, stroked his hair and would cup his cheeks because she thought he looked kind of cute in the night lit sky. She told him she was happy right now, relaxing on his chest. She felt his hands holding his waist and she would think about how far she wanted. [b "Well....as far as any relationship goes. We can see where it takes us"] she didn't want to tell him she thought of marrying him and maybe starting a family with him, but she hoped he would want that too again.

She saw his pained expression and she would kiss his lips. When he pulled back, she understood he was thinking of something. [b "I know you do. I mean....you don't have to forget about them. You need to take a step forward and stop blaming yourself"] she heard him say he still loved someone. Probably his fiancee. Rai frowned a bit, but would continue to run her fingers through his hair. [b "I want to be around you too. You're already taking steps forward by letting me date you"] she felt his thumb brushing her lip. [b "I just want...you to be happy. And for you to get that second chance to at least have a future you still want. Not everything is over"] she ran her fingers along his chest and would kiss his finger.

[b "I made a wish. I hope it comes true"] she looked up at the sky and would look at his facial features, his blue eyes, his jawline and his nose and lips. If only she could have him fully. At least he wanted her around. She caressed his cheek. [b "We can keep taking it slow"] she squeezed his cheeks once more and pulled it apart a bit before giggling. She then gave him another kiss.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 23d 1h 49m 43s
Caine shrugged and wasn’t sure if he could do that in his life time [b “I don’t think she’d accept it. My little brother, maybe but it would upset my mom.” ] He said and knew that they were better off without him making any appearance. He looked back at her and remembered she hadn’t. [b “I bet…they’ll feel a lot of regret later.” ] He whispered. He wondered if they would look for her.

He looked up to the sky. [b “Hmmm… Can I.” ] He smirked when he tried to tickle him but it wasn’t working. Caine nodded [b “Yea, really.” ] He said. He let her pull back. He was confused when she said only people [b “Rai…you had friends too.” ] He reminded [b “And I bet your parents care, they’re just too stupid to know what they should value.” ]

It surprised him to see a shooting star. Caine frowned [b “I didn’t make a wish.” ] He said and wondered what…dating him? How could she be that simple. [b “Wouldn’t you rather be back home, living peacefully with Axel?” ] He asked her.

She met his eyes, and he followed. She was straddling him, on his chest. He stroked through her hair and then her back. He was afraid and nothing anyone could say would let that go away. [b “Yea but what do you have to trade for a bit of happiness?” ] He asked. She cupped his cheeks and he thought it was cute. He smiled a bit to her. He looked at her eyes and still really couldn’t see what she saw. But, it was sweet. He felt her fingers through his hair, it was so calming. “You’re…okay.” He liked her touch, her being there. It felt just like…it did before. His hands move around her waist, and he looked up to her again. [b “Far? What is far to you?” ] He asked her. She was smiling. He made a pained expression when he said move forward. He was going to speak but she caressed his cheek and kissed him. He followed her lips. He couldn’t…move forward. His hand caressed her side and he drew away from her lips, [b “I can’t and… I don’t want to move forward. I love them. I still love...” ] He didn’t continue because it didn’t feel right to say her. He reached out and caressed her cheek [b “You remind me of them. It hurts to be around you because I see everything I loved in you. But, I do want you around me.” ] He said, his thumb grazing her lip.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 23d 12h 26m 1s
SHe frowned [b "It's in the past. You cant do anything about that anymore, but maybe you can try making some amends or sending them letters or something"] she sighed a bit, knowing that it was also the same with her. She hasn't contacted her family in a long time. [b "But I know how you feel. I haven't seen or talked to my parents in a long time"] she admitted, sighing a bit as they headed to the spot.

When she set up the blanket and laid back with Caine, she pouted when he called her cute. [b "I guess that's okay then"] she smiled a bit more and could tell he was thinking about something. Maybe his niece? She squeezed his hands and would look up at the sky.

