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[b “You need to look out for yourself. Even if they’re a trustworthy person, they have other interests. Good…that you agree to keep me updated.” ] He said. He felt her pat his hand. He rose a brow. It did?

He didn’t have anything more to say since she agreed to be more cautious, update him and speak her mind if she didn’t feel it was safe.

They were home. He felt more relaxed at home. He went into the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water and watched Rai pet Fang and Nyx. Fang came over to him for a moment. He would pet his dog, and pointed to him to head to bed. It was rather late.

He heard her joke, and he chuckled “Well maybe if you call up Marcel.” He wanted to do it. He wanted to strip her down.

Rai walked over to him. He felt the pain, ache, the worry of her being in danger and not being able to help. He didn’t want what happene din the past to be repeated. It send chills down his spine. He wrapped his arms around her, just to say it. He heard her and he held his eyes on her. Unfair?
“Don’t pout at me like that.” ] He whispered, caressing her cheek. He then soon realize he was getting too close. Caine withdrew his hand , when Rai tugged on his tie and pulled him closer. Hot. He was surprised by her lips. It was addictive. He responded to them. Caine would gently pull her back because he knew what this could only lean into. Rai came in, reaching to press her forehead against his chest. Caine drew a breath. He rubbed her back. His hand reaching the zipper. He was a few in. He picked her up, and sat her down onto the table. He moved between her legs and kissed her. Caine ran his hand down her thigh. He would brush his lips along her neck, kissing, sucking on her skin. Then slowly, he tried to remember what he was doing.

He drew back, and met her eyes. Ahh, she was going to get hurt and cry about it again. He met her eyes [b “I’m sorry… I didn’t… I shouldn’t kiss you back. I actually don’t want to upset Marcel. Uh…fuck.” ] He said, sighing and looking away. He felt guilty. [b “It’s been a long night, we’re both a bit out of it right? We should…continue with our plan.” ] He said. As much as he wanted to get intimate, it wouldn’t do her no good. He kept looking at her lips, hand still resting at her thigh. It was obvious he wanted to touch.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 53d 10h 52s
Rai would see Sage fixing her dress a few times and she figured where she put the USB. THese people were professionals after all. Still, it seemed like Sage, Caine, and Killian worked together, but he still didn't trust them. She could understand that though. HE didn't trust her either.

Sage mentioned not being able to help him, but she's seen some good sides to Caine, the more gentler sides. As long as he kept happy and no one important to him was hurt, he wouldn't be so bitter. At least when she was at home with him, he was nice to her for the most part. [b "Yeah, but he isn't bitter at home. He's really nice for the most part"] she wondered and would see the two about to throw fists.

She went over with Sage and was tugged away. She saw the red mark on her wrist and she pouted a bit, seeing him take another drink. If they stayed here was she going to have to deal with him while he was intoxicated? It was best to take him home.

She made some suggestions and would hear him scold her. [b "Yeah. I know. I just...."] she thought that if he allowed her to go on this mission, he trusted Killian and Sage enough. How was she supposed to know?

Once they headed home, Rai would nod her head [b "I'll make sure to keep you updated on everything. I...mean. I still don't know who I'm supposed to trust"] she heard him mention not wanting to see her hurt and she'd smile and pat his hand [b "That makes me happy"] she knew she felt safe with him.

[b "I'll tell Killian next time. I have a good understanding now of this 'trust no one' phrase goes"] she smiled as they made it home. Rai felt more relaxed now that she knew Caine wasn't upset with her, he was only worried.

At home, she looked down at her dress and would smirk a bit [b "It's a shame no one will take it off for me"] she joked and would take off her shoes. She pet Fang and Nyx and would hear Caine. She walked over and would feel his warm arms around her. IT was warm and she did like being in his arms. She liked his touch. [b "You're unfair"] she pouted looking up at him, his handsome smile, the way he looked in that nice, simple black and white suit. HE looked so good and it had her heart racing remembering how hard he fought with Killian to take better care of her.

IT was attractive and she could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest for him. Even when she tried her best to suppress those feelings and be friends. She didn't want to mess up the friendship she had with him, but...

Rai would tug on his tie a bit and pull him in closer, pressing her lips against his. She felt like....she really needed to kiss him. It was hard....just when she felt like she took a step forward, Caine pulled her back. [b "WHy....do you....do this to me"] she pressed her forehead against his chest, debating what to do. Her head was a mess. She wanted Caine, but she also was seeing Marcel. But....today he was so hot. The way he protected her and made sure to bring her home safely.
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[b “How could she know if she doesn’t know who you are?” ] Caine stated. He didn’t want to deal with a mess on his hands. Killing an old Client what do a huge number in his reputation.

Sage shifted the top of her dress a bit, making sure that USB didn’t fall through her bra. Even if Caine had a hard past, she didn’t like having to tolerate him so much. [b “From what Killian told me, he’s always been bitter. I don’t think you can help him. Killian’s been trying for a really long time, and what did he do? Most likely helping criminals and making money off it.” ]

They spotted the two guys starting to look aggressive. They came in and Sage thought about how she could even break that up. They were parting anyway. She watched Caine grab Rai’s wrist and pull her away. “Will she be alright with him?”
“I don’t think he’s mad at her, just with me,” Killian said, still feeling irritated but was starting to think that Caine might have had a point. But jobs always had risks.

Caine heard her but didn’t listen until she said ‘ouch.’ He paused and released his hold on her wrist [b “Sorry.” ] He saw that he left a bit of a red mark. He hadn’t meant to hold so hard. He didn’t want to linger much longer here.

She went on a little ramble. He shot her a look for a second, and took another drink. [b “Don’t agree to do anything that’s stupid. Your more important than a mission. And no, not if they make stupid choices.” ]

It would be good to go home. He was still angry and stressed. Food sounded good. [b “Yea, let’s head back… I’d like dinner.” ] He said. He did want to relax, watch a movie and resting on her lap sounded good to him. [b “Okay, we can do that.” ] He nodded. He shot one last glare to Killian.

They would head toward his car. He looked back at Raizel, [b “You should tell me there plan next time. I don’t want someone else to target you. Rather not see you hurt.” ] He said quietly. He drove them back, and they head up. He opened the door for them and noticed her looking at him very carefully. [b “Why are you staring at me like that? ] Caine asked.

Screwed up. [b “You nearly screwed up your safety. If it weren’t for me, you would have. No one but yourself will watch your back, so next time Killian suggests something that’s risky for you, say it.” ] He said, hating to put her at risk. [b “Maybe you shouldn’t be doing these jobs…” ] He mumbled the last bit.

He saw her in her dress, watching her. “Shame you have to take that off.” ] He said. He went to go grab water and thought about what if she did win that bid. They’d tried to find her, and because she was in his life, they’d think he had something to do with it too. That would be chaotic and she’d get hurt…and dead. He looked back at her, “Come here.” He said. He’d wrap his arms around her and hug her. [b “At least your safe now.” ] He said quietly. His hand almost fell all the way down to her ass but he stopped himself. He let her go [b “Uh…let’s get changed and watch something, or make dinner. I'll help” ]
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She asked Sage because with Caine looking upset and Killian looking disappointed, she couldn't tell sometimes. When Sage reassured her, she let out a deep sigh and would head with her to the ballroom. They lost the auction, so she needed to await further instruction from Killian. How else were they going to expose this man for all the drugs he's been smuggling.

The scarred faced man listened to Caine, wondering why he wanted him to leave the girl alone. "Is she now? If you say so. People should just know not to interfere with my deals" he told him, hearing that stern tone. Caine was dangerous and he knew how skillful he was. He took his word for it.

When she listened to CAine and Sage talk, it amazed her how different it was. Their interaction was on equal footing. He seemed irritated and it was kind of frightening. When Rai grabbed a drink with Sage, they chit chatted for a bit. [b "Yeah I get that from him. It makes sense he's been through a lot. I really want to help him out though. I want him to be less bitter at people at the world"] she sighed a bit and hoped the mission wasn't completely ruined.