As she looked at the sky, she heard him [b "You can be yourself around me"] she smiled and tried to tickle him. He wasn't even phased. She was glad he could make him smile [b "Really?"] she leaned in and then noticed him cutting off what he said. SHe assumed she was being too close, so she pulled back a bit. Rai would look back up at the sky and she felt his hand against her cheek and her blue eyes looked at him. [b "I know. I guess the only people I really had were my Uncle and you"] she saw the shooting star and she gasped. [b "Yeah, we were supposed to make a wish"] she thought about her wish. [b "A few of my wishes already came true though"] she admitted and would meet his eyes.

Rai moved onto his chest and would enjoy his hands in her hair. She faced him and would feel him stroke her back. [b "You don't have to be scared. I get scared sometimes, but I figured.....I'm happy so it should be okay"] she told him, leaning up to cup his cheeks. [b "I'm not going anywhere"] she told him, wanting him to know she'd do exactly as he asked of her.

[b "I've seen the way you take care of me. You're sweet and you genuinely try to protect me and care for me. I really like being with you, tragedy or not, I can't help it"] she spoke, reaching up and running her fingers through his hair slowly. [b "I mean...I'd want for this relationship to go as far it can"] she admitted, looking at his eyes and then smiling. [b "I also want to help you move forward if I can"] she told him, caressing his cheek and then leaning in to press her lips onto his.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 25d 8h 4m 40s
Caine shook his head, thinking back at the way his mother looked at him and the words she said. [b “I might as well have. They wouldn’t have been in that situation if it weren’t for me.” ] He said, feeling the burning pain knowing everyone else in his life know could land into the same position if he decided to play that game again.

They were arriving close to the location. He looked back at her when he mentioned her boyfriend. He remembered how she said he’d died, car accident in a storm. He wouldn’t dig into it, understanding that pain.

They got to lay down, facing the stars. He patted her head once more and he chuckled at her not wanting to look cute. [b “Rai…” ] He began, shaking his head to himself, [b “I wouldn’t be in bed with you if all I thought was ‘she’s cute.’ You’re sexy and attractive, don’t worry. Besides, when you look cute it makes me want to take care of you…” ] He paused and remembered Skye. [b “I guess, I miss doing certain things.” ]

Talking about his young self again was strange but he didn’t mind it. [b “Ahh, well I also brought that trouble. So I’m not sure if I was hero.” ] He reminded. Caine rested his arm behind his head [b “I was cool. They were being jerks to someone, so sort of justified.” ] He admitted.

She leane din and kissed him. He kissed her softly back before tickling her. Her squeal made him laugh.

[b “Really? I didn’t notice.” ] He said to her. She tried to tickle him but he didn’t respond with anything but a smirk. [b “My body is half numb.” ] He said as if it was something he was proud of. He felt her poke her cheek and he heard her little mumble. [b “You make me smile more than you think, even if I don’t smile physically.” ] He told her. He was surprised when she hugged him again but he let her. He stroked her back. He was happy she felt good being here with him. He couldn’t be as affectionate as her, it was just harder. She pulled back and spoke. He wondered if it bothered her a lot that he wasn’t sometimes.

[b “Ahh…yea that makes sense.” ] He said and watched her. He caressed her cheek, [b “You’ve always been important to someone Rai. It doesn’t have to be a lover.” ] He told her. Caine then shrugged about clinging [b “it’s fine…you’re normal. It’s just me.” ] He said. He looked up at the stars, and saw shooting star go through, surprised by it. He’s never seen one before.
[b “Whoa, that’s what that looks like.” ] He spoke quietly and nodded [b “Was I supposed to make a wish or something?” ] He wondered. He felt her hand hold his, and her head rest against his shoulder. He peaked down at her. He took a breath but, he did like it. He smiled a bit [b “We’ll enjoy it… They’re not often but I hope to see them too. I haven’t seen them yet.” ] He said, seeing her reach out to the sky. It was a beautiful night.

Eventually, he’d strok her hair and enjoyed the moment with her. He’d play some music on his phone for them too. It was…peaceful. He enjoyed it. He watched Rai coming in, straddling his waist. He looked up at her eyes, her hair falling over. He felt her chin on his chest. He stroked over her back and heard her out. She was looking up at him. [b “Yea… I do. But it scares me. I agreed to dating but… I’m really bad for you.” ] He leaned in and kissed her forehead, [b “I can’t…take another loss. I barely made it the last time.” ] He said quietly. He’d keep stroking her back. [b “What do you hope to be with me? Why do you want to be with me when I just bring tragedy?” ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 25d 10h 7m 59s
She was surprised to hear that he didn't want to see them the way they were now. He must have been through so much for him to feel that way. If they had changed that much, she didn't want to put him through more pain to see them. [b "You didn't kill them. Someone did, but that wasn't you"] she told him, holding his hand as they headed to the car.

When they arrived, She would hear him talk about her boyfriend, but she didn't like having to think back. IT was painful and always put her down because he didn't deserve what happened. [b "It was..."] was all she could say before setting up the blankets and laying beside Caine. She felt him pat her head and she pouted. [b "But....I don't want to look cute...I want to look....sexy and attractive to you"] she frowned a bit.

Rai would gaze up at the night sky, her eyes following the stars and then she would listen to Caine. [b "Sounds like something you'd do. You are a hero to me you know. You've saved me so many times"] she admitted, imagining little troublemaker Caine. [b "I bet you were cool even as a child. Those poor kids you beat up. I'm sure they deserved it though if you were trying to be a hero"] she leaned in and would kiss his lips, glad he thought the memories with her were special.

She felt his tickles and it made her squirm as she tried to back up. She squealed a bit and chuckled when he said she was his dessert plenty. [b "I know. Sometimes you have dessert before dinner"] she teased and would try to tickle him. IT wasn't working though. She frowned and would try to tickle his neck and sides....seeing him not really respond.

She poked his cheek [b "I need to find a way to make you smile more"] she mumbled to herself and would hug him and press against his chest. [b "Mmm, I did. I saw some stars, and I get to be with you"] she smiled, soon hearing she was affectionate. Rai pulled back, wondering if she was being too close again. [b "I....just never had much....so I kind of turned out to be the opposite and I just wanted more. I wanted to be with someone....that saw me as someone special. I wanted to be important to someone"] she smiled up at him, figuring to give him a bit of space. [b "You can always tell me if I'm being too clingy. I can tone it down"] she rolled back onto her back and would look up at the stars again.

She rested her arms behind her head and she saw a shooting star. She gasped [b "Caine!"] she shook his shoulder and pointed [b "DId you see that?"] she met his blue eyes beneath the stars and she would see his eyes sparkling a bit. HE looked cozy and she liked that he was. She held his hand and would rest her head against his shoulder.

The sky was really pretty. [b "I can't wait to go to Switzerland. Maybe we could even see some Northern lights"] she spoke, reaching her hand up at the sky and then seeing a plane fly by, leaving a stream in the clouds.

After an hour flew by, Rai wondered if he was doing okay with how close she was. She'd slowly move over and straddle his waist, meeting his eyes. She rested her chin on his chest and would smile up at him. [b "Do you like our relationship?"] she wondered, hoping he was enjoying dating her as much as she was.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 26d 42m 41s
Caine half shrugged and leaned back. He paused, thinking about it [b “I wish I could see them in the way they were before, not anymore because they need to move on. All I bring now is pain and anger. To her, I killed her daughter, granddaughter and…well more.” ] He said and frowned. Life had been so different before all then. He knew he wasn’t making the same mistakes anymore.

They got changed and he brought her to his car, driving to the place. He looked back at her and got what she meant by emotion now. [b “Hmm, guess it must have been a nice relationship.” ] He said.

They arrived, took a look at the night sky before they set up the blanket. Rai kissed his cheek, and he patted her head. He had his hands in his pockets for a moment. He looked at her curiously, seeing her pout. He smiled a bit, laying down with her, [b “Because you’re cute.” ] He said, reaching out to pat her head again, [b “Especially when you pout like that.” ]

Caine pointed out constellations out with her too. Caine chuckled [b “Yea, no one did. Actually, the reason I got in trouble so often was because I kept trying to be a hero. If I felt something was unjust, I’d speak up and sometimes end up having to beat someone up. That’s what the characters in the books I read did.” ]

He’d also bring up the waterfall. [b “It was memorable.” ] He said. Rai leaned in, and they shared a kiss. He almsot said it but decided not to get into that. Caine tickled her [b “Yea you are, you’ve been my dessert plenty.” ] He teased, and kept tickling, hearing her squeal. Caine would smirk when she tried to tickle him but he wasn’t ticklish. Some of his body was…also numb. [b “You can’t tickle me.” ] He told her, tickling her side again, but would put it to a stop.