When she spotted the two nearly at each other's throats, the girls headed over, RAi listening in on the conversation. She heard her name and overhears him mentioning her life at risk. She saw the concern in his eyes and it made her smile a bit, feeling glad Caine cared about her that much.

He also looked really hot in his suit telling Killian off for some reason. She shook her head and would see him approach her, taking her wrist a bit too firmly [b "Caine..."] she was pulled along with him and would stop. [b "Ouch, not so hard"] she waited till he released her wrist and then she'd look back at Killian and Sage. [b "Yeah. Sage told me she'd speak with Killian and we'll continue another time"] she admitted and would face him.

[b "Why were you and Killian fighting? You don't need to get so upset because of me CAine. I'm just doing my best on this mission. THanks for being worried, but you must have a little bit of trust in SAge and Killian?"] she asked, seeing him take another drink.

[b "How about we just head home? I can cook us something for dinner and you'll know I'll be safe"] she didn't like to see him so upset when it came to her either. Rai wanted to put him in a better mood. [b "I can make something you like for dinner and....maybe continue our movie marathon? Or....I'll even let you rest in my lap again"] she grinned, hoping it'd cheer him up.

[b "Let me just say goodbye to Sage and Killian for now"] she'd head over and give Sage a hug and then thanking Killian for looking after her. She even apologized for not being able to out bid the man. Still, Killian didn't seem too upset by it. IT wasn't her fault and with Caine mentioning his fiance, he didn't feel like he did things perfectly.

She'd walk back to his side [b "Shall we?"] she'd walk beside Caine to his car. After she stepped him, she let him take them home.


At the house, Rai would keep her eyes on him, watching his expression and making sure he wasn't about to blow. She felt like she was on her tippy toes about to step on a bomb. [b "I know it's my first mission and I don't know how well it was....but I don't think I screwed up"] she told him.
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“No…you did what you were supposed to do.” Sage said. She stared at Killian’s back. Why did he have to get in the way? He always acted like he knew what was best.

Caine agreed to give the man some money in return for money in interest, a favor or intel. It irritated him when he mentioned Rai regretting it. [b “Leave the girl alone. I’m not asking. She’s clearly naïve, innocent and knows nothing.” ] He always had a stern tone. Thanks to the serious rumours even the criminals generally feared him. He had a loose screw the second he start losing the people he cared for her.

Caine approached Raizel and Sage. He knew Killian wasn’t really looking out for Rai. If he did then he wouldn’t put her in this position but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done this. He gave empty promises that they would be fine. He knew how monsters worked after all. He went to go get drinks.

Sage nearly rolled her eyes but kept it to herself. [b “For the most part yes. Caine does what he wants. He doesn’t trust us…he doesn’t trust anyone.” ] She said and took a long pause [b “But… after what he’s been through, I wouldn’t either. We tolerate it because of that.” ] They walked to the party.

Caine grabbed a drink and took it all down. It made him sick thinking that Raizel could have been at risk because of something as stupid as this. He saw Killian coming in. He wanted to throw a punch at him but there was too much of a crowd here. His question irritated him, his jaw clenched. He couldn’t control his anger for a second, pushing back his shoulder, [b “Almost had it? You almost had that fucking sociopath after Rai. You made Rai put the bid instead of Sage because you cared exactly for her safety more. I know Sage gets you hard, but don’t fuck with Rai’s life.” ]

Sage tried to relax because she had the USB and data in there at least. She noticed with Rai Caine pushing Killian [b “Oh no…we should stop them from getting into a fight here.” ]

Killian glared, getting real angry and was tempted to get riled up with how Caine pushed him. “Don’t talk about Sage like that you piece of shit. I had a plan, Rai would have been fine.”
“Yea?” Caine sarcastically chuckled, “Just like my fiancé? She would be fine – you promised that too.”
Killian grew quiet for a second, surprised that he’d even mention Brook after these many years, “You already know I was tricked just as much as you were.”
Caine felt that pain spread. He forgot also what it was like again to be afraid of someone he was around being hunted done by the involvement of his life. [b “From now on, you’re telling me the entire plan when involving her.” ]
Killian noticed a few glances, “Talk about this later”
[b “We’ll ‘talk’ alright. Rai’s sticking to me for the rest of the night” ] Caine snickered wanting to throw a punch at him rather than talk.