[b “Eventually.” ] He admitted, feeling her arms around his waist. She was clinging on, and he’d allow it. She was making sure to hold in spot. He could forcefully break out of it but, there was no point. [b “I guess I can’t.” ] He said. She leaned in really close, her face pressed against his chest. Caine rose his hand to stroke through her hair [b “I thought you came here to look at the stars, not my chest.” ] He joked. [b “You’re highly affectionate for someone who grew up without much of it…at least from what you’ve described.”]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 26d 4h 14m 4s
She saw him taking a few breaths and when he mentioned that his mom and younger brother were alive, she was surprised. He hasn't mentioned anything else about his family before, so it was nice to hear he still had some out there....even though they want nothing to do with him. [b "Do you ever wish to see them?"] she asked softly, feeling sad that he couldn't see them. If he really wanted to, she wanted to help him do that.

Caine looked lost in thought and she figured she wouldn't pry any deeper. SHe didn't want to bring back more sad memories. AFter she changed and met up with him, she saw him looking really cozy and warm in his hoodie. She held his hand as they drove and it felt so peaceful [b "My first boyfriend didn't break up with me so many times. It was tough, but he's also not here anymore"] she told him, looking back at the night sky.

When they were set up on the blanket, Rai would kiss his cheek and felt him patting her head. IT made her feel like a pet [b "Caine....you're dating me. Why do you always pet my head like that? It makes me feel like a child"] she pouted and would lay back with him.

She recognized a few constellations as she pointed up at the sky. Rai would listen to him talk about his childhood [b "I still can't believe how book smart you were. It seems like you've always been a troublemaker"] she chuckled and would remember watching the stars with him, then he mentioned the waterfall. She would never forget that day. It went from an unfortunate slip to a memorable one for her. [b "I do too. It was a memorable day for me"] she told him, knowing he had also left after that too. It always ended up hurting, but she had him with her now.

WHen she leaned in, she felt his warm lip sand would hear him [b "Like what?"] she looked confused. Was she being too close again? She thought about it and would hear him change the subject. [b "You are dessert. Am I your dessert too?"] she asked, feeling his fingers tickling. She'd giggle and try to get away [b "Caine!"] she squealed and shifted over. Rai would reach out and try to tickle his sides to see if he was ticklish. If that didn't work, she'd go for his neck or under his arms. It was a. bit chilly, but Caine's body beside her kept her warm. She liked being this close.

[b "Do you want your dessert?"] she asked, hugging her arms around his waist. She clung onto him so he couldn't move. [b "Ha! You can't tickle me now"] she smiled, leaning in and getting a whiff of his scent. Rai pressed her face against his chest, enjoying this all too much. He let her see the stars and she was glad it was so quiet and just the two of them.
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Caine took a breath, thinking back to his family. [b “My mom and my younger brother, they’re alive. I don’t know much about them anymore. I keep my distance. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve done enough damage,” ] Caine shrugged. He never expected to see them again in his life. He spaced out a bit, remembering how it ended. [b “You can ask me more when we head out.” ] He wanted to finish eating and get ready.

Caine smiled a bit at her feeling pretty lucky [b “Or unlucky,” ] Caine whispered. He enjoyed the fries he made. Her food always tasted so good. He chuckled at her tease. He let her lean into him. He looked back at her hwen she was smiling [b “Yea, me too.” ] Caine said. He got up with her, wearing a hoodie and jeans and saw her looking cute in her outfit. It made him smile, she was so small to him.

They got into his car, and he held her hand for a good portion of drive. [b “Mmm, I suppose I’ve always been kind of tough to date. Well…not even for your…first boyfriend?” ] He wondered. He’d haf smile a bit and squeezed her hand back in return.
Clearness of the sky really gave them a good view of the stars. He’d open the car door for her, feeling the slightly cold breeze pass by. [b “mmm it is.” ] Caine said, putting his hands in his hoodie. Rai came in to kiss his cheek. He patted her head and he helped her set up. She tugged his hand and they laid back. He watched the constellations. He only really knew them from books since he didn’t get to see them often. He’d point out a few he recognized too. [b “I read so many books when I was younger – I told you that but, I didn’t tell you that every time I got into a fight, my mom would use it as punishment. Jokes on her, I liked reading, so I kept getting in trouble anyway.”]