Caine saw her with Sage, and would look toward Rai [b “We’ll go back home together.” ] He said. He would take hold of her wrist, a bit firm-but he didn’t intend to. He would move away from Killian and Sage and grabbed another drink, [b “You’re done for the night, right?”]
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WHen the bidding started, she sat down with Killian and Sage, still baffled by how she spoke to him. She never thought to talk to Caine in that way before. HE kind of always just took control of a situation when she was there. HE had more experience in those kinds of things, but Sage speak her mind, they seemed about on the same level.

WHen the painting came out, Rai was told to win the auction on that painting. The tip warned them about how drugs were loaded up in the frame, so Rai would raise her number each time the scarred man made a bid. She'd notice Caine's scary expression and she didn't know why. She was only doing what she was told for the sake of the mission and right now, he wasn't a part of her mission.

When the man made another bid, she sat down and let it get sold to him. Killian looked disappointed and he would head out first to grab some drinks. Rai would sit down and look at Sage [b "Did I make a mistake?"] she wondered.

The scarred faced man was content with being able to finally win over the painting. He smirked a bit "Of course. Same as usual. You send me the intel and I'll make sure that girl regrets trying to beat me off in an auction" he snickered under his breath and would say goodbye to Caine.

Rai saw him approach, looking really upset. She didn't quite get it. Was that man really dangerous? Rai didn't like seeing Caine upset, but she was new to this whole mission side of things. He looked so disappointed in them. [b "Is Caine always like this with you guys on missions? He seems really mad....maybe we made a mistake?"] she asked Sage, soon walking out with her to the celebratory party in the ballroom.

The paintings were being given out to their buyers and there was food, drinks, and music playing.

Killian would be sitting at a table with a drink in his hand. When he spotted Caine, he'd walk over "Why'd you help that man. We almost had it" he said irritatedly, shaking his head. "You being here almost ruined our cover and Sage's safety" he told him.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 55d 1h 59m 4s
The bid started. Caine was still a bit agitated. It wouldn’t be the first time Sage was being insulting. He came because he didn’t think Killian or Sage really had Rai’s best interest. Rai wouldn’t understand that.

The mother’s whistler came out and Caine realized he’s seen that painting before-in Paris. Very likely that it’s fake. Te bidding started and Rai started bidding. Fuck. They were both trying to get it. Where did Killian get this kind of funding? There had to be something more important in there… If there was, this man would track down any info on Rai to get his hands on it, even if he did lose the bid.

[b “Heard she loves art and has rich parents. Probably thinks it’s real.” ] Caine said. Fuck… Rai drop it. He glanced back at Rai and gave her a quick threatening look to stop. Why the fuck was Killian making her do this? It put her at risk.

He was sure whatever was in that painting couldn’t possibly worth a million…but he did just bid over that amount. That’s enough money to kill someone over. Caine looked back at the man [b “Not enough to buy that painting. I can lend you another hundred two hundred thousand, at the most.” ] Caine said. The scarred man bid again.

[i “Fuck I bet Caine is helping him. Let it go Rai, we’ll have to find another way. ] Killian said.

[b “Something in the painting that’s worth over a million huh? I’ll wire the money to you” ] Caine said, and sighed [b “None of my business but you owe me money now and in interest, intel that is just as valuable or a favour. You know me, I always come to collect. Anyways, I’m going to take to the pretty rich girl to see what I can get out of her. ] Caine said, getting up as the auction ended. He would go to Rai and Sage as they were getting up. [b “Tell Killian to get this straight. If he ever fucking risks putting either of you as a target of powerful person, I’m going to beat the shit out of him. For fuck sakes…he’s stressing me out.” Caine said, rubbing his forhead.
“We almost has it,” Sage reminded, “She would have been fine. Maybe even arrest him.”
[b “Right,” ] Caine scoffed [b “Sage you know better how people like him get away with everything. You’re better off with a different plan…. I’m going to get a few drinks.” ] Caine said. He knew soon enough Killian would come over to him and give him a piece of his mind.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 55d 6h 54s
She figured he knew that he could tell. TO be honest, she wasn't sure if she pulled it off that she looked like a local yet. If she was walking around the city, she did still feel lost sometimes.

After the estate tour, Rai would thank the owner and would glance at Caine, telling him that she needed to be somewhere. Rai would listen in on Killian and she let out a soft sigh. She didn't want to screw up this mission for anyone and for them to think she was incapable. She needed to complete it well otherwise Caine wouldn't even allow her on his own missions.

She left Caine to head into the restroom and would wait for Sage to head down. She helped dust her off and fix her dress before smiling a bit. Rai was happy she was safe and looking okay. [b "At least you made it out safely"] she walked with her back to the auditorium and saw Caine there.

IT was the first time she's seen someone not take any crap from Caine. Sage was brave. She glanced at her eyes and would let out a sigh [b "I figured"] she walked with her into the auction room and spotted Caine with the man with the scar. HOw did he even make friends with that man. There was so much she didn't know. How was sage able to get him to back off when she's been working to try to make him leave all day?

She let out a sigh and would take a seat beside Sage, seeing Killian soon come by. He would lean in to whisper into her ear "Rai, you're the art enthusiast. We're going to need you to outbid that man's bid for WHistler's Mother. We got a tip that someone hid a lot of expensive, illegal drugs in the frame. We can't let him have that painting" he told her.

Rai would see the painting soon come out for auction after a few deals. She'd eye him a bit and then see Caine. WHen the scarred man raised his number, Rai would raise hers as well, increasing the bid ten fold.

A few other people were interested as well, seeing them make offers, but the man beside Caine would always outbid them at the last second. After a few bids, the price was well over 500,000 dollars. She couldn't believe a painting was worth this much. Luckily it wasn't her money. She raised her number and saw him looking at her. She'd brush her hair behind her ear, looking completely innocent as she watched him increase it to 700,000.

Rai would look back down at Killian, wondering if she should go any higher. WHen he gave her the nod, she'd bid once more.

THe scarred man looked irritated as he'd glance at Caine. "What the hell? Who is this woman. Why won't she back down!" he added another million to his bid and Rai would let out a sigh, wondering if that was too much. Killian told her to just sit back down for now, but she didn't want to lose. She made one more bid and that seemed to seal the deal.

The scarred faced man ran his hands through his hair. "Dammit. That's too much" he snarled in irritation. "Who knew people here even kept that amount!" he'd glance at Caine. "You have money don't you boy? Get that painting for me. Help me out"
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 56d 2h 41m 54s
[b “Considering where you have been…likely I’m able to tell.” ] Caine said. He took the tour with her. They returned and she looked like she wasn’t paying much attention. He wondered if Killian was speaking to her.
[i Getting through security will be risky now. You should have dragged on the tour and stayed there till Sage was done but Caine proves to be a good distraction.] ] Killian said, since Sage had used the vents to go into a locked room. That area could be only accessed with someone that was allowed to walk past security through the halls.

Caine rose a brow. Don’t follow her? He didn’t say anything to that. His eyes followed where shew as going, the restroom. He’d just watch from the distance, seeing her closing the door behind her.

[i Yea hold on, I still have to get into the vent’] Sage replied. It would take a long time, since she still had to finish downloading. She heard the noise down the hall. She cussed mentally to herself. She would hide underneath the table for a moment and saw that it finished-thankfully. She grabbed the usb, force shut down the computer and used the chair to climb back up to the vent. The door opened just as she closed the vent. Her heart was racing. [i Okay, coming. ] Sage said. She climbed down the vent and got a little confused on which direction to go. She picked and end up getting it right.

Sage got down and she would fit the usb into her bra for now. “Jeez, that computer they had was a potato.”

Caine was just drinking and waiting. Eventually Rai came out with Sage. Sage couldn’t have been in the bathroom that long…so…he could guess. [b “Hey girls.” ] Caine smiled at them when he went toward them.