He heard her voice and saw her grinning. [b “I remember that. I remember underneath the waterfall too.” ] He said, looking out into the sky [b “Glad you feel like home.” ] He noticed her looking at him, so he turned his head and met her eyes too. She brushed his fingers through his hair and gave him a kiss. Caine leaned in and kissed her right after. [b “Rai… sometimes, you look at me like…” ] He paused and decided not to say it, and continue with something else, [b “I’m dessert.” ] He then tickled her waist for few seconds.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 27d 6h 7m 47s
She sat outdoors with him, taking a bite of her food and enjoying it so much. The night sky filled the air and it was a bit chilly, but she had his jacket around her. She felt so cozy and she could barely believe that this Caine beside her was the same Caine just yelling at her a few minutes ago. She took a bite out of her wing and would enjoy the taste and the seasoning he did [b "You did great. It's so crunchy and it's good. I'm so proud of you"] she said proudly as she heard him mention asking if she wanted to know more. It surprised her that he was asking about it. She never thought he'd willingly ask her if she wanted to know things about him.

[b "I would like to know more about your family. Where are they now?"] she knew his mother was alive, but he hasn't mentioned anything about his dad. He also didn't go into detail about what happened to his fiancee and his sister, but she didn't want to press more touch memories onto him.

[b "I know. I feel pretty lucky"] she leaned into him, seeing him enjoy the fries. She finished up her food and would hear him tease her back. [b "Maybe, you'll just have to find out"] she giggled and leaned into him. She saw the clear night sky and felt herself getting really excited. She couldn't help but want to go already. [b "I'm just....really excited we can do this"] she smiled and would help clean up. She changed into an oversized grey sweater and some black leggings. She even had a white beanie on her head as she followed him out to the car.

She held his hand and would hear his comment [b "You are really tough person to date. I've never felt so much emotions being with someone before. But....I also am glad I get to date you"] she squeezed his hand and smiled, feeling glad he thought she was cute.


THe deeper they got into the forest, the lighter the sky looked with the stars. Rai would take a peek out of the window and saw Caine park in an open field. She'd follow him outside and would feel the chill of the night. As she looked up, she could see so many stars. It reminded her of home. IT made her chest feel warm as she leaned into him. [b "It is pretty"] she leaned up to kiss his cheek and would feel in such awe. He was being really sweet all of a sudden and she really liked it.

Rai grabbed the blankets and the pillows and set them out onto the grass, tugging his hand and then laying back against it. She peeked up at the sky and would point to some constellations she knew. Rai snuggled into Caine because it was kind of cold, but she also really liked being close. She'd show him some bright stars and she would grin [b "This reminds me of the time we rode Noir out into my secret spot. It feels so nice to find a place that feels like home. I'm glad you brought me here"] she looked up at his eyes, feeling at ease as she brushed her fingers through his hair and gave him a sweet kiss.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 28d 18h 5m 42s
[b “You’re welcome.” ] Caine said after he put the jacket around her. He sat next to her and they started t drink some wine and eat some good chicken. Caine thanked her for listening to him.
[b “Does is it? I could, tell you some more sometime… Is there anything you’d like me to know about you?” ] He asked her. He has learned a lot about her because he’s been with her back at the country, met her friends, her uncle and from her he knew she lived back at the city. Those parents of hers. He wondered if they would want to check up on her.

Caine smiled a little, and would bump against her, [b “You’re the first one I’m giving a chance.” ] He admitted. She offered him a fry, so she took a bite out of it, [b “Mmmm, so good Rai.” ] He said. The food really tasted good, he felt thankful. It was a clear sky today, thankfully. He enjoyed the warmth of the fire and having her right next to him.