“You have to get in the way don’t you?” Sage asked him.
[b “In the way of what?” ] Caine asked.
“You’re putting me at risk. Why are you such a dick sometimes?” Sage glared, “Rai isn’t in any danger. She’s had an easy job. We’re going to the auction, go home.”
Caine looked at Sage, getting little irritated at the insult. [b “So am I, you two aren’t the only reason I’m here. I’m trying to land another job, so mind your fucking business.” ] Caine said, heading out on his own, and sitting next to the guy with the scar. They talked.

Sage went with Rai, “He always gets involved with bad people…this is why we didn’t want him here. That man with the scar, we're pretty sure he's high up the chain on selling drugs” ] She sighed.

Caine watched the auction. The guy with a scar placed a bid on a painting. Caine yawned and whispered to him about something.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 56d 9h 3m 3s
She was surprised to hear that it wasn't his normal scene. She thought that Caine liked the fancier upscale side to things. In truth, she was the one that felt out of place. A country girl sitting her in a dress too fancy for her at an art auction. [b "It's not my thing either. I don't know if you could tell"] she shrugged a bit and would follow him to tour the estate.

The owner showed them the garden, the ballroom, and even the gallery before showing some unauthorized entry points. Rai made a mental note and would head back with him to the auditorium.

Rai would thank the man for the tour and would find it hard to shake off Caine. She would hear Killian and when she heard him, she waited for the man to leave. [i "I don't, but I can head that way right now and cover her"] she spoke and would smile up at Caine. She asked that he didn't follow her, but could tell he was here just to enjoy the auction with her. Sadly enough she was on a mission, so she wanted to do well. WHen he asked to go back to the balcony, she didn't mind on normal circumstances, but she had to complete what she needed to do.

[b "Caine....I want to spend some time with you here, but I'm on a mission. And I want to do well....so....I have to go"] she met his blue eyes and would soon head back to the woman's restroom. WHen she got to the room, she blocked off the door with the stopper and a chair. She then spoke [b "I'm in the restroom. I can look after Sage"] she told Killian and then she would climb up and open the vent once more.

[b "Sage, take your time, I'm here"] she spoke, waiting for her to finish. She'd wait for Sage to head down, helping her onto her feet and then closing up the vents once more.

There was a knock on the door and Rai would hold her breath [b "I'm sorry. I had a big lunch. Give me a minute"] she called out, hoping that would hold them off. She made sure Sage's dress was fixed up and dusted off. Once they were ready, she opened up the door, Sage was washing her hands like nothing happened.

Rai would take her hand and walk back to the auditorium with Sage as if nothing happened.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 57d 5h 41m 34s
[b “Hmm, actually it depends on the party. This scene, not my thing normally.” ] He admitted. Rai went to the restroom. He end up talking with the man and then talking to the person that was going to give Raizel a tour.

She returned after. [b “Knew someone?” ] Caine repeated. He wondered what exactly her mission entailed. He didn’t know any details. He heard her and ahd a feeling that he was just trying to get rid of him. It wouldn’t work. [b “I’ve spoken to him. I’m all free now. I doubt anyone would like to encounter me.” ] He said.

Caine noticed her giving him weird expressions. He ignored and insisted that he’d tag along. He followed her along. Killian would speak to Rai through his mic ‘Do you have eyes on the room Sage is in?’ He asked, wanting mainly cover for her.

They arrived at the balcony and it was a beautiful view. [b “Yea, it’s nice.” ] Caine nodded. He listened on to the conversation.
“Oh, those paintings aren’t mine. I’m only allowing them to use this as a venue.” He explained.
They went back to the auditorium. Caine noticed Raizel darting him a look. He didn’t look back at her, [b “That was a nice tour.” ] He said. Then she leaned into his ear and whispered. [b “Who said I was following you? I’m just enjoying company. Where’s Sage anyway?” ] Caine asked, hoping that she was doing fine.

“This is taking longer then I thought” Sage spoke through.
Caine noticed the security guards were talking more than usual to each other.
“How much longer do you need?” Killian asked.
“I got through, the files are just taking long to upload.”
“Security might be looking for you Sage… We don’t have anyone to look out for you there right now.”

[b “Is something going on?” ] Caine asked Rai. [b “You know, I was thinking it would be nice to go that balcony again before we hit the auction. It’s probably already started but sure the good paintings are at the end.” ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 57d 11h 44m 14s
She believed him because right now she needed to look like some random person looking at the art. All the people here right now were either art enthusiasts or were here to buy a painting at the auction. She looked back at Caine, finding him really attractive in that suit. He didn't dress up that often, but when he did, she could see why the girls went after him.

[b "Sure. You like fancy places right? I'm sure you know some really good restaurants"] she wasn't sure if he wanted to, but she had to go.

Rai would head to the restroom, helping Sage through the vent before closing it up. She listened to her earpiece, confirming that the bathroom was clear and Sage was in. After she stepped out, she would go back to meeting up with Caine, taking the drink and then glancing at the man he was speaking to. He owned the estate. Rai had to ask for a tour. [b "I was just freshening up"] she told Caine, wondering how he knew all these people.

She didn't like that Caine was getting in the way of her first mission. She felt like she was getting babysat. Didn't he know she had a role to play? [b "No one. I just thought I knew someone"] she then asked the man if she could get a tour. [b "Caine....you don't have to come. I'm sure there's other guests that still want to meet you. You still have to finish that conversation with your buddy from earlier"] she told him, but he kept pushing to come along.

She wasn't sure how else to make him go away. She have him hints with her facial expressions and would keep insisting, but he kept being stubborn, so Rai just went along with it.

The man saw how pretty Rai was and agreed to give her a tour of his estate. He allowed Caine to come along since he remembered him from somewhere. The man was tall, his hair all white and he was in a beautiful white and gold suit. He'd show Rai through the art gallery, ballroom, the main entry way, and some blocked off areas where his home was.

They even went onto the balcony, showing off his amazing maze garden. There were statues, water fountains and chairs all around. [b "It's beautiful"] she was so stunned that someone could have all of this to themselves.

[b "Your estate is amazing. How were you able to be so successful, and how'd you acquire so many beautiful paintings?"] she'd asked, looking over at Caine, wondering how he even met such a rich man. Rai would memorize the location of each room, taking notes of the do not enter areas and escape routes.

When the man brought them back to the auditorium, she thanked him and would glance back at Caine after he left. She leaned in to whisper into Caine's ear [b "You're not supposed to be following me. I have a mission to fulfill remember?"] she told him.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 58d 8h 7m 38s
Caine nodded, even though it was a too odd for that to be a coincidence. From the look of Rai’s expression, it looked like she bought it. Sweet Naïve Rai, how was she going to survive? [b “You can help me pick it out.” ] Caine added with a smile.

Killian spoke into the mic back, “Definitely not.”

[b “You want me to take you somewhere nice?” ] He rose a brow [b “I could.” ] He shrugged but these places never really suited him much but he did like seeing Rai in those pretty dresses. Then again…maybe not. [b “Sure.” ] He said. He saw Sage had just entered the restroom. Caine looked back at Raizel [b “Hmmm, alright.” ] He said. Introduce her to his friends? She had met his friends. Or was she referring to who she was speaking before?

Caine saw her going towards the restroom. He watched a guy hold her shoulder. Rai clearly told him off. Caine walked up to the guy after, [b “Hey, if you bother that girl one more time, we’re going for walk with security, you got that?” ] Caine warned, getting agitated. The guy claimed he wasn’t doing anything and walked off.

He saw Killian having an eye on where the girls were. He was sure it would be fine. He went to meet up with the man he was speaking too. Sometimes he gave him well paid jobs or got him into places he wanted to be in. They joked about the last job he took from him. Then Caine went off and end up talking with another guy because he recognized him from somewhere but couldn’t put a finger on it.

Rai came in [b “What took you so long?” ] Caine asked and would hand her a drink [b “Like I promised” He said. He looked at the man [b “We’re trying to figure out where I know him from.” ] Caine admitted. Caine noticed glancing around [b “Who are you looking for?” ] He asked. Then Rai spoke to the man in front of him. [b “Actually, I’d love to take a tour too.” ] Caine smiled.