He made a remark and loved it when he made her blush because of it but, he couldn’t see right now if she was. He chuckled when she said it [b “Yea?” ] He said and caught her smirking. He rolled his eyes playfully, [b “I think it’s both.” ] He said to her. He was at the end of his wine. He felt her kiss on her cheek and her resting against his shoulder. Caine rested his head on top of her hers. [b “Me too. I hope you won’t mind the cold.” ] He said.

Caine shook his head but she shared a bit of the jacket with him. He found it cute. He enjoyed the moment, and watched the fire flicker up. Rai held his hand. Caine turned his head [b “Someone is a bit impatient.” ] He smirked. [b “Okay, let’s go wash up and go.” ] He said, and kissed the side of her head. They got up, and cleaned everything up. Caine would make sure he was in jeans and a sweater since it was chiller at night. He did grab a blanket and two pillows for them.

They took the car to about an hour and a half out since he wanted her to be able to see the stars. He played some quiet music for them. Caine laced her fingers with his and drove with one hand. [b “Be honest, I’m probably the worst person you’ve dated.” ] He said but wouldn’t take it to heart. [b “You know, you always look cute to me.” ] He said. They could slowly start seeing the stars the farther they went into a forest. He would go onto a dirt path and then parked the car in open field. He opened the door for her and looked up at the sky [b “We’re lucky, looks like it’ll stay clear…” ] He said, seeing the stars above, [b “Kind of creepy though, seeing this many stars.” ] Since he’s grown up in the city and mainly stayed in them.
He would rub her head and pull her in [b “It’s pretty, just like you.” ] He teased a bit.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 28d 19h 55m 54s
She got so frightened from his tone of voice. He was making her feel scared and she knew that she made a mistake, but she was getting that same scary vibe from him when he threatened her for real back at the country. IT made her body shiver and she went pale. SHe did all she could to explain the situation and try to convince him she didn't betray him, but he kept yelling at her.

She froze and would head over to the couch as she brought her knees up to her chest, feeling bad. She didn't want to just be dropped and looked at like she meant nothing. When he apologized, she met his eyes and felt his lips on her head. She still felt a bit nervous, but she could only hope that he wouldn't hurt her. WHen he said yes to the stars, she slowly calmed down and would watch the movie with him. Rai ended up falling asleep, but would remember the chicken. She shot up and would startle Caine. [b "I have....to cook the chicken"] she told him, hearing that he'd help.

THey were both in the kitchen and Rai would give him instructions on how to make the seasoning. She'd give him measurements and would work on cutting up the criss cut fries. Once they were all fried, she plated them and would make a ketchup and ranch mixture. As she put it into a bowl, she would see Caine head upstairs and set up. She would bring the food up and then set it down on the table, feeling Caine put a jacket around her. She was easing up a bit more [b "THank you"] she found him being sweet and was slowly getting over the initial fear she had. Caine could be really scary when he was upset.

She sat beside him by the firepit and would take a sip of the wine he poured. [b "Okay, I can't wait"] she would smile more and would hear the soft music. He really knew how to set the mood and be romantic. HE thanked her for listening and she would meet his eyes. [b "Of course. I want to hear more about you. It helps me understand the reasoning behind the things you do and why you do them also. But you can take it slow and tell me things when you want to....or if you want to learn more about me, you can also ask"] she spoke softly, surprised to hear him say it could work. [b "You can take it slow Caine. I know you're still unsure about it all, but I'm just lucky you gave me a chance"] she brought a fry up to his lips [b "Is it good?"] she leaned into him and would take a bite of the chicken, seeing Caine loving it.

She then heard him mention her and she'd turn red, luckily it was disguised with the reflection of the fire. [b "I like.....being out here with you. Mmm, I do love eating you too"] she let it pause and would smirk a bit as she took another bite of her fries, licking it with her tongue to teased him a bit. [b "Eating [i with] you that is"] she giggled and would eat another wing.

Rai would take a sip of her wine and was glad he had calmed down as well. SHe leaned up to kiss his cheek and would rest against his shoulder. [b "I can't wait until next week"] she whispered, licking her lips and then finishing up her wine. [b "Mmm, I like this. Are you cold too Caine?"] she'd share a bit of his jacket with him, staying by the fire and enjoying the night sky above. She held his hand in hers. [b "Should we head out now?"]
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