Killian spoke to Rai “Tell Caine to go away.”
Caine would be quite stubborn so he’d insist and that he wouldn’t be a nuisance.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 58d 8h 31m 22s
She looked over at Caine and wondered why he was there? Was this really why he didn't want to spend time with Marcel? She didn't know why he was here, but she walked up him and the scarred man and she met his eyes. [b "Caine..."] she pulled him aside and asked why he was here.

[b "Are you?"] she wasn't sure what to believe, but after the months of being with him and getting to know him, he didn't mention art at all. His penthouse did have a few pieces though. [b "Okay....make sure it's something nice then"] she wasn't exactly sure what else she could say. He looked good and he fit the atmosphere, but she knew Killian wouldn't like it. She needed to make him leave somehow.

[b "It's only a coincidence"] she spoke into the mic and then would see him looking at her. [b "Thanks. Maybe you should take me somewhere nice next time to see me like this more often"] she giggled and tried to look as normal as she could. [b "I can. Just let me use the restroom really quickly and then I can meet you in the auction room and you can introduce me to your friends"] she heard him speaking to her ear and then she'd wave.

[b "I'll be looking forward to that drink!"] she already noticed Sage wasn't there anymore. She walked to the bathroom calmly, being stopped by that same man in the suit. Rai would try to walk past him, but he held her shoulder back. "Hey, can I really get your number? I know that dude wasn't your boyfriend"

[b "I'm already with someone. I'm sorry"] she would keep her composure and then she would walk past him into the girl's restroom. Rai would use the door stopper to block the door from opening. When she saw Sage already climbing up the vents, she'd help her up, letting her use the sink to climb in. She would then watch the door, making sure no one was coming in.

Once Sage was up into the vent, she would climb onto the sink. [b "You got this"] she waved and closed it up before going back down to the ground floor. When she left the restroom, she went to meet up with everyone in the auction room, heading downstairs.

The auction room looked like a theater with a stage and and an auditorium. There was an opening in the entrance where people were mingling and Rai spotted Caine talking to the man that would give her a tour around the estate. She walked over to him and would smile [b "So who's your friend"] she asked, making her way into the conversation. She glanced around, seeing Killian and the other three guys mingling.

She looked at the man. [b "It's nice to meet you. You have a lovely estate. I'd love to get a tour around the building before the auction starts"] she smiled.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 58d 11h 2m 35s
“We didn’t.” Sage said quietly, “Specifically we said he couldn’t.” Sage understood why because naturally they wouldn’t tell anyone outside of their job but, especially Caine. He was already getting chummy with the so called criminal they also had to be on the look out for.
Caine had his hair back, wearing a simple black suit. He spoke to the man for a while. Then Raizel came in. He assumed that Killian sent her. He knew he was going to get an earful from him after. [b “Oh, you can borrow me.” ] Caine smirked. He gave a nod to the man and faced Rai. He put his hands his pockets and let her give her give the message.

[b “Who said I was involved? I’m here for the art auction. I’m fascinated by art too you know. I’m trying to find another painting I can hang I m room.” ] He said very convincingly. He wasn’t but, he didn’t specifically want to get involved anyway. He wanted to just watch. [b “You should tell Killian just that. It’s only a coincidence that this is the same art auction I planned to go to.” ] He looked at Rai, all dressed up in this nice estate. Ah, how nice. [i Marcie ] Rang in his head from earlier and he frowned. How cringy.

[b “You look lovely too.” ] Caine said, and would hold her waist for a moment, “I’m guessing you have to mingle a bit before you procced. Why don’t you keep me company until then?” ] Caine suggested. He looked back and saw Killian shooting him a stare like he’d kill him. Caine leaned into Rai by her ear, [b “Calm down Kill, I won’t ruin your job.” ] Knowing he could hear through the earpiece.
[b “Should we get a drink Rai? It’ll be a little while before the auction really begins.” ] He mentioned [b “Maybe when it starts I can even buy you a painting.” ] He teased. He had a few images in his mind that he wanted to do but he’d try to let that side of him fall away because he agreed to keeping it tame.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 58d 12h 51m 6s

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